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Solution Architect Resume

Houston, TX


  • Experienced SAP HCM/Payroll Solution Architect with several years of experience
  • Configuration and implementation of the HR/Payroll module using SAP versions 2.2d to ECC 6.0
  • Seven life cycle SAP implementations for installing SAP HR/Payroll module
  • Responsibilities have included blueprinting, workshops, business process mapping, configuration, testing, problem solving and production support of HR sub-modules
  • Experienced in Personnel Administration, Benefits, Payroll (US/Canada/UK), Time Management/Evaluation, Travel & Expense, Organization Management and Tax Reporter
  • Completed an upgrade project from version 3.1h to 4.6c.
  • Techno Functional experience in Schema and Rules and BSI Tax Factory, SAP Technical areas
  • Demonstrated excellent analysis, communication, leadership and project management skills on several successful projects.
  • Completed four ADP integrated projects, with last two using GlobalView
  • Building relationships with clients and driving and managing change during SAP installs
  • Documenting process flows, BPPs and functional specifications for HR/Payroll business processes.
  • Experienced in the analysis and application of HR Support Packs (LCPs).
  • Experienced also with legacy HR/Payroll systems e.g. PeopleSoft, Oracle HRMS, HRWARE, and ADP Pro Business/SurePay.
  • International SAP Payroll implementation experience particular with UK/US/Canada Payroll.
  • SAP HR/Payroll Certified


Solution Architect Sept 2009 – Present (Confidential)

Confidential Sept 2009– Present

  • Main role: Solution Architect, Analysis of business requirements to ensure SAP design blueprint meets the objectives for a three country (US/UK/Canada) HR/Payroll install and additional 30 countries for HR global implementation. Using SAP 6.0 for HCM install of HR/Payroll with ECM and ESS/MSS components.
  • Using ADP’s GlobalView as SAP variant as target system for conversion, testing (UAT and Parallel) and go live.
  • As Conversion Lead (UK), converting data from multiple ADP systems, by mapping PCPW, Payforce & Sure Pay for Payroll/Time/Benefits fields for data conversion and Oracle HRMS and HRWARE fields for HR data conversion
  • Lead YTD Conversion for Fitch UK employees as the first payroll rollout
  • Defined country specific infotype conversion methods and rules e.g. UK/Canada/US tax, garnishments and maternity infotypes
  • Testing: Writing Test Plan/Scripts and ensuring configuration is compliant and meets business processes

Confidential Dec 2006 – Sept 2009 (SAP HR/Payroll – Managing Consultant)

Confidential (Houston TX) Jan 2007 – Aug 2009

  • Main role: Solution Architect (HR/Payroll Configuration) using SAP Version 6.0 for a large scale HCM PeopleSoft to SAP global project implementation. Unique project using a SAP partitioned platform with payroll processing performed by ADP on GlobalView. Configured all payroll components for transfer to ADP and the integration with personnel administration, time and benefits sub modules. Leading the conversion team to ensure payroll objects from PeopleSoft were successfully converted
  • Leading the payroll team for a complex project during all phases e.g. SAP Blueprint, Configuration, Conversion of payroll infotypes, Unit/Parallel testing using Mercury QC and go-live. An on-time/budget successful project from Business Blueprint to Go-Live project with an employee population of 35000.
  • Solution design and payroll data consistency across multiple platforms to enable processing of data with multiple vendors e.g. Fidelity for 401K & Stock and Hewitt for Benefits processing
  • Coordinating with multiple teams both internal and external to ensure consistency and quality of deliverables and results though out the project life cycle.
  • Post go-live transition to assist production support team.

Confidential Dec 2001 – Dec 2006(SAP HR/Payroll - Manager)

Confidential (Orange CT) May 06 – Dec 2006

  • Main Role: Project Process Lead for SAP to ADP using ADP Connect for Master Data IDOC process using SAP v4.7 for a 12000 employee base
  • Managing the implementation of ADP Connect process which involved the mapping of SAP/ADP fields for transfer, defining and designing the process and the data flows with key users representing their respective companies and addressing specific user requirements
  • Gathering HR/Payroll requirements for multiple internal companies for configuration and creating the required solution
  • Configuring and demonstrating SAP HR Data transfer by use of SAP/ADP process to get user buy-in
  • Resolving errors from the first cycle of FIT (functional integration testing) and demonstrating a clean run in the second cycle with positive feed back and acceptance for go-live from the keys users
  • Automating the data transfer from SAP to ADP on a daily basis for 60 payroll areas by creating SAP overnight background jobs.
  • Preparing the client for go-live and having multiple knowledge transfer sessions for production support
  • Creating documentation e.g. scope decisions, data objects and process flows

Confidential (Dallas TX) Feb 06 – May 06

  • Main Role: Project Process Lead for Payroll Blueprint Phase, using SAP vECC 5.0
  • Gathering payroll requirements for the blueprint phase for mutiple internal companies
  • Setting up and conducting Payroll workshop with key users representing their respective companies and specific user requirements
  • Driving out decisions and business process flows, solving issues by configuring and demonstrating by use of demo SAP system to get user buy-in for project scope
  • Creating documentation e.g. scope decisions, data objects and process flows

Confidential (La Palma CA/Houston TX) June 05 – Feb 06

  • Main Role: Coordination of the project deliverables for internal resources from the La Palma location for a 9000 Retail employee transition project from PeopleSoft to ADP/ProBusiness
  • Heading up the Payroll Parallel Phase, laying out the procedures and methodology for several team resources and managing the client expectations in delivering results from parallel processing
  • Resolving errors with ADP ProBusiness resources and reporting back to project management
  • Creating the Workplan for the parallel phase and ensuring deadlines and expectations were met
  • Providing production support in the absence of key user whilst meeting project goals
  • Confidential (Woodlands TX) Nov 04 – May 05
  • Main Role: Configuration of Payroll processes and functionality to meet the aggressive timeline on SAP v4.7
  • A six month rapid SAP HR Payroll Implementation of a full suite of HR sub-modules including payroll, time, benefits and organization management.
  • Configuration of over 800 wage types to map to legacy wages for all payments and deductions
  • Configuration of Schema and Rules to meet CPC requirements
  • Configuration of other payroll functionality e.g. payment models, benefits integration, interfaces to and from SAP.
  • Helping users test FIT (Functional Integration Testing) scenarios and Parallel testing for April 1st smooth go-live.

Confidential (Houston TX) Jul 04 – Oct 04

  • Main Role: Parallel lead/Production Support in the Payroll area and making enhancements of existing processes. Ensuring the parallel testing was completed on time for go-live and delivery for SAP HR users, SAP v4.7.
  • Lead the Parallel Testing for Phase 2 of the implementation for seamless 10/1/04 go-live for several team members
  • Solving errors and testing the end-to-end processes, from executing payrolls to creating the output files.
  • Making configuration changes e.g. schema and rule changes as part of the parallel testing phase to achieve the targets
  • Helping users familiarize with new processes and building their confidence levels to enhance their performance
  • Coordinating and communicating with users to ensure the delivery of the set targets
  • Ensuring the posting of payroll results to FICO was done without any errors for first 10/1/04 payrolls
  • Configuring 25 countries for headcount reporting requirements

Confidential (Houston TX) Jun 03 – Jul 04

  • Main Role: Creating enhancements in the Time Management and Payroll area and making improvements of existing processes. Lead teams, facilitated meetings and held training sessions for SAP HR users
  • Lead internal project for claims which had a long history of problems that did not meet client expectations, made recommendations and implemented changes to reflect correct payments to the benefit carriers and created reports to assist in the reconciliation effort
  • Created the procedures for archiving SAP reports using 3rd party software - IXOS
  • In the Claims Processing area, training users, documenting complex procedures on the processing of claims to resolve problems that had been unresolved for over a year, this assisted the reconciliation effort
  • Tested and implemented the W2c and 1099Rc process for 2003 year-end project.
  • Writing program specifications and automating job processing using 3rd party software - Autosys

Confidential (Columbus OH) Feb 03 – Jun 03

  • Main Role: Production Support, configuring, testing of payroll enhancements post go live on a distributed SAP HR module on version 4.6c.
  • Managing the additional development of ABAP programs, writing ABAP program specifications, testing and training the users in using these programs.
  • Delivered presentations to the client regarding the workings of several complex ABAP reports.
  • Lead the integration testing stage of the project presenting the methodology to the team of 8, and monitored progress
  • Trained payroll users in processing their first Quarterly Reporting: SUI’s, 941’s processing and confirming results by executing the payroll reconciliation report.
  • Writing the procedures for updating OSS/BSI tax updates and unemployment rate changes.

Confidential (Jackson MS) Nov 01 – Feb 03

  • Greenfield implementation of SAP HR module on version 4.6c. Sub-modules included PA, PD, Payroll and Benefits.
  • Main role: Configuration of Payroll for over 35 internal companies. Starting with Business Blueprint using ASAP methodology to determine the business requirements and implementing the Phase 1 rollout of one company followed by a successful and seamless go-live for Phase 2 rollout of the remaining companies. Managing the parallel testing, integration to other SAP modules and interfaces to and from other systems. Fully experienced in all aspects of Payroll processing:
  • Tax Factory: BSI/SAP Tax Configuration, HR Support Packs testing, BSI Tubs/OSS Notes installation
  • RFFOUS_C & RFFOUS_T configuration, Payroll to FI Integration configuration, Payroll to Benefits Integration Configuration, ACH/Check Processing, Writing Check Printing Procedures, Check Register / Voids Procedures
  • Payroll Integration with Benefits, Time and FI for payroll postings
  • Bonus Runs using IT267, Off Cycle configuration
  • Tax Reporter configuration, Quarterly Reporting: SUI’s, 941’s Processing
  • Garnishment configuration and Month End Accruals Configuration
  • Pay Scale Groups and Levels configuration, Using IT2010 for Payroll, Payroll Schemas & Rules, Feature Configuration for Payroll
  • Managing/Coordinating Transports, Creating Program Specifications, Testing interfaces from other systems e.g. IBM mainframe and Variant configuration
  • End User training and knowledge transfer
  • Production Support for phase 1 and 2 go-lives


  • SAP HR Certified (Toronto, Canada) Key sub modules included were Personnel Admin, Time Recording/Evaluation, Payroll, Organization Management and Benefits
  • SAP Payroll: Gross and Net (HR400 & HR410)
  • SAP Payroll Rules and Schema (WNA11)
  • SAP Advanced Tax Reporter (WUSTAX)
  • SAP Portals (SAPEP)
  • SAP HR/ESS (HR250)
  • US Payroll Training by: American Payroll Association (APA)
  • SAP ASAP Certified


  • Confidential University BSc. Computer Science Equivalent (Systems Implementation)

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