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Iam Consultant Resume

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  • Strong noledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as well as Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Bug life Cycle and testing Methodologies like Waterfall and Agile.
  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) administration including installation wif provisioning and reconciliation workflows.
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle SOA Suite 12c.
  • Configuration and installation of OIM, OAM,OUD
  • Created new custom attributes on OIM user profile
  • Monitored and responded to issues related to OIM system availability and performance.
  • Ensures traceability from requirements to technical design.
  • Installing and configuringCAsiteminder,SailPoint, SingleSignOn software(siteminderWeb Agent and Application Server Agent).
  • Designed, developed and customized preprocess event handlers to carry out trusted reconciliation
  • Excellent document skills in creating User Manuals and providing User training during Project implementation phase.
  • OIM integration wif trusted source, multiple feeds from HR Systems
  • Proficient in team coordination throughout product implementation.
  • Can demonstrate excellent analytical, communication and presentation skills wif ability to work efficiently, independently, as well as part of the team collaboration.
  • Comprehensive training and experience in negotiating skills, people management, project implementation, time management, ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks on a day - to-day basis
  • Very strong verbal/written communication skills


Identity & Access Management: Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 PS1/PS2/PS3, Oracle Access Manager 11g R2 PS1/PS2/PS3 and Oracle Enterprise ManagerDirectory Services Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) 11g,Oracle Internet Directory (OID) 11g/10g, Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) 11g/10g, Sun Directory Server 5.x, ODSEE and ODSEE

Application Servers: IBM WebSphere 6.0, Weblogic 11g/10g/8.x, Apache Tomcat 6.x/5.x

Web Development: XML, HTML, JavaScript

Web Servers: Apache 13.x/2.2x, Microsoft IIS 6.x/5.x/4.x, iPlanet 6.x/5.x, IBM HTTP Server 6.x/5.x, Oracle HTTP Server.

Programming: C, J2EE,J2SE, JNDE, PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i, My SQL 5.x/4.x, Microsoft Access Database, Microsoft Excel.

Development & IDE Tools: Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper 10g, Web Logic workshop 8.1. RAD 6.0



IAM Consultant


  • Involved in the implementation of solutions for user provisioning and identity management, to complete user requests and to meet SLO guidelines.
  • Involved in the implementation, support and maintenance of systems in support of reduced sign-on, automated provisioning and de-provisioning, credential certification, access control, and self service security functionality.
  • Research, troubleshoot and resolve specific (tier 2) identity management issues and assist team members in resolving user’s problems and requests.
  • Assist team members and/or IT resourcing partners in processing and managing identity quality (e.g., eliminate inactive identities) by serving as subject matter experts, providing input and offering recommendations for improvement.
  • Interface wif corporate applications group and business units, as necessary.
  • Knowledge of security best practices, IAM technologies, and industry trends.
  • Assist in the development of identity and access management policies and procedures.
  • Involved in the Implementation of solutions which comply wif information security policies and standards.
  • Configured IT resource for LDAP in VDS for Auto-provisioning the resource.
  • Worked on Webgate and assist Admin in commencement for communication wif the OAM.
  • Has a good noledge of IdentityIQ installation and deployment from database side.
  • Involved in installation of new product Sailpoint IIQ
  • Made successful Test after Onboarding the Application in Sailpoint.
  • Has Hands-on wif aggregation, workflows, tasks, rules and roles.
  • Experience wif SQL Databases in writing the queries and fetching the data.


System Analyst


  • Involved in the Configuration, Integration and migration documentation
  • Involved in configuration of OIM objects for Flat file, MSSQL DB and AD.
  • Installed and Configured custom Flat file, OOTB DB and AD connectors using ICF
  • Performed User provisioning and reconciliation from Flat file, DB and AD.
  • Performed issue resolution wif respect to these target systems.
  • Acted as configuration manager for the project performing review of the OIM metadata exports.
  • Version management of code and OIM components, import of OIM components.
  • Sanity check on OIM environments.
  • Configured entitlements, Provisioning and de-provisioning entitlements to users
  • Applied Bundled Patch sets and OIM Merge Patch on OIM using O-patch utility
  • Participated in Customer meetings and maintained On-call telephone for support, out of Business hours.
  • Experience in analyzing the logs (agent trace logs, sever logs, access logs, IDM Application Server logs, ETA Logs etc.) and Trouble Shooting issues in Integration of other applications usingCASiteMinder(Access Management), ForgeRock andIdentityManagement tools along wif LDAP and Web-server agents andSiteMinderfederation services.
  • Confirgured IIQ connectors for various Target systems.
  • Deployed Sailpoint IIQ in Apllication server me.e Tomcat in test environment.
  • Registered the plugins, imported and exported xml's into MDS.
  • Configured Remote design console for Data Governance team.
  • Setup direct connectors for AD, LDAP.
  • Configuration of Roles, Policies and Certifications for governance compliance
  • Provide noledge transfer and post production support activities, as necessary.
  • Confidential Role: Senior Security Consultant Responsibilities:
  • Defining Provisioning Policy for applications AD, LDAP.


Sr. IDM Consultant


  • Implementing organization wide delegated administration model in OIM.
  • OIM integration wif trusted source, multiple feeds from HR Systems.
  • Analyzing feed data file from HR source, developed preprocess handler for delimiter customization and flat file requirement.
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
  • Extending the functionality of the connectors wif custom parser validating the mandatory attributes, applying filters creating and integrating preprocess and post process tasks and transformation of data during reconciliation.
  • Designed, developed and customized preprocess event handlers to carry out trusted reconciliation.
  • Extending the target system connectors to provision additional information from HR Systems.
  • Implementing and customizing Oracle Fusion Middleware Technology OIM11g R2 according to the requirements and automating the process of provisioning.
  • Developing workflows to meet the business requirements.
  • Analyze on-going user requirements, problems to remediate and thereby enhance existing systems.
  • Experience wif LDAP, SSO (Single Sign On), Web Agent configuration,CASiteminder,VIPs (Virtual IP address), ForgeRock Content Smart Switch functionality in complex clusteredenvironment.
  • Developing automated role allocation based on department and job id.
  • Developed and implemented SOA workflow for new business requirements.
  • Developed and configured the roles wif accesspolicies to provision the users into the LDAP Group in OID.
  • Reconciling complex Multivalued Data, deleted records, Transformation and validation of account data, Lookup definitions used during connector operations, Main configuration Lookup Definition for additional configuration entries.
  • Developed a custom flat file connector to process data received from the BAMDB target resource and load it into OIM.
  • Developed scheduled jobs as part of dis connector, one to keep the entitlement data up to date and the other reconciles the user profile data wif OIM users.
  • Developed a custom web service connector to integrate the target resource MS Exchange wif OIM to provision and de-provision user mailboxes and Oracle identity manager solutions was customized to implement the organization specific process and provisioning requirements.
  • Enabling changes in access based on changes in users' roles to minimize the disruptive effects of change on user productivity.
  • Created UDF's (User Defined Fields) for the catalog metadata and customized the Catalog UI to display the custom metadata.
  • Involved in analysis wif consumers and gathering requirements for the system.


Support Analyst


  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), WebLogic Server and SOA Suite for deploying identity management stack.
  • Created configuration for criteria based provisioning and de-provisioning solutions, membership rules and access policies for applications.
  • Architect Identity Management Systems and High Availability.
  • For Trusted and Target Applications created IT resources.
  • Performed project Management and CyberArk Professional services during product implementation.
  • Extending the target system connectors to provision additional information from HR Systems.
  • Implementing and customizing Oracle Fusion Middleware Technology OIM11g R2 per the requirements and automating the process of provisioning.
  • Installed and configured ODSEE 11g.
  • We planning to implement OIM in front of the Banner as we are getting the information from Banner to OIM.
  • Installed and configured connector server and deployed ADConnector for Trusted Reconciliation.
  • Installed and configured OHS servers and Webgates to protect both OIM and OAM applications for Single Sign On integration for users accessing the application from intranet and internet.
  • Integrated OIM-OAM to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for the multiple applications.
  • Fine-tuned the overall environment for performance and stability.
  • Developed multiple connectors and scripts for the user issues.
  • Developed multiple application instances and deployed them to next level environments.
  • Prepared documentation for installed products OUD, OIM, OAM, OHS, Webgates and integration between OIM-OAM.
  • Migrated users from AD to OIM using AD trusted reconciliation and setup password synchronization connector to synchronize the passwords to OIM.
  • Performed tuning of LDAP, OAM and OIM components.
  • Implemented Oracle Access Manager (OAM) using OVD wif AD and OID as backend user store.

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