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Oracle Applications Developer Resume



  • 9+ years of experience in Oracle Applications E - Business Suite.
  • 5+ years of experience in Oracle Applications EBS R12.1.3.
  • 4+ years of experience in Oracle Applications EBS 11i (11.5.10).
  • 9+years of experience in CEMLI and RICE objects, Shell scripting, PL/SQL, SQL and SQL performance tuning.
  • 5+ years of experience in Oracle Procure to Pay (Purchasing (PO), Account payables (AP) and General ledger (GL)).
  • 3 + years of experience in Order Management (OM), Inventory (INV), Account Receivables (AR) and General Ledger.
  • 7+ years of experience on Oracle Reports, BI publisher reports and Forms.
  • 4+ years of experience Discover reports and OAF (java developer 9i and 11G).


  • 9+ years of professional experience as Oracle Applications developer in implementation, upgrade and customizations of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications 11i and R12.This includes requirement analysis, implementation, upgrade, post implementation support, post upgrade support of RICEWF/CEMLI/User Interface components of Oracle EBS 11i/R12.
  • Expert in requirement gathering, analysis, development, end to end unit testing and production support.
  • Expert in solving severity 1 and priority 1 24/7 production issues.
  • Having expertise experience in SQL/PLSQL performance tuning, tracing and debugging. Expert in reading trace files, AWR reports and explain plan to understand long running queries.
  • Worked in 4+ implementation projects, 5+ support projects and 3 upgrade projects.
  • Managed, developed milestones, designed solutions, lead the team, coordinated with different groups for red hat 5 (RH5) to red hat 7 (RH7) server migration for entire Oracle Applications.
  • Developed RICEF/CEMLI/UI Components along with customizations and personalization’s of OAF (J Developer) for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (11.5.10) and R12 (12.1.3).
  • Having excellent experience on Oracle Reports 6i/11g, BI/XML Publisher 10.3, Discoverer 4i/10g for Reports, EIS Reports, Oracle Forms (4.5, 5.0, 6i, 9i), Oracle Workflow builder, XML Bursting, PLSQL (Packages, Functions and Procedures), Interfaces, workflows, Oracle Forms, Web adi, Hyperion Interactive Reports 10g, TOAD, SQL Developer, and PLSQL Developer for Oracle EBS 11i(11.5.10) and R12(12.1.3).
  • Involved in all stages of project life cycle - Requirement gathering, design, analysis, development, system testing, unit testing, UAT and post production support.
  • Leveraged Strong Process knowledge and implementation of Order to Cash (O2C) and Procure to Pay (P2P).
  • Extensive knowledge on PL/SQL components like Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Packages, Triggers and data structures such as VARRAYS, Nested Tables, Index by tables and collections.
  • Expertise in developing interfaces between legacy systems to Oracle ERP Applications using Standard Open Interfaces, SQL*Loader, UTL File, PL/SQL, DATALOAD.
  • Technically proficient in developing Interfaces. This include developing INBOUND interface using SQL *Loader along with Standard Interface and OUTBOUND interface using UTL Standard File type to write file into the server.
  • Very good in the programming Languages such as JAVA, PLSQL, Java Script and Unix Shell Script.
  • Hands-on experience in Business Intelligence tools such as Oracle Discoverer 4i/10g, Hyperion Interactive reports and Bi Publisher reports.
  • Full understanding of the Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) and Oracle Financial Services Accounting Hub (FSAH).
  • Experienced Techno Functional developer of Oracle 11i (11.5.10) to R12 (12.1.3) upgrade projects. This includes retro fitting of CEMILI identified objects and reimplementation.
  • Having experience on upgrade of OPM, HRMS, OM, AP, AR, GL and PO modules from Oracle EBS 11i to R12 (12.1.3).
  • Proficient with AIM methodology, developed Technical design documents (MD-050, MD-070, MD-120 and CV-060) based on functional design document (MD-050, BR-100, CV-40) Worked with offshore teams in few projects.
  • Having experience in using Unix Operating system, shell scripting and performing FTP file transfers etc. Developed UNIX shell programs to handle data files and transfers.
  • Strong knowledge on Application Implementation Methodology (AIM), Application Object Library (AOL) and Trading Community Architecture (TCA).
  • As part of my lead roles I took Management responsibilities of handling team, creating milestones, assigning tasks, project tracking along with taking up the critical tasks. Well appreciated by the team and client for the hard work.


ERP: Skilled in Oracle E-business Suite 11.5.10/Oracle E-business Suite R12.1.3 in the modules such as Order Management(OM), Purchasing (PO), Inventory (INV), Service Contracts, OPM, Accounts Receivables (AR), Account Payables (AP), General Ledger (GL), Cash Management (CM), Service Contracts Install Base, Fixed Assets (FA), EB-Tax, Sysadmin (AOL), BOM, HRMS, WIP, QP (Adv. Pricing), iProcurement and iStore, iExpense.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Unix Shell Script and Java Script

Web Technologies: XML, HTML5, CSS,OAF, Web Adi

Databases: Oracle 12c, 11g/10g/9i/8i, MySQL.

Configuration Management: Visual Source Safe, SVN

OS: UNIX, Windows 2000/7/8/XP, Win-98, Red Hat 5 (RH5), Red Hat 7 (RH7)

Design Tools & GUI: BI/XML Publisher 10.3, Oracle Report (6i, 11), Discoverer 10gSQL Developer, PLSQL Developer, Oracle Forms (4.5, 5.0, 6i, 9i), Oracle Workflow builder, Hyperion Interactive Reporting, EIS Reporting, Oracle Workflow.

IDE: Java Developer (9i, 11), java script, MVC.

DBA Skills: SQL/PLSQL Performance Tuning and Tracing.


Confidential, NJ

Oracle Applications Developer

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS R12 (12.1.3), Oracle database (12c, 11g), SQL Developer, SQL, PL/SQL, Red Hat 5, Red Hat 7, Shell script, BI Publisher, Oracle Reports, Interfaces, FTP, CDF3, XML, Jdeveloper(OAF) and Visual Studio.

Applications: Purchasing, Account Payables, Payment Manager, payment administrator, General ledger IExpenses, Internet Expenses set up and Admin, Internet Expense Auditor, Invoice Import Admin, Application Developer, Application Diagnostics, General Ledger Super user, Fixed Assets and System Admin.


  • Designed and developed shell script to validate and import employees related master card expenses CDF3 files from FTP server to Oracle applications server using SFTP.
  • Designed Linux folder structure to get the files into respective directories and developed shell script to validate the expense files and call the master card standard program to import data into oracle I expense tables.
  • Developed plsql packages for data cleansing.
  • Performed functional end to end testing of iexpense. Solved functional set up issues.
  • Participated in business requirement meetings and finalized the requirements.
  • Developed technical design and implemented driving program and core packages across all the instances to validate and gather data into one custom table using dB links. .Net web application connects to this center repository to display data on application.
  • Developed plsql packages, functions and procedures to determine the over due date and send the notes to the user if there is a period close delay.
  • Developed complex sql queries and design to display period statues on APEX dashboard using bars and pie charts.
  • Also developed interactive report to display purchasing, payables, fixed assets and GL periods for all 16 tasks.
  • Participates in business requirement meetings to understand requirements and finalize them.
  • Developed APPO2HUB plsql package to gather USA AP journals into custom data and control tables.
  • Used functional set ups, shell script and sql script to validation, update and identify Capital Corp/ Coyote journals vs non Capital Corp/Coyote journals and split these journals into two different files.
  • Also developed customs plsql validation to validate these journals in split files and balance them with manual offset lines.
  • Used plsql table types and bulk collections to handle huge data.
  • Used plsql exception handling.
  • Participated in business requirement gathering and designing source invoice template.
  • Developed oracle plsql invoice interface to load and validate Costar invoice files.
  • Used plsql table types to store and parse data.
  • Used regular expressions to manage data.
  • Customized the invoice interface process to validate according to country and business specific rules. Also made the process flexible to create new vendors on the fly using vendor import program.
  • Developed outbound interfaces for third party COSTAR system. Developed plsql packages to send vendor information, GL allocations, rule1 extracts via FTP using shell script.
  • Developed business process to identify costar files and transactions and successfully process them using Oracle payments.
  • Developed outbound interface sql procedure to send payment status to costar.
  • Did end to end testing from AP invoice to general ledger journals import into big GL.
  • Also created driver shell script to get and send updates to ARIBA system.
  • Created PO outbound and confirmation process for purchase requisitions and confirmation.
  • Created Payment remittance outbound interface.
  • Initiate and plan server migration for all development and production servers for Oracle Applications.
  • Coordinate and plan activities with different groups such as TI, OSP, SMG and DBA.
  • Organize meetings and develop project milestones.
  • Discuss with different groups and follow up to keep the project on track.
  • Made changes in plsql packages and shell scripts.
  • List out all the functional and technical CEMLI/RICE components and assign them to respective developers and users.
  • Test the technical components like shell script, plsql, sql, java and pro C for issues. If Issues found then work with groups to resolve them.
  • Reach out interface groups, communicate with them and help them to complete their inbound verification.
  • Performed various checks like initial handshake, dB link verification, UTL directory verification, password less verification and verify different shell commands.
  • Thoroughly coordinated everyone to test each component and resolved issues for red hat 5 to red hat 7 migration.
  • Make a check list and cut over task tasks list. Plan each task and implement in production environment along with TI and DDS groups during production cut over weekend.
  • Make sure all the issues are fixed and successfully migrated to production. Monitor production environment and help to resolve if any issues encountered after application migrated to new server.
  • Worked closely with dba and oracle support to handle 12c optimizer related performance issues.
  • Tested account payables core functionalities such as invoice mass load, import, and validation, accounting, sequencing and vertex tax generation.
  • Solved performance issues related to invoice import, invoice validation, accounting and ups generate invoice sequencing.
  • Well understood 12c optimizer parameters and modified accordingly for the betterment of application and query performance.
  • We understood trace files, AWR reports, explain plan to tune the performance of application and queries.
  • Planned milestones, listed the shell scripts and developed model for FTP to SFTP change.
  • Assigned tasks to developers and thoroughly verified each phase of the project.
  • Modified and tested AP core programs to implement SFTP changes replacing old FTP.
  • Developed plsql interface to send critical payment related data to legacy system RECS.
  • Developed plsql interface to validate vendor related data and send the ref cursor result to the legacy system CTR.
  • Developed plsql interfaces to load vendor.
  • Worked on plsql enhancements and issues related to vendor load.
  • Worked on plsql enhancements and issues related to invoice import.
  • Developed plsql logic to restrict huge invoices from being loaded into Oracle.
  • Developed plsql interface to validate and load responsibilities and profiles for a particular user.
  • Developed plsql programs to validate and update payment formats for banks and update data for payment templates.
  • Developed program to validate and load supplier details and external payees. Development of conversion routines between legacy systems to Oracle ERP Applications using Standard Open Interfaces, SQL*Loader, UTL File, PL/SQL, DATALOAD.
  • Development of INBOUND interface using SQL *Loader along with Standard Interface and OUTBOUND interface using UTL Standard File type to write file into the server.
  • Played key role in solving various production issues.
  • Solved various performance related issues in plsql and sql scripts.
  • Identified and solved show stopper issues which have been resulted because of recent patches which moved into production.
  • Solved critical production issue where wrong organization id was passed for most important processes. This stopped important jobs across globe for entire day until I found and resolved the issue.
  • Solved legacy system data and integration issues. Mostly related to shell scripting and plsql.
  • Solved various issues related to iExpense, iProcurement, accruals, vendors, invoices and payments.
  • Solved various invoice accounting issues.
  • Solved various payment issues and issues related to payment process request.
  • Developed form customizations and oaf java extensions.
  • Worked on oaf java personalizations and support.
  • Enhanced various shell scripts, plsql procedures and packages related to suppliers, invoices, payments, journals and ledger.
  • Enhancements and support of PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, triggers for the business requirements.
  • SQL/PLSQL performance tuning, tracing and debugging. Using optimizer techniques like hints and explain plans to reduce the cost. Proficiently used EXPLAIN PLAN and used SQL Trace for Performance Tuning of Code.
  • Worked exclusively on payment process requests (PPR) and payment process profile set ups (PPP).
  • Debugged and solved issues on payments and also raised several oracle service requests (SR’s) for critical oracle bugs on payment processing.
  • Worked on supplier set ups and supplier banks to solve issues related to payment processing.
  • Developed Stored Procedures for data loading processes and scheduled it using UNIX shell script and M/F job scheduler.
  • Worked on issues related to supplier banks, external payees and other payment set ups.
  • Worked on internal bank set ups and external bank set up issues.
  • Created expense reports in Internet Expense ( IExpense).Tested end to end flow of expense templates, expense report creation, approval process, expense report auditing, Invoice import for invoice creation, OIE DFF synchronization, Invoice validation, Payments creation, Create Accounting, Journal posting in GL and HUB transfer to big GL, FDM .
  • Worked on invoice open interface, invoice mass load and invoice import programs.
  • Solved critical bugs like Null Pointer Exception in IExpense java pages and Invoice import rejections.
  • Did iExpense OAF java enhancements for bill attachments.
  • Did iExpense OAF java supplier enhancement for country specific tax registration number validation.
  • Did iProcurement related OAF java enhancements and personalizations.
  • Worked on iProcurement punch-out configurations for a store. Created shop and punch-out login set up using punch-out template.
  • Solved issues related to local PO’s which are created using iProcument.
  • Did oracle exchange supplier and buyer set ups. Also worked on third party supplier maintenance tools Ariba and Trade shift.
  • Did iExpense Card set ups and created credit cards in the account payables responsibility.
  • Did exchange rate set up in the Policy context of the user in Internet Expenses Setup and Administrator.
  • Worked on xml invoice and PO files to import data into Oracle.
  • Made enhancements in the custom programs of the Amex KR1025 load process.
  • Worked on PLSQL packages, FTP, Shell script, Oracle reports, and BI publisher reports related to Purchasing, General Ledger and Payables.
  • Did bug fixing and extensions in OAF java pages.
  • Did performance tuning of various PLSQL components, reports and Sql queries.
  • Did performance tuning for a very critical production program called generic invoice sequence program. Brought down the execution time from 2-4 hrs. To 15 minutes for the critical countries. This program runs for more than 50 organization twice a day. Now the program times at an average of less than 1 minute to execute. This sequence program comes just before invoice import and very critical
  • Developed OUTBOUND plsql interfaces.
  • Supported the CRPs, SIT and go-live activities. Involved in weekly project meeting and decision making of tasks and goals.
  • Worked on VO, EO, CO Extensions and Personalization’s In OAF java Pages.
  • S upport ed various RICEF /CEMLI components .
  • Analyzed SQL queries using Explain Plan and TKPROF and performed Query Tuning using Parallelism, SQL Hints, Indexes, Table Partitioning and SQL Tracing.
  • Uploaded general ledger and fixed asset journals into oracle using web adi and successfully processed them.
  • As part of Microsoft upgrade project applied web adi patches for latest excel and thoroughly tested the webadi form.
  • Followed Programming standards like Naming Conventions, Code Formats etc. during development.
  • Implemented Setups of Payables and Purchasing, EBTAX.
  • Worked extensively on CUSTOM.pll to implement the business logic. Worked on Forms Personalization’s.
  • AP Check printing: Designed and build RTF Templates, XML files and implemented XML Bursting.
  • Involved in Financial book Month End close procedures in handling receiving transactions, Invoicing issues, SLA Exceptions and Reconciliation issues, etc.
  • Worked on Procure 2 Pay customizations and developments.
  • Written Custom scripts to enhance the functionality as per the business. Championed critical and high service level production issues through the organization from problem definition, research, analysis, resolution.
  • Developed a XML bursting file using SMTP that sends pdf output of the XML Publisher report as email to the concerned person.
  • Converting Existing RDF reports in to XML/BI Publisher Reports.
  • Worked on PLSQL package conversions and interfaces.
  • Developed an interface to provide General Ledger accounting information using DB Links.
  • Worked on FNDLOAD utility for migrating concurrent programs, request groups, value sets from one instance to another.
  • Developed outbound interface to extract supplier details data including Payment details with Check for a wide range of dates using UTL FILE Package.

Confidential, Norcross, GA

Oracle Applications Developer

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS 11i (11.5.10) and R12 (12.1.3), Hyperion Interactive Reporting Tool 10g, Oracle Reports (6i, 10g), Oracle Forms (4.5, 5.0, 6i, 9i), BI Publisher 10.3, SQL Developer, SQL PL/SQL, OAF/ADF Oracle 10g and Oracle Workflow Builder (

Applications: Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management, Payables Manager, System Administrator Account Receivables, EB Tax General Ledger and functions such as sub ledger accounting.


  • Involved in Post Production Support for the critical and priority issues for SCM, Manufacturing, Distribution and Financial modules.
  • Requirement Analysis, unit testing and upgrading/conversion of Hyperion interactive reports and Oracle RICE/CEMLI components from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to R12.
  • Worked on VO, EO, CO Extensions and Personalization’s In OAF Pages.
  • Actively handling Order Management & Shipping Production issues in areas like stuck SO lines, RMAs (Reverse Logistic ), Pick Release, Pick slip & Shipping documents, Adjustments & maintaining setups.
  • Upgraded reports from 11i to R12 this includes Oracle reports, Discoverer Reports and BI publisher reports for SCM, OPM and Financial modules .
  • Upgraded Oracle Forms from 11i to R12. This includes identification of sql, pl/sql fragments in the forms and upgrading into R12 for SCM, OPM and Financial modules .
  • Developed test plans and test case documents to test forms and reports for SCM, OPM and Financials .
  • Involved in Development / Bug fixes/ Root cause Analysis of Custom Interfaces / Workflow and Customizations of Oracle Supply Chain Management System using PL/SQL, Forms & Oracle Reports.
  • Setup & Flow/Functional Testing for PO / OM / OPM Modules to make sure flow is working on the R12 Instance.
  • Involved in table mapping of SCM, OPM and Financials modules.
  • Handling issues related to interfaces between SCM Modules and Coordinated with the technical team for enhancement and customization activities.
  • Implemented price Modifiers and Qualifiers for different sales orders. Implemented Position Approval hierarchy for Requisition and purchase order. Implemented receiving of Standard, Direct, Inspection and 3/4 way Matching.
  • Setup of ship confirm rule, release rule, release sequence rule and pick slip grouping rule.
  • Setup of Financial options, Purchasing options, Receiving options and Shipping parameters.
  • Did Requirement Analysis, bug fixing, coding and unit testing of CEMILI components.
  • Identifying and mapping of OPM transaction types with the inventory transaction types.
  • Played key role in identification of tax tables in R12 where all the taxes related to AP and AR are stored in one E-Business Tax table.
  • Developed reports on closed Promotional orders, Merchandise used, Main Units Shipped, Open RMA orders, and Order Delivery status Reports using Discoverer.
  • Upgraded and reimplemented PL/SQL, reports and forms that belong to cash management, fixed assets, General Ledger, Account Receivable and Payables modules.
  • Worked on iProcrurement, iStore and iSuppliers for creating test scenarios and flow tracking.
  • Involved in upgrading OAF components.
  • Involved in upgrading Oracle workflows and custom PL/SQL interfaces.
  • Created payables invoice batches and invoice lines for the testing of upgraded objects.
  • Created inventory items, supply chain orders and did shipping execution for testing the components.
  • Took a lead role to coordinate the team to upgrade around six hundred thirty two Hyperion interactive reports for all SCM, Manufacturing and Financial modules.
  • I understood the Hyperion reports and gave knowledge transfer to the team members.
  • Made enhancements in the order management workflow OEOL - Order Lines.
  • Solved various post production issues in supply chain management (SCM) modules.
  • Worked on collections, receipts, payables and adv. pricing to check the credit holds and check printing.
  • Upgraded the custom views, materialized views and triggers.
  • I played key role in understanding sub ledger accounting and OPM tables migration from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (11.5.10) to Oracle EBS (12.1.3).
  • Support key users in solving R12 upgrade related errors, menus and functions at the time of testing.
  • Creating Service Requests & coordinating with Oracle Metalink Support for issue resolution, bug tracking, requesting back ported patches, testing patches towards defect fixes in OM, Shipping Inventory, Pricing & Purchasing areas.
  • Followed Programming standards like Naming Conventions, Code Formats etc. during SQL, PL/SQL development.
  • Coordinated with offshore team in implementing the tasks.
  • Worked along with Business analysts and end users for acquiring business requirements.
  • Prepared super user manuals and gave training to the end users.
  • Prepared TAC documents for the upgraded objects and prepared MD70 documents for reimplementation.
  • Involved in the BR-100 set up for Purchasing, iProcurement, Inventory, Costing & Order Management deployments in the Production instance.
  • Did root cause analysis and maintained bug tracker to track and solve the priority issues.
  • Conducted post Go-Live user conference with Organization Managers to gather any glitches in the application design and processes as per the business requirements and created related functional documents to streamline the process based on their feedback.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Lead Oracle Applications Developer

Environment: Oracle E-business Suite (EBS) 11i, Oracle Reports 6i, SQL Developer, Discoverer 10g XML Publisher 10.3, Oracle 10g, SQL, JDBC, ODBC, PL/SQL and OAF (Jdeveloper 9i).


  • Lead developer for Oracle EBS OPM (OPM System administration, OPM process planning, OPM process execution, OPM Costing Mfg., OPM inventory and Financials (AP, AR, GL).
  • Responsible for handling Support/Extension and development tasks on priority basis. This includes tasks in Reports6i, XML publisher, Discoverer reports, PLSQL (Packages, procedures, Functions) and OA Framework.
  • Developed Stack Card Maintenance Page using OAF (Jdeveloper) for OPM stack cards with item lots.
  • Worked on order management, invoices, sales buckets, payables, payable invoices and distribution.
  • Requirement Analysis, Design, Development and unit testing of Reports and OAF (Jdeveloper).
  • Made enhancements on various reports (BI Publisher, Oracle Reports 6i, and Discoverer Reports) for SCM, OPM and Financial modules .
  • Coding of PLSQL packages and SQL queries for Oracle Reports and custom Modules for SCM, OPM and Financials.
  • Performance Tuning of PLSQL, Reports & Views for OPM and Financial modules.
  • Worked along with Business analysts and end users for acquiring business requirements.
  • Testing of OPM Functionality in NON Prod instance before migration of Code in PROD.
  • Did Inventory stock locators conversion and item UOM conversions.
  • Development of Scripts to check the Inventory Item Setup for the Orders failing in the Ship Confirm because of the Item Setup.
  • Created Service Requests & coordinating with Oracle Metalink Support for issue resolution, bug tracking, requesting back ported patches, and testing patches towards defect fixes in OM, Shipping (WSH), Inventory, Pricing & Purchasing areas.
  • Developed UNIX shell script to attach PDF documents at the end of RDF report output.
  • Developed XML publisher reports according to business requirements.
  • Developed PL/SQL components using block programming, exceptional handling.
  • Used PL/SQL concepts like Bulk Collects, cursors and autonomous transactions.
  • Solved performance issues by using tk proof trace file, explain plans and dB tables. Used advanced sql concepts like with clause, gtt, bulk collects and materialized views for reducing performance.
  • Developed bug fix templates, code review templates and Unit test case templates.
  • Involved in code reviews and design document reviews. Involved in Patch preparation and patch reviews.
  • Involved in analysis and code fixing of OA Framework(OAF) modules.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate various jobs essential fro m the application.
  • Involved in developing bug fix templates and test plans .
  • Involves in requirement gathering, producing BR100 documents, MD50 and MD70 documents development.
  • Lead the temple team for a period of ten months. I was well appreciated by the client for implementing a complex report which went into production with zero bugs. I completed this project successfully by taking up the ownership and producing required results. As part of my lead role I took management responsibilities of handling team, identification and distribution of high priority to low priority bugs.
  • Developed the Customer History Report using Oracle Report 6i and Purchase commitment Report using Discoverer 10g.
  • Tempel Sales Dollar Report and Tempel Rotor Stator Report: Done debugging and Performance tuning to reduce the report running time from 4 hours to 10 minutes.
  • Cycle Count Monthly Summary Report (Customization): To show the scanned stack cards and sub lots related actual quantities, variance quantities and percentages information for which cycles are closed.
  • Customer History Report: Created this complex CRM report from the scratch. Involved in requirement gathering, analysis, design of prototype, preparation of technical design document and development. The report will show customer related information. It will show all the Tasks, Leads, Notes related information and their respective attachment details.
  • Purchase Order Report (Custom): Added digital signature for Buyer.
  • Purchase Commitment Report: This is a Discoverer report that will show all the Purchase orders and the line information irrespective of their status. Involved in Complex coding to match up with client requirements.
  • Tempel Rotor Stator Report: Solved long lasting undocumented data fixes and done performance fix.
  • Developed dispatch report that displays the request date to supply a item to match up with demand.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Oracle Applications Developer

Environment: Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 11i (11.5.10), Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Reports 6i, XML Publisher 10.3, SQL Loader and TOAD.


  • Developer for Oracle EBS financial modules such as Receivables, Payable, General Ledger and SCM modules such as Order Management.
  • Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, unit testing of components and Interfaces.
  • Developed outbound PL/SQL interface using UTL file for extracting oracle data into a text file.
  • Developed Oracle reports and XML publisher reports.
  • Developed INBOUND interfaces and OUTBOUND interfaces.
  • Developed Open Interface for Customers to interface tables (RA CUSTOMERS INTERFACE ALL, RA CUSTOMER PROFILES INT ALL, and RA CONTACT PHONES INTERFACE).
  • Extensions in the Order Management Form for capturing the Sales Order.
  • Developed outbound interface for 6 bucketed sales credit BI publisher report.
  • Created tables, views and indexes on appropriate table columns.
  • Imported regular Debit memo, Credit memo invoices from legacy system to Oracle Receivables tables using CTL file and Auto Invoice import program. Worked extensively on AR Auto lockbox and Auto Invoice process.
  • Designed and developed Interfaces to complete Order Cycle Process to Pick Release and Ship Confirm all the shipped orders from legacy System to Oracle using standard Order Management API.
  • Worked on Custom Reports to generate Summary and Detailed lines for Transactions and Receipts.
  • Involved in preparing the SQL and PL/SQL coding standards and guidelines.
  • Created PL/SQL Procedures and functions for the validation of input data.
  • Designed and customized the AR Auto-Invoice process to in corporate new custom logic for bundling and Grouping of AR Invoice lines.
  • Uploaded journal entries into Oracle General Ledger.
  • Worked closely with the business users to develop a Custom BI Publisher reports, Oracle Reports.
  • Used Auto Invoice Interface to import Standard invoices from a legacy system into Oracle Receivables using SQL * Loader control file.
  • Interfaces (Outbound): Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Inventory Material issues.
  • Reports: Item Lot Label Report, Dangerous (VOC) Goods Notes and Custom PO report
  • Forms Personalization’s: Changing the Select Statement of LOV to exclude certain values, Setting Field Properties, Enabling the Menu options and triggering reports.
  • Created SQL * Loader control file that loads data from CSV into staging table.
  • Created customer information validations and called the customer interface table for sending data into base tables.
  • Took part in implementing a full cycle of this project. That includes understanding BR100, requirement gathering, analysis, updating MD50, implementation, preparation of MD70, testing and support.
  • Techno-Functional Consultant on Oracle EBS SCM and Financial Modules.
  • Responsible for developing PL/SQL packages, outbound interfaces, Oracle reports, BI publisher reports and form customizations / enhancements. Worked extensively on various RICEF/CEMLI objects across modules.
  • This includes Oracle EBS modules such as OM, INV, AR, and AP.
  • Worked on Interface Tables in Payables (AP) module to import data using Payables Open Interface.
  • Setup for Order Management like System Parameters, Transaction Types, Payment Terms, Defaulting Rules and Processing Constraints.
  • Slip Picking Rule, Defined Release Sequence Rules, Define Release Rule Form and Auto Ship Confirm Rule.
  • Responsible for enhancing Order Entry Form, Invoicing Reports to accept KIT items.
  • Responsible for gathering requirements from end users, create Functional Specs and develop/upgrade relevant Oracle Reports, XML Reports and PL/Sql packages.
  • Responsible to handle Support tickets and handle them on priority basis. This involved tasks in oracle Reports 6i, Forms 6i, PLSQL and interfaces.
  • Developed a data entry oracle form for Customer Registration where the details of the customer are maintained.
  • Used Collections, Bulk Collections for handling large amount of data in PL/SQL.
  • Developed interface program and conversion program to load the legacy data into AP INVOICES INTERFACE and AP INVOICE LINES INTERFACE tables.
  • Designed and developed custom Vendor Interface for import of vendor information into the system.
  • Customized and developed various reports some of which like Open Orders Report, Pick Slip Report in OM.
  • Developed BI/XML Publisher rtf templates for AP check printing.
  • Worked on Interface Tables in Payables (AP) module to import data using Payables Open Interface.
  • Conversion program to import OM Holds information from legacy system to Oracle Applications
  • Involved in Development / Bug fixes/ Root cause Analysis of Custom Interfaces / Workflow and Customizations of Oracle Supply Chain System using PL/SQL, Forms & Oracle Reports.
  • Customized many Oracle reports such as Recurring Invoice Report, Payment Register Report in AP.
  • Customized AP Approval Workflow according to the business needs.
  • Designed and developed Conversion Interface program to import the existing standard purchase orders, blanket purchase agreement or catalog quotations.
  • Job involved defining Request Groups, Functions, Menus, Assigning Request Group to Users.
  • Used FNDLOAD for Migrating Concurrent programs, Request Groups, Menus, and Responsibilities.
  • Prepared Module Design Functional MD050, Technical documentation MD070 and MD120 for Sales order integration project and Wrote MD070’s and MD120 for interfaces programs.
  • Involved in writing Test scripts, Test plans and end to end scenarios for Sales Order Integration Project.
  • Customized the PO, OM Order header/ Line Workflow to meet the new Business Process
  • Wrote complex SQL queries including inline queries and sub queries for faster data retrieval from multiple tables.
  • Cleaning the records stuck in mtl transactions interface standard Interface table.
  • Created and managed primary data base objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes Sequences and Synonyms.
  • Data Migration from different systems to Oracle Database.
  • Tuning of existing views, forms, and reports and created Materialized Views.
  • Analyzed explain plan and trace files to identify the root cause.

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