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Soa Integration Architect Resume

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Greater Chicago, IL


  • Over 13 Years of IT (Information Technology) Experience in IBM Middleware Stack, Experience in SOA Application Integration, Architecture, Design, Development, implementation, migration and Support/Administration with IBM DataPower (7 - Years), IBM Integration Bus (4-Years), IBM WebSphere Message Broker (8-Years), IBM WebSphere Message Queue (10-Years), ESB, WSRR and WTX.
  • Extensive experience inEnterpriseIntegration Environmentwith different(Banking, Insurance, Investments, Tele Communication and Retail) Domains/industries.
  • Extensive experience in Architecture, Developing and implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), SOAP and REST services with enterprise level SOA standards, best practices and patterns.
  • Experience in Integration Bus (IIB V9 & V10), Migration and implementation WMB vX to IIB V9 & V10 and Participated in Beta of IIB 10.
  • Hands on Experience creating Multi-Protocol Gateway & Web Service Proxy to secure APIs with DataPower.
  • Very good Experience in development and administration of IBM WebSphere DataPower (SOA) Appliances XI52/XI50, XB60 and XG45.
  • Good experience with DataPower security implementation like AAA, SSL and ACL configurations.
  • Hands on DataPower security implementation and architecture skills.
  • Extensive experience inBusiness analysis skills working with clients in analyzing business problems, designing and implementing solutions.
  • Experience in working with XML, JSON, Cobol Copy Book, EDI, Text based message formats and their transformation and processing using IBM Data power, IIB, Message Broker, Message Queue and WTX.
  • Extensive experience in Implementing SOA/ESB solutions to integrate with different servers and Database systems like AS400/DB2, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server with IIB/Message Broker.
  • Extensive experience in Message Set development in MRM domain like EDIFACT, SWFIT and SEPA etc.
  • Extensive experience in Web services (As consumer & Provider) design and development using SOAP and HTTP nodes.
  • Hands on experience in Planning, Installation, configuration, monitoring, backup and Administration of DataPower, WMQ, WMB/WMQI and IIB on UNIX (AIX, HP/UX, Solaris) and Windows environment.
  • Experience with a testing tools such as RFHUTIL, MQMON and XMLSPY.
  • Experienced working UML modeling tools like Microsoft Visio and Rational rose.
  • Provided 24/7 Production Support for DataPower MQ and Message Broker applications/appliances.
  • Good Experience in Production Support, Working with PMRs with IBM, Problem resolution and Root cause analysis and excellent knowledge in Broker environment fine-tuning, capacity planning, disaster recovery and failure handling.
  • Proven track record in troubleshooting and bringing up failed mission critical production systems under extreme pressure conditions and time constraints.
  • Good analytical skills combined with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Able to work well with people of diverse organization levels and backgrounds. Productive with minimal supervision, and fits into a team environment easily.


Operating System: Windows (2K, XP, NT & 7), MS-DOS, UNIX (AIX/Solaris/HP-UX), Z-Linux, Mainframes

Middleware: IBM DataPower (Appliance XI52/XI50, XB62/XB60), IBM Integration Bus (IIB v10 and V9) IBM WebSphere Message Broker ( WMB V8, 7, 6 & 5), IBM WebSphere Message Queue ( WMQ V7, 6 & 5), WESB, Mulesoft, Process Server 5.2, WebSphere Application Server 6.0 & 6.1, ESB.

Database: AS400/DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle and MongoDB

Internet Tools: XML and HTML

Monitoring Tools: Introscope, Topaz, Tivoli Monitoring for WMQ, Tivoli, Candle Monitoring for WMB, Charles and BMC petrol

Languages: ESQL, C, C++, Java, Unix Shell scripting, WSDL, XMl, XSD, XSLT and COBOL

Version Control: SVN, CVS, Rational Clear Case, RTC, Harvest, TFS and CMVC

IDE: Eclipse, JDeveloper, JBuilder, NetBeans and IBM-RAD

Testing Tools: SOAP UI, RFH Util, JUnit, and Load UI

ERP: SAP, Siebel

Rules Engine: ODM, ILog

CASE Tool: ClearQuest and Vantage

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile and Scrum

Office suite: MS-Office


Confidential, Greater Chicago, IL

SOA Integration Architect


  • Responsible for Project estimations.
  • Creating Middleware practice documentation and new environments.
  • Responsible with requirement specification Documents, Designing.
  • Responsible for creating sequence diagram, Infrastructure and architectural diagrams.
  • Design, Architect, Integrating with IIB, securing with DataPower.
  • Installed IIB v10 fix pack 7 on all servers (Dev, QA, Stage and Prod).
  • Migrated all IIB projects from IIB v9 to IIB v10.
  • Creating REST & SOAP services to update Databases with storeprocs.
  • Securing the API s using Oauth.
  • Integrating different Databases with IIB.
  • Worked with IBM DataPower devices tosecureandintegratethe web services.
  • ConfiguringXML FirewallsandWebService Proxyalong with the required objects
  • Creating new API s based on the business requirement and publishing them.
  • Research and Creating POCs for IIB tactical solutions for future .
  • Provided guidance to IIB/DataPower Development team with industry best practices.
  • Configuring XML Firewalls and Web Service Proxy along with the required objects.
  • Interacting with business team to study and analyze possible automation and business process change proposal.
  • Responsible in delivering SOA platform with high customer satisfaction.

Environment: Windows 10, Win Server 2008, DataPower XI52, WSRR, Integration Bus (IIB V9) & (IIB V10), ESB, WMQ 7, XMLSpy 2015, QSL server, AS400/DB2, iDrive, Notepad++, RFHUtil, SoapUI 5.2.1, Jenkins and TFS.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

SOA Integration Architect


  • Responsible with requirement specification Documents, Designing use case Diagram, class diagram, state transition diagram and test cases.
  • Responsible for creating sequence diagram, Infrastructure and architectural diagrams.
  • Design, Architect, Integrating with IIB, securing with DataPower A2A (Application to Application), B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) APIs and reviewing the solutions.
  • Providing security to A2A and B2B APIs.... Responsible for the design of New SOA layer initiatives and provided Technical design documentation.
  • Research and Creating POCs for DataPower REST tactical solutions for future .
  • Provided guidance to DataPower Development team with industry best practices.
  • Created Bi - Directional SSL to secure REST services.
  • Configuring XML Firewalls and Web Service Proxy along with the required objects.
  • Generated keys, CSRs and self-signed s using Crypto tool.
  • Created Crypto profiles, SSL proxy profiles as part of SSL implementation.
  • Created AAA policies to authenticate and authorize user requests using LDAP.
  • Secured access to mobile, web and legacy applications.
  • Developed REST/HTTP APIs
  • Developed and configured WSDL and XML proxies.
  • Integrated heterogeneous systems with IBM Integration Bus for transformation and routing.
  • Working with multiple development and infrastructure teams.
  • Designed security and processing policies and rules for Data Power components.
  • Provided centralized service governance and policy enforcement.
  • Addressed the security issues using SSL and Block IP.

Environment: Windows 7, Unix, DataPower XI52, WSRR, SpareX, Leankit, UrbanCode, Integration Bus (IIB V10), WMQ 7, XMLSpy 2015, Notepad++, RFHUtil, Mulesoft, AWS, SoapUI 5.2.1, MongoDB and TFS.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Lead SOA Integration/IIB


  • Responsible for the design of New SOA layer initiatives and provided Technical design documentation.
  • Created security framework/Policies for the DataPower services using SSL, AAA, WS - Security for secure communication.
  • Responsible to create POC (proof of concept) to demonstrate to the client for pass the stage gates.
  • Involved in setting of SSL, AAA File based in DataPower.
  • Implemented WS-Security, SSL, OAuth in DataPower. Developed AAA policies to use LDAP based authentication. Created MPGW and WSP Services in DataPower. Set up off device logging in DataPower.
  • Worked with IBM DataPower devices to secure and integrate the Web Services.
  • Configured Front Side & Back Side Handler configurations, Processing rules, Matching rules, all Processing actions, developed transformations using XSLT in Data Power.
  • Created Service Orchestration, Web Services for both consumption as well to provide Services using SOAP.
  • Created Pub-Subs for Publish and Subscribe alert.
  • Developed Message flows in IIB, doing transformations and batch processing using Compute Node (ESQL).
  • Responsible to schedule offshore and onshore meeting.

Environment: Windows 7, Unix, DataPower XI52/XI50, WSRR, IBM Integration Bus (IIB v9), (Fix Pack 2), ESB, WMQ 7, XMLSpy 2015, Notepad++, RFHUtil, SoapUI 5.1, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, AWS, WTX, Log4J, HP ALM, RTC, Tortoise SVN and SVN.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Sr. SOA Integration/IIB


  • Involved and interacted with Business Analysts to understand business requirements. Developed Functional and technical design documents.
  • Responsible for the design of New SOA layer initiatives and provided Technical design documentation and mapping documentation for the same.
  • Creating Application Domains, objects like Web Service proxies, Multi - Protocol Gateways as per the requirements.
  • Involved in the creation and configuration of AAA Services, MPGW (Multi-Protocol Gateway) & WSP Services and XLST transformations in DataPower.
  • Implemented securing external Web services using several authentication schemes in DataPower WS-Security, Digitally Signing SOAP message, SAML and SSL mutual authentication.
  • Configured Cryptographic keys and SSL Proxy Profiles.
  • Created Web Services for both consumption as well to provide Services using SOAP and HTTP Nodes.
  • Worked with creation of Stored Procedures, writing complex SQL queries and Joins.
  • Worked with Message modeling with DFDL and also created message sets using MRM.
  • Developed Message flows doing transformations using Compute Node (ESQL), Java Compute Node (Java) and Mapping nodes.
  • Developed flows to interact with DB2 on Mainframe by using ESQL, Pass-through and Stored Procedures. Wrote code to Create Dynamic complex queries based on Input conditions.
  • Worked with XML, JSON, EDI, SWIFT, Copybook Data formats.
  • HTTP Built in nodes in combination with SSL s were used to send and receive HTTP service requests from bank vendors.
  • Developed message flows in Message broker to do XML to copy book transformation routing and Database retrieval using ESQL and Java.
  • Involved in pulling data from the Mainframe via a COBOL copybook (EBCDIC), placing it on an MQ, and having Message Broker perform a transformation.
  • Developed message flow for purge process using timer nodes and developed message flows to process flat files using File nodes and MQ nodes.
  • Developed Web Services in IIB/Message Broker by using SOAP and HTTP nodes. Created XSDs, WSDLs and also implemented Restful Web Services utilizing XML and JSON message formats.
  • Used email nodes for notifying error report to production support team.
  • Created Re-usable sub-flows, Common ESQL functions in Message Broker.
  • Developed common sub flows for audit logs and error logs using Log4j.
  • Implemented Fan-in and Fan-out solutions in Message Broker using Aggregate and Collector nodes.
  • Developed Message flow services using ESQL Compute Node, File Nodes, Timer Nodes, Email nodes, and Routing Nodes.
  • Migrated CUR project from WMB v7 to IIB v9, implemented exception handling and other enhancements.
  • Created deployment strategies and scripts to deploy the message Broker/IIB artifacts across environments.
  • Created Harvest deployment package with promoted properties files, Build BAR files and deployed in DEV, TEST and QA environment.
  • Created test cases and involved in string testing and bug-fixing for message flows during UA(User Acceptance) testing.
  • Involved in administration tasks using MQSC commands like creating Queue Managers, Queue, Channels, Process Definition, Name Lists, backup and recovery.
  • Worked on critical issues and provide the solution in less turnaround time and participated in crisis calls.

Environment: Windows 7, Unix, DataPower XI50, Integration Bus (IIB v9), WMB 7 (Fix Pack 3), ESB, WMQ 7 (Fix Pack 5), Cast Iron, API Management, XMLSpy 2013, Notepad++, RFHUtil, SoapUI 4.5.1, Hex Edit, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, DataPower, WTX, WESB, Log4J, IBM Mainframe, HP ALM, Harvest, Team Synchronizing Perspective, Tortoise SVN and SVN.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Sr. DataPower/Message Broker Developer


  • Completed requirement analysis from the requirement document given by client team by direct interaction with them.
  • Responsible for Detailed Technical Design Documents for the above mentioned components.
  • Involved with SA team for creating design document.
  • Prepared mapping documents for each individual interface.
  • Installed and Configured WMQand WMB (Toolkit, Explorer and Broker runtime) on windows.
  • Configuring XML Firewalls and Web Service Proxy in DataPower.
  • Implemented two ways SSL, WS - Security, WS-Addressing, Encryption, Decryption, Digital Signatures including generation.
  • Developed several Proofs of concepts on various Datapower services like Web Service proxy, MPGW and XML Firewall.
  • Development of Message flows having various patterns as per the Technical design document.
  • Designed and developed message flows using ESQL in compute node.
  • Created MQ topology, Queues and channels.
  • Define message sets using XSDs and Copy books.
  • Used ESQL for routing and enrichment of incoming messages in compute and filter nodes.
  • Used ESQL to execute database, stored procedures, to get information from database tables, views.
  • Developed message flows using Collector, Java Compute, Compute, Mapping, JMS, Timer nodes to do transformation, aggregation & Collection of Messages
  • Exposed and invoked different Web Services using HTTP and SOAP Nodes to support SOA.
  • Written database stored procedures to build XML out of a database and write to a directory. Then a MQ adapter was developed to take the XML file and write to MQ Queue.
  • Custom plug in send Mail and XML Validator node developed to send the mail when error occurs.
  • Used support pack IAM3 for logging messages in different levels like INFO, WARN, DEBUG & ERROR.
  • Developed XML Schema, XSLT and WSDL using XMLSPY.
  • Mainframe integration using CICS and IMS node.
  • Build and Deployed broker archive files on SYS, INT, PREPRD and PRD environments.
  • String testing and bug-fixing for message flows developed.
  • Supported Web Services, MQ and file processing flows and worked on Queue depth issues.

Environment: Windows XP, DataPower, WMB 7.x, 8, MQ Series 7.x, RFHUtil, XMLSpy, SoapUI, Ultra Edit, Edit plus, Unix, Oracle, DB2, IBM Mainframe and SVN.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Admin/Production Support


  • Involved in the day to day administration and Support of Datapower, Message Broker and MQ Series.
  • Solved various issues after finding out logs generated Confidential Unix.
  • Developed Functional and Technical specification documents.
  • Generating daily system health reports. Address any issues with systems to respective application teams.
  • First - line support for operational or functional system failures, with hours of support, on-site or over telephone.
  • Provided security to REST and SOAP services using DataPower appliance.
  • Implemented SSL configuration and s.
  • Building message flows to handle Coordinated and XA transactions.
  • Used Collector and FILE nodes for handling Batch messages.
  • Developed Web Services (Both As provider and Consumer for calling vendor services and Equifax)
  • Define message sets using XSDs, Copy books.
  • Developed Message transformations using Compute, Mapping and XMLT.
  • Developed advanced ESQL procedure for handling complex transformation and mapping rules.
  • Created SAP Inbound and Outbound configuration.
  • Used SOAP input, SOAP Replay and SOAP Request for Web Service interactions.
  • Troubleshooting WMQ and Message Broker problems.
  • Used Introscope for audit and various monitoring purposes.
  • Unit testing and bug-fixing for message flows developed.
  • Work with the build administrator to define the version control and the build and deploy processes and procedures.
  • Resolving tickets generated by users in the stores as well as corporate users.
  • Respond to user questions on system functionality, feasibility or implication of any Enhancements, or on system operational procedures.
  • Maintenance of technical, functional, operational documentation for existing applications.
  • Providing Technical and business solutions for MQ series and Message broker interfaces.
  • Resolving issues occurring during Batch Processing along with functional and logical defects in interfaces and custom modules.
  • Handling MQ and Broker version upgrade
  • Monitoring setup for all the MQ objects in production using the third party tool.
  • Installation, upgrading, installation of fix packs, monitoring setup.
  • Monitoring setup for all the MQ objects in production using the third party tool.
  • Problem determination using local error logs and by running user traces and service traces.
  • Making recommendations for the infrastructure design and implementation considering the IBM's limitations on support structure.
  • Experienced with tools like RFHUtil/RFHUTILC to work with WebSphere MQ objects like queue managers, queues, listeners, channels etc.
  • Worked on create, start, stop, delete, etc. Queue Managers, Queues and Channels in a clustered and non-clustered environment for all levels of system integration from development to production.
  • Worked on MQ clustering.
  • Set up the rules on MQ objects to monitor the interfaces.
  • Provided 24/7 production support on rotation basis.

Environment: Windows, Unix, WMB (7 and 6.0), WMQ 7.x, 6.0, RFHUtil, DataPower, SoapUI, Oracle, IMB DB2, SAP, Introscope, Topaz, Tivoli Monitoring, Charles and BMC petrol, Clear Quest and RTC, Java, IBM WebSphere Application Server, CVS.

Confidential, Jackson, MI

Sr. Message Broker/WMQ Developer


  • Configured WMQ, WBIMB 7.0 and WTX 8.3 on AIX.
  • Created Configuration manager, toolkit. Brokers, Queue Managers, define Objects, channels, SSL, Clustering, shared channels, shared objects.
  • Detailed experience with Clustering, MQ logs and Sys logs.
  • Prepared mapping documents for each individual interface.
  • Developed Message Flows, ESQL Statements, Message Sets, Pub/Sub applications.
  • Developed Message flows without Message set which used custom XSD/XSLT transformations to transform into XML and Fixed Length Message (TDS).
  • Created message sets.
  • Developed message flows which done XML/XSLT transformations, CWF - TDS transformations and conversions from one format to another, SOAP/HTTP XML to IMS (MRM) mappings and transformations.
  • Deployed broker archive files on various brokers.
  • Used a MQ trace dump to prove that messages were encrypted before being transmitted across the network when WMQ channels became capable of encrypting messages. Documented my findings and placed the document in an IBM repository for asset reuse.
  • Developed test cases for Common flows and tested those test cases in UT (Unit Testing), ST(System Testing ) and IT(Integration Testing).
  • Coordinated with test team in resolving defect reports throughout SDLC process.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging routing and data conversion issues.
  • Actively Involved Business in decision-making process ensuring quality Deliverables.
  • Maintained interface documents, broker components and MQ scripts in harvest repository.

Environment: WMB 6.0, 6.1, WMQ 6.0, Win XP, RFHUtil, AIX, Oracle, WINXP, Rational Clear Case, ClearCase and ClearQuest, SoapUI.

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