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Oracle Apps Technical Developer Resume

Parsippany, NJ


  • 7.5+ years of professional experience as Oracle Apps Technical developer in Designing, Developing, Customizing, RICE implementations, Testing and Support of Oracle Application R12/11i in ERP domain - Projects (Costing and Billing), HR and Finance(AP, AR, GL) modules.
  • Responsible for gathering business requirements for various RICE elements from Business Analysts, Product Architects, requirements modelers, business users, and creation of Technical Design documents and user handbooks.
  • Experience in working with AIM methodology and is very proficient in working with MD050, MD070, MD120.
  • Worked on Oracle Apps personalization (Standard Forms) and customization and Extension using Oracle Application Framework (OAF), JDeveloper.
  • Extensive experience in Application Development using Forms 10g/6i and Reports 10g/6i in Windows environment.
  • Created custom templates with data definitions for XML Publisher.
  • Complete understanding and working experience of Oracle Workflows (Standard /Customized).
  • Involved in the development of inbound and outbound interfaces using UTL FILE, open interface, oracle packaged APIs. Experience in PA, AP, AR, GL interfaces.
  • Strong in Applications Object Library (Concurrent programs registration, Value Sets, Profiles, form registrations etc), System Admin tasks.
  • Extensive experience in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL-packages, stored procedures, pipeline functions, triggers, exception handlers, indexes, views, cursors, synonyms, sequences, PL/SQL records & tables.
  • Support System testing, User Acceptance testing, Production Releases implementation of applications and troubleshooting issues for end users.
  • Proficient in Handling and coordinating (Severity-1) Production issues and coordinating with Oracle team for SR (Service Request) management on 24*7 bases.
  • Strong experience in debugging and tuning of system with tactical & strategic solutions in Oracle Apps components.
  • Outstanding skills in analyzing business process and end-user needs, detail oriented and committed to delivering superior quality work.


ERP Application: Oracle Financials Release 11i (11.5.9) / R12, Projects (Costing & Billing) module

Database: Oracle 11g/10g/9i

GUI/Tool: JDeveloper9i(9.0.3) for OA Framework, Oracle Workflow Builder, Oracle Forms Developer 10g/6i, XML Publisher, Oracle SQL Developer (3.0.04), Forms Personalization, Toad for DB2, PL SQL Developer, Putty

Languages/Frameworks: SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Java, OAF

Configuration Tools: Kintana PPM tool for code migration, HP Quality Center for Defect logging and tracking, Dimension Express tool for code versioning, Microsoft VSS 6.0

Operating System: Windows, UNIX


Confidential - PARSIPPANY, NJ

Oracle Apps Technical Developer


  • Implemented custom data extraction as per business requirement for AR and HR modules data from base tables to flat file using UTL FILE package.
  • AR data extraction consisted of four major files ARCUST - Contains one record per customer with open transactions, ARMAST - Invoice Master file contains one record per open transaction (invoice, credit memo, open credit or debit, balance forward, etc), AREXTI - contains one record per invoice or credit memo, open credit or debit, or balance forward, ARTRAN - contains one record per line item on an invoice or credit memo, ARCASH - contains one record per invoice payment transaction. Implemented for various global markets like US, Belgium, Mexico, India, China, UK etc.
  • HR data extraction comprised of employee details including like Job, Position, wages etc.
  • Designed packages and procedure, created concurrent programs which calls the pl/sql package and outputs the file of data extraction on server using ULT FILE.
  • Performed the unit testing for the code and production packaging and release process.
  • Answered technical support queries and implemented fixes for application problems.
  • Worked on cross-functional teams to proactively address support issues.

Confidential - DENVER, CO

Oracle Apps Technical Developer


  • Implemented Inbound Interface to automate the addition of project and task to project manufacturing organization and auto-creation of project contracts. Use seeded APIs of project manufacturing organization and service contracts like pjm project param pub.create project parameter, oke import contract pub.create contract header, etc.
  • Form Personalization on PA PAXPREPR PROJECT for adding a new menu in tools ‘Create Contract’ which on click executes the procedure which in turn invokes a request submission.
  • Experience in Order to Cash (O2C), Procure to Pay (P2P) business flows.
  • Implemented Inventory Outbound Interface Program to extract the inventory item data from base tables to flat file using UTL FILE package.
  • Designed new utility in OAF to tag project work location based calendar to projects at the time of project creation. Any changes in the calendar tagging by the key member it goes for approval to HR. Created a new approval workflow using oracle workflow builder.
  • Worked on pa client extn proj status.verify project status change to validate project status change, worked on pa utils.add message to display user friendly messages to the users.
  • Customized PA project approval workflow, added one more level of approval while changing the project status from submitted to active. Worked on email notification to notify approvers for pending activities in his queue.
  • Worked on Advanced PL/SQL - Tables, Record type, Bulk Collects and Bulk Binds.
  • Proactively tuned SQL queries and views using indexes, hints, explain plan, SQLtrace and tkprof.
  • Performed the unit testing for the code and migrated the files through Kintana tool.


Oracle Apps Technical Developer


  • Experience in developing conversions using Open Interfaces/ API (Master Supplier Conversions, Projects (Project, Task, and Expenditure).
  • Customized Custom.pll for addition of a new field in the quick entry screen of project templates.
  • Created custom templates with data definitions for XML Publisher. Created reports using XML Publisher with the final output in Excel and registered as XML reports in applications.
  • Designed Oracle Master Detail form showing all the errors of a particular change request and their respective resolution which helped developers to correct the error beforehand and avoid logging of tickets from users.
  • Registered the form and migrated .fmx executable file to $AU TOP.
  • Fixed defects encountered in any of the testing phases in HPQC tool.
  • Ensured quality in coding and testing, conforming to Standard IR Protocol.
  • Worked on Version Control software to check-in codes and integrated with Kintana for file migration. Used FND-LOAD to migrate concurrent programs, request sets, forms menus and Personalization, by downloading the LDT files.


Service Delivery


  • Project Costing: Imported raw costs as Expenditure items from other source systems, created and adjusted the expenditure items in Projects. Defined Resource List, Cost Budget, Revenue Budget, Created Project templates, tasks with transaction control set ups.
  • Project Billing: Defined Agreements, funding from agreements, from creation of Draft Invoice to making them accepted in Account Receivables. Interfacing Draft revenues to GL.
  • Interfaces: Worked on PA, AR, GL interfaces.
  • Extensions: Performed customizations on PA Client extensions, worked on form personalization and Custom.pll.
  • OA Framework: Designed/Built screens that interacted with database, extending seeded VO, CO and AM, implementing, Entity objects, performing Personalization, Partial page rendering, External LOV, Dependent/ Cascading LOV, SPELL.
  • Oracle Workflow: Created Workflows and developed processes based on the requirement. Worked on Notifications, Roles, calling Stored Programs into workflow.
  • Conducted code reviews, performed unit testing, fixes, and requirement validations, accomplished database design, and modeling through data flow diagrams at conceptual, logical and physical levels.
  • Responsible for tracking of high priority tickets and resolution of escalated support incidents.
  • Created and maintained documentation for supported applications.

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