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Lead Consultant Resume

Irvine Ca Summary, Summary


  • Experienced Project Lead / Lead Consultant in End - to-End Implementation, Support and Upgrade Projects.
  • Worked on multiple Oracle Procurement/WMS / MSCA Implementation Projects in Automobile, Electrical Equipment Industry in Confidential .
  • me am a self-directed professional, expert decision maker and a good mentor.


Lead Consultant

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Lead for implementing WMS, MSCA and Procurement in implementing Oracle WMS, MSCA, Purchasing, iProcurement and iSupplier for a large manufacturing client. Key highlights of project w.r.t Purchasing and WMS are listed below.
  • Automatic creation of ASLs/Sourcing rules from BPA with OOTB attributes.
  • Implemented Punchouts in iProcurement.
  • Enabled forecast to be able to be seen in iSupplier Portal.
  • Implemented Consigned inventory solution with Auto consumption for transactions like Subinventory transfer, Backflush transfer, Sales Order Pick etc.
  • Implemented a custom workflow logic for date changes, ship to changes etc not to go through approval so that supervisors are not botheird with minor updates.
  • Custom logic to direct approvals for BPAs based on annual price change impact for teh parts.
  • Utilized supervisor hierarchy.
  • Implemented putaway rules and onhand material status which client never used so that they can segregate their material properly.
  • Manifest picking is implemented to improve
  • Added multiple attributes to capture NMFC code, Freight class, dims etc in Mobile LPN page and loaded all teh required values in value sets. Recommended them to has regular maintenance as part of Item master so that these can be defaulted.
  • Proposed LPN Ship on Mobile to capture serial numbers as all their non-assembly items as Serial controlled at shipping.
  • Implemented a multi stop shipment process where they need to get freight cost and tracking information from each leg by interfacing with TMS systems.
  • Integrated EBS with XPO, Blujay TMS.

Lead Consultant

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Designed and Developed WMS Solution as a Single Point-of-contact.
  • Configured Complex put way Rules based on various business requirements. For example suggesting large enough locator based on EOQ suggested by planning, Nesting Coefficient of an item, commodity based locators etc.
  • Facilitate small break down of parts from pallets received based on teh destination subinv/locations suggested
  • Order Picking through wave create, release & custom task Bundling to group picking tasks by zones & Labels printing.
  • Customization to create cycle counts for all locators in case of “Pick None”
  • Directing label printing for Picking, Material Split, Parts, Packaging label to different printers based on different criteria ex. Staging lanes
  • Custom planned cross docking implemented for incoming ASN supplies to ship for ISO’s
  • Automatic printing of Cross Dock, Packaging labels as soon as ASN are received
  • Personalization on Putaway page for cross docking to trigger auto staging of items.
  • Multiple integrations with peripheral systems like Optislot, Agile TMS and other integrations include sending EDIs to customers and EDIs for Inbound ASNs.
  • Handling Post-production issues and providing Data-fixes as part of resolutions.
  • Proposed many shift left initiatives to reduce tickets such as automation of tickets, personalization to restrict users from making mistakes. Their warehouse personnel attrition rate was very high and this helped teh new users not to make mistakes on learning path.

Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Saint Paul, MN


  • Development and maintenance of custom code for applications Oracle Retail Merchandising system (ORMS) and Oracle Retail Price Management (OPRM),Retail Distribution Management (RDM).
  • Worked on performance tuning of nightly batch involving multiple programs.
  • Experience in design and teh maintenance of custom oracle forms in RMS to support business needs.
  • Maintained teh daily jobs used by customer to migrate teh data from their stores to Central office.
  • Developed new jobs for scheduler Appworx using Proc, UNIX and PL/SQL

Project Lead



  • Experience of development and maintenance of ‘Oracle Warehouse Management System’ (WMS), ‘Oracle Inventory’ (INV) and ‘Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Application’ (MSCA), along with exposure to other inter-dependent modules
  • Worked on many projects at ORACLE like Advanced-Wave Planning, Onhand material status, Opportunistic cycle count, Inbound Task Dispatching, and Maintenance of Oracle WMS.
  • During this tenure me also got exposure to other co-related areas in supply chain like ‘Oracle Purchasing’, ’Order management’, ‘Shipping’, ‘Bill of Materials’ and ‘Work in Process’.
  • Worked on Technologies Oracle PL/SQL, Forms, Reports, Proc, Java

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