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Soa Tech Lead Resume

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  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist and Senior SOA Developer with 7 years of experience providing business solutions using Fusion Middleware technologies; Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle
  • Service Bus and B2B. Proven ability in creating reusable services, optimizing design.
  • Expertise in creating business flows; Sync/Async using BPEL, Mediator, OSB, Business Rules.
  • Effectively exchanged messages with wide range of legacy applications using JCA adapters such as File, FTP, DB, JMS, AQ.
  • Built interactive dashboards in tracking orders using Business Activity Monitoring(BAM).
  • Insulated service consumers to changes in service infrastructure by virtualizing service end points using OSB.
  • Integration Experience in consuming/building SOAP, RESTFUL and JSON services.
  • Strong knowledge in XML standards and applications such as XSD, XSLT, XQuery, XPath.
  • Successfully handled various faults with Fault Error Framework, using fault policies and bindings.
  • Experience in using SOAP UI for testing, invoking, simulating and mocking web services.
  • Hands on experiences on WebLogic administration that includes installation of Oracle middleware products, configuring database sources, queues and topics.
  • Deployed Composites to different SOA environments using WLS Scripts, Ant scripts.
  • Experience in continuous integration and development(CICD) using Maven, Jenkins and Bamboo.
  • Secured webservices using OWSM security policies.
  • Hands - on experience in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills, ability to handle multiple tasks in efficient manner.
  • Exposure working in Agile, Scrum methodologies delivering solutions iteratively.
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist.


Middleware Technologies: Oracle SOA11g/12c, OSB 11g/12c, B2B, Business Rules, AIA, ESB.


Application server: WebLogic Server, Oracle JDBC.

Tools: & IDE JDeveloper, Eclipse, Toad, SOAP UI, Bamboo, JIRA.


Query languages: SQL, PL/SQL.

Databases: Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows.

Version Control: CVS, SVN, GIT, GITHUB.

Methodologies: SDLC, Agile, Agile Scrum.

Others: Hadoop, Big Data, Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis.


Confidential, GA

SOA Tech Lead

Environment: Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 12 C, Oracle SOA Suite 12C, Rules, Technology/Architecture, Oracle Web Logic Server 12c, Oracle Database 12c, JDeveloper 12C


  • Designed and developed proxy and business services using OSB 12c.
  • Worked on various adapters such as JMS, File and MQ.
  • Created automated scripts for starting up node manager, Admin and managed services.
  • Responsible for creating technical design documents.
  • Hands on experiences on WebLogic administration that includes installation Oracle middleware products.
  • Designed and developed java web services to monitor server status
  • Created file/JDBC store for JMS Modules and JMS Servers.
  • Configured Oracle result caches (internal coherence).
  • Responsible for installing custom Jar supporting to OWSM polices.
  • Create, build and deploy services using Hudson; continuous deployment tools.
  • Responsible for providing architecture solution that can adapt to future changes in terms of business processes, user requirements and predicted growth of business.
  • Responsible for providing solutions to complex integrations and scalability problems

Confidential, East Greenville, Pennsylvania

SOA Tech Lead

Environment: Oracle SOA 12.2.1, Oracle OSB 12c, Rules, B2B 12c, Oracle Web Logic Server 12c, Oracle Database 12c, JDeveloper 12C, Oracle PL/SQL.


  • Design and development of SOA services to send items and orders to EBS using BPEL.
  • Accountable for migrating SOA composites from 11g to 12c.
  • Responsible for sending EDI (850,856,860,865,214,240) documents using B2B adapters.
  • Designed error handling mechanism to capture errors in both middleware and EBS
  • Created technical design and unit test plan documents.
  • Responsible for migrating code to higher environments.
  • Supported various test cycles and provided Post Go Live support.


Senior SOA developer

Environment: SOA Suite 11G, OSB, WebLogic Application Server, JDeveloper, Eclipse, ANT, Agile.


  • Integrating internal applications using OSB business and proxy services.
  • Develop complex routing rules and transformations using XSLT and XQuery in Oracle Service Bus.
  • Design and develop common object data model which can be used across all integration scenarios.
  • Design XSD documents for complex XML data used to exchange with external services.
  • Use OSB’s throttling state to control message flow to end systems.
  • Design and develop robust error handling, logging, auditing framework using OSB.
  • Resolve, log and track issues in JIRA.
  • Create DB based MDS system to maintain central data repository.
  • Create mock services using Soap UI for testing virtual end systems.
  • Led a team in finishing tasks in agile scrum model.
  • Provide production support with timely resolutions.
  • Responsible for creating technical design documents.
  • Create Ant scripts for deployment.
  • Responsible for updating Configuration plans to migrate code to different environments.


Senior SOA Developer

Environment: Oracle SOA Suite 11g, OSB, SOAP 1.1, REST, WebLogic Server 10g, SOAP UI, XML, XSLT, WSDL.


  • Involved in requirement gathering and designed necessary POC’S to demonstrate feasibility.
  • Knowledge sharing from the previous integration of retail systems.
  • Analysis of functional and technical documents to come up with necessary architecture models for the project.
  • Create business flows using BPEL and mediator to integrate various retail legacy systems.
  • Use File and FTP adapter to implement batch processing to process purchase orders.
  • Configure Data sources, outbound connection pools and JNDI names for database services.
  • Configure JMS queues, topics and connection factories in JMS modules.
  • Design OSB services for virtualisation and route to end systems using various transports such as file, JMS, Database.
  • Service callouts to enrich messages before routing to end systems.
  • Create Split joins for parallel processing of orders.
  • Use conditional branching to route messages to different end systems based on conditions.
  • Design fault handling at various levels and use log and report functions for debugging.


SOA Developer

Environment: Oracle SOA Suite 11g, OSB, SOAP 1.1, REST, WebLogic Server 10g, SOAP UI, XML, XSLT, WSDL, WLST.


  • Developed complex flow’s necessary for integration using BPEL and Mediator Components.
  • Designed and developed OSB proxy services and business services necessary for exchanging messages.
  • Extensively used File adapter, JMS adapter and Database adapter for subscribing and publishing messages.
  • Created necessary WSDL’s and XSD schemas.
  • Worked on complex XML transformations using XSLT, XQuery, XPath.
  • Created WLST scripts for deployment.
  • Configure User Message system and use emails for notification in case of failure.
  • Worked on mediator to create parallel and sequential rules to transform messages to end systems.
  • Built Schematron rules to validate the xml payload with successful error handling.
  • Built custom java codes which are invoked from fault policies to notify user in case of faulted instance.
  • Implemented Error handling in the BPEL processes for catching Remote & Binding Faults using Human Intervention when required.
  • Create fault policies and bindings to handle faults at various levels.
  • Implemented JMS Queue and topic Connection factories in successful manner for both Asynchronous and Synchronous message communication.
  • Created DVM’s for accessing actual information during runtime.
  • Designed rules dictionaries to implement business rules.
  • Worked on BAM dashboards to visualize order flow.
  • Responsible for creating test cases using SOAP UI for testing web services.
  • Prepared Technical Design Documents as a part of SDLC.

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