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Architect, Senior Developer & Team Lead Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Confidential is a Salesforce Architect, Lead Analyst & Senior Developer with emphasis on ERP and CRM implementations for clients, revenue ranging from couple of Millions to $14 Billion Business.
  • Leadership qualities rendered repeatedly with clients
  • Experience in Lightning Experience(LEX), Salesforce Classic, creating range of profiles, permission sets, User creations in bulk, permission set assignment - single/bulk, OWD, Sharing settings, Data Modelling: constructing Custom Objects, creating custom fields, relationships, Validation Rules, Data Security, Custom Settings - org wide data - email recipients, web tab for integrating SAP Reports and Dashboards, email communication templates, workflow, Approval process Flows, Page layouts, Record Types, Salesforce-to-Salesforce: Connection, publish & Subscribe, Remote Site Settings, Connected App, Site, Multiple currencies, Fiscal Calendar definitions, Customer portal/Customer community, Partner Portal/Partner Community, Lead Queues, Public Groups - Account & Deliverable Accesses, Deployments using package manifest and change sets
  • At Confidential, he has been analyzing requirements by engaging business users from National Accounts, Commercialization Team in various workshops, process standardization, global rollout plans, translating the requirements in to Process Flow diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, ERD, JAD, Technical Specifications, testing involving off-shore teams from India, creating test plans, testing, deployments, Data Migrations, integration interfaces, solution evaluation, enhancements, Strong hands-on experience in Apex, VF & Web Services and handling issues.
  • Versatile at playing multiple roles within an organization from B.A to Technical Architect using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Collaboration Cloud.
  • Expert at business process reengineering, performing and directing - CRM setup, configuration and deployment, CRM to back office integration, CRM customizations specific to Salesforce.com, Salesforce Org consolidation, Salesforce Org split.
  • Ability to setup, customize and deploy Salesforce.com from the ground up for large user groups, perform hands on customizations using Apex, Salesforce.com Web Services API and Visualforce and train end users.
  • Well versed with different Force.com platform add-ons like Up2Go, Import2, Conga Merge, ProofPoint, DreamFactory, CloudPDF and Cloud9 Analytics.
  • Expertise includes all Oracle Products, several BI tools, over 10 years of PL/SQL experience, forms, reports along with experience in using cutting edge ETL tools like Cast Iron, Informatica 8.x, PowerCenter, SAP BODS, SAP BOBJ, Salesforce.com Connectors, and a host of other applications.
  • Experienced in leading teams through all stages of SDLC and expertise in Process Re-Engineering, Maintenance, Enhancements, Development, Data Interface projects and Data Conversion projects
  • Expertise in On-site co-ordination USA from/to India & Philippines, production support, testing and documentation of application.
  • 10 Years of experience in ensuring development standards, writing, reviewing, code inspecting, modularizing, Performance Tuning and Testing Stored Procedures, Functions, Database Triggers, and Packages.
  • CRM Modules: Worked in Salesforce.com implementations, APEX, Visual Force, customizations, integration for sales, forecasting, marketing and call center using informatica and Cast Iron.
  • Oracle EBS Modules: Work in Process, Shipping, Inventory, Bill of Materials, Purchase Order, Application Object Library, Order Management, Advanced Supply Chain Management, Demand Planning
  • Tuning & Performance: Sound experience in tuning application design, SQL queries and PL/SQL programs for better performance. Used Index - B*Tree Index & Bit Map Index, Cluster, Hints.
  • Team player, self-starter, ability to work in multiple business features, detail oriented and good communication skills. Experience includes working with big consulting firms, international deployments and proficiency in 3 languages.


  • Salesforce.com
  • Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • TOAD
  • Integration
  • Cast Iron, Informatica
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • SOA
  • ETL
  • Unix
  • Apex
  • Interbase
  • Business Intelligence
  • MS Visio
  • Systems Analysis
  • Web Services
  • SAP Hana
  • FRD, TDD
  • Software Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Testing
  • VisualForce


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Architect, Senior Developer & Team Lead


  • Construction Job Leads, Criteria to Qualify Job Leads, Job Lead Business Group and dispositioning of Job Leads; One-time conversion batch interface; ‘Job Lead Business Group’ delegation using apex sharing, My Team Job Leads using role hierarchy, Job Lead dashboard - Job Leads in Bidding Stage, Job Leads by building stage
  • Opportunities - Sales Stages | Opportunities dashboard - Opportunities without activities for 30, 60 and 90 days report
  • Quotes enhancements | Quotes with Quote Line Items report
  • Utility Bar - Recent Accounts, Recent Opportunities, Events
  • Home page – Dashboard components, My Tasks, My Events
  • Account – Account Plans
  • Created USG Sales Lightning App, Branding & Profile assignments
  • Notes and Attachments migration to Enhanced Notes and Files in Lightning Experience using Magic Mover; Anonymous script to roll-up enhanced notes from contacts and opportunities to Accounts; Anonymous script to roll-up enhanced notes from child accounts to parent accounts
  • Knowledge migration into Lightning experience
  • Effectively engaged Salesforce Signature Success to guide us in all sprints
  • Migrated Campaign, Campaign Members and Campaign Influences into Lightning Experience
  • Involved in Sprint Features development analysis, collaborative application design
  • Weekly Cadence Call with Salesforce Signature Success and Monthly Sprint Review with Salesforce Success Specialist Director
  • Analyzed Informatica Cloud Connector & Flosum for migrating related data into partial copy sandbox from Production
  • Continuous Integration: Bamboo | Version Control: GitHub
  • Timebound Workflow email notification to ‘Ship To’ plant and Manufacturing plant for RTQ
  • User Trigger performance tuning
  • Authentication and authorization for Order Samples website; Dealer Hub community portal enhancements
  • Features Reliability Analysis - Standards, Common Design pattern, Object relationship
  • Performance Analysis
  • Stability releases

Environment: Salesforce.com – Unlimited Edition, Eclipse, Jira, Data Loader, Force.com, Workbench

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Architect, Senior Developer & Team Lead


  • Involved in Requirement Gathering – Reviewing Business verticals BRD with Business Leaderships and Key Business Users for National Accounts, RIA, IODC, Wire-house, IBD, and Edward Jones.
  • Constructed Exact Target Surveys using Content, Smart Capture, ‘Sender Profile’ and published using “microsites/interactions” for Internal Sales and External Sales.
  • Involved in the requirement gathering & analysis of following BRD s: Administrative Requirements, Integration, Service Cloud – Case Management driven Data Cleansing and Operational Support.
  • Created flow diagram for FDD (Feature driven development) plan and Mutual Funds Business Unit Matrix
  • Off-shore development setup: Interviewed and formed the offshore Teams in India and Ireland
  • Sprint 1: Firms, Reps, Home Office Contacts, Log Activities, Key Contacts, Roadshow, Schedule, Conference, Meetings using LDS and Lightning components
  • Sprint 2: Pipeline with Kanban view and Recommended Shelf space – Lookup Relationship, Page Layouts, Compact Layouts & Apex Trigger to place pipeline entry into Recommended shelf space
  • Sprint 3: External Contacts, Internal Wholesalers, State Coverage, Sponsorships, Sales Summary, Teammates (Add Rep to multiple groups, Add multiple reps to a Group)– Lightning Components, Lightning App Page, Client Side Controllers, Apex Controllers
  • Sprint 4: PI Subscription: Bi directional Rest Services – Contact by Email Address, Contact by SSO ID and Log Activity; 401k Lead Referral, External Lead Referral, Home Page component – My Sales Summary, External Lead Referral Count – Quarterly, 401k Lead Referral Count – Quarterly, My Top Reps, My Top Funds, Create New – Rep | Home Office Contact | Key Contact,
  • AppExchange: Did technical due diligence with CustomPoint, LinkPoint360, Geopointe and MapAnything for mapping solution. Identified the integration tool as DBAMP between SFDC and legacy System – PruStat
  • Data Cleansing – Desktop Home Page, Case Home Page, Case categorization based skill, NRM - ‘Rep, Firm and Team’ processing – Merge, Additional Search, Unmerge, Create New; Messages and Alerts, PruStat Links
  • Integration: Marketing Metrics; Data Discovery; Seismic Content
  • FRD: Survey and Questionnaire driven Functional Requirement gathering with National Accounts, IBD, IODC, RIA, Wire-house
  • Operational Support Solutions – Financial Advisors upload Tool
  • Administrative Solutions – User Management, Profile Definition and more
  • ETL: Accounts Orchestration, Rep Orchestration, Financial Activities Sync,
  • Initial Data Loading: Account – All Firms of National Accounts, Wire-house |
  • Google geocode based Mapping Solution – Geo Pointe: Productivity driven optimized Routing with the flexibility of changing routes to increase Sales. Heat Maps; Turn-by-turn navigation for external wholesalers
  • JAD – Definition and control of Multiple Firm schedules for Road Show, Single Firm Conferences, Events, Activity Logging for National Accounts which establishes best relationships with clients and serves for more than $ 600 Billion financial securities
  • Lightning Experience – Configuration, Channel specific page layouts, Custom Visual force page using Lightning Design System and JavaScript
  • Salesforce.com Content Management – Central Repository for National Accounts documents including Marketing Materials
  • Best Practices – educated the importance of naming convention and enforced the Naming convention – Custom Fields & Test driven development to Newark Team & Off-shore Team
  • Trained onsite resources on Salesforce.com – Architecture, Sales Cloud
  • Email Framework and Utility Class
  • Exception Handling Framework using Custom Object, Email, Chatter, Solution and Case Management
  • Deployment Methodology starts with instance progression, impact analysis, guidelines, approval and verification
  • DML Utility Class – reusable method for posting Insert, Update, UPSERT and delete
  • Engaged Salesforce Accelerator Program for learning Lightning Components based development – iPhone, iPad and Desktop devices
  • Co-ordinated with QA Team & Managed defects using HP ALM
  • Lightning Sync, ‘National Accounts’ profile specific Global Actions for Salesforce 1 & Lightning Experience
  • Seismic Content Management – Right content for client from Sales Team and Marketing Team; SP initiated SSO; Seismic outlook plugin, COTS app for iPhone and iPad.
  • Environment: Salesforce.com – Unlimited Edition, Sales Cloud Accelerators, Force.com, Sforce Data Loader, Salesforce Report Builder, Workbench, Developer Console, VF, Web Services, RR Donnelley, CustomPoint, LinkPoint360, Geo Pointe, MS Visio 2010, Eclipse Kepler with Force.com IDE, XML, MS Excel, HTML, JavaScript

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA

Architect, Senior Developer & Team Lead


  • Worked on Transportation Solutions Salesforce.com global roll-out in a fast-paced agile environment
  • Key Solutions implemented to increase ROI, collaboration and Extraordinary Customer Experience are Account Management, Opportunity Management, Parts forecast Management and Lead Management
  • Over 33,000 Confidential Accounts belonging to Automotive Transportations and Industrial and Commercial Transportations, generating $ 6.1 billion are migrated from TE Data Warehouse Systems using SQL Loader(data extraction), CSV(data translation with the identification of Salesforce record identifiers) and Apex Data Loader(meta data download and master data upload)
  • Account is the key landing area to know the Opportunity values, create/edit deliverables, associate linked volumes and work on deliverable line items and capturing parts forecasts using I-H-S forecast data or ‘Power Systems Research’ forecast data.
  • Partner Account is the junction object between Account and Deliverable, which holds group of partners identified for the delivery. They are classified (as Harness Maker, CM or OEM) and allocated with the percentage of contribution in a deliverable. The revenue split is based on percentage billed. Primary partner is the driver account which is automatically added into the ‘Partner Account’ by Apex Trigger. Access to the Accounts and Deliverables are provided using 7 levels of hierarchy of territory code definitions
  • Proposal Accounts are potential revenue generating customers which will be converted into TE Accounts from SAP Systems after the evaluation by the Customer Team.
  • Constructed oracle packaged-stored procedure to truncate records from account staging table from SFI schema and fetch Automotive account records and ‘ICT’ account records from ‘Customer Partner Dimension’ table stored in account staging schema. This procedure is called from Cast Iron orchestration daily once, scheduled at 10:00 PM GMT.
  • Created technical specification and test plan for Account Data Sync orchestration. Incremental Account data synchronization is built using Cast Iron, which adds account records from TE Data Warehouse Systems once daily with completion notification, warning notification and error notification
  • Account Cross reference table in the SFI schema helps future update of account attributes cascaded into Salesforce, inactivation of account when customer do not wants to proceed and more. Cast Iron orchestration reads the account record identifiers and transfers into SFI schema.
  • Constructed batch-able apex job for finding merge possibilities between proposal accounts and TE Accounts using the fuzzy logic. Then the merge-possible accounts undergoes in approval process flows ends up in merge or stay as it is.
  • Created formula to derive region of the account from DD1 through DD3
  • TE Accounts are identified with Sales hierarchy of territories, Marketing Manager hierarchy of territories, Account Manager hierarchy of territories, GAM hierarchy of territories and stored on every account records
  • Sales organization identifier concatenated with Org base identifier is the composite key value serves as the input driver for the integrated Reports and Dashboards
  • Account Team is enabled to effectively contribute towards the organizational goal by Sales Engineers, Sales Leaderships, Product Engineers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Demand Analyst, Demand Managers
  • Constructed Oracle procedure for exceptional loading Accounts belonging to other business units helps in increasing Sales beyond the boundary
  • Accuracy of forecast data capture will make the company to go for $ 8 billion and expand from the 7% of $ 165 billion market space in sensor business to more
  • Integrated master parts with the identification of GPL, CBC level 1 through level 5 & Product Code and transferred customers of new acquisitions like ‘Measurement Specialties’
  • Opportunity and Parts Forecast Management Systems using I-H-S for Automotive Transportations and PSR for Industrial and Commercial Transportations by the Implementation of Up2Go CPRM on Salesforce.com platform.
  • Business Processes from legacy systems – TOPS, RTS, PLM, ICS, GATD are gathered and standardized across NA, SA, EMEA, APAC & ASEAN involving the global leaderships in multiple rounds of workshops/Meetings. Supported in merging solutions out of the Business Acquisition – “Measurement Specialties” Master Part definitions and alignment in Up2Go & Process mappings.
  • Key fields in Master Parts, DLI Parts, Product Category, Projects, Line Items, Price Schedule were identified & evaluated with business users, generated data mapping files, defined and configured in TS Salesforce.com
  • Prepared Requirement Definition document for CI orchestrations, External Identifiers were created for the data synchronizations, peer-reviewed Parallelization and Batch processing in Cast Iron Orchestrations
  • Data Quality is ensured with the definitions of Validation rules and Account merging approval process flows
  • Workflows created – Account Region, Part description display in Forecast screen.
  • Data Security is maintained using OWD, Profiles and permission sets for Sales Engineers, Sales Managers, Sales Leaderships, Marketing Managers, Product Engineers, Product Managers, Demand Analysts, Demand Managers, Global BU Admins, and Regional BU Admins. Created Role Hierarchy for the Segment level access and Proxy login access
  • Built asynchronous apex batch for determining Vehicle Start of Production Date and Vehicle End of Production Date from Volumes Linked
  • Designed and developed access sharing solution using the Hierarchy of Territories from TED
  • Sales Engineers, Sales Leadership, Marketing Managers, Product Engineers, Product Managers and Demand Managers are engaged effectively in solving customer Projects using chatter collaboration.
  • Data migration
  • TOPS to SFDC and ACT to SFDC using import2. Three phases of data migrations from TOPS to SFDC has been completed. TOPS opportunities were migrated based upon training completion around the globe. Third phase of TOPS opportunities migration marked with Manual Volume helped in stabilization of Salesforce.com usability
  • Master Data
  • Product Categories of all business units were loaded with the Self-referential integrity to GPL in Product Category
  • 280K master parts of Automotive and Industrial and Commercial Transportations were loaded using Apex Data Loader. Created Oracle Stored Procedure for pulling the incremental parts into staging table in 2 options: Daily Load and Exceptional Load to support other than Transportation Solutions Business Unit

Value Translation



  • Developed 6 asynchronous Apex batch interfaces for bundling parts in DLI s, segregation among bundling based common denominator and separated currency specific bundling. This is to provide data for the innovative reduction of forecast data entry operations.
  • Mapped Salesforce record identifier for Accounts in Account Tab and Partner Account Tab, Program, Master Parts using Excel VLOOKUP in Up2Go data file.
  • Load: TOPS data loaded into Up2Go by using the Load Engine
  • Data Migration - Verification
  • Created report with Expected TOPS Forecast revenue computation, Expected Salesforce Forecast revenue computation, Actual Salesforce forecast revenue computation, difference between Expected TOPS revenue & Expected Salesforce revenue, difference between Expected Tops revenue & Actual Salesforce revenue and difference between Expected Salesforce revenue & Actual Salesforce revenue.
  • Lead Management: Built Lead Routing custom code to assign and Route leads across the global Sales Users and LADD Team
  • Integration Interface: SFDC to SOM (JDA), SFDC to RTS, SFDC to PLM, SFDC to TE Projects (MS Project Server)
  • SFDC – SOM/JDA integration (Salesforce.com – Sales and Operations Management System):
  • This solution eliminates the intense manual processes in all global regions for both Automotive and ICT demand management. Reporting and filtering was established to give the Demand Team a tool to display information from within JDA to perform their analysis. Salesforce to JDA integration uses INFRA integration framework in pushing the parts forecast data of New Business and Run Rate Business into JDA
  • RTS integration: RTS solution is built to facilitate the DPR, items with forecast and BOM data capture and sending the request to RTS by invoking a web Service. Status History is stored back in Salesforce from RTS. Development Project Request undergoes in a set of approval process flows by engineering and financial leaderships. Approved request is created in Salesforce as the Project with part/Forecasts
  • Data Sync Orchestrations: Confidential Accounts from Customer Partner Dimension table of TED is transferred daily on incremental basis. Sales User starts their opportunity (Project) capture from TE Account and it holds the role up summary of all opportunities. Proposal Account is created in Salesforce with years of parts forecast data which will be merged upon TE Account creation in SAP by the evaluation processes by customer team.
  • Account-cross reference table in SFI schema serves as the handler in cascading account inactivation to Salesforce.com and other future transaction pointer.
  • Manager Hierarchy from ICS is synchronize with Salesforce.com for providing access to the Product Managers
  • I have created requirement definition documents, data mapping files and well-ordered the execution frequency for Account data Sync from TED to SFDC, Account inactivation Sync from TED to SFDC, Account XREF Sync from SFDC to SFI Schema. Peer-Reviewed the construct of Cast Iron orchestrations and verified the test cases.
  • Structured Hierarchies from TED helps in building custom territory Management. Hierarchy of Sales Territories from 2 top level roots – Automotive & ICT are copied into salesforce via cast iron orchestration. Hierarchy of GAM Territories Sync, Hierarchy of Market Manager Territories Sync, and Hierarchy of Account Manager Territories Sync are similar to SH Sync.
  • Hierarchy Deletion orchestration and Flexible Hierarchy of Product Manager deletion orchestration keeps the hierarchy definition clean.
  • Master Parts Data Sync: Constructed Oracle stored procedures for loading Transportation Solutions parts incrementally and ‘exceptional loading parts’ inserts parts belonging to non-Transportation Solutions Segment. The regular oracle procedure is designed to collect Automotive and ICT parts into staging table after cleansing the staging table. Cast Iron orchestration transfers the parts to Salesforce.com at 8 PM EST.
  • Master Parts XREF sync keeps the Salesforce.com record identifiers in XREF table, which serves as the handler for future features or transactions. Orchestration-controller record holds sync identifiers, error notification email addresses and job completion notification email addresses
  • Developed “Before Insert” and “Before Update” triggers for Master Part to link Master Part with Product code and GPL in Product Category
  • Account Merge Automation: Proposal Account is merged with TE Account when TE Account is created in SAP and synchronized with Salesforce.com
  • Account Inactivation & Email Notification: Account inactivation is cascaded from TED when client decided to stop buying from TE or switching into different account because of their divestiture. This transaction is email notified to the Account owner and BU Admin.
  • Account Owner Assignment: Account owner is determined from Level 7 Territory assigned user or the immediate level Sales User/Manager. Account owner is derived from “Sales Hierarchy” custom object
  • Territory Management: Custom Territory Management is implemented to provide access to Accounts, Projects & Deliverable Line Items for Sales Users, Sales Managers, Sales Leadership, Product Managers, Segment President, BU Administrators and Demand Management Team. Hierarchies of Territories for Sales, GAM, Market Managers, and Account Managers are copied into Salesforce daily by the Cast Iron orchestrations. Apex jobs run every day to add/remove access reflecting the Hierarchy of territories from TED. Public groups are used for Account access. Non Structured Hierarchy (NSH) based access are provided. GPL, Product code, Product Family Code, Profit Center and CBC level 1 through 5 are the input driver in giving access of Projects to the flexible hierarchy of Product Managers.
  • Project Access using RASIC: 2Team enables accesses. R – Responsible, A – Approver, S – Support, I – Informed & C - Consulted framework based accesses are provided using Apex Jobs for Product Managers, Sales Users, Sales Managers, Sales Front Line Managers, Sales Leaderships and Demand Management Team
  • Emulation Access: Any Sales user/Marketing user/Demand Management user/Product Management user can request access same as one or more users, who is/are at the same title or level in the organization. This is helpful for the scenarios like new hire, transfer from one territory/department starting today, whose entry in TE data-warehouse for one or more territory definition might take few days.
  • Sales Cockpit – Reporting and Dashboards: The Sales cockpit is a performance dashboard that will be the one place that a Sales person can access all information related to their sales responsibilities. This dashboard consists of KPI’s which include Sales – Direct & Indirect, Accounts Receivables, Price Erosion, Won Business Pipeline, Project Won/Pending/Lost and Pipeline tracking. Context sensitive input driven WEBI reports such as Geo Summary, Booking & Billings and Account Reports are integrated in Salesforce.com using VF pages. WEBI reports give the option of drill down and exporting the data into Excel.
  • Data pull using BODS is designed to transfer data from Salesforce.com into TED 2.0
  • TERP Reporting and Dashboards: TE revenue planning report by gathering records from Up2Go custom objects to one single de-normalized custom object using Apex batches. 7 years revenue of won/lost opportunities by region is displayed in TERP dashboard.
  • Vendor Solution – Study & Analysis: Travelled to Northville, MI for learning Up2Go - 2Forecast and 2Team
  • Roll-out Support & plan: Attended and contributed in Global Roll-out workshop at Troy MI
  • Cloud Solution Used: Salesforce.com and Up2Go
  • Documentation: Team Up, MS Visio and MS Office. Utilized Team-up for managing process flow diagrams, BRD, Technical Design Documents and tracking project milestones
  • Code Backup: SVN
  • Data Backup: Data Export
  • Methodologies: Agile/Scrum development, Instance Progression, Lean TEOA, “Team Up” & ECE
  • CRM - DigiKey | Business Unit: Central Org – Common repository for Energy Org, ADM Org, Enterprise Network Org, Wireless Network & Telecommunications Org, Industrial, Data Communications, Appliances, Relays, Medical, Channel, Touch and Transportation Solutions
  • Tracking DigiKey on Contact and Account
  • Online sample parts request is captured in DigiKey web site embedded in TE.com then the Sample Order file is placed in TE SFTP server daily. Activity Records are collected in Salesforce.com custom object “Activity Records” using Cast Iron orchestration. Order information with parts details are captured in “Account DigiKey Activity/Parts” and its contact information is captured in “Contact DigiKey Activity”. Account is determined using client website and contact is determined using email address. Account and Contact enriches the Sales Users, Sales Managers and Sales Leaderships with the DigiKey statistics
  • Responsibilities include:
  • Requirements gathering, solution design, dimensional and normalized data modeling, source to target data mapping and release planning. In addition, I played liaison role between the users and collaborate with the ETL development team and make sure both groups are marching forward to get projects completed successfully, enforcing standards and best practices.
  • Reviewed and tested the components of Cast Iron orchestrations. Customer SQL, Hierarchy SQL s, Product Manager Hierarchy SQL, Product SQL
  • Conducted daily scrum meeting, guided development team and worked with Salesforce premier support Team in resolving issues and implementing best practices
  • Deployments using Package Manifest and change-sets
  • Environment: Salesforce.com – Unlimited Edition, Force.com, APEX Data Loader, Salesforce Report Builder, Workbench, Developer Console, VF, Web Services, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL Developer 7.1, PL/SQL, SQL * Plus, MS Visio 2007, Data Loader, Eclipse Kepler with Force.com IDE, SOAP UI 3.0, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0, XML, dsQuery, MS Excel, VBA, JDA, SAP BO WEBI, SAP BO Dashboards, SAP BODS, SAP Hana and SAP BOBJ, ACT, Import2, JavaScript

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