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Oracle Federal Functional Resume

Reston, VA


  • More than Eighteen years of combined ERP development, data management, and accounting experience.
  • Strong Federal Financials and Private sector accounting experience.
  • Extensive experience with business intelligence (Tableau, OBIEE and Hyperion FR) for handling complex data analytics to meet organizational objectives.
  • Extensive Oracle EBS and Fusion P2P implementations.
  • Techno - Functional Specialist - Oracle and Hyperion implementations.
  • Extensive experience in data integration with multiple data sources including Oracle EBS, Oracle Data Warehouse, Hyperion using ODI and Informatica
  • Extensive experience developing reports and analytics using Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, Tableau, Oracle Reports 11g, OBIEE, Business Objects Webi, Cognos Reports Studio


Business Process Reengineering, Agile Scrum, GAAP, GAAS, GAGAS, Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Fund Accounting, Federal Budgeting, Federal Financial Accounting, Federal Compliance Auditing (A123), Project Accounting, Manufacturing Accounting, SOX IT Assessment, SOX 404 -financial statement



Oracle Federal Functional, Reston, VA

Environment: Oracle E-Business Suite R12, OBIEE/OBIA


  • Handle the daily O&M issues for Oracle Financials- Requisitions, PO, Invoicing and AP, Fed Admin, and AR.
  • Configured and handled issues with CLM s, iProcurement, Solicitations, OTA, IAA and IDV.
  • Completed CLM Core Setups and integration with FPDS-NG CAR.
  • Completed Supplier and Customer Setups.
  • Completed all AP setups and interfaced with Treasury PAM and IPAC.
  • Resolved issues with interfaces including the SAM, PAM and IPAC.
  • Resolved issues with Markview, AP, PO, and AR issues.
  • Setup the Projects configuration, Project Billing, Project Costing and internal projects.
  • Troubleshoot issues with Project Billing and Capital project transactions and accounting.
  • Created reports in OBIEE UI and tested functionality.
  • Tested all OBIA Reports including Tier reports.
  • Tested AR, AP, and validated all transactional positing to GL for completeness.
  • Tested P2P (PO, Invoices, Receiving, and Payments), B2C (AR and Reimbursable Agreements), A2D (Fixed Assets and IUS Assets), and Budget to Report (B2R) process.
  • Tested all transactions Trial balance and Tier Reporting totals with source data.
  • Developed end to end BPR and Test Scripts for P2P, CLM and PA.


Senior Specialist, Arlington, VA

Environment: Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion Financials, Version One, SQL, Toad


  • Worked on a release of configuring P2P and Project Accounting.
  • Completed Setups for P2P subledgers and requisitions, PO, Invoicing and Payments.
  • Assisted in the creation of the BR100 and RTM.
  • Modified SLA- AAD, and Journal line type and definitions, and conditions for release.
  • Create BPR diagrams and documents as a part of the target state analysis.
  • Reviewed all issues with the Manual JEs created after the end of the year Tier Reporting for accuracy and completeness before creating dataset for the migration.
  • Used tie-points as a part of the reconciliation process.
  • Reviewed and resolved all GL abnormal balances working along with client SMEs as a part of the pre-migration strategy.

Senior Oracle Fusion P2P Functional Specialist



  • Created requirements documentation for the implementation.
  • Completed Configurations for GL, P2P, O2C, and FA.
  • Configured Procurement Agent, Procurement Business Functions and Agent Access.
  • Setup Distribution sets, supplier numbering, Supplier Profiles, Addresses and assigned Supplier sites to Business units.
  • Handled Rapid implementation for General Ledger.
  • Define Supplier Configuration for Rapid Implementation
  • Configured Rapid implementation for Procurement and completed additional manual setups
  • Created datasets and assigned objects.
  • Assisted the client by Created Supplier merge, payment process profile
  • Setup Distribution sets, supplier numbering, Supplier Profiles, Addresses and assigned Supplier sites to Business units.

Oracle ERP Specialist

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Environment: Oracle E-Business Suite R12 and 11i, Toad, Oracle SQL Loader, Oracle EBS


  • Developed data extraction, transformation, and load scripts to pull data from the source applications and populate the conversion templates for loading data into the target applications.
  • Responsible for testing and validating all Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) business rules against CLM datasets and reconciled PRISM issues.
  • Discovered and resolved duplicate suppliers’ and suppliers address issues. Responsible for mapping legacy Prism and FPDPO table data to the target CLM tables.
  • Created the Data Migration Strategy document and the Data Cleansing Plan.
  • Developed conversion scripts, data cleansing scripts, and resolved conversion issues.
  • Reviewed all issues with the Manual JEs created after the end of the year Tier Reporting for accuracy and completeness before creating datasets for the migration. Used tie-points as a part of the reconciliation process. Reviewed and resolved all GL abnormal balances working along with client SMEs as a part of the pre-migration strategy.
  • Searched all subledgers accounts for wrong Treasury Account Codes, BETC, Object Codes, Mission Program and Project Codes prior to migration.
  • Completed subledger reconciliations as a part of the completeness testing- to match Trial balance and Tier Reporting totals with the totals from P2P (PO, Invoice, Receiving, and Payments), B2C(Reimbursable Agreements), A2D( Fixed Assets and IUS Assets)
  • Performed vouching and tracing of amounts in subledger accounts to transactions and Manual Journals.
  • Handled the reconciling sub-ledgers to Post Close Trial Balance.
  • Assisted with the AP invoice processing functional and technical issues between IPP and Oracle EBS.

Sr. Financial Systems Specialist

Confidential, Mc Clean, VA

Environment: Oracle Applications, Hyperion Planning, Tableau, HP ALM, Version One, SQL


  • Agile Scrum lead for Budget Formulation (Hyperion Planning) and Budget Execution (Oracle Financials) implementation at United States Post Office Headquarters.
  • Created BPM Visio diagrams during the Pre- Requirements “AS IS” and “TO BE” phases for elicitation with Postal Budget, Accounting and IT Personnel.
  • Created Operating, Capital and Position Budgeting applications in Hyperion Planning.
  • Used Tableau for IT cost utilization reports- metrics on postal IT servers, databases, and ERPs for cost model forecasting.
  • Provided Smartview Adhoc reports to senior management.
  • Re-designed Hyperion business rules to support new allocation calculated report columns for IT services and facilities allocations.
  • Performed analysis on the Procurement system before creating accounts, cost centers, projects and contract strings/fields for new Oracle GL and Projects.
  • Created demos and material for Postal Headquarters IT Business Management department personnel.
  • Created and entered more than 600 Budget Formulation, Budget Execution and Reporting requirements into HP Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) for tracking and testing.
  • Tested requirements (user stories and epics) in ALM.
  • Worked with senior management to create reports requirements for critical metrics from data sources including the data warehouse.
  • Used Tableau to analyzed and forecast cost models for the IT Business Management Division.


Oracle Federal Financials Business Analyst, Washington, DC

Environment: Oracle Applications - Oracle 12.1.2-GL, AP, P2P, PL/SQL, OBIEE, Oracle CRM, TOAD, and UNIX


  • Created Requirement MD50, BR100 setup documents, and reviewed MD70 document for gaps (with MD50).
  • Assisted with the creation of the RTM.
  • Performed the P2P setups and reviewed all AR business rules, transaction types and transactions sources to be incorporated in the release.
  • Performed SLA customizations: Account Derivation Rules, Journal Line Definitions, business flow, conditions, and used the Accounting Method Builder.
  • Presented horizontal and vertical analysis of data from multiple sources including relational in OBIEE UI reports, dashboards and pivots.
  • Validated all business model diagrams, aggregations, and expression builder calculations in OBIEE BMM layer.
  • Designed BMM and Physical layers tables, alias, and columns for multi-dimensional analysis in OBIEE.
  • Modified old Oracle 11g Matrix Reports being used by the field offices for site reporting.
  • Used Oracle Unified Methodologies (OUM) in Requirements and Design phases of the upgrade.
  • Oracle EBS Federal Financials R12 System Admin duties - Modifying menus, form personalization, and monitoring the Concurrent manager.
  • Handled and resolved all help desk/ service tickets from business users for existing Oracle EBS Federal Financials Application in SharePoint and Serena Business Manager.
  • Used SharePoint to log defects and issues in new Oracle AP and Oracle Projects release.
  • Handled senior management inquiries concerning system/process improvement.
  • Initiate meetings with business stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Conducted inquiries with Oracle SR team on embedded COTS issues and Oracle bugs.


Sr. Hyperion and Reporting Specialist, Washington, DC

Environment: Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting, OBIEE, Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, Oracle Data Integrator DeveloperResponsibilities:

  • Created requirements documents for the DC Gov. Hyperion Planning and Budgeting application
  • Led the design process for HCP(Position) budgeting and Capital Projects Budgeting.
  • Analyzed Oracle Projects and developed Hyperion web forms to capture project information from Oracle, then developed two-way data feeds between Oracle Project tables and Hyperion for Project Budget Formulation and Budget Execution using the Oracle Data Integrator.
  • Developed the Budget Book using Hyperion Financial Reports Studio and OBIEE reports.
  • Designed the OBIEE BMM layer including creation of dimensions with level-based hierarchies.
  • Created requirements for parent and child relationships in OBIEE for various DC Government agencies cost objects and organizational units.
  • Handled OBIEE authentication on EM, console, Database tables and LDAP.
  • Created integration, configuration, interface and customization documents for DC Government Office of Budget and Planning (OBP).
  • Streamlined the custom dimensions and smartlists to better handle multiple forecasts throughout the year.
  • Developed UPK using Hyperion Planning Plus.
  • Conducted Hyperion Planning, Reporting and Smartview for 500 users from various DC Government agencies.
  • Handle cube performance improvement and troubleshooting duties - Calc Cache, tuning the batch calculations.
  • Extensively used MaxL Scripts for Admin duties-backup/restore and to create new test (prototype) cubes.
  • Created Users, Groups and Provisioning in Hyperion Shared Services and Migrated security files and artifacts using LCM.
  • Used ODI for data integration between data warehouse, Hyperion Essbase and OBIEE.
  • Created test plans and test labs in HP Quality Center for Hyperion QA and Production testing.
  • Analyzed and cleaned PeopleSoft Position Budgeting data after extracting into ODI staging tables in preparation for loading into Hyperion Planning.
  • Created Scenarios, Interfaces and Reverse Knowledge Modules using ODI for ELT (Extract Load and Transformation) in target planning tables.
  • Analyzed issues with crosswalks between Oracle EBS and Hyperion planning related to, descriptive flexfields, and value sets.


Oracle EBS Functional

Environment: Oracle EBS 12.1.1, Oracle 10G reports


  • Created requirements documentation for the release.
  • Led the ‘AS IS’ systems and functional documentation for the Request to Procure (R2P) and Procure to Pay (P2P) Processes.
  • Used Advanced Excel functions, pivots and analytics as part of our reconciliation process.
  • Completed a Target State analysis of the Bill to Collect, Request to procure and the Procure to Pay (P2P) and Request to Procure (R2P) documentation and analysis including Visio systems diagrams covering each process.
  • Handled the integration of AR, Reimbursable agreements and employee suppliers with Oracle Project Billing.
  • Tested SLA Account Derivation Rules, Journal Line definitions, and conditions for release.
  • Assisted IUS assets effort during the new release and insured the completeness of IUS with projects and agreements.
  • Validated that all object codes, activity codes, PPAs, mission programs and funding sources were accurately cross-walked.


Hyperion Specialist, Washington, DC

Environment: Hyperion, Business Objects, FFS, FBMS


  • Led the development business process documentation and specifications using Oracle AIM.
  • Analyzed the integration of FBMS and the Federal Financial systems (FFS) flat files into Hyperion for reporting of Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Created GRPA performance reports in Hyperion and used Hyperion DRM to track changes to hierarchies and versions.
  • Created Business Objects Universes from Hyperion flat files.
  • Analyzed FACTS II Reporting attributes in Oracle Federal Financials -EBS R12 for Department of Interior reporting to OMB and Department of Treasury respectively.
  • Worked with Finance to thoroughly review Treasury Account codes and associated rollups in Hyperion.
  • Analyzed US SGL accounts and FACTS I attribute setup procedure to verify the populated data and to make modifications.
  • Analyzed FACTS I Trading Partner tables Inbound PLSQL packages
  • Worked with Office of the Secretary Finance Officers in order to obtain all SGL and GPRA attributes for the Consolidated Financial Statement, Statement of Net Position and the GPRA annual report.


Hyperion Financial Management Lead, Bethesda, MD

Environment: Hyperion Planning System 9, Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion DRM


  • Assisted headquarters and regional offices with Hyperion Financial Management configuration changes.
  • Created Hyperion DRM Alternate Hierarchies and Versions for Confidential Global Master data management process.
  • Handled all Hyperion DRM configuration and modifications to nodes, hierarchies and properties.
  • Used Hyperion FDM to bring in PeopleSoft data into HFM.
  • Performed validation of data between six Global Offices and Headquarters.
  • Created adjusting journal entries in PeopleSoft.
  • Defined and process allocations and average daily balances in PeopleSoft.
  • Handled all data extracting and loading.
  • Developed Hyperion Financial Reports (FR) and Report books.
  • Implemented changes to Hyperion Reporting per finance department requirements.
  • Migrated changes in regional Hyperion maintenance applications to production applications on a regular basis.

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