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Oracle Developer Resume

Cincinnati, OH


  • Over 6+ years of IT experience in the Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of business application systems for Health care, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance, Banking.
  • 6+ years of Database experience using Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
  • Proficient in Analyzing Business processes requirements and translating them into technical requirements
  • Worked as a software developer in Confidential . Worked in J2EE projects and is a proficient SQL, PL/SQL developer.
  • Oracle Certified DBA (10g) - Aced the test with high scores.
  • Proficient in Oracle DBMS, database tools like iSQL*Plus.
  • Strong Exposure in writing simple and complex SQLs, PL/SQL functions and procedures, packages and creation of Oracle Objects - tables, materialized views, triggers, synonyms,records, arrays and collections.
  • Experience in using database tools like TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer, and IDE’s like Eclipse for development.
  • Experience using Version Control Systems (CVS, Subversion, etc)
  • Familiarity with performance tuning of queries using SQL developer and TKProf.
  • Proficient in writing complex analytical functions, normalization, database design, creating indexes, functions, sub queries, pagination using SQL.
  • Proficient in writing Dynamic SQL queries.
  • Worked in all phases of a SDLC project, from analysis of requirements to participation in design, implementation and review of the project specifications.
  • Knowledge of core Java, object oriented concepts.
  • Experienced in Tomcat web server, J2EE technologies like servlets and JSPs.
  • Excellent team player and can work on both development and maintenance phases of the project.
  • Efficient team player with excellent communication skills and good interaction with users.

TECHNICAL SKILLS:Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, JSP, Servlets

Databases: Oracle

OS: Windows

Software & Technologies: Eclipse IDE, Apache TomcatPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Oracle Developer


  • The project involved checking eligibility and assigning members to the Health Care Policies within a designated zip code.
  • Collected and collated appropriate data for use in databases and conduct related research.
  • Coordinated with Business Analysts to convert Functional Requirements into technical Specifications.
  • Extensively wrote Custom packages, stored procedures, triggers, materialized views, functions using PL/SQL.
  • Used Ref Cursors in the New Member Packages for faster retrieval of information.
  • Used indexes for enhancing the performance.
  • Modified existing Interfaces using PL/SQL procedure, triggers and functions in the Human Resources module.
  • Used DBMS SCHEDULER to automate the regular tasks and improve time-constrained performance.
  • Tuned SQL statements using Explain plan for enhanced performance.
  • Responsible for requirement Analysis, Coding, Testing and Implementation of various modules.
  • Performed SQL Tuning of existing procedures, packages and functions for faster query execution using Explain Plan utility.
  • Paginated data using SQL.
  • Used advanced analytical functions in SQL.
  • Developed Dynamic SQL code for run time query execution.
  • Interacted with the DBA team for Performance Tuning and database issues using SQL trace and TKProf.
  • As a part of a team, successfully completed the design, development and implementation of the system.
  • Worked on production support, bug fixing and enhancements.

Environment: Oracle 10g, SQL*PLUS, iSQLplus, TOAD.

Confidential, New Brunswick, NJ

Oracle Developer


  • Involved in Requirement Analysis, Estimation, Design, Coding, and Testing and on-time delivery.
  • Conduct data analysis of input files to system and suggest required modifications.
  • Allocation of tasks to the offshore resources. Monitoring the activities and efforts of the offshore team.
  • Involved in developing, testing, compiling, debugging and maintains the data using oracle, PL/SQL.
  • Experience transferring data from production database to test database using SQL developer.
  • Knowledge transfer to client technical team.
  • Extensively improved query performance by creating appropriate indexes.
  • Physical modeling of databases, database object creation and development of Oracle PL/SQL Packages to implement business functionality.
  • Perform performance Tuning and create backup strategies.
  • Analyze system capabilities to resolve questions of program intent, output requirements
  • Develop highly complex applications using Oracle 10g database as back-end with expertise in design and development of Oracle PL/SQL Packages and Procedures. Superior skills in designing and developing Oracle objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures and Functions in PL/SQL, Packages in PL/SQL, Materialized Views, collections and records.
  • Worked on complex analytical functions.
  • Created Dynamic SQL queries to add more flexibilty to the application.
  • Used Ref Cursors for faster retrieval of information.
  • Tune PL/SQL code and other SQL for efficient processing.
  • Extensively used triggers (Before and after triggers) to populate the table during inserts with default values and also worked on Instead of Triggers.
  • Correct program errors, prepare operating instructions, compile documentation of program development

Environment: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, TOAD, and Windows XP.


Role: PL/SQL Developer


  • This application was used in various countries and each one had different levels of monitoring and reporting requirements.
  • Was responsible for implementing these country specific configurations and testing them out.
  • Developed SQL scripts to create database tables, synonyms, sequences and created users, roles and granting privileges for them.
  • Extensively worked in writing SQL Queries (Sub queries and Join conditions, correlated sub queries).
  • Wrote procedures, functions and packages according to the client requirement.
  • Developed PL/SQL Procedures and database triggers for the validation of input data and to implement business rules.
  • Also wrote many database triggers for automatic updating of tables based on certain events.
  • Created indexes on the tables for faster retrieval of the data to enhance database performance. Performed query optimization using indexes, hints, cost based optimization and rule based optimization.
  • Implemented some modules logic by using triggers and integrity constraints.
  • Coded using JSPs for the front-end and used Java servlets for interacting with Oracle DB. (Service and Database Interaction classes)
  • Used Eclipse for writing code and VSS, for version control.
  • Was responsible for overall system testing of the application, finding and fixing bugs.

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