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Aws Cloud Platform And Solution Architect Resume

Dallas, TX


  • I have over 15 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, and Application Development roles. I am very experienced in architecting, designing, modeling, and developing software solutions and processes, as well as setting up the infrastructure for solutions, which have integrated with multiple systems incorporating all corporately supported security communication methods, protocols, and cypher suites so that IT organizations can be business lead and architecturally driven.
  • I am well versed in applying and communicating standardized Enterprise Architecture practices, as well as gathering business requirements and performing business and technical analysis for complete solutions delivered via Agile methodologies.
  • I am a hard - working, efficient technical resource, with excellent communication and planning skills.
  • I possess a wide range of technical and business skills that make me both a great asset and a wonderful addition to any project.
  • My hard work and success has been seen and felt by various large organizations through my long career providing professional services for clients.


AWS associate level, Oracle SOA 12c, 11g, Oracle BPM 12c, 11g, 10g, Oracle BPM Studio 5.5, 5.7, 6.0, 10g, 11g, Oracle RDBMS and PL/SQL 12c, 11g, 10g, Oracle Weblogic Server 12c, 11g, 10g, JMS, IBM MQ 9.0, 7.5


Oracle Java SE 7 Certified Associate

TOGAF 9.1 Foundation

Agile Methodology (SAFE, Kanban, etc.)

Jira and Confluence, heavy utilization for Agile and Documentation Practices

BPM Business Analysis and Process Discovery

BPM/SOA Related Solution Architecture and Infrastructure Design and Implementation

BPM and Related Infrastructure Performance Optimization

BPM Critical Production “Go-Live” Readiness, Aid, and Support

BPM/SOA Production Solution Development, Implementation, and Delivery

BPM Process Design and Modeling

SOA Service Design and Component Development

Web Service Design and Development

BPM/SOA Application Development

Web Application Development

Object Oriented Design and Development

Continuous Integration

Automated Testing


Confidential, Dallas, TX

AWS Cloud Platform and Solution Architect


  • Designed a completely cloud based Serverless platform solution for that will public users the ability to voluntarily submit location history information for CDC assistance in contract tracing
  • Utilized AWS Cloudformation to design and create AWS Aurora MySQL Serverless database backend, AWS EC2 Bastion host for publish access, and AWS VPC with full private and public subnets, NAT Gateway, and Internet access support all for the Platform portion of the product
  • Designed a completely Serverless application solution for public users submission capabilities including front end and application logic solution building blocks
  • Application design utilizes React, NodeJS, and supporting web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) along with AWS S3, AWS Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS Aurora MySQL Serverless database backend for a full cloud based Serverless application design
  • Began POC development of the React progressive web application and database creation

Transitional CTO/CIO

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Filled a transitional CTO/CIO role for Ignite sales to ease them through an unexpected loss of their CTO by guiding the CEO, CMO, and COO through understanding their current Technology organization’s fit, function, and technical product offerings to survive the loss of the CTO position
  • Embedded myself into the Technology organization working with the Architects and Business Managers to get a 360 degree understanding of the current operations with the Confidential product offerings and client engagements
  • Performed architectural, technology, and technical operations discovery involving all four of the Confidential platform product offerings identifying legacy vs non-legacy initiatives and documenting the many unknown aspects of the product architecture
  • Created and delivered Confidential product architecture diagrams, vendor supplier product inventory lists, and tech ops processes documentation including knowledge transfer information from the departing CTO
  • Assisted with product and platform performance resolution and guidance to help stabilize their client facing AWS Cloud based PAAS and SAAS offerings along with a roadmap to ensure that product performance practices became a part of their everyday practices
  • Provided organizational and IT transformation guidance and risk assessment for the company’s desire to grow and continuously improve while ensuring they conformed to acceptable security standards
  • Provided via full guidance and clear documentation that allowed Confidential C-level leadership to clearly understand the Technology portion of their organization in the wake of losing a CTO and to function going forward

ITOM and EA Trusted Advisor and Enterprise Architect

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Transformation and Enterprise Architecture Strategy to Execution IT Portfolio Management
  • Engaged to work with the ITOM and EA organization of Confidential (SWA) to help SWA in their digital transformation journey and help the EA organization understand true Enterprise Architecture practices
  • Provided guidance and assistance to the ITOM Director and Managers in their digital transformation efforts to reduce SWA IT delivery times and costs while ensuring actual alignment of IT projects to corporate goals and objectives
  • Educated leadership and teams on how an Enterprise goes from identifying measurable goals and objectives to creating strategy to capability and process assessments to projects for execution that ensure complete alignment, support, and fulfillment of the corporate goals and objectives
  • Performed all duties of a Southwest Enterprise Architect as well as Business Architect for the multi-year plan initiative to help align business strategies with IT execution
  • Guided Enterprise and Business Architects in the creation and refinement of Enterprise Capability Framework
  • Guided the Enterprise Architecture organization and the IT Transformation teams with EA and transformation practices and assisted in alignment of Capability Improvement Demands to Enterprise Capabilities and Projects
  • Guided and assisted Technology Strategy Director in IT Portfolio management practices and alignment of portfolio cost with strategy planning
  • Drove the enablement of Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Strategy, Capability Framework, and Portfolio management practices via the software product AG Alfabet product
  • Configured Meta-Model objects and relationships to align with EA practices and enablement
  • Lead and performed hands on full environment installation, setup, security configuration, and development efforts with the Alfabet tool, going from gathered requirements to release in Production
  • Lead and performed 6 releases into Production with 0 UAT Defects and 0 Production incidents or issues in an 18 month period, where the Enterprise is rarely able to successfully perform a single release in a 12 month period
  • Assisted with requirements gathering and stewarded maturity within the IT and EA organization meeting their strategy and portfolio management needs

Global SOA Trusted Adviser and Architect

Confidential, Round Rock, TX


  • Engaged to work with the internal Confidential SOA Global SOA Architecture team that oversees all internal software integrations for Confidential services and operations
  • Provided discovery and guidance to the Global SOA Director and Managers on internal Enterprise Capabilities and Processes within and supported by the Global SOA organization as the organization did not have a clear understanding of such information
  • Provided guidance, designed, and performed implementation of the Global SOA Platform automated testing strategy for various technical services and patterns implemented and maintained within the internal Confidential platform
  • Performed all duties of a Confidential Enterprise Architect as well as SOA Architect for the multi-year Confidential initiative to guarantee shipping services will meet shipping estimations across the 9 Enterprise wide product/service life cycles that make up the Confidential business
  • Reviewed functional design specifications with Business SME’s, Business Line Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, and Dev teams (MD50’s) to identify any/all SOA integration points between the many varied systems that make up the Confidential Enterprise
  • Recommended Enterprise and SOA architecture and solution building blocks including security portions based on functional design spec information such as business domain, avg & peak volumes, payload size, frequency, etc.
  • Recommended solution product tools based on functional spec information such as such as business domain, avg & peak volumes, payload size, frequency, etc.
  • Ensured all recommendations conformed to the Confidential Enterprise and SOA reference architectures
  • Created, identified, and recommended Enterprise and SOA solution design patterns for various integrations, service types, and source/destination systems (Oracle EBS, Oracle GTM, home grown Confidential systems, etc.), including security protocols and practices that should be utilized
  • Created Confidential Integration Solution Design Documents which provide the SOA Dev teams with the architecture & solution guidelines and recommendations to be followed in order for a software solution to conform to the Confidential Enterprise and SOA reference architectures and restrictions
  • Assisted in design of complex SOA integrations between systems
  • Performed development code review and solution assistance with the Dev teams
  • Performed solution Governance reviews to pass/fail developed solutions for release management into Confidential environments

BPM Trusted Advisor and Architect

Confidential, Richmond, VA


  • Engaged to advise, design, and implement the Business Process Management solution to fulfill the legislation passed to catch future violators
  • Advised leadership in the Confidential organization and collaborated with management in the DOJ and other federal departments on how best to design and implement the BPM solution for meeting the legislative mandates passed after the Confidential scandals
  • Performed many discovery and requirements gathering sessions with 10+ federal and state departments and hundreds of government workers whose job it was to process Tips, Complaints, and Referrals to catch Confidential offenders being reported upon;
  • Designed actionable processes that could be automated including all departments and roles along with technologies and systems that were needed to process tips, complains, and referrals that were now to be electronically keyed or submitted for catching violators
  • Personally developed over 95% of the delivered BPM and SOA solution
  • Managed project requirement deliveries and their milestones
  • Managed and assisted in the project QA defect identification and resolution efforts.
  • Prepared the project for Production delivery

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