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Hadoop Administrator Resume

Arlington, TX


  • 8 years of experience in the Information Technology industry.
  • Experience with Big Data processing using Apache Hadoop. Primarily with HDFS, MapReduce/Yarn, Hive and Pig
  • Planning, upgrading, installing, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring Hadoop Clusters and using Apache, Cloudera (CDH3, CDH4, CDH5) distributions
  • Used Spark DataFrames API over Cloudera platform to perform analytics on Hive data
  • Proficient in Commissioning, Decommissioning, Managing and Balancing Nodes and tuning the server for optimal performance of Hadoop cluster.
  • Skilled in Hbase, ZooKeeper, SQOOP, OOZIE, and Flume.
  • Experience in deploying Hadoop 2.0 (YARN).
  • Exposure in configuring High Availability in Hadoop Cluster.
  • Firm understanding of Hadoop architecture and various components including HDFS, Job Tracker, Task Tracker, Name Node, Data Node and MapReduce programming.
  • Installation, configuration, supporting and managing Hadoop Clusters using Apache, Cloudera (CDH3, CDH4), Yarn distributions (CDH 5.X).
  • Experience in Zookeeper and ZKFC managing and configuring NameNode failure scenarios.
  • Implemented enterprise level security using LDAP, Kerberos, Ranger and Sentry.
  • Well versed in Hadoop Cluster maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring and following proper backup & recovery strategies.
  • Scheduling of all Hadoop/SQOOP/Hive/Hbase jobs using Oozie.
  • Experience in importing and exporting the logs using Flume
  • Moved data from HDFS to RDBMS and vice - versa using SQOOP.
  • Firm knowledge of Data Ware Housing concepts.
  • Load and transform large sets of structured, semi structured and unstructured data.
  • Skilled in managing and reviewing Hadoop log files.
  • Set up Linux environments with Passwordless SSH, Creation of file systems, disabling firewalls, Selinux and Java installation.
  • Working knowledge of IDE’s such as PL/SQL Developer, TOAD
  • Sound understanding of Oracle database architecture, configuration and administration, backup & recovery.
  • Understanding of the Software development life cycle SDLC process.
  • Hands on experience in Oracle advanced technologies such as 12c RAC, OEM, Grid Control, Data Guard (both logical and physical), partitioning, RMAN.
  • Implemented data transfer using Export/Import utilities and Data Pump.
  • Worked extensively on latest Oracle Versions including Upgrades, Migrations and Patching.
  • Excellent written, verbal and personal communication skills


Big Data Technologies: Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Cloudera, HDFS, Pig, Hive, Hbase, ZooKeeper, Sqoop, Flume, OOZIE.

Databases: Hbase, Oracle 10G/11G/12C & Microsoft SQL Server

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HiveQL, Pig Latin, Shell Scripting

Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, AIX, Red Hat Linux), Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP

Miscellaneous: Conversant with MS-Office suite


Confidential, Arlington, TX

Hadoop Administrator


  • Involved in start to end process of hadoop cluster setup where in installation, configuration and monitoring the Hadoop Cluster.
  • Monitored disk, Memory, Heap, CPU utilization on all Master and Slave machines using Cloudera Manager and took necessary measures to keep the cluster up and running on 24/7 basis.
  • Responsible for Cluster maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning Data nodes, Cluster Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Manage and review data backups, Manage & review Hadoop log files.
  • Monitoring systems and services, architecture design and implementation of hadoop deployment, configuration management, backup, and disaster recovery systems and procedures.
  • Configured various property files like core - site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, mapred-site.xml based upon the job requirement
  • Importing and exporting data into HDFS using Sqoop.
  • Experienced in define being job flows with Oozie.
  • Loading log data directly into HDFS using Flume.
  • Experienced in managing and reviewing Hadoop log files.
  • Installation of various Hadoop Ecosystems and Hadoop Daemons.
  • Installation and configuration of Sqoop and Flume, Hbase
  • Managed and reviewed Hadoop Log files as a part of administration for troubleshooting purposes. Communicate and escalate issues appropriately.
  • As an admin followed standard Back up policies to make sure the high availability of cluster.
  • Involved in Analyzing system failures, identifying root causes, and recommended course of actions. Documented the systems processes and procedures for future references.
  • Worked with systems engineering team to plan and deploy new hadoop environments and expand existing hadoop clusters.
  • Monitored multiple hadoop clusters environments using Ganglia and Nagios. Monitored workload, job performance and capacity planning using Cloudera Manager.
  • Installed and configured Flume, Hive, Pig, Sqoop and Oozie on the hadoop cluster.
  • Involved in Installing and configuring Kerberos for the authentication of users and hadoop daemons.

Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Zookeeper and HBase on Linux servers X2/X3, Big Data Cloudera CDH Apache Hadoop, Shell Scripting

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Hadoop Administrator


  • Solid Understanding of Hadoop HDFS, Map - Reduce and other Eco-System Projects
  • Installation and Configuration of Hadoop Cluster
  • Working with Cloudera Support Team to Fine tune Cluster
  • Plugin allows Hadoop MapReduce programs, HBase, Pig and Hive to work unmodified and access files directly.
  • The plugin also provided data locality for Hadoop across host nodes and virtual machines.
  • Developed Map Reduce jobs to analyze data and provide heuristics reports
  • Adding, Decommissioning and rebalancing nodes
  • Rack Aware Configuration
  • Configuring Client Machines
  • Configuring, Monitoring and Management Tools using Cloudera
  • Cluster High Available Setup
  • Applying Patches and Perform Version Upgrades
  • Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management
  • Performance Management and Reporting
  • Recover from Name Node failures
  • Schedule Map Reduce Jobs -FIFO and FAIR share
  • Installation and Configuration of other Open Source Software like Pig, Hive, HBASE, Flume and Sqoop
  • Integration with RDBMS using sqoop and JDBC Connectors
  • Working with Dev Team to tune Job Knowledge of Writing Hive Jobs

Environment: RHEL, puppet, CDH 3 distribution, Tableau, Datameer, HBase, CDH ManagerYARN, Hive, Flume.

Confidential, Rocky Hill, CT

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Oracle Database Administration, tuning, development, analysis, design, all phases of SDLC, installation, patches, upgrades, migrations, configuration, database security, capacity planning, space management, data modeling, backup and recovery, cloning, auditing, SQL, PL/SQL, troubleshooting and documentation.
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Oracle 10g/11g Real Application Cluster with ASM.
  • Oracle Database Administration in a variety of environments like Oracle Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Sun Solaris, RHEL and EXADATA.
  • Performs database full Backup (hot and cold), Incomplete Backup, Data Pump Export/Import, SQL Backtrack and Restore procedures.
  • Experience in Transportable tablespaces, SQL Tuning Advisor, Data Pump, Flashback Table, Table space Management, Virtual Private Database, Materialized Views, and Oracle Streams.
  • Responsible for monthly Production database loads in OLAP data warehouse environment.
  • Experience of Auditing, Oracle Security, OEM, SQL Developer and TOAD
  • Monitored monthly database growth across all environments and also provided assistance in capacity planning.
  • Expertise in Database Creation, Partitions, Setting-up parameters, Tablespaces, Indexes, User Setup, Roles, Security, Storage and hands on experience in network management.
  • Job scheduling using crontab along with TWS, and batch utility at the OS level and Shell Scripting for automating DBA tasks.
  • Worked on all priority tickets using HPALM/HPQC/HPSM/Service Now.
  • Knowledge in performance tuning, SQL tuning services with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE, AWR, and ADDM to collect and maintain performance statistics and improves the database performance.
  • Worked closely with clients, business analysts, server administrators, systems programmers, and application developers to define and resolve information flow and content issues - helping to transform business requirements into environment specific databases
  • Proficient in monitoring production job streams using Tivoli
  • Excellent interpersonal and strong analytical, problem-solving skills with customer service oriented attitude.
  • Provided 24/7 on call Production Database Support to ensure availability, efficiency and recoverability.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation, Administration, Maintenance and Configuration of Oracle Databases 8i,9i,10g.
  • Created and maintained different database entities included Tablespaces, data files, redo log files, rollback segments and renaming/relocating of data files on servers.
  • Provided on-call support regarding production-related database problems.
  • Used RMAN for backup and recovery strategy.
  • Tuning of databases which includes Server side tuning and application tuning.
  • Capacity planning of the databases / applications.
  • Upgraded database from Oracle 8i/9i to 9i/10g
  • Refreshing test and development environments (Oracle) from production databases as and when required.
  • Optimized different SQL queries to insure faster response time
  • Worked with Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Work with Oracle Support to resolve different database related issues.
  • Data replication using Golden Gate (Bi-directional and multi replication) across all prod databases for consistence across all sites.
  • DDL replication through Golden Gate, analyze the SQLs, tuning if required before release the Code.
  • Troubleshooting the Data Replication issues with Golden Gate in Prod and non-prod environments.
  • Used Transportable table space, Data pump, RMAN for database migration between different platforms like Solaris to AIX.

Environment: Oracle 10g, 11g RH Linux, Solaris, Installation, Migration, Upgradation, OEM, RAC, RMAN, ADDM, AWR, Statspack.

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