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Oracle Crm Functional Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • 9 years of experience in Information Technology industry, which involves around 9 years of experience in Oracle Applications Design, Development, Customization, Implementation and Support of business applications using Oracle Applications 11i/R12.
  • Extensive experience with the CRM modules like Territory Manager, Service contracts (OKS), Assignment Manager, Install Base (CSI), Tele Service, Mobile Field Service, Field Service, Advanced Scheduler
  • Extensive experience in implementing Oracle Financials, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing modules like General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payables (AP), Fixed Assets (FA), Project Accounting (PA), Cash Management (CA), Material Resource Planning (MRP), Purchase Orders (PO), Order Entry (OE), Shipping Execution (WSH), Advanced Pricing (QP),Inventory (INV), I - Expense, I-Store, I-Supplier, I-Procurement,Bills of Materials (BOM), Work in Process (WIP), Engineering, Costing.
  • Extensive experience with Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Hub (CDH).
  • Expertise as a solution architect in the functional flow of Order to cash & Procure to Pay.
  • Experience in designing, developing, implementing and customizing RICEW (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Extensions and Workflow) Components.
  • Good experience in customizing standard workflows and building new workflows from scratch using Oracle Workflow Builder.
  • Extensive experience with OA Framework and JTF Framework customizations.
  • Strong knowledge in Development & Customization of Forms 6i/4.5, Personalization of forms.
  • Experience in designing new reports and modifying existing Reports using Oracle Reports 6i, XML Publisher and Discoverer 4i/6i/9i
  • Very Good understanding of Multi-org & TCA architectures.
  • Created and maintained End User Layer (EUL) as per requirement in different environments.
  • Experience on SQL*Loader, UTL file utilities, Unix Shell scripting, SQL tuning using trace, explain plan and tkprof.
  • Very conversant with all the aspects of Application Object Library (AOL) and Data Model of Oracle Applications.
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic professional with a high degree of commitment to succeed. Recognized by management at different occasions for dedication and devotion at work in various projects.
  • Good Team player and superior verbal and written communication skills.


ERP: Oracle Applications Release 12 and 11i e - business suite

Modules: AP, AR, SLA, Cash Management, FA, PO, Territory Manager, Service contracts (OKS), Assignment Manager, Install Base (CSI), Tele Service, Mobile Field Service, Field Service, Advanced Scheduler, i-Procurement, i-Expense, Project Accounting, Project Management, Grants Accounting, EAM, Oracle Treasury, GL, FA, OKS and IB

RDBMS: Oracle 10g/9i, MS access.

GUI: Forms 6i/10g, Reports 6i/9i/10g, Report Builder, SQL loader, TOAD, Discoverer 4i/10g, XML publisher, Work Flow, Web ADI

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA

Operating systems: Windows XP/7, Linux


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Oracle CRM Functional


  • Worked on Oracle API bug in Supplier Sites Open Interface Import, causing all the legacy data to be rejected because of duplicate Vendor Site Code.
  • Worked on the Oracle Inventory data conversions for On Hand Balances and Item Master data.
  • Worked on the TCA Data conversion - Converting Parties, Sites, Contacts, Customer Accounts, Relationships using the TCA APIs
  • PO Approval Workflow: Implemented notification reminder and Timeout needs for the PO Approval workflow.
  • Technical Interfaces for Oracle CRM Service Contracts, Install Base, Field Service and CRM Application Foundation Module
  • Involved in the Technical Analysis integrate Oracle CRM Applications homegrown legacy systems as well developing the MD070s for those extensions.
  • Worked on the universal work queue and Marketing events, etc. for Tele service.
  • Involved in developing the data conversion scripts for Service Contracts, Install Base modules.
  • Involved in the Technical designing and developing a custom “Quoting” module called e-Quotes, which was primary designed to provide quotes for renewal of Service Contracts.
  • Developed the Process flow for a custom quoting module to be integrated to Service Contracts.
  • Tracked all client and Oracle Support activity related to Service Request (SR) issues and documented it in the client issue tracking system (Clear Quest) as well as the project implementation logs.
  • PO Account Generator Workflow.
  • Responsible for converting the entire Historical Purchase Orders (PO) using Import Standard Purchase Orders in P2P cycle into Production.
  • Designed customization, interface/conversion mapping, pre-production testing, and related documentation.
  • Written an API for Converting the Invoice Payments and could convert all the Historical Invoice Payment History into Production.
  • Designed and developed Technical Specifications for the Inbound Interfaces as per the Functional Specifications in Quoting
  • Coordinating with the offshore team with daily status calls.
  • Used standard Order Import to load the Open Orders from the interface tables to the standard OM tables.
  • Worked with interfaces from PA (Project Accounting) to AR.
  • Developed an interface program to load data from custom tables to interface tables and then created journals into Oracle General Ledger as per business requirements.
  • Downloading & Upload commands using FNDLOAD for migration from instance to another instance.
  • Developed Concurrent Programs, Value Sets & Request Sets based on the business requirements.


Oracle CRM Techno Functional


  • Upgrade of 11i custom objects from release 11i to R12 in major financial Modules.
  • Migrated the legacy data of Install base, Quoting, Service Contracts, Field Service, Service Requests, Depot Repair and Tele Service, Oracle Shipping (WSH) custom Interfaces and reports during this upgrade project.
  • Designed customizations, interface/conversion mapping, pre-production testing and related documentation.
  • Worked on the data conversions for Service Contracts, Quoting and Install base modules.
  • Worked on a customization to the “Transfer Customer Product” form in Oracle Install base.
  • Worked on a customization to the Service Contracts workflow
  • Worked on developing several interfaces outbound and inbound in Service Contracts and Install Base module
  • Worked on developing reports in Service Contracts, Install Base and Field Service module
  • Invoked standard API’s within custom packages for creating and updating Plan Information In oracle ASCP
  • Worked on the data conversions around the customer master using the TCA APIs.
  • Strong Oracle RICE development experience in all Service Contracts, Install Base, Depot Repair Modules.
  • Responsible for converting the Purchase Orders (PO) in P2P cycle using Import standard Purchase Orders.
  • Wrote Technical Specification (MD070), Conversion Mapping (CV040) documents for converting Vendors, Vendor Sites and Vendor Contacts.
  • Designed, developed and documented an Inbound/Outbound interfaces.
  • Designed and developed Asset Conversion by running Mass Additions Concurrent Program to transfer the data from interface to base tables in Fixed Assets (FA).
  • Responsible for providing production support for Account Receivables (AR) and Account payables (AP).
  • Creating staging tables required for loading the legacy data and loading the staging tables with the legacy data using SQL Loader.
  • Downloading & Upload commands using FNDLOAD for migration from instance to another instance.
  • Developed Concurrent Programs, Value Sets & Request Sets based on the business requirements

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Oracle CRM Techno Functional


  • Worked on the RICEW Components around AR, INV, PO, Service Contracts, Install Base modules
  • Worked on developing the Bank Statement interface in oracle Cash Management module.
  • Worked on technical extracts from Oracle Cash Management in order to aid the reconciliation process
  • Worked on the Service Contracts data conversion using the Contract APIs
  • Worked on the Install Base data conversions
  • Worked on the contracts Main Billing program in Oracle Service Contracts
  • Worked on the contracts approval workflow
  • Developed and registered new Form in EBS using Forms builder 6i which allows end users to query the records for Orders from a custom table and also update and save the values of BOM percentage allocations as required.
  • Designed and prepared MD 70document for custom implementations related to products.
  • Customized the AR Print Invoice Report to exclude the Zero Dollar License and Service items on the Report using Oracle Reports 6i.
  • Developed PL/SQL package to detect the Errors in setups for License and its corresponding Service BOMs. The Errors are inserted in to a custom table which is used by Oracle Alert to send out the notifications to users everyday
  • Customized other Applications like Bookings 1.0 and Discounts Data Mart by modifying the PL/SQL packages and tables (that processes the OM, AR, INV, AR and OKS data for revenue recognition), so that it can handle the new Inventory item types having two level BOM introduced for vSphere5 products.
  • Involved in optimizing the code for performance using Explain Plan and Toad utilities to give 90% improvement in the time taken to run a PL/SQL concurrent program.
  • Actively involved and interacted with business users to understand the required functionality that needs to be developed.
  • Efficiently used Kintana tool for file version control and migration of Oracle EBS entities to various instances.

Environment: Oracle applications (General Ledger, Service Contracts, Install BaseReceivables, Inventory, Account Payables, Purchase Orders, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, Oracle Treasury, i-Expenses and Alert Manager), PL/SQL, Reports 6i, XML Publisher, Workflow, TOAD, UNIX, JDeveloper, OA Framework, PVCS and Track Record

Confidential, Knoxville, TN

Oracle CRM Techno Functional


  • Designed and developed AR Receipts interface (Cash receipts, Miscellaneous receipts and Reversal receipts) using Receipt APIs.
  • Designed and developed Bank Statement Interface in Oracle Cash Management to load Bank Statements into Oracle Cash Management module.
  • Developed packages to load the Service Contracts into Oracle Service Contracts.
  • Developed a conversion program to load the Install Base data into oracle Install Base.
  • Developed an Extension in PA, to end date the task to be no later than 180 days after the actual-in-service date for the assets defined on the tasks using update task API.
  • Developed shell scripts for interfaces to load the data from legacy to staging tables and to schedule the interface programs.
  • Developed custom Federal and Non-Federal invoice reports using Reports 6i.
  • Worked on AR reconciliation, to match the total invoice amount by running the reconciliation reports.
  • Developed technical documents (MD-70) for every developed object.
  • Created installation documents for every developed object, to migrate from one instance to another.

Environment: Oracle applications (General Ledger, Cash Management, Account Payables, Account Receivables, Purchase Orders, Project Accounting, Treasury and Alert Manager), PL/SQL, Reports 6i, XML Publisher, Workflow, TOAD, UNIX, Discoverer 10g, Mercury Quality Center (Test director) and Clear case.

Confidential, Duluth, GA

Technical Consultant


  • Extensively worked on customizing forms using CUSTOM.pll and forms Personalization
  • Customized OM Header workflow to print SOA report on book order button click from Sales Order Form
  • Developed custom File upload page using JSP
  • Developed EDI 810 Invoice Outbound Interface and updated line level price.
  • Developed and Customized multiple Oracle report using reports 6i
  • Developed and customized multiple XML reports using Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Customized Inventory user cost group for back flush.
  • Developed and customized Discoverer reports using Discoverer9i and also maintained Discoverer Admin
  • Developed Interface for Pricelist and items update
  • Developed program to clean orphan phantom reservations
  • Imported Items from legacy system into Oracle Inventory using the Standard Item Interface program.
  • Developed Item conversion program for assigning Items to Item category set and Categories using SMARTDB.
  • Developed PL/SQL Script to load Bank Statement data into the interface in Oracle Cash Management
  • Involved in developing Custom Procedure to FAX and email all the custom reports to customers using RIGHT Fax Server

Environment: Oracle Applications11.5.10.2, AP, AR, Cash Management, PO, OM, INV, Advanced Pricing, WMS, BOM, WIP, Project Accounting, Workflow Builder, SQL* Plus, Toad 9, Forms/Reports 6i, BI Publisher, Putty, Discoverer, PL/SQL, Java, JSP, UNIX, SMARTDB, JDeveloper9, Windows XP.


Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Participated in all phases including Requirement Analysis, Client Interaction, Design, Coding, Testing and Documentation.
  • Involved in Database Design and development.
  • Worked on SQL*Loader to Extract, Load and Transform data from varied data sources like Flat files and Oracle.
  • Performed Data Upload for all static tables using SQL*Loader.
  • Used extensively Export/Import Utilities for performing logical backups and transferring data between other Applications.
  • Extracted huge volumes of data from legacy systems and uploaded into Oracle using SQL*Loader and PL/SQL.
  • Designed and Developed Oracle PL/SQL and Shell Scripts, Data Import/Export.
  • Performed Data Conversions and Data Cleansing.
  • Worked on Packages to encapsulate procedures and functions.
  • Dropped and recreated the indexes on tables for performance improvements.
  • Provided 24X7 Production Support of multiple database systems deployed on UNIX and NT platforms.
  • Designed and developed UNIX Shell Scripts to handle pre and post session processes..
  • Involved in writing test scripts, unit testing, system testing and documentation.
  • Performed performance tuning on Production, QA and Development Servers

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