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Sr. Qa Manager/director Resume

Redwood City, CA


  • An accomplished QA leader with 15+ years of hands - on Quality Assurance experience in defining and implementing Test Methodologies, Test Frameworks, Test Automation, Cloud Infrastructure and
  • CI/CD pipelines for SaaS and PaaS applications. Managed $5M+ annual budget for Confidential SaaS Life Cycle Management with CI / CD. Delivered multiple product releases with highly successful implementations. A strong people leader who has built new teams and also acquired established teams with a high retention rate.. Also a certified Scrum Master. Excellent Project Management skills with problem solving techniques and analytical skills coupled with good communication and interpersonal skills working with Onshore and Offshore teams .


  • Test Frameworks, Automation and Methodologies
  • SaaS Enterprise Application Deployment & Configuration
  • Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Database Management
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Onshore/Offshore Team Coordination
  • Customer Management - Demo’s, POC’s, presentations, relationship development
  • Project Management
  • Production Support


Sr. QA Manager/Director

Confidential - Redwood City, CA

  • As Senior QA Manager, directly responsible for Scope, Budget, Schedule and Quality for the projects delivered.
  • When we moved to Cloud around 2014, we were facing quite a few issues in moving the products from Development/Test to Production. The major issues being engineers are not equipped with enough compute quota, nor had dedicated access to Confidential Public Cloud infrastructure to perform important tasks like patching, upgrade, negative, and resiliency tests. OPC infrastructure makes a huge chunk in Confidential Cloud, and setting up dedicated setup per team is quite challenging. I initiated and defined project Lab As A Service (LaaS) based on Docker images of the OPC infrastructure which helped us to reduce the resource requirement of OPC infrastructure from 256 GB to 64 GB. It also helped us to save 35 hours of setup time.
  • Similarly initiated and designed project Pod In a Container (PIC) based on Docker images to work like VM’s which helped us reusing the unused on-prem hardware and enabled engineers to create/test lot more environments, reducing the time to test/production of the cloud services.
  • Defined test strategies, QA metrics, identified automation solutions, and worked with internal and external customers in understanding reqts and issues and bridging identified gaps through testing.
  • Responsible for managing projects at both onsite and offshore with distributed teams, multi-location implementations and involving third party vendors.
  • As a quality owner for lifecycle management solutions (Provisioning to SaaS fleet to manage the cloud customers, certified and implemented various lifecycle solutions and functionality to SaaS fleet which has contributed to Confidential Cloud Strategy specifically in SaaS with focus on Stress, Scale, Fault Injection/Outage and High Availability testing.
  • Used ALM tools ( Jira, Confluence ) to manage application lifecycle spanning Project planning, requirements gathering, testing and deployment.
  • A chieved successful implementation of SaaS for various customers by understanding the SaaS cloud lifecycle requirements and defined the test cases, test matrix and automated the QE process implementing Jenkins, CI pipeline with application build process (using Maven) and QE automation (Selenium, Python, Java) to achieve quicker turnaround of the code checkin process.
  • Worked directly with Middleware, Database, Infrastructure, Storage teams within organization to make sure all the end to end use cases are defined and executed for all lifecycle management solutions including SaaS-PaaS integration are rolled out successfully in the fleet.
  • Managed fleet incidents as they occurred (PagerDuty/Tiger team) responding to incidents by meeting SLA’s providing production .

Sr. QA Manager

Confidential - Redwood City, CA

  • As a Senior QA Manager, defined end to end testing process along with Selenium based automation for, hands Fusion Applications functional flows which involved User, Roles, Login/Logout, Data Masking on as well as managed team of engineers completely focused on Fusion Applications and one of the first team members to transition into SaaS cloud from On-premise.
  • Designed and created POC for REST API Test framework .
  • Provided mechanism ( Provisioning Preflights ) for development teams to self-service test their own changes directly with no pre-reqs of going through expensive code tagging/packaging processes - empowered developers to rapidly iterate on their own test fixes with minimal process overhead. Reduced lead-time for development to release fixes since they could integration test them in hours (instead of only testing the against mocks).
  • Worked on the testing both On-Premise and SaaS applications involving both lifecycle management tools - provisioning, patching, upgrade, high availability, disaster recovery as well as System and Functional flows.
  • Actively involved in the process automation by introducing using Python, Java to reduce the turnaround time for delivery with more coverage as we moved into SaaS cloud.

Sr. QA Lead/Manager

Confidential - Redwood City, CA

  • As a QA Manager, hands on as well as managed team of engineers to system test, automate and certify Confidential Portal and Fusion Middleware primarily covering Installation, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup & Recovery, Test to Production migration solutions.
  • One of the first team members from Middleware QA team to work on Techstack delivery to Fusion Applications making the code delivered is stable and Fusion Apps teams can build their applications.
  • Worked on Fusion Applications lifecycle solutions testing including installation, deployment, tech stack validation, system testing. Launched a customer pilot program for early adapters.
  • Used Selenium based automation to automate the functional flows to catch any regressions when Techstack is delivered.

Sr. QA Lead

Confidential - Redwood City, CA

  • As a Senior QA lead, worked on Confidential Portal defining the automation using Silk and internal test framework automating test suites for SRG, LRG, Regression tests covering web tier and DB tier along with designing and building various test portals to verify the features. During the process took up the responsibility of managing the entire QE infrastructure, building the test env’s on various platforms which involves setting Databases, Middleware supporting different teams and executing different test suites to make sure the product is meeting the matrix defined for the release. Also defined and executed various s covering browsers, OS, Mobile, Multi Tenancy support. This enabled us to optimize on the test execution and reduce the number of test cycles as we were able to produce consistent and reproducible test cases end to end.

Staff QA Engineer

Confidential - Redwood City, CA

  • As a Staff QA Engineer worked on the Confidential Portal, Forms, Reports Quality Engineering teams. Primarily taking the responsibility for the quality of Confidential Portal defined the test cases covering positive, negative, boundary conditions and build test suites for SRG, LRG, Regression tests covering Web tier, Application tier and DB tier working closely with Dev and PM team members and executed them. Also defined and executed various s covering browsers, OS, Mobile, Multi Tenancy support.


Programming/Scripting Languages: Python, Java, Perl, Shell

Operating Systems: Linux (all flavors), Windows, Solaris along with iOS and Android

Automation Tools: Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Jenkins, Ant

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