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Oracle Developer Resume

West Falmouth, ME


Over twenty years of experience in the migration of legacy applications to currency solutions ranging from physical thru Cloud technologies. Technical Professional with extensive MIS experience encompassing the specification, design, implementation and enhancement of information systems for banking, medical billing, telecommunications, investment portfolio management, product distribution, and property management applications.


DBMS: Oracle Database, SQL, PL/SQLOracle Rdb/SQL (interactive, modular & embedded) MSSQL

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, OpenVMS using DCL & RMS, Windows PowerShellAdvanced scripting skills are integral to each OS environment.

DevOps Tools: JIRA, Nexus, GIT/Bitbucket, Confluence, Service Now


3GL Languages: PL/1 (VMS & Multics), C language, Cobol

4GL Languages: Cognos Powerhouse (Phd, QTP, QUIZ, QUICK, & QUICK procedures)


Confidential, West Falmouth, ME

Oracle Developer


  • Responsibilities for this contract to hire position encompassed migrating the database layer of niche through cornerstone retail banking applications from retired dbms systems such as Sybase and aging Oracle versions to the latest Oracle solutions such as OCAC, Oracle Cloud at Customer.
  • Development of the database layer for new applications as well as maintenance for minor to extensive enhancements of existing retail banking applications was also prominently featured in the project workflow for which I had primary responsibility.
  • As broken - down using JIRA tasks, a currency migration may involve creating or enhancing a SDS (System Design Specification), submitting NPIDs for Oracle service accounts with SQL scripting included, submitting PIDMs for the DEVelopment environment in the SDLC, crafting firewall requests, before OCAC scripting Oracle service names, creating AutoSys jobs or crontab entries, as well as export/import scripting using SQLLoader.
  • For currency, enhancement and new application projects, SQL object scripts, PL/SQL procedures and complementary Unix scripts were typical components.
  • The deployment process most often involved a database layer contribution to Service Now change requests, or requests dedicated to database deployment.

Confidential, Lexington, MA



  • Via extensive use of Unix scripting and the legacy medical billing package’s 3GL language, DataMerge, the primary objective of this contract was to manage and extend the life of the Medical Manager application, while the company participated in the development and implementation of an extensively modified version of the Confidential Soarian Financials package.
  • Extending the life of the legacy system to accommodate evolving business needs in a rapidly changing regulatory environment required I be able to conceive, implement and present options on a proof-of concept basis. Enhancements to the HIPPA and ICD-9 compliant Medical Manager package adhered to a rigorous interpretation of Sarbanes-Oxley release requirements.
  • Automation of processes via Unix scripting wherever possible was essential to allow efficient and complete servicing of forty Billing Groups across the United States, which in turn managed the billing operations for nearly two thousand dialysis clinics.

Confidential, Hopkinton, MA

Oracle Developer


  • My role on this nearly two year contract was to develop SQL queries, as well PL/SQL procedures and packages necessary to support two objectives.
  • The first being automation of processes for migrating data into a new QA system named Confidential from previous generations of QA applications spread across software and hardware groups within the company.
  • The second was server side programming to support the web based Confidential User Interface.
  • Confidential was the latest generation of internally developed quality assurance software to be used company wide for the purpose of defining, executing, and recording the performance of test cases.
  • The objective of this application was to support lab testing of EMC storage management software and hardware offerings configured with a wide spectrum of vendor hardware and operating systems, while making results easily accessible to engineers and salespeople.

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

Oracle Developer


  • Initially my role on the PostalOne project was to develop and manage an Oracle ProCobol application using embedded SQL to load bulk postage statements into Oracle tables. As the project progressed I used SQLPlus scripts and to a lesser extent PL/SQL to help develop and test PostalOne reports.
  • The objective of the PostalOne project was to webify the Confidential Permit and Periodical legacy system, which is implemented on a VAX/Open VMS platform using RMS to manage indexed flat files. Bulk mail and periodicals accounts for seventy five percent of Confidential annual revenues and comprises a higher percentage of the aggregate mail stream in terms of pieces or weight.

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