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Sr Oracle Apps Solution Architect Resume

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  • Senior Oracle Apps Solutions Consultant wif 15 years of proven track record in implementing and supporting software applications using Oracle.
  • Designed various modifications and customizations to meet business requirements, filling the Gaps in the Oracle Applications.
  • Expertise in Oracle Application modules: HR, Payroll, OAB, OTL, SSHR, iRecruitment and Workflow.
  • Expertise in working on various UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems versions.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and support business processes on Oracle Technologies.
  • Proven ability to quickly learn, adopt and using new technology features as needed to support business.
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.
  • Exceptional requirements gathering and documentation ability.
  • High attention to detail concerning data, testing and analysis.
  • Knowledge of project management and systems analysis methodologies.
  • Experience working directly wif end - client management on both the IT and business side.
  • Lead the teams on various projects successfully.
  • Designed, developed and tested process for implementing Multiple Assignments as part of multiple HRMS project implementations successfully. Challenges involved in this process was to handle a requirement to send employer contributions for state retirement based on multiple assignments’ earnings, but, earnings are not processed in different frequencies, so, all needed earning elements fast formulae are customized wif single change for easy balance tracking.
  • Strong knowledge of Oracle Self Service Web Architecture (OSSWA)
  • Extended Fast Formulas as needed on various HRMS 11i implementations for various complex business requirements. Developed innovative customized Fast Formulas in analyzing the business needs at client’s requests.
  • Provided assistance to functional and technical users as needed.
  • Developed and documented business procedures to migrate data between database environments - Development, Test, and Training thru Production.
  • Debugged the seeded code for bug fixes, cleansing files for conversions and interfaces.
  • Worked closely wif Oracle support in dealing service requests for rising bugs, providing fixes, which also includes severity 1 tars, working 24/7 when need arouse.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Sun Solaris, AIX, DOS, Windows 2000/98/95, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP and VxWorks

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x and MS Access

Oracle Applications: Oracle Financial/Manufacturing/HRMS 12/11i/ 11.0.2/10.7/10.7 sc/10.6 (HR, Payroll, OAB, OTL, SSHR, Workflow & AOL)

RDBMS Tools: Forms and Reports (10g/6i/4.5/2.5), SQL* Loader, SQL*Plus, Designer 2000, Oracle Workflow, Discoverer (10g/4i), XML Publisher, BI Publisher

Other Tools: JDeveloper, OA Framework, TOAD, SQL*Navigator and Shells.

Web Tools: HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript


Confidential, CO

Sr Oracle Apps Solution Architect

Environment: Oracle Applications R12, Oracle11g, Linux


  • Created custom timecard layouts to has fields for Time Category and Tasks.
  • Developed numerous time entry fast formulas for approval to prevent 0 hours and various rule validations.
  • Developed shell scripts (KSH and BASH) for integrating auto flow and integration between various systems, for interface file flow.
  • Configured Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service including Personal Information Change for Latin America and EMEA.
  • Personalized self-service pages in Payroll module.
  • Modified HR workflow for various custom processes for the integration of acquired companies.
  • Troubleshoot and support payroll issues related to taxes, earnings and termination.
  • Developed and modified payroll fast formulas for various earnings, shift, deduction and pension.
  • Developed custom process for Oracle Payabales to create employee bank account based on the employee payment methods.
  • Defined new responsibilities and customized menus for Latin America and EMEA.
  • Modified exisiting OAB fast formula to account for the new business rules for the acquired companies.
  • Modifed the Workflow processes for OTL Approvals.
  • Developed new notifications embedding OAF regions to alert managers as needed based on the underlying business rules.
  • Developed both inbound and outbound interfaces for HR, Payroll and OTL.
  • Developed custom workflow integrations for OTL processes.
  • Supported Open Enrollment Period plan changes and troubleshoot the OAB related issues.

Confidential, NJ

Senior Oracle Apps Solution Architect

Environment: Oracle Applications R12, Oracle11g, Linux


  • CWB and Absence Management personalizations and custom extensions.
  • Designed and implemented Mexico employee conversions through Web ADI.
  • Designed and implemented Performance management integrations from Taleo to CWB
  • Modified AME approvals in Performance Management
  • Designed integrations for ADP payroll data feeds.
  • Developed Leave Of Absence letters to employees in XML Publisher
  • Personalized self-service pages for hiding page regions, adding long and short tips, changing prompts and sorting of employee details
  • Extended VOs for custom business rule implementations extending LOA and CWB
  • Support year-end and year-begin merit cycle process
  • Support OLMS (Oracle Learning Management System).
  • Define AME rules
  • Customized HRSSA, ‘OTA LNR TRNG APPROVAL JSP PRC’ - the training approval notification process used for approvals and course completion notifications in Learning Management.

Confidential, MO

Senior Oracle Apps Solution Architect

Environment: Oracle Applications R12, Oracle11g, Linux


  • Redesigned Absence Management addressing the changes for fiscal year for the accrual plan balance calculations based on Hire Date and years of service.
  • Automated the PTO plan assignments based on hire date for new hires.
  • Designed custom carryover process for resetting the accrual balances and accommodating the changes for carryover balances.
  • Reconfiguring the Further Job Details DFF.
  • Developed around 15 fast formulae based on contract negotiations.
  • Modified Flex Benefit elements' fast formulae.
  • Addressed the live payroll issues related to various earnings and deductions issues.
  • Troubleshooting tax related issues for PTO elements and tax wifholding amounts for out of location time reported.
  • Designed custom City Tax calculations for Exempt employees for the time being reported in OTL. This is currently under discussions wif the industry groups due to merger of new company.
  • Configured new Salary Bases wif OTL implementation.
  • Modified Salary calculation formulae to address custom element inclusion and exclusions for salary calculations.
  • Modified formulas to address compensation limits for 401(K) contributions and employer matches
  • Modified formulas to address Payroll Calendar year and Benefits Fiscal year balances
  • Developed fast formula for Benefits waiting period, calculating correct premium amount calculations.
  • Designed custom OTL process for rules validations.
  • Expertise in defining OTL elements and mapping OTL element components to Payroll and projects
  • Designed the integration process for Project expenses from OTL expense codes through Alternate names.
  • Designed custom rule validation process for Contingent works, Union Workers and Corporate Employees
  • Implemented various Earning Policies, Rotation plans, work plans and shifts meeting business requirements.
  • Implemented various layouts and designed modifications in time card layouts to capture the time entries effectively wif least hassles for payroll calculations.
  • Designed and implemented payroll feeds from OTL for various pay rules.
  • Implemented innovative rules to adjust for Union negotiations.
  • Responsible for day-to-day management and architecting an Oracle Time and Labor, Advanced Benefits and Core HR and Payroll solution wif integration to third parties in order to meet defined business requirements.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior Oracle Consultant

Environment: Full blown Oracle R12 Applications Suite including all HCM modules.


  • Analyzed 16 integrations, related to Stock Imputed Income, Benefits Eligibility, Benefits Deductions, Costing analysis, project integration to OTL, directing Technical team on development activities for conversions.
  • Documenting the business process analysis, citing the gaps in existing process flow and offering the best solutions for automation which will give a better control and visibility of the processes.
  • Completed the BR100 configurations and configured the system for pilot testing of the Oracle system design.
  • Implemented Collective Agreements for Canada Bargaining Units is an outstanding contribution for integrating the employment agreements for construction unions.
  • Developed functional specs for HR and Payroll data conversions
  • Involved in complete HR/Payroll/OAB/OTL/SSHR/iRecruitment full implementation life cycle.
  • Prepared Conversion Strategy and Conversion Data Mapping Documents for HR/Payroll/OAB/OTL and SSHR modules using AIM Methodology.

Confidential, St Louis, MO

Technical Services Manager

Environment: Oracle Applications R11i/R12, Oracle11g, Sun Solaris


  • Troubleshoot various payroll and system access issues as part of the production support.
  • Personalized self-service pages.
  • Consolidated various payrolls into sub-set of payrolls.
  • Data conversions for HR/Payroll/OAB data from SAP and legacy systems.
  • Modified Fast formulas for shift pay calculations.
  • Modified formulas for 401(K) calculations
  • Modified formulas for various union rules
  • Supported Open enrollment process.
  • Developed custom workflow processes for approvals.
  • Customized templates for ease of data entry.

Sr. Oracle Applications Consultant

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Environment: Oracle Applications, Oracle10G, Linux.


  • As a techno-functional, me had assisted functional users to come up wif an optimal business needs both technically and functionally as needed in the project implementation.
  • Participated in the project meetings as required in the process and developed mapping documents as well as technical specifications for the data migration of data from legacy MAPS system into Oracle Applications.
  • Provided reports prior to conversion for users, validated data for conversion, converted data using Oracle standard APIs, logged errors and reconciled data for accuracy of conversions/interfaces.
  • This is a multiple assignment implementation and conversion is a challenge at stages and the strategy for conversion had been redesigned to in corporate business needs as per client by following the Oracle Applications functional standards and methodology.
  • Done entire HRMS Conversion that includes employee information, address, phones, assignment information, contacts, salary, taxes, payment methods and Element entries, benefit enrollments using Oracle HR/Payroll/OAB APIs.
  • Prepared Conversion Strategy and Conversion Data Mapping Documents for HR/Payroll/OAB/OTL and SSHR modules using AIM Methodology.
  • Designed, developed and tested payroll fast formulas, advanced benefits rules and PTO accrual formulas to meet the business requirements.
  • Involved in complete HR/Payroll/OAB/OTL/SSHR/iRecruitment full implementation life cycle.
  • Used advanced PL/SQL extension to support business needs for the school contracts in the process by using the library Custom.pll at the form level.
  • Extended HR self-service pages for business rule validations and created custom page for data entry.
  • Personalized Self Service pages and customized OTL timecard layouts.
  • Designed and implemented custom change in process using Oracle AME.
  • Developed payroll charge report using Oracle Discoverer to report the costing information of payments incurred to a costing center for a person at assignment level.
  • Developed Leave Balances by Location, an Oracle Report to get the accrual balances by OTL timekeepers by their location and restricted to their responsibility.
  • Developed a total of 6 Oracle reports and 8 XML Publisher reports out of 30 reports in this implementation for HR/Payroll/OTL and Benefits modules.
  • Developed test scripts all along the project at various stages to halp Functional and Operations users to validate the implemented functionality.
  • Supported the ‘go-live’ critical issues and time-sensitive issues for OTL and Payroll, troubleshoot and fixed the production issues as part of the post implementation support.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Environment: Oracle Applications, Oracle9i, Linux


  • Implemented STARS project as a senior Oracle Applications Developer and Techno-Functional.
  • Successfully designed and implemented multiple assignments process for payroll processing of custom earning balances considered as a very complex requirement as per the business needs.
  • Done entire HRMS Conversion that includes employee information, address, phones, assignment information, contacts, salary, taxes, payment methods and Element entries, benefit enrollments using Oracle HR/Payroll/OAB APIs.
  • Created specifications, designed and developed various complex fast formulas for payroll, oracle advanced benefits and Oracle Time and Labor.
  • Client had a requirement to report retirement funds to Virginia state retirement. But, in reality they were employer contributions that were based on the employee earnings per each pay period. As per the applications design it was one of very complex needs that cannot be implemented using standard seeded functionality. To meet the requirement, me has suggested and used Payroll Fast Formulas and calculated the employer contributions correctly using the Fiscal year, indirect results and level balances that are based on the employee elements.
  • Discussed and designed the specifications for PTO requirements. Also, designed and developed the accrual formulas as per the business rules involved around the school fiscal year.
  • The main challenge of the implementation was to handle the mid-year tax balances conversion process. me has successfully designed and assisted in mapping the legacy system’s elements wif Oracle Payroll elements and executed the conversion scripts in the process.
  • Provided Production support as needed in the process of post implementation support.
  • Developed training documentation, test scripts and presentation material to bring core functionality to business users’ awareness.

Confidential, Garland, TX

Environment: Oracle Applications, Oracle9i, Windows 2003


  • Implemented Oracle HRMS to meet the business requirements of Confidential .
  • Collected, analyzed, documented and developed many processes as part of this implementation.
  • The payroll salary form is extensively customized to handle the GISD business rules to handle contract employee payments. Contract employees can join at any time and leave at any time and as a result salary payments would not be in strict order to Oracle Payroll guidelines. So, for example, an employee on 12 months can work only for 10 months and get paid in 12 months, but he might quit his services after 6 months. These kinds of scenarios gave a very good chance to understand the intricacies behind oracle payroll.
  • Developed a custom PTO process, which halps to calculate to roll over the balance from one accrual bucket to next accrual bucket (balance ) based on business rules and accruals can be used on these custom bucket ( accrual balance )roll over process. During my development contribution of this custom process, some business rules were re-designed to employee’s benefits which were not seen in legacy design process.
  • Designed test scripts on assignment salary changes, assignment position transactions and PTO.

Confidential, Mt. Prospect, IL

Senior Programmer / Analyst


  • Involved in the design, development and tuning the process to handle 2 MTS (Million Transactions per Second) for the best bid and offer of share. This project is on plain Oracle Applications which gave a good experience on data base complexities.

Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Environment: Oracle11i, Windows 2003


  • Designed, developed, tested and implemented many inbound and outbound interfaces, fast formulae, alerts, reports and customization of forms.
  • Developed inbound interface for Schwab loan details which is run bi-weekly.
  • Developed various inbound interfaces to import employee contributions for ESOP and 401(k) as part payroll businesses processes.
  • Designed and developed the inbound interface for the parking and transportation deductions along wif benefit details from Ceridian. This is a critical interface as the benefit details pertaining to 2 months ahead would be received in advance and the deductions were taken from the first paycheck of the next month to that of file received. This interface involves employee assignment data related to all HR MS suites, payroll data for calculating pay periods and benefits data in HR and OAB for determining the location and eligibility.
  • Designed and developed fast formula in OAB for person change causing life event and detecting based on the business requirements related to employee contacts. This change is notified to the employee and benefits administrator using Oracle Alerts.
  • Developed Oracle Reports for reporting the tax details as employees were working in different states rather TEMPthan home based state, developed custom new hire report giving details for state, location and duration of the vacancy open.
  • Developed reports for Visa details and accrual (PTO) details.

Confidential, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Environment: Oracle Applications 10.0.3, Oracle9i


  • Developed ad-hoc query reports as part of production support on financials environment.
  • Designed process for custom migration of data from different vendors into Oracle Financials environment.
  • Developed cost center details report for GL account structure based on Multi Set of Books.

Confidential, Denver

Environment: Oracle Applications 10.0.3, Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle9i


  • Upgraded Oracle Applications Suite from 10.7 to 11i.
  • Migrated custom process from old environment to new environment.
  • Tuned a complex Moore payroll process which sends the payroll run results to ADP. Improved process execution over 75% bringing down the initial execution of 3 hours down to 48 mins.
  • Designed and developed Custom form for querying custom element entries and selection of seeded elements related to these custom elements.
  • Developed fast formula to skip elements in a payroll process and to calculate element pay values and run results.
  • Did trouble shooting of production payroll issues related to Payroll run
  • Supported general HR issues related to employee and assignment data.
  • Developed custom workflow notifications to notify employee data changes to HR and Payroll operations.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.0, Oracle, Windows NT, AIX


  • Conducted GAP Analysis, Interacting wif the Functional and Operations Users in developing technical specs.
  • Developed custom Position Transaction process, in accord of this custom process, whenever there is a change in employee assignment status either due to promotion, termination or extended leave, accordingly the hiring status of the position for the assignment in transaction would be changed to reflect business rules in position form and assignment form.
  • Developed and implemented custom Payroll Accrual Process which is a payroll process to reflect the legacy functionality, which CTA had been depending on in legacy system. The hours worked which are not included in payroll process of that month and for which the GL period is to be closed on monthly basis, would be costed and posted to GL so as to give the Costing information. The Elements information for the hours needed is calculated from the Time Entry values.
  • Developed and implemented workflow notification for position transaction process. Whenever a position transaction is staged by end user, this is notified to the next position in hierarchy for approval. Based on approval/rejection, the position transaction would be effective in the system.

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ

Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.0, Oracle


  • Supported Production Operations and troubleshot issues as part of daily business schedule.
  • Developed ad-hoc Oracle Reports for financials issues.
  • Developed custom reports for Receivables data related to collections.


Technical Programmer

Environment: Oracle 8.1.7, Oracle Human Resources / Payroll/Financials 10.0.3 and 11i, HP-UNIX.


  • As part of Global team of TCS participated in 3 Oracle Applications off site implementation support for overseas clients including The Stroh Brewery Company, MI and AAR Corp, Elk Grove Village, IL.
  • Customized, developed forms and fast formulae, workflow notifications and alerts.


Associate Engineer


  • Developed custom code for Oracle Database provding services to Banking and Financial sectors.

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