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Database Team Lead | Sme Resume

Arlington, VA


  • More than 10 years of overall IT experience in database administration and support of software application development, test and maintenance using Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g.
  • Experienced at the highest levels of secured government data environments.
  • Proficient in creating tables, indexes, views and other business related database objects.
  • Knowledgeable in supporting developers using code in PL/SQL, JAVA and VB - script for stored procedures, triggers, synonyms, materialized views and sequences for databases.
  • Adequate in latest Oracle technologies, using OEM & Grid Control and Oracle Developer to modify database structures needed by developers to meet application requirements.
  • Maintain and analyze scheduled reporting to management, of developmental progress.
  • Provide schema management and security in test, and production environments.
  • An interactive team player who maintains a reputation for effectively working with diverse groups of people and adapting well to changing environments.


Application Tools: PL/SQL, Oracle forms, Oracle Developer, SharePoint, Crystal Reports, Visual-Studio, VB.net, C#, Java, Pearl, Citrix, ArcSight, InnerView, NetWitness, FireEye, SAP Edge

Web Develop Tools: MOSS Developer 07/10, Javascript, NetBeans, Eclipse, Actionscript, ASP, ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux Red Hat, Solaris 9, Windows NT/2000/XP, .NET framework

RDBMS: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11.2, MySQL, MS-Access, SQL-Server, Post-Gres ()

Accounting Systems: Timberline, MS Great Plains 9.0, Solomon, Peachtree, JDS, XL reports etc..


Confidential, Arlington, VA

Database Team Lead | SME

Environment: Classified SOC Server Systems (Top Secret), Unclassified SOC Insider Threat, Oracle 9i- 11g, SQL Server 2k8, Win-Srvr-08, HP-IBM blades, VM Ware server, McAfee, SharePoint 2010, WinSCP, SAP Edge and Business Intelligence, RedHat Linux, FireEye, ArcSight, InnerView, NetWitness


  • Core DBA support of full life cycle Oracle 10g, 11g, MySQL and SQL databases.
  • Full assessments of existing classified systems against cyber threats and internal threats.
  • Hardening databases and web applications against potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Troubleshoot ArcSight multi-feed data source issues, SAP Edge, FireEye, InnerView, NetWitness and other application databases.
  • Database lead of SOC cyber threat engineer team: (2) DBAs, (1) Unix Admin, (4) System Admins & (2) Web-app Developers and (15) System Analysts.
  • Database SME of CSOC insider threat team: (1) DBA, (1) System Analyst & (3) Forensic Analysts

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Oracle DBA | Team Lead & SharePoint Administrator

Environment: SharePoint 2010 & 2007 Administrator, SharePoint Design, Multi-Domain Classified Server System (Top Secret), Oracle 9i- 10g (43), SQL 2k 2k5, HBSS-McAfee servers (12), HP-Unix-03, Win-Srvr-08, Win 03, HP-IBM blades (60), VM Ware server administration (213), VS-2005 , WinSCP, SSRS-business objects


  • Core DBA support of full life cycle Oracle 9i, 10g and SQL databases, dependent applications residing on physical and VM servers and NATO multi-domain architecture
  • Database team leader of (5) DBAs, (1) Oracle developer, (2) testers & (2) web-developers
  • Core SharePoint Admin support with experience installing and configuring MOSS Farm. It includes configuring shared services, search services, my site configuration, active directory import etc.
  • Experience with SharePoint Farm Administration , which includes one application server and three web front-end servers. Working experience with SharePoint Designer, Custom Workflow, Web Based InfoPath Forms, Navigation Controls, Features, Master Pages and Web parts.
  • Coordinate team database activities; establish new protocols, set project timelines for test, evaluation and launch of modified and new applications. Report to the Project manager and liaison with 3 rd party product support experts (PKE’s) on custom applications
  • Assist the Web portal, Server and System administration with technical support.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Oracle DBA | Developer

Environment: Oracle 9i, HP-Unix-03, Win-Srvr-08, MOSS-07, SQL-server-05, VS-2008


  • Full design, development and ongoing maintenance of Oracle 9i, 10g transactional databases in support of custom .NET applications using SOA architecture .
  • Redesigned the legacy Development Test Environment (DTE) to include offsite log shipping, a 4-terabyte SAN with tape back-up, supporting a new MOSS 07 environment.
  • Full documentation of Oracle, SQL-server and SharePoint architecture for a 2-yr projected U.S.S.S-wide system, scalable as prototype to other federal depts. and agencies
  • Assist the Project Manager with a project team of (3) .NET | SharePoint developer-administrators, (1) content manager, (2) SQL | Oracle DBA's.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Web | Applications Developer

Applications: Dreamweaver, ColdFusion-charts, CS3, VS-05, NetBeans, Java-Studio, Crystal IX


  • Full design, development and ongoing maintenance of dynamic websites, multiple intranet sites supporting 9 regions nationwide and international policy.
  • Lifecycle support of internal applications, redesign of legacy systems to 508-compliance.
  • Co-manage (4) programmers, prospect new contracts, interface with current clients.

Confidential, Forestville, MD

Lead Web Graphics Developer


  • Full development and ongoing maintenance of dynamic websites with hosting and best business practices. Consultant helping entities meet objectives & mass-marketing goals.
  • Requirements gathering, pre-site orientations, online video conferencing, pre-production music studio, on-location photography & video shoots for original media content.
  • Deliver rich layout designs using Flash8, Dreamweaver8 and Adobe CS3 Master suite.
  • Manage a project team of (3) developers, and interface with prospective & current clients.

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