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Sr.oracle Pl\sql Developer Resume

Tampa, FL

Professional Summary:

  • 7+ years of IT Experience as Oracle Developer for System Analysis, Designing, TestingDevelopment & Support of Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g & 11g in Production, Staging, Development environments.
  • Experience in Financial, Retail, Telecom, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and E-Commerce.
  • Expert in creating SQL Queries, PL/SQL Packages, Function, stored procedures, triggers, and cursors, Created database objects like tables, views, sequences, synonyms, indexes using Oracle tools like SQL*Plus , SQL Developer and Toad.
  • Proficient in advance features of Oracle 11g for PL/SQL programming like Using Records and Collections, Bulk Bind, Ref. Cursors, Nested tables and Dynamic SQL
  • Documentation of projects for Functional Requirement Spec (FRS), Use case Spec, ER-Diagram, Test Plan, and Test Script & Test Cases.
  • Strong knowledge of Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema, Dimension and Fact table.
  • Expertise in ETL Data Loading techniques usingOracle SQL* Loader, UTL FILE and External Tables.
  • Strong knowledge in Oracle utilities like SQL*Loader, Export/Import and data pump utilities like EXPDP/IMPDP.
  • Experience in migration and conversion from MS Access/SQL-Server to Oracle.
  • Knowledge of Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process to load the database.
  • Extensive experience with all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle including analysis, Resource Planning, code development, testing, implementing and maintenance.
  • Have worked in fast paced AGILE environment & attended daily scrum meeting.
  • Assisted QA Teams for bug testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) & System Integration Testing.
  • Highly motivated, excellent team player, enthusiastic, strong initiative and quick learner of new technologies.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in dealing with customers.

Technical Skills:

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, HT

Web Technologies: JSP, Java Script, HTML, XML, HTTP

Oracle Tools: SQL Developer, SQL* Plus, Eclipse, Toad

Reporting Tools: Business Objects, Crystal Reports, COGNOS, Oracle Reports 6i/9i

Databases: Oracle 8i/9.2/10g/11g, SQL Server 2005 and MS Access.

Operating System: Windows 7/XP/NT/Vista, MS-DOS, Linux and UNIX.

Other Tools: TeamCity,jBoss, SQL Developer, TOAD, Aqua Data Studio, CVS, SVN, PVCS and MS-Office.


Confidential,Tampa, FL

Sr.Oracle PL\SQL Developer

Confidential serves as a central repository holding the Trade Information. It is the premier post-trade market infrastructure in the industry, advancing the automation, centralization, and standardization and streamlining of processes critical to the markets’ safety and soundness. Confidential stands at the center of global trading activity, processing trillions of dollars of securities transactions on a daily basis. Itsimplifies the complexities of clearance, settlement, asset servicing, global data management and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, government and mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, money market instruments, syndicated loans, mutual funds, alternative investment products and insurance transactions.


  • Create new database objects like tables, Sequences, Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Indexes and Views in Development and Production environment in Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Worked on various tables to create Indexes to improve query performance. Also worked on partitioning large Tables using Range Partitioning, creating Index Organized Table, RollbackTablespace.
  • Involved in writing several Queries and Procedures.
  • Pro-actively participated in SQL tuning, Used ANALYZE, DBMS STATS, EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL TRACE and TKPROF.
  • Used SQL hints and Indexes as needed to improve SQL performance.
  • Write Ad-Hoc SQL queries for data analysis and Testing.
  • Filtered and Loaded data from different formats of data sources into Database Tables.
  • Extracted required data from the database tables and exported the data to different sources in different formats.
  • Worked with several tools to access and perform several operations on database
  • Modify existing codes and developed PL/SQL packages to perform Certain Specialized functions / enhancement on oracle application.
  • Providing 24/7 production support for the batch/production jobs.
  • Involve in the continuous enhancements and fixing of production problems.
  • Coordinate with the DBA for Table creation and other administrative activities.
  • Responsible for analyzing tables and indexes regularly to keep the STATS up-to-date.
  • Involve in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL process) from Source to target And Worked on Windows Batch scripting, scheduling jobs and monitoring logs.
  • Deliver solutions that are reliable, easy to maintain and meet or exceed established performance measures.
  • Work in Production Support Environment as well as QA/TEST environments for projects, work orders, maintenance requests, bug fixes, enhancements, data changes, etc.
  • Solving the offshore technical issues and co-coordinating between offshore team and client.
  • Pro-actively participated in SQL tuning, Used ANALYZE, DBMS STATS, EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL TRACE and TKPROF.
  • Used SQL hints and Indexes as needed to improve SQL performance

Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, 11g, Toad, SQL Plus, IBM Lotus Notes, SQL Developer, Shell Scripts, UNIX, Windows XP.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Oracle PL\SQL Developer

The Confidential is a leading provider of insurance and wealth management services for millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. The Confidential is consistently recognized for its superior service, its sustainability efforts and as one of the world's most ethical companies.


  • Analyzed Internal & External Source systems and Business Requirements to develop Health Insurance Claims Data warehouse LOGICAL AND PHYSICAL MODEL (Facts and Dimensions) and Business Process Model.
  • Developed back end interfaces using Tables, PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, functions, Collections, Object types specifically for financial reporting.
  • Worked on tuning the SQL Queries for better performance and troubleshooting development problems by using Hints, Indexes, Partitioning and analyzing the Stats updates.
  • Extensively usedtheTriggers, Indexes, Views and Materialized Views for the Application design.
  • Performed subsequent alterations using SQL, PL/SQL to make any changes on adhoc requirements.
  • Implemented Business Rules using PL/SQL Procedure/Packages with complex water fall calculations.
  • Wrote Ad-Hoc SQL queries for data analysis and Testing.
  • Developed PL/SQL Procedures, Functions and Packages for Business Intelligence.
  • Actively involved in Data Mapping of tables from Source system to Target system, including preparation of Entity Relationship Diagram.
  • Involved in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL process) from source to target and worked on Windows Batch scripting, scheduling jobs and monitoring logs.
  • Worked on Production support for the backend database and reporting applications.
  • Involved in importing Source Tables from the different databases.
  • Used UNIX Shellscripts (KORN) for Extracting and Parsing data from the files. FTP process is extensively used to send and receive the flat files.
  • Involved in Performance testing, User Acceptance testing of the application and participated in Code and Design Reviews, Status meetings and Walkthroughs.
  • Involved in continuous enhancement, optimization and fixing of problems.
  • Provided technical support to the user with regard to operational aspects.

Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, 10g/11g, Oracle Forms, SQL Loader, ERWIN,Visio, Rational Rose Clear case and Clear Quest.

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Oracle PL\SQL Developer

Confidential AG is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. With its divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Confidential Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Confidential Buses and Confidential Financial Services, the Confidential Group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. Confidential Financial Services provides financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services.


  • Worked with Business Analysts and clients, Analyzing and assessing the business specifications and designing and developing the Application.
  • Developed new/modified various PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, functions, database triggers as per business requirements.
  • Used TOAD, PL/SQL developer tools for faster application design and developments.
  • Was involved in performance tuning, troubleshooting and bug fixing of PL/SQL scripts while working closely with the UI developers.
  • Worked on tuning the SQL Queries for better performance and troubleshooting development problems.
  • Responsible for translating all the business requirements into technical specifications and document the technical requirements towards ensuring compliance during Software Development.
  • Involved in writing complex scripts for Data Transformation, ETL process (Extract, Transform & Load)
  • Performed the uploading and downloading flat files from UNIX server using FTP.
  • Involved in debugging and Tuning the PL/SQL code, tuning queries, optimization for the Oracle database.
  • Extensively used SQL Loader, UTL FILE and External Table mechanisms to load legacy data, feed files data and data from various sources into the Oracle database tables.
  • Review data transformation rules and provide technical suggestions in data transformation logic and pseudo code (PL/SQL).
  • Worked on Performance tuning by using Explain Plan, hints and also worked on Partition tables using Range method.
  • Involved in Production support for the backend database and reporting applications
  • Involved in writing PL/SQL scripts which will generates auditing triggers automatically.
  • Extensively worked with BA, QA Teams to get the desired results.
  • Designed and automated ETL process using PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Developed reports using Oracle portal as per the business requirements.

Environment : Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports, OracleAS Portal 11g, C#, ASP.NET

Confidential , Alpharetta, GA

Oracle PL\SQL Developer

Confidential is the leading provider of ROI (Release of information ) services and AudaPro (Audit management and tracking) technology while protecting revenue, maintaining compliance standards, increasing efficiencies and streamlining business processes . Confidential has partnered with thousands of hospitals, health systems, physician practices and clinics to process and fulfill medical record requests and maintain compliance related to releasing medical information to all types of requesters.


  • Team members responsible for the development and maintenance of the Inventory Control and Client contract modules.
  • Interacted with the business users on a regular basis to collect business requirements and specifications.
  • Involved in Designing of Data Modeling, Design Specifications and to analyze Dependencies.
  • Developed and debugged the Application Screens and Reports using Developer suite tools.
  • Tested new enhancements and bug fixes before deployment into the production environment.
  • Worked as part of a team to launch new application releases under strict time deadlines.
  • Extensively Developed database Triggers, Package, Functions, and Procedures using PL/SQL, and maintained the scripts for various data feeds.
  • Involved in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) of the data in the data warehouse for Oracle 9i database.
  • Involved in extracting Data from the Heterogeneous databases residing on Mainframe, UNIX.
  • Used Oracle 9i features such as merge for various transformations.
  • Used UNIX Shell scripts (KORN) for Extracting and Parsing data from the files.
  • Used stored procedures in Oracle for retrieving the data from the database for solving complex queries. Wrote Unix Shell Scripts, undertook Code Optimization and Performance tuning of the application.
  • Extensively worked on Performance tuning by using Explain plans and various hints and Optimized and tuned PL/SQL to reduce the loading process.
  • Utilized SQL*Loader to perform bulk data loads into database tables from external data files.
  • Responsible for designing and maintaining fully integrated and multiple levels help system for the modules.
  • Involved in preparing functional specifications, release notes, training materials and User Manual documentation.

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g (SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL), TOAD, SQL*Loader, XML, PERL,UNIX, Windows 2003.

Confidential, Christiansburg, VA

Oracle PL\SQL Developer

FNB Corporation is one of the largest publicly held commercial bank holding companies based in Virginia. Through the activities of its affiliate, Confidential , the Corporation operates 26 full-service branches and 2 loan production offices. Services are also provided around the clock through automated teller machines, telephone banking, and on-line banking. FNBhas enhanced its web application with a new feature that introduces new customers to the on-line banking process.


  • Work with end users and developers to facilitate issue resolution, troubleshooting functional and technical application issues, developing creative solutions to support the business needs, helping determine opportunities for exercising additional Oracle capabilities.
  • Proactively tuned SQL queries and performed refinement of the database design leading to significant improvement in system response time and efficiency.
  • Developed several Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers to use in multiple Forms and series of other backend programs using PL/SQL.
  • Reviewing and developing data models and database designs with development teams,entity-relationship models are used with relational databases, normalizing, and de-normalizing, indexing, and defining views.
  • Creation and maintenance of tables,views,procedures, functions and packages.
  • Developed SQL Loader scripts, conversion scripts for the conversion of the data to the custom new Schema.
  • Provide timely Production Support by quickly analyzing the root cause and by providing alternatives to resolve issues.
  • Ensured that weekend data loads, end-of-month & end-of-quarter processing ran successfully and completely, transparent to user community.
  • Identified of Performance tuning queries, database tuning, suggesting and implementing alternative approaches like range partitioning of tables, use of global temporary tables.
  • Extensively worked on developing custom packages using Oracle PL/SQL for various business requirements.
  • Supported operations during the build/deployment of a new release to the Integration, QA and Production environments.

Environment:PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, TOAD, Discoverer, Oracle 9i, Visual Source Safe.


Database Developer

Confidential is an IT consulting company having many projects in-house and at client side.


  • Interacted with the end users for gathering of requirements and analyzed them.
  • Worked with the development team to design, develop, test and implement the system.
  • Worked intensively with Oracle Developer 2000 (Forms and Reports 6i) with different complication levels and layouts.
  • Created prototype reporting models, specifications, diagrams and charts to provide direction to system programmers.
  • Developed Model Diagrams and Input/output structures for the data entry screens.
  • Used efficient Joins, Indexes, Correlated queries, Inline views for Query optimization.
  • Developed Control files, SQL*Loader scripts, Oracle import and export scripts for data loading, migration and backup of Oracle data.
  • Extensively used PL/SQL to implement cursors, triggers and packages and to develop stored procedures, functions and critical reports.
  • Involved in programming, debugging, unit and system integration testing of modules.
  • Developed Data entry, query and reports request screens and tuned the SQL queries.
  • Developed Form level Triggers as well as the Database Triggers.

Environment:Oracle 8i, Developer/2000 (Forms 6i, Reports 6i), PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, MS-DOS, UNIX, SQL*Loader, HTML, UML.

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