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Functional Lead / Solution Architect Resume

Durham, NC


  • To use my credentials as a functional expert in Oracle 11i CRM applications and leverage my educational background as an MBA in IT to recommend process improvements through best practices and collaborative Conference Room Pilots to successfully implement and support the Oracle 11i E-business Suite.
  • To Lead and participate in the effort of Requirements gathering, Testing, Configuring and Training on an applications for implementation of a project.
  • To be a Functional / Technical area leads on an implementation project.
  • To synergize my work experience of working both in Government and Corporate sector and add dynamics to new projects.
  • Experience with Oracle Release 12 Versions.


  • Oracle Certified CRM Functional professional having more than Seven years of combined work experience that includes more than five years experience in implementation of Oracle Applications (11i) CRM e-business suite.
  • Oracle University trained Siebel Techno Functional Consultant (Trained as part of future synergies like Oracle fusion)
  • Experienced in requirements gathering, process analysis, solution design, CRP/SIT testing and training.
  • Through understanding of Business Analysis with complete knowledge of project life cycle from Project Scope to production Support
  • Project planning experience in various projects using MS Project and Oracle AIM. Also experienced in budgeting, scheduling and resource allocation activities.
  • An effective team player with good communication, interpersonal skills. Well-organized, inquisitive problem solver who enjoys challenges and thrives in a ‘peoples’ environment
  • CRM Foundation
  • Sales Online
  • Marketing Online
  • Telesales
  • Contracts Core
  • Service Contracts
  • Tele Service
  • Field Service
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Install Base
  • Depot Repair
  • Spares Management
  • iSupport
  • Scripting / Survey
  • Knowledge Base
  • Advanced Inbound (Working Knowledge)
  • Receivables (Working Knowledge)
  • eMail Center
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Inventory,
  • Order Management
  • Forms & OA Framework Personalization.

Confidential, Durham, NC

Functional Lead / Solution Architect

Oracle CRM & ERP lead

The Confidential is the national, professional organization for all Certified Public Accountants. The AICPA has more than 350,000 members, including CPAs in business and industry, public practice, government, education; student affiliates; and international associates.

The scope of this project is to integrate SRI (Service, Revenue & Insight). To integrate 3rd party applications with Oracle iStore / isupport and related Service, Quote to Order & Knowledge Base Modules.

This responsibility involved:-

  • Understanding the Current business process ‘As Is’ and map out the future ‘To Be’ business process.
  • Identifying potential Gaps and OAF/ JSP customization for BLAF
  • Developed the timeline, effort & resources to complete SRI Phase II.
  • Conducted a future process power point presentation and 1st CRP for Management / Business Owners.
  • Started designing the implementation methodology, using AIM documentation.
  • Prepared RD020, BP080 and MD050 for the implementation process.
  • Preparing BR100 set up steps for iStore, iSupport, Teleservice, CRM foundation, Sales Online (Quote to Order), Knowledge Base, Inventory, and Order Management Modules.
  • Conduct CRP’s, UAT and end user training.

Confidential, Memphis- TN

Oracle CRM & ERP functional lead

The PW - Solid Waste Management Service Center is responsible for the collection and disposal of all solid waste within the City in accordance with State and Federal Laws. This division maintains their own warehouse and inventory and tracks spares and items used for maintenance.

The main scope of this project was to replace the legacy system ‘CARTS TRACKING’ with Oracle and integrate another system called ‘ROUTE SMART’ within Oracle ERP.

  1. This responsibility involved:-
  • Understanding the current business process and designing the future Business process
  • Identifying Gaps and any potential customization.
  • Redesigned purchasing process, inventory, subinventory for Solid Waste Management Division
  • Setting up Oracle Inventory, Order Management, Oracle Service Contracts, Dispatch Center, Charges, Debrief, Depot Repair, Spares Management and Mobile Field Service.
  • Setting up Google Maps to see Tasks in Dispatch Center.
  • Forms & OA Frame work personalization according to end-user requirement.
  • Prepared documentations – RD050 for gathering Business Requirements, BR.030 - Business Requirements Mapping & detailed Gap Analysis
  • Preparing BR100 for set ups.
  • Conducted CRPs & UATs for end / business users
  • Training Documents using Camtasia Studio

Confidential, Memphis- TN

CRM Functional Lead

Confidential ’s Confidential ( Confidential ) is a service center of the Executive Division and acts as one of the many venues citizens have for communicating with Confidential and his administration which consists of twenty two separate divisions. General Services provides crucial support services for the administration and other city divisions, including: maintenance of the City's vehicle fleet, sale and acquisition of property, easements and rights-of-way, complete maintenance of publicly-owned buildings and facilities, establishment of programs which emphasize city cleanliness and beautification, grounds maintenance through weed control and street sweeping and the operation of City Hall.

  • This responsibility involved:-
  • Responsible for creating Enhancements request and workflow notifications.
  • Setup Tasks types, statuses, Task attributes for automated task generation.
  • Manipulated JTFTASK and CUGTASK workflow for e-mail notification
  • Conducted and created all scenarios and scripts for UAT and training, other documentation included CSA, Future state documentation, configuration and design.
  • Heavily involved in integration with GIS application (Acquis ADE) for incident address validation and “parcel” allocation.
  • Setup map in Dispatch Center using Navteq data.
  • Set up territory management, Advance scheduler, Field Service, Dispatch center, Mobile Field Service
  • Set up mobile client for handhelds (UMPC)
  • Set up Oracle eMail Center and configured it to be used concurrently with different divisions of the Confidential
  • Created process flow for Citizen Complaints and Citizens with billing issues by creating alerts and workflow emails.
  • Conducted CRPs & UATs for end / business users

Environment: Oracle CRM (Field Service, Dispatch center, Advance Scheduler, Mobile Field Service & eMail Center)

Confidential, Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Consultant, Oracle CRM Services.

The world's largest enterprise software company engages in the development, manufacture, distribution, servicing, and marketing of database, middleware, and application software. The company operates in five segments: New Software Licenses, Software License Updates and Products Support, Consulting, On Demand, and Education.

This responsibility involved:-

  • Functional/Technical Consulting in full life-cycle development. Assisted in project management. Created business, functional and technical documentations using Oracle life cycle methodology.
  • Worked on prototypes. Created presentations, demo and functional documentations: Services, iSupport, Knowledge Base, Oracle Sales, Oracle Marketing,
  • Participated in web and reports development, created test cases for unit and system testing for clients.
  • Helped in resolving client concerns regarding various functional aspects of Oracle, through Oracle Metalink TAR’s.

Environment: Major Oracle Environments

Confidential, Memphis, TN

CRM Functional Lead

This responsibility involved:-

  • Initial Functional Assessment and preparation of Business requirements and GAP documents
  • Conducting a Conference Room Pilot and UAT’s
  • Mapping the Current Process to Customer Call / Click to Resolution flow
  • Setting up CRM Foundation (Resource Manager, Calendars, and Territories etc.)
  • Setting up Teleservice, iSupport, Knowledge Base, Scripting etc.
  • Setting up Surveys and Knowledge Base for online interactions.
  • Execution of Systems Integration Test.
  • End-User Training including preparation of training material and BR100 setup documentation.
  • Worked with developers in the deployment and installation of JSpell for Teleservice and iSupport in Oracle-on-Demand environment.
  • Involved in creation of separate custom Incident Address Validation form for City Parcels and police precincts/wards upon validation of incident address. Eventually rolled out standalone GIS application (Acquis) for Incident Address Validation

Environment: Oracle CRM (Teleservice, iSupport, Field Service, Knowledge Base Scripting oracle Advance inbound, CRM foundation, CTI/IVR etc.)

Confidential, Denver, CO

CRM Functional Lead

This project was an 11.0.3 to 11i upgrade project. Confidential (OCV) manufactures equipment that enables the ordering of pay per view movies and games in hotel rooms and lounges. Their field service process involves the initial installation of the equipment, scheduled maintenance, Customer Service and parts ordering. I was responsible for the mapping the 11.0.3 service process to the new 11i Customer Call to Resolution process. At the time of initial installation a service contract is setup for the customer. The Service contract is synced with a home grown system called hotels that holds information on the equipment.

This responsibility involved:-

  • Initial Functional Assessment and super user training
  • Conducting a Conference Room Pilot and documenting requirements
  • Mapping the Current Process to 11i Customer Call to Resolution flow
  • Setting up CRM Foundation (Resource Manager, Calendars, and Territories etc.)
  • Setting up Service Contracts
  • Execution of Systems Integration Test.
  • End-User Training including preparation of training material.
  • Used Data loader for uploading data.

Environment: Oracle CRM 11.5.9 (Service Contracts, Field Service, Order Management and CRM foundation)

Confidential, Horsham, PA

CRM Functional Consultant Lead.

Worked on feasibility and compatibility analysis for migration of Contracts, Install base and Depot Repair module from Clarify CRM to Oracle 11.5.9.

  • Worked on the implementation of Service contracts, Install Base, Field Service, Depot Repair & Application foundation. Presented the overall advantages of Oracle Contracts, Install base, Field Services (wireless) on a high level demonstration.
  • Prepared the current AS IS process flows and documentation for Contracts and mapped it to future Contracts Process for Confidential .
  • Prepared documentations - BR.030 - Business Requirements Mapping & detailed Gap Analysis for Motorola Services Life Cycle, DO010 & DO020 Project Management Plan for Oracle Application Implementation for Contracts Core, Service Contracts & Install Base. Also Prepared BR100 for set ups.

Environment: Oracle CRM 11.5.9 ( Contracts Core, Service Contracts, Install Base, Field Service, OM, AR, AP, Pricing, Quoting, Oracle Service, Oracle Tele Service (Oracle Support) and CRM foundation.


Job Title: Functional Consultant, Oracle CRM

CRM Functional consultant

IT solution Provider in US with Offices in Pennsylvania, California, New York, Brussels, London, Dubai, India - New Delhi and Kolkata, specialized in providing integrated IT solutions & Application. It is Tier One Partner of Confidential .

Industry: Electric manufacturers of Air-Conditioners and other products.

  • Setup the modules of Service Contracts of Oracle CRM 11.5.6. Setup the Inventory related fields for the integration with Service Contracts.
  • Identified the underlying tables of the reports that had been customized.
  • Customized and enhanced Reports as per client requirements (Service Contracts by Status Report).
  • Setting up the Assignment manager and identified the specific profile options for this implementation.
  • Trained the personnel’s of the Clients (from ERP background) on the CRM related products implemented in the project.

Environment: Oracle CRM 11i (Contracts Core, Service Contracts and CRM Foundation, Oracle Applications 11.5.6 (OM, AR), Inventory, HP- UX, Windows NT


Server: HP Net Server LH LI, Dell Servers 1300 & 2400, Sun servers 250 Series

Hardware: Sun Sparc Station, HP9000, Pentium processor based PCs

Software: Oracle 7.x, Oracle 8/8i, Toad


Other Applications OS: Application Desktop Generator, Discoverer 3.1, Sun Solaris 2.8, Oracle Map Viewer, UNIX, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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