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Oracle Fusion Hcm Techno-functional Consultant Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • Around 8 years of diverse experience in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud ERP applications and implementing Oracle applications using AIM/OUM methodology document templates.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM (R9,R10,R11,R12) Cloud (Global HR, Payroll, Absence Management, Talenet Management)
  • Implemented 2 - Tier and 3-tier Architecture with multiple employment terms and Assignments at Legal Employer level
  • Expertise knowledge on Oracle Fusion HCM Extracts and Fusion HDL, FBL, PBL, Spread sheet data loader
  • Good experience in Exception Handling, Debugging and tracing by which the whole picture of application runtime can be seen and analyzed more efficiently.
  • Extensive experience in BRD Documents designing and completing the Oracle Setups and Maintence task and Implementation Projects creation.
  • Hands on experience in US Payroll Configuration and Oracle Fusion Payroll relationships,
  • Running Oracle Payroll processes like Quick Pay, Standard Payroll, Payment Distribution, Payslip Configuration.
  • Extensive work experience Talent Management Configuration(Goal Plans, Profile management, Performance management)
  • Experienced in working with Absence Management. Defining Absence plans, Patterns, Work schedules and Absence Types.
  • Experienced in Development of Oracle Fusion Workflow notifications as per the Client requirement
  • Experience in developing Setups data from Development Instance to Test instance and into the production instances.
  • Extensive experience in developing and Customization of the Oracle Fusion Business Intelligence reports.
  • Experienced in Oracle Fusion Security and roles defining like Data roles and Organization security profiles.
  • Experienced in defining the Trees like Department and Geography trees and tree versions as per the client requirement.
  • Hands on experience on customizing the security, by creating data roles, security profiles and also effectively using job roles and duty roles.
  • Experience in creating value sets and using them in flexfields like Descriptive, Extensible and Key Flexfields.
  • Knowledge on Approvals, experienced in configuring the approvals for Locations, New Person and many more.
  • Experience on Schedule Processes and Batch Process for Mass updates and also Data Exchange.
  • Knowledge on fast formulas, and wrote fast formulas for absence management module.
  • Interacted with the clients to collect the requirements and later drafted the documentation accordingly and did gap analysis.
  • Experience in Setting up the enterprise structure, and configuring the Job and position structure, setting up the grade. Also underwent in hiring/transfer of employees.
  • Experience in creating the payroll definitions and proficiency in payroll process.
  • Experience in writing fast formulas for proration and retropay.
  • Experience in creating eligibility profiles, rate definitions, absence plans, reasons and categories.
  • Experience in creating content types and items and assigning them to person profile and model profile.
  • Experience in managing the goal library and capture the target outcomes.
  • Experience in performance process flow and creating the performance template.
  • Experience in Data Loading/Conversions using HCM Data loader (HDL) and spreadsheet loaders.
  • Experience in developing HCM Extracts/BI Reports for Global HR, Payroll Interface.
  • Trained the super users and users on the application and conducting Pilot testing, integrated testing, design validations, setups of the Distributed ERP applications and coordination of UAT.
  • Around 4 years of experience on Oracle EBS HRMS in all phases on versions like R12, 11.5.9, …
  • Knowledge on compensation and Benefits modules.
  • Provided on call and day to day support 24 X 7.
  • Worked on databases like SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Excellent communication, leadership, team management.
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to follow project standards and decision-making capability.
  • Self-motivated, creative team player with effective communication and leadership qualities.


ERP: Oracle Fusion Applications(R9,R10,R11,R12),Oracle Applications (R12)

Modules: Global HR,Payroll,Absence Management, Talent Management,AP,AR,GL,Compansiation,Benfits

Database: Oracle 9i/8i (PL/SQL)

Reporting Tools: BI,XML,OTBI Reports

Operating Systems: Windows 2003, XP, Windows 2000/Vista/2007, Windows 8.

Other Tools: FTP,VSS,Remedy,Telnet


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Oracle Fusion HCM Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Involved in the implementation of Core HR, Absence Management
  • As a team member was responsible for creating new users and assigning Roles to them through IDM.
  • Involved in Business requirements.
  • Involving in all HCM modules support activities for client.
  • Understanding the existing business processes & legacy systems of the client and requirements gathering.
  • Setting up the required Descriptive flex fields (DFF) according to the business requirements.
  • Defining the reference sets, business units, Emp transfer .Global transfer, Mass Update
  • Defining the, Workforce structure (Jobs,Positions,Grades)
  • Developed HCM data loaders to load workers, work relationships and Assignments data.
  • Defined Absence Management modules absence plans, Absence types to assign to the Employees and execute the enrollment.
  • Involved in Oracle HCM cloud implementation. Interacted with client and involved in Requirement gathering, preparing process requirement documents, Business requirement documents, understanding current business process and mapping with Oracle Cloud HCM, and GAP analysis..
  • Used Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to perform various tasks.
  • Managed Enterprise HCM information and Legal Entity HCM information
  • Involved in setting up the workforce structure and also worked manager and employee hierarchy for approvals at BPM.
  • Executed the complete structure of payroll for US client with good knowledge of 401K reports and managed US tax related elements.
  • Created elements and payment methods, worked on proration and retropay.
  • Created absence plans and absence categories with rate definitions.
  • Worked on fast formulas for absence management module.
  • Involved in creation of Custom Security for Oracle HCM Cloud which includes Create/Modify Data roles and its Security Profiles, Job Roles, Application Roles and Duty Roles.
  • Developed HCM Extracts/OBI Reports for Global HR.
  • Loaded data using HDL and spreadsheet loaders.
  • Involved in end-end UAT testing by drafting the test cases/scripts.
  • Took part in business workshops and supporting clients in defining relevant processes.
  • Ensuring that the application meets the business requirements and system goals fulfill end user requirements, and identify and resolve system issues.
  • Sharing suggestions and thoughts to help optimize implementation methodology.
  • Effectively communicated with oracle support (SRs) to resolve issues to complete the project smoothly and before deadline.

Environment: Oracle Fusion Applications (HCM, Finance), R11 and R12

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Oracle Fusion HCM Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Handling the rollout for the group companies along with production support & Enhancements for the existing companies.
  • Responsible for the support of Core HR, Payroll,AM,TM modules across the group with the employee strength of 9000 Plus employees.
  • Done the roll out for ten new subsidiaries in the group with the necessary changes in the setup as per the company policy and the nature of business.
  • Configured the Content types from Oracle profile management.
  • Created the two way interface between the custom application and oracle for one of the subsidiary where the custom application is used by employees in the client sites.
  • Developed Oracle Fusion HCM Extracts.
  • Oracle Fusion HDL files configured.
  • Customized Oracle standard templates as per the client requirement
  • Worked extensively on the segregation of duties between the HR, Payroll and Finance by modifying the Tasks, roles
  • Involved in requirements gathering and developed the documentation with company standards, and did GAP analysis.
  • Hands-on full lifecycle project delivery and go-live experience.
  • Used Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement offerings like workforce deployment, workforce development.
  • Deployed suitable workforce structure with "single assignment with contract" employment model.
  • Analyzed the employee structure of the enterprise and managed People group Key flexfields.
  • Created absence plans and absence categories and assigned those to employees using eligibility profile.
  • Worked on fast formulas for absence management module.
  • Managed profile cards, content types, questionnaire, performance templates in talent management module.
  • Trained end users on Global HR, Payroll, Absence management and Talent Management.
  • Developed test scenarios and reviewed all the test scripts to ensure the accuracy.

Environment: Oracle Fusion Applications (HCM),R10 and R11

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Oracle Fusion HCM Functional Consultant


  • Understanding the Business requirements to be a part of the FUD (Functional Upgrade Doc), and FDD (Functional Design Doc).
  • Prepared the Test ware Design Document, Function Design Documents for different Functionality.
  • Involved in the Functional setups implementation and document designing discussion
  • Prepare functional design Document for different functionality of Fusion Payroll Module like Set ID/BU implementation and implications, Employment Model, Person Model, Payroll flow, Job and Employment architecture and 3-tier model,
  • Configured Payroll Flow template,
  • Implemented Payroll related setups (Payroll definition, Object groups, Org payment methods, Payment types, Fast formula, Third party payment methods, Run Types, Balance Def, element classification, HCM Extract, Payroll work areas etc),
  • Defined payroll process(Payroll run, prepayment, cheque writer, Direct Deposit, External/Manual Payment, Payroll Archive, Roll Back, Batch loader) .
  • Performed feasibility analysis, designed project plan,gathered business requirements from the client.
  • Initialized the users for setting up and implementing the oracle HCM.
  • Analyzed Organization, Location, Job, and Grade structured and finalized decision on how these would be structured.
  • Managed absence plans and absence categories, and eligibility profile.
  • Worked on fast formulas for absence management module.
  • Fixing issues related to Setups/ Configuration, Personalization, Interfaces.
  • Developed test scenarios to ensure the accuracy.
  • Develop project management plans, manage tight deadlines, and coordination of project team activities, defining and agreeing on deliverable and milestones.
  • Worked on Global HR, Absence Management, payroll modules.
  • Worked on data roles, and experienced in using job roles and duty roles using the fusion security model.
  • Configured approvals according to the requirements of clients, where positional hierarchy and user roles are created.
  • Written fast formulas for the absence management module
  • For the mass updates used HDL and spreadsheet loaders.

Environment: Oracle Fusion Applications (HCM),R10

Confidential, Plymouth, MI

Oracle Applications HRMS Functional Consultant


  • Involved in preparation of MD-70, CV60, MD120 and Unit Test-case documents.
  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients.
  • Design the Tables Structures and Register in Oracle apps (11i) and Development.
  • Developed Item Interface (R12) to upload the data from legacy system into Oracle application tables via API approach.
  • Developed AR Invoice Interface (R12) to upload the data from legacy system into Oracle application tables via API approach.
  • Developed Employee Conversion (R12) to upload the data from legacy system into Oracle application tables via API approach.
  • Creating Employee contact and Phone details using API’s.
  • Creating Employee Element Creation information using API’s. Creating Employee Bank information using API’s.
  • Developed OM to Receipt Information Report.
  • Analyzed the business processes, requirements, mapped with Oracle features.
  • Identified Core HR, Absence Management requirements configured necessary solutions and conducted knowledge transfer sessions with client to support ongoing maintenance.
  • Worked on roles for security, involved in creating flexfields.
  • Managed workforce structures, payroll interface and absence plans and categories
  • Wrote Fast Formula and also configured approval process for Absence transactions.
  • Delivered UPK Documentation on Global HR processes for user training purposes.
  • Did mass updates for employee creation, loading geographies with the help of spreadsheet loaders and HDL.
  • Involved in the BI reports for Global HR module
  • Took part in end-end testing for all the modules implemented.
  • Handled all the complex issues and supported the client.
  • Prepared documents about each module with proper screenshots for the end users to use the application effectively.
  • Coordinated set up activities in UAT and production environment of all the modules.
  • Involved in testing for all the modules, that are implemented.
  • Post production support (L2/L3), creating tickets with oracle support, issue monitoring, log monitoring, etc.

Environment: Oracle Applications (HRMS) R12

Confidential, Rochester, NY

Oracle Apps Technical Consultant


  • Designed and developed Reports
  • Created tables, procedures, functions, packages and triggers.
  • Developed Supplier API Conversion program to upload the data into Base tables
  • Customized Sales order acknowledgement report.
  • Developed PO Receipt report .
  • Customized Oracle Standard Receipt routing report.
  • Developed new forms and Customized standard forms by using Forms Personalization.
  • Worked as Oracle functional consultant as part of Oracle HRMS implementation for Oracle Core HR and Absence Management.
  • Gather requirements, questionnaire sign off, MD 50 and MD 120 documentation.
  • Involved in setting up key flex field segments (Job, Grade, People Group, Position, Cost Allocation and Competence).
  • Involved in conversion requirements, converting people data, assignment data and salary data.
  • Involved in converting history for people, assignment and salary records.
  • Involved in conducting CRP1, CRP2, test data preparation and test scenario preparation.
  • Gather requirements from the business users document the requirements and initiate the development process after requirement sign-off.
  • Advise HRIS about the Oracle best practices, AIM methodology, minimize data redundancy, and automate concurrent process.
  • Verify existing PL/SQL packages and develop new ones as required by the HRIS team.
  • Test & document the changes that are being made to Oracle HR system.
  • Identify the changes that need to be incorporated in each release and coordinate with change management and release management teams during deployment

Environment: Oracle Applications (HRMS, Finance) R12

Confidential , CA

Oracle Apps HRMS Technical Consultant


  • Customized the Reports and forms.
  • Customized Invoice Aging Report.
  • Designing MD070, MD120, CV060 and TE020 documents as per AIM Methodology.
  • Developed Vendor Wise Cancelled Report.
  • Customized Invoice Form by using Form Personalization.
  • Item Interface: Developed interface program to upload items into Inventory from Legacy System
  • Mainly involved in upgrading the system by performing the pre-upgrade and post upgrade steps.
  • Based on the TUMS (The Upgrade Manual Script) necessary steps are done in pre-upgrade and post upgrade process by eliminating the steps that are not necessary
  • Supported Core HR, Payroll, SSHR modules
  • Worked on Changes to the existing Fast Formula (Accrual Plans), Alerts and other business logics according to recent changes.
  • Worked on Converting Crystal to BI Publisher reports
  • Worked on Review, defect sheet updating and checking into Clear Case
  • Prepared functional design specification for the Benefit Structure / Eligibility / Rates.
  • Others as per the User needs Involved in Design of Life Events, Eligibility, Rates and System Extracts (e.g. Carrier Extracts, AP,Payroll etc.)
  • Prepared functional specifications for the Carrier Extracts and designed/configured/tested the Extracts in OAB using System Extracts
  • Used AIM Methodology for OAB Project Plan documents/deliverables
  • Conducting knowledge-sharing programs on every week among the team members
  • Responsible for designing and developing various reports like sales data collection, check register, store lists etc.
  • Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) features like value sets, Flex fields, Concurrent Programs, Profile Options, standard request submissions and parameters are extensively used in the process of development.
  • Manage User Acceptance Testing of new applications and new versions of existing applications.
  • Manage the packaging and release of applications to the training and production environments.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and to resolve scheduling and other conflicts to meet all deadlines.
  • Worked on AP Invoice Interface.
  • Worked on Item Interface.
  • Worked on Personalization of forms in various applications.
  • Developed an Invoice outbound interface to extract all the Unpaid/Partially Paid invoice information from the database into the flat files using UTL FILE package.
  • Worked on Invoice details Report Outbound Interface
  • Developed Supplier Payment Report.
  • Customized Incomplete Invoice Report.

Environment: Oracle Applications (H RMS, Finance) R12

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