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Oracle Application Express (apex) Lead Developer Resume


Oracle Database Versions 10g, 11g R2, 12c (APEX)

Oracle XE 10g, 11g (APEX)

Application Express (APEX) Versions 2.0 - 5.1.x (current version)

Oracle Development and Administration using tool such as Toad, SQL Developer and PL/SQL Developer

Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle Database Administration with Enterprise Manager



JavaScript (APEX)

XML, XSL (APEX and IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer)

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Data Modeler

Oracle SQL Loader

Quest Toad

Quest Data Modeler

Allround Automations PLSQL Developer

Unix and Linux: (Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux {Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse} system configuration and administration)

UNIX BASH Shell Scripting

DOS Batch Scripting

Power Shell Scripting

Mac OS X (all versions)

Microsoft Windows - All Desktop Versions (Windows 2000 thru Windows 10)

Microsoft Windows Server - Versions 2000, 2003, 2008

Microsoft DOS




Linux (Oracle Linux, Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, etc.)



Oracle Application Express (APEX) Lead Developer


  • Compose application to serve as a HUB for common documents and links to various artifacts to assist the business users in gathering and distributing resources needed in quoting Oracle clients.
  • The Confidential management would upload documents and provide links to collaterals that Confidential team members could pick from to either download these documents or provide links used as a common source of information.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Business Systems Consultant (Oracle Apex Developer/DBA)


  • APEX - PL/SQL development and integration.
  • Systems integrated include Web Logic, Bi-Publisher. Build system that utilize web services and Oracle JET charts and AOP Office Print for database monitoring and reporting purposes.
  • The AOP Office Print documents could render as MS Word Documents, Power Point documents and Adobe Acrobat pdf documents.

Confidential, Redwood City, CA

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Lead Developer


  • Re-designed and implemented an APEX version of the internal Kermit UI application to be used to assist in the reporting and management of Oracle’s cloud-based services. This conversion required extensive use of the APEX JSON package as well as a custom package used for generation and parsing of related JSON documents.
  • I also trained team members to use APEX in the Confidential officeas well as team members in Mexico and India to provide on-going support for the new Kermit v2 application.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Oracle Application Express Lead Developer


  • Short-term project to create/develop a prototype application portal for the Oracle Global Business Unit team members.
  • Confidential team are directed to member training and learning objectives. Integration between the portal application, Confidential and other training vendors throughout their tenure.

Confidential, Green Bay, Wi

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Developer


  • Create/develop application code as needed by business owners.
  • This involved usage of JavaScript, JSON and web-services to accomplish business requirements.

Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Developer


  • Developed software for Confidential .
  • Assist in the updates of the Oracle Partner Store user interface templates bringing them inline with modern responsive browsing standards.
  • Assist in the further integration the partner store to allow for optimized ordering of Cloud services as well as hardware/software products for Oracle Partner customers.
  • Many changes involved extensive CSS, JavaScript and JSON for processing data sources to allow for proper layout of page items and page regions.

Confidential, Topeka, KS

Senior Oracle Application Express (APEX) Consultant


  • Responsible for migration of APEX 3.1 applications to APEX 4.2 in preparation for eventual migration to APEX 5.0.
  • Made use of Oracle Virtual Box virtual machine (VM) images for testing and training prior to official stand up of APEX 5.0 instance.
  • Provided introductory training on the use of the APEX 5.0 application workbench.
  • Advised on possible migration of database infrastructure to the Oracle Database Cloud and Amazon RDS Services.

Confidential, Athens, OH

Senior Oracle Application Express (APEX) Consultant


  • Assist with configuration and installation of Oracle APEX instances (DEV, TEST, QA, PROD).
  • Training of development team and creation of an application framework.
  • Creation of 2 major applications.
  • Began testing of applications on the APEX 5.0 Early (EA) to validate that the application created on the 4.2 instances could be migrated to 5.0 with minimal effort.
  • Integrated Single Sign-On into applications created.
  • Integrated Oracle EBS with APEX to allow already developed data sources from EBS to be accessed within the new APEX applications developed.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Senior Oracle Application Express (APEX) Developer


  • Principal responsibilities as APEX developer are directly related to maintenance of existing applications as well as back end optimization of data exposed to customers.
  • Made use of web-services, JSON and JavaScript for processing data and formatting the data presented in the application pages (UI) with the bootstrap CSS framework.
  • Created and maintained code passed from APEX to various web services as well as integrating APEX with BI Publisher for report generation.

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Senior Oracle Lead APEX Developer, Senior PL/SQL Developer


  • Development of a roles-based application security framework for The Federal Election Commission (FEC) APEX Enterprise Data Warehouse user interface.
  • Creation of user interface (UI) screens using APEX and Data Explorer to expose data retrieved from FEC Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Worked to develop and implement an enterprise search engine to allow both public users and internal (FEC staff members) to search FEC content from the internal file stores (file systems) as well as from the Oracle database warehouse.
  • Setup and configuration of development servers (UNIX/Linux/CentOS) based Oracle 11g database and Velocity (InfoSphere Data Explorer) servers at the Confidential offices and FEC offices for application development, testing and production environments.
  • Creation and update maintenance of Data Explorer pages using the Data Explorer Administrative Console.
  • Creation of searchable indexes based on data sources ranging from network file systems, external websites (federated sources) to Oracle database sources-based data generated by SQL queries and raw column data.
  • Created high availability cluster consisting of 3 DE servers to balance both the crawling processing as well as the processing search requests to end users.
  • Made use of the Data Explorer API to expose data through web services to allow for standardization of address and name cleansing of large sets of data. Our implementation was driven by PL/SQL code that called upon indexes created on the Data Explorer environment to assist in the cleansing process.
  • Configured Oracle Virtual Box virtual machines (VM) for deployment testing, “off-line” search collection testing and for maintenance.
  • Shell scripting for automation of various Linux administrative tasks related to the maintenance of Data Explorer instances.
  • Development tools used include Toad, SQL Developer - Modeler and PLSQL Developer and the subversion source control utility with the TortoiseSVN Repository Browser.

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Senior Oracle Lead APEX - PL/SQL Developer


  • Coding of Janus Interface (JI) application (a clinical trial repository file transfer utility).
  • Making revisions to JI requirements, design documents and methodology.
  • Interfacing with FDA study manager and security and network teams in order to coordinate secure transmission of study data from the FDA to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
  • Verification of adherence to Health and Human Services (HHS) developmental security standards.

Confidential, Woodbridge, VA

Senior Oracle PL/SQL - Lead APEX Developer


  • Design and coding of a unified application user repository and supporting role based authentication and authorization system framework, writing code to replicate the functionality of the migrated MS Access systems, writing ETL packages to move and normalize data from MS Access into Oracle tables, load attachments into the database using SQL Loader, as well as the coding of various applications for enterprise usage.
  • Bi-Publisher was used to create custom reports distributed throughout the enterprise in various document formats such as pdf, MS Word and HTML.
  • Among the many optimizations that were achieved were the consolidation of 14 individual user tables into one user table and several other commonly used tables into a unified set of tables to reduce unnecessary duplication of data.
  • Normalized data throughout the systems migrated to Oracle.
  • Utilized dB-links to access data maintained in other corporate systems to reduce data duplication.
  • Mentored and lead team of APEX developers new to APEX development.

Tools: used include Oracle SQL Loader, subversion with the TortoiseSVN Repository Browser, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle BI Publisher, Quest Toad Data Modeler and Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer.

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