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Iprocurement Support And Erp Compliance Engineer Resume


  • Senior Techno - Functional/Lead consultant with 16 years of experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of large-scale systems with focus on Finance, Procurement, GRC and SCM.
  • EBS Upgrade and Implementation: Completed Three R12 and 5 EBS upgrades.
  • Implemented Oracle Fusion R13 - P2P, Services Procurement.
  • Oracle EBS data conversion/migration to Workday/SAP: Migrated EBS Projects, HRMS, P2P, Contracts and Awards data to Workday and SAP.
  • SOX Focal and Admin for Compliance and security: Oracle GRC - AACG, TCG, PCG, CCG, APPSCAN, ACP P032(Access Control Policy), AEC (Services and Recovery), DRP, Focal for Change Management, RBAC (duty / data, templates roles, and data security policies, RBAC, SOD Matrix for approvals, Production Control, Function and Data Security Controls, etc.
  • Experienced with Oracle AIM/SDLC methodology, business process and Fit Gap analysis, Lift and Shift, "as is" and "to be " process flows, sales support and writing SOWs and BRs, Negotiation meetings and providing best approach with estimation and solutions.
  • Worked for Big 5 consulting companies like Oracle, PWC, Deloitte and Solbourne.
  • Completed Oracle Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud Service (FCCS) Training.


ERP Versions Releases: 10.7, 10.7 SC to 11 i,, R 12.1.2 to 12.2.4, 12.2.6

ERP Modules:

Major: Finance, P2P, Services Procurement, iProcurement, SCM

Supported: Project Awards, Contracts and Billings, OTL

External System: PeopleSoft HR, SAP, Lawson, Hyperion, OBIEE, Dalmia and Workday

Configuration Management Tools: SVN, Clearcase, PVCS, Mercury Kintana/BMC remedy request System/Meriant Version Manager, Vista Plus, MS-Visual SourceSafe 6

Methodologies: Test Plan Strategies, QA analysis, Unit Testing & Module Testing, Integration Testing, HP Quality Center, Agile/Scrum methodology

Production Control and Change Management: SOX Focal, Adopt SOX guidelines for Change Management. Completed 8+ SOX audit as SOX focal. Production Control, Change Management and User Management, SOD, M016, PO32 documentations and Appscan

Quality: HP Quality Center - bug tracking

GRC: Experience implementing Security for EBS modules using Oracle Governance Risk and Compliance Modules (GRC) - AACG, TCG, PCG, CCG. Upgrading GRC (12.1.3 to 12.2.6) and analysis for GRC Fusion

Oracle Cloud: R13 Oracle Services Procurement, Contracts and Security, migrated data (Lift and shift) from Oracle EBS


Confidential, San Jose, CA

iProcurement Support and ERP Compliance Engineer

Environment: Oracle Application R12.2.6, Workstream/Audit Board for SOX Compliance


  • Post implementation support and minor changes to functionality. Client is using heavily customized EBS R12 version. Also working on redesign to R13 Cloud upgrade roadmap.
  • Business user support and training
  • Ensure all the security controls are in place and all the yearly Audit reports are up todate.
  • SOX Controls - S1 to S6 controls (Security, Production, Unix, Job failures etc)
  • Quarterly Audit data preparations for SOX controls.
  • Change Management and CEMLI support.
  • Access, Security, Roles and responsibilities review and evidence gathering (Sunrun follows the control framework - COSO and COBIT standards)
  • Heavy SQL writing and data validation.
  • Implemented customization for User Access Review for each BPO to review and approve.
  • Implementation of SOD and UAR application - Software selection, analysis and comparison between various vendors (Fastpath, QSOftware, Onapsis etc).

Confidential, Las Vegas

Oracle Services Procurement SME (Lead)

Environment: Oracle Application R12.1.3


  • Involved in Functional and Technical tasks, configurations, CRP, UAT, resolving issues, user training, preparing user manuals, unit testing, production migration, post-production support, enhancements, analysis and design. Helping technical consultants, DBA, PM as needed and Oracle Support.
  • Converted 200 POs to Contingent Workers assignment (GBPA to Std PO and assigned to CW in OTL) after go-live.
  • AP Expense lines and GL Transfer customizations.
  • AME, Setup security groups and security feature in Purchasing.
  • Line type customizations (Labor and Hour), Requisition POR custom pack requisition, new validation for requisition checkouts.
  • Helped with AME configuration, Requisition Compliance Review (RCR). New AME rule for PO Approvals.
  • Enabled HRMS and setup HRMS and OTL modules to record timesheet for CW. Oracle Projects to track projects. Also, setup securities, AOL/FND data upload (FNDLOAD) and custom responsibilities.

Confidential, Santa Monica, CA

Oracle Projects and Awards to Workday Data Conversion Lead

Environment: Oracle Application R12.1.3


  • Migration/conversion of Awards, Project and Tasks with Billing data and data masking to workday including payroll.
  • AP/AR/GL/PO data migration/conversion
  • Ledger conversion and Customer/Supplier data to Workday
  • Employee data conversion to Workday.
  • SOX Focal for internal audit and Security and Roles for employees
  • Production support for Procurement and Project modules.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Oracle EBS BA

Environment: Oracle Application R12.1.3, upgrading to 12.2.6


  • Involved in R12.2.6 upgrade planning and leading development team and assessment for 12.2.8.
  • Worked on CEMLI assessment, Creating MD-50/70 for BI Publisher Reports and CM/Release management task.
  • 50+ BI Publisher reports and data interface with OBIEE and Hyperion.
  • System Administrators task and upgrade including AOL/FND and removal and reconfiguration of System security, responsibilities and function security.
  • Working on CPR1/CPR2 signoff. Preparing current and proposed AP/PO setups, Projects and Contracts tracking, Lookup change.
  • Configuration and Supported iSupplier, Finance and P2P for R12.2.6 upgrade, Cash Management and Accounts Reconciliation.
  • Data conversion and migration.
  • Technical support for Oracle Projects Contracts & Billing modules (mainly BIP reports).
  • Technical support for HTML and OTL, Oracle 12.2.6 upgrade and conversions.
  • Oracle WMS/MSCA (inbound) and Oracle Inventory Management Issue. Scanning device setup.
  • P2P/SCM daily/monthly issues and support, implemented Service contracts and Procurements.
  • QA/Testing and implementation.
  • Implemented automated controls using PCG, AACG, CCG and TCG for Oracle ERP Modules.
  • Implemented SOD Controls/Rules for Oracle P2P, P2M and O2C modules.
  • Involved in implementation of TCG, AACG
  • Support to Internal Auditors/Audit and Sox Teams
  • Implemented 26 GRC rules for Inv, BOM, GL, Items, requisitions etc.
  • Monthly Audit and security control report (user, access, responsibilities and last login).
  • SOX Queries and validating SOD and time stamp of evidences (gathering and collection).
  • Responsible for Production Control, Change Management and User Access.
  • Oracle Cloud Implementation, iProcurement and catalogs.
  • Implemented Purchasing (with services procurement, converted GBPA to Std POs for CW)
  • Worked with Oracle consultant to implement Cloud Procurement for one of the OU.
  • Helped with Data migration and EBS R1.2.3 to R12.2.6 to Oracle Cloud (lift and shift) for one of the OU.
  • Negotiation planning with sourcing calendar, recent activities and recommended actions: this will help to see who all are responded. Graphical view of negotiation and RFQs in the process.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Oracle EBS Lead

Environment: Oracle Application 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 upgrade, 11. .1.3 upgrade, XML/BIP reports, Interfaces via MQ-series to BAAN, SAP, SONIC, Bridge-net, Unix script maintenance, PL/SQL, TOAD, AME, Noetix, Version control/releases, Workflow


  • Being a SME, actively participated in requirements gathering, functional gap analysis, application design, configuration, modules setup. Responsible for code review, BR-100, MD-50 and MD-70, allocation of work to off-shore team of 20 consultants. Experienced in leading in-house and off-shore teams for technical, production support (data fixes, patches and new requirements) and post-implementation support. Involved in configurations, CEMLI objects, analyzing functional and technical specifications for conversions/interfaces/reports and customizations, record defects using HP QC defect system. Worked on SAP data conversation and data export to SAP.
  • Involved in production and functional support by providing solutions for Ledger transfers, AP/AR/OM/SCM/ Kits/Collections/TOP Kits, MSCA, ACH, P-Card, Cycle counts, PO approvals, AME issues, Sales Order, Workflow, Mobile application scanning and setup, SO ACK, BOM and ECOs, month-end jobs, month end closing, Account generator issues, Worked with COGS account generator for interfacing between Order management and Inventory, Use of API and daily Interfaces. Also supporting payroll and HR issues. period open-close issues, supported user calls, daily transaction, Interface issues and testing, Item move, move orders, sales order, shipping and order processing O2C cycle support, Work Bench Planner, WMS, APS, Memory based planner, Supply chain planning, Planning data collection, etc. ACH deposits, Bar code reports and Pick Slip, Cycle count and bin/locator reports, Tax calculations and SLA/monthly transfer support, log file generation resolving issues with import/export/interfaces, closing, monthly AUC jobs, running and scheduling jobs etc.
  • Being BA, responsible for instance upgrade, gap and fit analysis, configuration, Completed 2 upgrades, 1 R12 implementation (re-implementation from 11.5.8) and 1 new R12 implementation in 4 years with this client. Involved in Setups (Suppliers, banks, Orgs, migrations, import and interfaces, conversations and setups, RCR, Procurement Contracts and Service). Involved in CRPs, mapping sessions, mock-runs, dry-runs, Oracle to SAP conversions, OSCE to Oracle 11i conversion (in millions). Contact person for BAAN/SAP/SONIC interfacing teams.
  • SOX focal for 2 of the EBS projects. Responsible for creating, maintaining and validating UNIX Controls, USER Controls and Change Management reports for SOX Audits. Attended 4 yearly audits. Implemented RBAC (Role based access control)
  • Maintaining IBM Rational Clear Quest for creating PRs/CRs and moving code across the instances. CR/PR approvals, SOD, test instance setup, acceptance testing, move sheet, coordination with DBA and CM team to move/release the code.
  • Responsible for completing APPSCAN, Risk-Sorter, DRP and various controls, M016 and PO32 documents.
  • BI Publisher Bursting, Workflow Approvals and AME (Setup: chain of authority based on relative job level, Chains of authority based on number of supervisor levels.
  • New implementation, assisting Oracle implementors to upload R12 Contract Purchase Orders to Oracle cloud procurements, user and data security and Oracle cloud security implementation.
  • Implemented Oracle Cloud security
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI, 11G or 12C, ODI client) Extract, load and transform (ELT) tool by Oracle that offers a graphical environment to build, manage and maintain data integration processes in business intelligence systems. CRP setup for P2P and OTC features.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Oracle EBS Consultant

Environment: Oracle Applications Rel. 12.1.3 Re-implementation.


  • Due to major business/structure changes, Confidential decided to go for re-implementation of Oracle Application to R12 from 11i. I was involved in Setup and re-configuration for GL, Cash Management and Purchasing Modules and cross functional projects in R12.
  • Involved in BR-100, requirement gathering and discussion with various departments, MD-50 and MD-70 documentation, development methodologies.
  • As a BI publisher Enterprise Administrator, created 50+ BI Publisher reports using BI Administrator for EBS R12. Also enable bursting features to distribute reports for departments as per department and Job roles.
  • After go-live support for month-end processing, period close/open, interfaces and transfers.
  • Created Comptroller reports for county.
  • Oracle Treasury
  • QA and Testing.

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