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Principal Oracle Architect Resume

Camarillo, CA


  • Oracle Professional with 28 years of rich US experience in end - to-end management of IT Infrastructure Operations, Data Centre Operations, Service Delivery and Oracle Database AdministrationSeeking assignments as IT Head / IT Architect / Director Operations / Sr. Oracle DBA to facilitate business operations
  • Certified PMP and a visionary Technology Manager with expertise in managing entire IT Infrastructure with proven track record in successful Operations Management, IT Service Management, Project Management and Data Center Migration
  • Expertise in Oracle Database Administration activities encompassing Database planning, design, installation, configuration, Disaster Recovery Planning, Back-up and Recovery (using RMAN), configuration of stand by databases for ensuring business continuity, cloning and patch management/ release.
  • Expert in Oracle RAC/Exadata/Performance Tuning, Data Guard. Been Using Exadata since 4 Years. I am an Exadata Subject Matter Expert.
  • Well Conversant with TOAD and Erwin.
  • Converted Logical Models to Physical Database Models.
  • Expert in Baselining ad continuous performance evaluation at SQL and Application Process Level.
  • Deft in planning, executing & spearheading IT infrastructure and support projects; proficiency in streamlining systems with ability to enhance IT infrastructure operational effectiveness
  • Expertise in Data Management and IT infrastructure management entailing Enterprise Cloud & Virtualization, Storages, Backup & DR, Windows, Active Directory, Messaging, Networks & Security & Data Centre Management
  • Expertise in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Project Management Lifecycle based on Waterfall & Agile Methodology
  • Deft in delivery of services in adherence with set SLAs, adept at developing procedures, service standards and measures to reduce costs
  • An enterprising leader with effective communicator with excellent analytical, problem solving & interpersonal skills


  • Driving end to end project management activities inclusive of planning, effort, design, scope, estimation, resource coordination and delivery, as per specified timeframes; achieving implementation of project plans within pre-set budgets
  • Monitoring project progress as per scheduled deadlines for various tasks and taking necessary steps to ensure completion within time, cost and effort parameters; defining service standards and guidelines that serve as benchmark for excellent service delivery and as per Global standards and in adherence with Service Level Agreements
  • Creating & administering all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures; handling basic database administration, database structure and storage management, object management, security management and space management
  • Designing, creating & maintaining physical standby databases and configuring Data Guard; implementing backups (RMAN as well as export), complete and partial recovery from RMAN, Schema and test database refresh from production, ongoing support and performance tuning; controlling migration of programs and database changes through the development life cycle; designing and implementing Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • Managing Oracle Grid including installation of agent, metrics setting, performing basic administration task of single instance and RAC databases from grid control and performance monitoring
  • Assisting the client in choosing the Operating System (Windows vs. Linux), right technology like RAC for high availability and Data Guard for Disaster Recovery, migration path from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g and in enterprise Database Management Architecture like deployment of Oracle 10g Grid Control
  • Providing Design/production support to RAC Databases; Backing up voting disk, starting and shutdown RAC Databases and instances, service creation and relocation, exporting, dumping and checking OCR
  • Highly specialized in end-to-end performance and SLA management.
  • Have implemented and integrated latest Oracle offerings like Exadata X6-2.
  • Instrumental in Evolving and Implementing Various Security Products of Oracle.
  • Worked as an Oracle Subject Matter Expert.
  • Recommending IT infrastructure requirements and upgrading to ensure acceptable levels of Security, Disaster Management and Data Recovery plans
  • Driving the daily operations to ensure that the network and the infrastructure are up & running
  • Managing the entire gamut of techno-commercial operations including Vendor and Relationship Management with key technology providers
  • Leading, mentoring & monitoring the performance of team members; setting up and maintaining Critical to Quality & Critical to Process targets; ensuring higher productivity and meeting of individual & group targets; resolving customer complaints and escalations of the team
  • Managing routine people management tasks like recruitment, shift rotation, front ending customer escalations and setting up corrective action plans; identifying training needs and organizing trainings
  • Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware products of SOA, Siebel, UCM, Oracle EBS, Oracle Retail, SAP, HANA, Bahn, Architected and redesigned Trading Desks and designed and architected many more such critical home grown applications.
  • Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Performance Management, Security Management, SLA Management, Replication Systems Design and Management, Architecture and Design, Developmental Team Support, Production Support.


Confidential, Camarillo, CA

Principal Oracle Architect


  • Design and Develop Roadmap for Migrating and Consolidating 100+ Databases to Exadata on 12c. Working with 8 Exadata half-racks and 2 Full-racks. This is an ambitious project of Consolidating many applications.
  • Played key role in Performance Tuning and Evaluation and implemented Security features of Transparent Data Encryption and Fine Grained auditing. Tuned a lot of SQL generated by Various Homegrown Applications.
  • Migrated and Consolidated more than 50+ Applications and 80+ Databases to Exadata on 12c and supported 12+ Exadata half-rac clusters.
  • At Confidential Insurance, Consolidated and Migrated Databases to Exadata half-rac environment.
  • At Confidential Designed and Implemented Tablespace TDE for 130TB very Critical Database for the insurance industry with stringent SLAs
  • Supported Data warehousing efforts in US Department of Health and We, CVS, TSA. Emphasis was on Very Large Database Access with Very Large Concurrent Access.
  • At US Department of Health and Welfare and TSA, I was involved in the design of effective data structures for VLDB access,
  • Responsible for SLA management, Security Product Implementation. Implemented automated Procedures for facilitating frequent government audits via audit vault/DB Vault DB Auditing was end-to-end and not just the at the Database level.
  • Implemented DB Vault, Audit Vault, Oracle Wallet, Transparent Data encryption, Secure Blobs, Virtual Private Database, Data Masking and Implemented Database Stigs for Security.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Exadata X2/X3. Did Database Migration to Exadata and installed/Patched Oracle and Exadata Cell servers. Worked on Quarter, half and Full Rack. Very Strong on Exadata and end-to-end performance tuning.
  • Architected Oracle Database Data Center standards and negotiated SLA with project teams and functional business units.
  • Responsible for database uptime. Implemented High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions and maturing the models.
  • Used Erwin extensively and converted Logical Models to Physical DB Models.
  • Extensively used TOAD.
  • Implemented MongoDB. Evaluated and tested using Apache Cassandra.
  • Used HANA.
  • Implemented Oracle Virtual Machine at Cheaspeake Energy and T Systems
  • Worked as an Oracle Subject Matter Expert for Oracle.
  • Managed 8 10g and 11g RAC configurations of 3-10TB in size. Upgraded 10g to 11g.
  • Architected Oracle Database and complied with Data Center standards and negotiated SLA with project teams. Responsible for database uptime, SLA compliance. Implemented High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions and maturing the models.
  • Managed SAP 7.0 in an Oracle environment on Veritas Cluster Server.
  • Converted Logical Models to Physical Models. Extensively Involved in Query Tuning.
  • Installed Oracle GoldenGate V10.4.0.x on a database supporting a non-SAP environment.
  • Worked on ECC, PI, BW, MDM, BobJ of SAP 7.0. Implemented Performance tuning enhancements as per SAP.
  • Managed 2 11g RAC configurations of 6TB in size and 10 non-RAC databases. Installed Golden Gate.
  • Was much very much involved in Design of Very High Performance Application Development as well as implementing efficient Database access structures.
  • Built Grid Control for centralized monitoring and maintenance.
  • Maintained Oracle GoldenGate V10.4.0.x environment and implemented Performance tuning enhancements.
  • Managed Bio Metrics Database(10 finger prints and IRIS) Oracle 11g Database of 130TB in size.
  • Built Oracle 11g Dataguard Site on Oracle RAC and ASM for a 130TB size DB.
  • Upgraded Oracle Oracle 9i to Oracle 11g.
  • Converted Logical Model to Physical Model and tuned more than 100 SLQS and was involved in application process re-architecture.
  • Implemented Oracle 11g Streams and involved in SLA Management (Service Level Agreement)
  • Supported Data warehousing of 135TB Database at Smart Border Alliance with emphasis was on Very Large Database Access with Very Large Concurrent Access.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

DBA Director


  • Established Security Standards in the enterprise, and established compliance of PII data and encryption
  • Given database direction roadmap from a security perspective
  • Provided Interface design for Portico, Facets, Nasco, FEP to ODS Data Store.
  • SLA Management, DBA Management.
  • Install, Configure and Implementation of 15 RAC configurations of 2 and 3 nodes.
  • Establish Security Standards in the enterprise, and establish compliance and encryption
  • Given database direction roadmap from a security perspective.
  • Performed as the ErWin Data Model keeper. converted Logical Model to Physical Model.
  • Install, Configure and Implementation of a 10g RAC in an SAP environment.
  • Supported clients/stake holders in multiple continents
  • Responsible for DB Uptime and SLA maintenance
  • Mentored and Led the DBA Team.
  • Used TOAD Extensively for performing Application DBA role.
  • Project Deliverable and SLA Maintenance in a 9i/10g RAC environment.
  • Supported clients/stake holders in multiple continents
  • Used TOAD.
  • Responsible for 9i Datawarehouse performance analysis and tuning in an Oracle Replication environment.
  • Used OEM.
  • Responsible for 8i to 9i Migration of a 4.5 Terabyte Datawarehouse Database and Performance and 9i Tuning.
  • Responsible for server/database/resource consolidation for the HP-Compaq merger & database uptime.
  • Used TOAD and Sql Navigator.
  • Migration from Oracle 7.x to 8i and re-engineering of a Highly available, Mission Critical, Multi Terabyte DB.
  • Handled 20 servers/ 30 databases and worked on replication, Built SUN’s main Databases.
  • Automate DBA Tasks and creation of an alternate Disaster Recovery site and Implemented Multi Master Asynchronous Replication
  • Worked on Capacity Planning, Database Sizing and Production DB Maintenance
  • Automated DBA monitoring (alarms and alerts) using Autosys and Light House.

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