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Sr. Oracle Programmer Analyst Resume

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Boston, MA


  • An Oracle Certified Professional with 9+ years of experience in IT industry that encompasses vast experience and expertise in Oracle development with a niche in data warehouse skills. A Senior Oracle developer who possesses database administration and database architecture skills combined with development, System analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation & Support of Oracle Servers 8i,9i,10g, 11g in Production, Staging, Development environments (UNIX and Windows) in various domains.
  • Over 9 years of experience in Oracle Database Client Server Architecture, Logical Data Modeling, Physical Data Modeling and creating ER Diagrams.
  • Extensively used QUEST Tools (TOAD, TOAD Data Modeler, Navigator) and SQL Developer, PL/SQL Developer, Erwin Data Modeler, SQL*PLUS.
  • Experience with reporting tools BI Publisher (XML Publisher), Discoverer, and Business Objects.
  • Substantial development experience in Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Materialized views, Collections, SQL* Loader, Data Loader, UTL FILE, External Tables, Interfaces, Conversions, DB Link, UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Proven expertise in Data Staging, Data Migration and Data warehouse.
  • Experienced in developing custom interface programs using PL - SQL procedures to handoff data to external systems in required format.
  • Hands-on working experience in performance tuning of complex SQL statements using Oracle Hints, Explain plans, Bulk collects, bulk binds, TKPROF, SQL Trace, SQL Profiler and Indexing.
  • Experienced in programming ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) procedures using PL-SQL to migrate data from distributed legacy systems.
  • Worked on database tuning methodologies to improve the performance of the database, Parallelizing Complex Queries, Created Hints, Indexes, partitions to effectively reduce the response time of queries.
  • Experience in Configuring Oracle 10g Real Application Clusters(RAC) and Automatic Storage Management(ASM)
  • Proficient in Oracle DBA tasks like Installation, Patching, Cloning and Upgrade of Oracle Databases.
  • Hands on experience of database backups and recovery methods like PITR, TSPITR Export/Import, Data Pump and Flashback Technologies.
  • Having experience in performance tuning issues using AWR and ADDM Reports.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving critical production issues in complex application environment including SQL*net connectivity issues, locking, OS/network issues.
  • Providing solutions to the problems/ ORA errors faced by end users and programmers.
  • Good understanding of Data modeling concepts such as Design of the Dataflow, ERWIN, ER Diagrams, UML, Use Cases, Normalization and de-normalization of Tables.
  • Extensive experience on designing tables.
  • Used SQL*Navigator, SQL Developer, TOAD, PL SQL Developer and PL/SQL Editor.


Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. Oracle Programmer Analyst


  • Managing Oracle databases in environments with stringent SLA requirements for performance and scalability.
  • Involved in Creation of New Logical /Physical Data Model using Erwin.
  • Involved in preparing the functional specification, technical documentation, schema documents, flow charts and user support documents.
  • Business requirement gathering, analyzed legacy data management and production issues, finalized correctness criteria and designed corrective solutions, prioritized issues, and designed data quality improvements.
  • Establish deliverables and meeting Business and SME’s by ensuring timely and efficient completion of procedures and deployment packages for reporting purpose.
  • Enhancements, adding new features and upgrading existing guidance models using PLSQL stored procedures, AIS 4.10 and XML.
  • Unit and system testing.
  • Loaded the data using SQL loader, imports & UTL files based on file formats.
  • Loaded the data from MS Excel to Oracle table and vice versa.
  • Coding and Implementation of modules required for migration of data.
  • Extensively used Dynamic SQL, PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and Database Triggers.
  • Database performance bottlenecks, performance turning, SQL/Query optimization, RAC, ADDM, ADR and provided support to developers during development and post-implementation cycles.
  • Created the Shell and Perl Scripts to automate the execution of the PL/SQL subprograms and to move the data to store in historical folders.
  • Responsible for ensuring high-availability and performance of the databases that support the systems in Oracle 10g and 11g RAC and Disaster recovery.
  • Troubleshooting and application tuning experience
  • Setup a Performance Testing environment equivalent to UAT environment including ETL database schemas, FLEXCUBE application, and various interfaces.
  • Performance Tuning recommendations were made at different levels like database parameters, database code, end of day batch programs, and transaction save / update operations.
  • Recommend SQL tuning for report queries in order for them to work efficiently on high volume scenarios.
  • Code PL-SQL scripts for dynamic redistribution of tables into various tablespaces based on the size of the tables.
  • Identify performance bottlenecks, rewrite, and test and recommend tuning changes for end of day batch operations.
  • Monitor the performance outcomes of Interfaces and tune the same for efficiency.
  • Documentation of the performance tuning analysis, re commendations and deployment strategy.

Technologies & tools: Oracle SQL & PL/SQL, Actimize 4.10, Shell, XML, HTML, UNIX, Toad, Agile.


Sr. Oracle PL/SQL Developer and Flexcube Consultant


  • Distinguished as primary design lead, mentored and supervised work product of three developers.
  • Developing, enhancing Oracle Flexcube modules using PLSQL stored procedure and JavaScript.
  • Loaded data using imports and UTL file.
  • Database query tuning and implementation.
  • Tuning of Complex SQL Queries, Complex Procedures &Functions and Packages using Explain Plan and creating Indexes. Designed and developed the database code of the application by making use of various optimization techniques. Implemented various Tuning methods like Analyzing the tables, using hints, DBMS Profiler, SQL Trace, Explain Plan and used Bulk Collect feature, FORALL statements, Oracle Partitioning, Materialized Views to improve performance of insert and update statements.
  • Actively support report developers by helping them understand data and providing report queries. Developed a program to read report requirements and generate basic query for the report developers. Created Views to simplify reporting needs.
  • Preparing test plans, unit and system testing.
  • Supporting and fixing SIT, UAT and production issues.
  • Preparing FS, DS and PS (Functional, Design and Program Specifications documents).
  • Centralized Pricing Systems: Software engineering expert for on-time implementation and integration of Oracle BRM 7.0 Centralized Pricing System is an application which Support Different Pricing methodology for all Cash Products. Drive continuous system improvements aligned with overall goals through close collaboration with cross-functional teams and resources across located in different time zones.
  • Demonstrated solid commitment to excellence by resolving urgent UAT blockers and eliminating data corruptions and system issues.
  • Leveraged Portal Intranet expertise to reduce problem resolution time from two months to two weeks.

Technologies & tools: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Putty, UNIX, Linux, C, C++, Java, Windows XP, JavaScript, Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Office, Rapid Application Development tool (RAD).

Confidential, SFO, CA

Sr. Programmer Analyst


  • Active team member in periodic providing analysis and development of the client’ Reporting requirements.
  • Involved in Creation of New Logical /Physical Data Model using Erwin.
  • Involved in preparing the functional specification, technical documentation, schema documents, flow charts and user support documents.
  • Establish deliverables and meeting Business and SME’s by ensuring timely and efficient completion of procedures and deployment packages for reporting purpose.
  • Coding and Implementation of modules required for migration of data.
  • Extensively used Dynamic SQL, PL-SQL Packages, Procedures and Database Triggers.
  • Created Global Temporary Tables in procedures to temporary data store for processes that are complicated to complete in a single pass.
  • Created and manipulated Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Functions and Packages and Created utilities for error reporting by using PL-SQL stored procedures.
  • Developed Complex Business Logic using procedures, packages, triggers, function for programming.
  • Used SQL* Loader to upload huge data from CSV file and Legacy database to Oracle 10g database.
  • Involved in designing database tables according to database Normalization techniques, created new tables, views, indexes for tuning.
  • Made use of DB LINKS for accessing data across different databases.
  • Writing Requirement analysis and specifications during design phase of SDLC and interacting with the client.
  • Participated in RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of tickets.
  • Developed the SQL*Loader scripts to load data into the staging tables from the flat files.
  • Used FTP to transfer the files into different servers as per needed by the business users.
  • Developed various programs using Native Dynamic SQL and REF CURSORS.
  • Worked with Oracle packages like UTL FILE to open, read and write files to OS directories.
  • Trouble shooting performance issues using Explain Plan and TKPROF.
  • Optimized and tuned PL/SQL subprograms to reduce the loading process.
  • Providing support Live Support to the code deliverables after Deployment in Live Environment.

Confidential, Northbrook, IL

Team Lead & Senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Involved in a multi-year large program to migrate Agent Book of Business for all the business areas from legacy Mainframe system to Oracle 11g database.
  • Involved in Analysis of Functional and Technical Requirements of the project.
  • Involved in extensive Oracle PL/SQL development including Packages, Procedures and Functions.
  • Developed generalized PL/SQL functions and procedures using parameter passing through ref cursors, dynamic SQL, native SQL.
  • Created several PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and Functions for batch jobs to handle Member/Provider load processes.
  • Used file handling functions using UTL FILE package and inter communication through DBMS PIPE.
  • Extensively used PL-SQL composite data types and collections like table types, record types to handle the data.
  • Implemented PL/SQL advanced topics like Bulk Collects, Bulk Inserts, updates and deletes, Ref Cursors, Collections and Cursors.
  • Used parameterized Cursors, Loops, String functions, Date conversion functions etc.
  • Involved in developing and maintaining Transaction Control Processing modules using Autonomous Transactions.
  • Involved in PL/SQL performance tuning using result cache functions and pipelined functions.
  • Worked on Performance tuning of complex sql queries using Oracle hints, indexes, explain plan, sql trace etc.
  • Extensively used Error & Exception handling, user defined exceptions, save exceptions clause during bulk operations, raise application errors etc.
  • Helped in the deployment activities, data validation, tracking and monitoring activities in production.
  • Developed statistics collection utilities using PLSQL programming like Dashboard to display daily data changes to the database.

Environment: Oracle 11gR2, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL*PLUS, SQL Loader, Export & Import Data, Forms, UNIX and Windows.


Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Understanding the user requirements and designing of Travel facility in RDM application accordingly.
  • Modification of existing batch schedule to process data generated from the travel site using Autosys tool.
  • Design, Develop, Maintain and Troubleshoot Custom Oracle Forms, Reports and PL/SQL scripts.
  • Used TOAD and PL/SQL Developer for development of Oracle scripts and procedures.
  • Simplified report queries by creating views and stored procedures.
  • Provided support for the project during the deployment of the report changes into production.
  • Creating various PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers and functions to process data.
  • Designed & developed various inbound & outbound interfaces using PL/SQL.
  • Modification of existing and development of new UNIX shell scripts to process travel orders.
  • Was part of the core team responsible for development of ETL programs in order to extract data from FLEXCUBE OLTP system to FRS data warehouse. The ETL programs were developed using PL-SQL. SQL Loader utility was used to load data files into FRS system. Was responsible for evaluating other reporting tools to fit our reporting needs.
  • Supporting UAT which involved identification, analysis and resolution of various bugs.

Environment: Oracle 9i/6i, Toad 8.0, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, Putty, Share Point, Windows XP, WinSCP, SVN Sub Version, Autosys, UNIX Scripting.

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