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Lead And Principal Engineer Resume


  • Seasoned IT professional with 10+ years of working at Confidential (former Navteq) as independent contractor and principal engineer, 13+ years of working for Confidential on variety of projects for clients within mapping, marketing, telecom, local government, law enforcement, financial, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and services.
  • Thorough experience in technical and data architecture and modeling, design and development of various software systems, management, and data base administration.


Programming Languages and Technologies: Scala, Java (EE and Core), Kotlin, C/C++, C#, Flink, Spark, AWS, Akka, Scalatra, IBM BPM, Web Services HTML/JS, XML, Shells, Perl, Spring, Hibernate, MyBatis, GWT, Hadoop, Android SDK, PHP, ArcGIS, ESRI SDK, SQL, PL/SQL, PL/I

Database Platform and Tools: Confidential DB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, HBase, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL, Confidential ApEx, Confidential Spatial, Media, Utilities.

Reporting, ETL, and Data Modelling Tools: Pentaho, Tableau, Informatica, JasperServer, ERWin, Confidential Designer, OBIEE

Hardware & Operating Systems: Unix, Android, macOS, Windows, IBM 370/390,

Infrastructure, IDE and other tools: Git/Gerrit, GitLab, Mercurial, SVN, ClearCase, Electric Commander, Jenkins, Anhill, CtrlM, Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Maven, Spring Tool Suite, Flyway, JMeter, MS Visual Studio

Methodologies: Agile, TDD, BDD, Confidential AIM, OUM



Lead and Principal Engineer


  • Designed and develop various Core Map pipelines and services, including AdminRoad streaming service, some of the most complex OLP filters (Id Preservation, Final Meter, etc.), CMS, reflective mapper, ADAM filters and cache component, Lighthouse CMS service, filter, and demo tool, and Data Store Indexer. Developed ADAM reporting db and filter and lead activity of integrating it with Tableau reporting.
  • Redesigned Road Roughness estimator to work on Spark. Implemented new features and made numerous improvements to legacy products (ECL, Building reader, CLS, etc.)
  • The development was done with Scala and Java with utilizing Spark, Flink, Akka, Scalatra, OLP. The software was deployed locally and at AWS with Jenkins, Docker, and EC.
  • Designed and developed various enterprise portal and process orchestration components, including Operational and Task Management dashboards modules, Task Management System REST server and java SDK, EGIS, Oozie client SDK, SLI Consumer Blurring pollers, Places Ingestion workflow, Egis REST client, analytics reports, CtrlM client, etc. The development was done with Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, Shell and Perl scripts, Confidential DB tools, and Electric Commander.
  • Designed and developer major frameworks related to IBM BPM: Batch job processing system, external task management system, Nokia BPM portal, Task analytics data layer. Besides IBM BPM artifacts they included Java EE based SOAP and REST servers and clients, Confidential objects (tables, PL/SQL packages, etc.), JasperServer and Tableau reports. Developed more than 30 IBM BPM applications and toolkits with supporting Java classes, Confidential objects, Shell scripts, Pentaho ETL transformations, and JasperServer reports.
  • Performed BPM installation and maintenance activities, coached team members, communicated with IBM support, and wrote numerous white papers about BPM features and techniques.
  • Developed Augmented Reality pipelines Java components for migrating ActiveMQ Jobs to CtrlM.
  • Designed and developed components of City Transit pipeline. They include Visualizer ArcGIS extension written in C#, Java /ESRI component for mdx conversions, Confidential DB - XML schema conversion and data loader, Informatica-based ETL process that transformed and loaded extremely complex XML files. Designed and implemented City Transit Confidential schemas with ErWin.




  • The SpokenWord Audiobook Player features innovative patented playback navigation and visual time mark system. The Kalah game implements sophisticated AI algorithm and attractive animated UI.
  • The Chess Clock Plus extends chess clock capabilities to games for more than two players.
  • Worked on upgrading the Grazie application to version 1.3. Implemented new image storage and cache mechanism to fix OutOfMemory issues, developed new photo taking and avatar functionality and fixed numerous bugs.
  • Performed consulting activities at Nokia and Confidential (please see above).

Senior Principal Consultant, Technical Manager



  • As technical lead, architect, and lead developer at the Chicago Police Department designed and developed GDMS, ERI, eTrack and GANGS systems, provided technology help and coaching to the customers and members of the team, performed DB Modeling and DBA activities. Technical environment : Confidential 9i,10g,11g, RAC, Confidential ApEx, PL/SQL, Confidential Text, Web Services, Java, Spatial, Media Technologies
  • Provided assistance to the Tulsa Police Department with integration of Confidential Business Intelligence dashboards and maps, using Mapviewer and Confidential Spatial
  • Led a team of 12 people during development, testing, and implementation phases of EBS 11i Purchasing custom extensions at City of Chicago. Extensions included Web Bid and Compliance (WBC) and Vendor Registration / Vendor Certification (VRVC) modules. Development included Apex and J2EE components as well and 11i configuration and setups.
  • Confidential EBS / CRM: Provided technical architecture solutions for messaging environment for UNEXT (a major online university). Provided integration solutions for EBS 11.03 and BroadVision R3 databases using Confidential advanced replication mechanism. Designed ETL process for reporting environment.
  • Database and SQL Tuning: Assisted a major wireless phone provider with DB and SQL tuning. Resolved critical issues of complex views performance.
  • Held the role of Team Lead and Lead Developer for the Undersea Network Administration Database project at AT&T. Was responsible for data modeling, software development, and integration and testing.
  • Lead Developer at B2B iStore Project: Developed modules for Haworth (a major furniture manufacturer) at B2B project. Wrote Java classes, HTML templates and underlying PL/SQL packages to provide new functionality.
  • Performed migration of multiple databases in a replication environment at Discover. Installed Confidential, physically designed and created databases, configured network settings, transferred database objects, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Administrated Confidential 8 databases for Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Designed a development database. Migrated DB objects and data to consolidated development database.
  • As lead specialist redesigned, developed, and implemented the residual commission payment process for SBC. Analyzed, designed, and developed system components using C/Pro*C, PL/SQL, SQL. Provided database tuning recommendations for DBA team.
  • Confidential Manufacturing and Financial Applications 10.7: Converted and loaded data directly and through open interfaces at a major manufacturing company. Converted customers, open sales orders, items, quantities, bills of material, vendors, and open AP Invoices.
  • Converted data from different sources, including legacy mainframe systems, at Ameritech. Developed ETL processes with special emphasis on data integrity.
  • Administered databases running in 7x24 mode for a hospital information provider. Designed the recovery strategy for media disasters and for logical data corruption.

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