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Sap Crm Consultant Resume

Chicago, IL

Experience summary

  • 6+ years of SAP CRM Consulting experience in industries such as consumer products, Telecommunications sector, service sector.
  • SAP CRM consultant with expertise in cross-functional applications of SD, FICO, MM and PP Modules in industrial scenarios.
  • SAP CRM expertise comprises of Marketing, Sales, Service, Interaction Centre, E commerce, CTI and Middleware.
  • 2 Life Cycle implementation with Best Practice principles using SAP Solutions.
  • Progressive experience in Requirement gathering, Blueprinting, documentation, configuration, testing and training.
  • Involved in the Customization of IC-Webclient, Creating IC-Webclient profiles, Navigation Bar profile, Activity Clip Board, Transaction launcher, Agent inbox Profile, Business Transaction Profile, Functional profiles etc.
  • Good experience in all functionalities of IC Web Client including BSPs, development of custom Views, custom fields and buttons attaching functionality to it.
  • Experience in configuration and set-up of ICWebClient environment. Built Item Category buttons for Sales Orders and functionality to flip the item category in co-ordination with ABAPers.
  • Implemented Transaction Launcher to create a Service Notification in ECC from the IC Webclient screen.
  • Done middleware settings for proper transfer of data from CRM to ECC.
  • Middleware is enhanced with a framework that integrates the CRM server with Microsoft Exchange servers (Groupware servers) for exchange of data.

Key SAP Skills

  • Strong Organizational skills have ability to communicate effectively across all levels of Management.
  • Skilled in Modular functional CRM strategy, design and development landscape for functionalities to work as intended.
  • Proficient in the following functions within SAP CRM including CRM Master Data, Base Customization, Service order Management, Complaints and repairs, Service Contracts, Warranty claims, Case management, Usage Based Service Contracts, Quotation, Opportunity, Sales Process with integration to Backend R/3 system.
  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME’s) on the functionality, strengths and shortfalls of SAP CRM.
  • Have complete knowledge of SAP CRM server technology & User Interfaces worked/working with SAP CRM 2007 (SAP CRM 6.0), CRM 7.0, SAP CRM 5.0, SAP R/3 4.7, SAP ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0 versions.
  • Functional specifications for development of ISA B2C scenario along with technical team.
  • Experienced in the Deployment of ICSS B2B/B2C and ISA B2B on server using SAP BuildTool.
  • Worked in creation of product variants to maintain web shop for Internet sales.
  • Executed the company\'s e-commerce initiative by implementing the B2C scenario in SAP CRM.
  • Configured components of ISA scenarios including Web Order, account and user management through eserve/ESS ( ISA).
  • Involved in configuring Internet sales, Document Management, Creating Document, Assigning Documents to Product Catalog, Creating B2C Reference User, Identifying Relevant ERP Account Groups (SAP ERP), Creating ERP Reference Customer (SAP ECC).
  • Configured Pricing in CRM using IPC.
  • Groupware integration is achieved by a set of Groupware Connectors and a Groupware Adapter.
  • Customization of IC-Webclient, Creating IC-Webclient profiles, Navigation Bar profile, Activity Clip Board, Transaction launcher, Agent inbox Profile, Business Transaction Profile, Functional profiles
  • Integrated marketing components like product proposals with the CIC.
  • Identify target groups for different campaigns to promote their new products in the campaign management process for e-marketing.
  • Middleware: Integration done between ECC and CRM, replication configuration done for Master Data and Transactional data.
  • Sound knowledge and experience in SAP CRM Cross-functional integration with ECC.
  • Specific areas of expertise include SAP CRM Marketing, Sales, and Service, CIC (ICWinClient / IC Web Client, CTI and Middleware.
  • Core configuration done in Organization Management, Transaction processing, Business Partner, Partner processing, Actions, Pricing, Campaign Automation, ELM.

SAP Modules: SAP CRM, CRM Ecommerce, Service, Sales, CIC, IPC, SAP SD, MM
SAP Versions: CRM 7.0, CRM 5.0, R/3 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0
Operating System: Windows NT, XP
Databases: Oracle 8i, MS Access

Master of Business Administration

Project Experience

Confidential,CHICAGO, IL Jan 10 – Till Now
Environment: CRM 7.0, CRM 5.0 and ECC6.0
Role/Responsibility: SAP CRM Consultant

  • Involving the implementation team on CRM 7.0 from CRM 5.0 for AT&T Sales Implementation.
  • Configured SAP CIC-Web client for transactions like lead, opportunity, quotation and sales order
  • Experience in configuration and set-up of IC –Web Client environment
  • Support off-shore activities for AT&T Service for US.
  • Worked on issues related to Integration of Service Management with IC (Web Client) IT Help Desk; IC Customer Service.
  • Worked on Inquiries, Quotes and Service Contract types.
  • Configuration of system as per the Client requirements for Products and Business Partners
  • Customized & monitored replication of Sales Orders from CRM to R/3. Also involved in Middleware settings for CRM & R/3 synchronization.
  • Worked on Contract customizing settings, contract determination in Sales Orders, integration of contracts between ECC and SAP CRM.
  • Customized the CRM system with respect to Date management, Status management and Actions to meet the business needs.
  • Configured Campaign Management Automation for their Marketing activities.
  • Customizing settings done for Organizational data download such for Distribution Channels, Divisions and Sales Areas with relevant Texts.
  • Copying the Sales structures from ECC to CRM Enterprise.
  • Configured Sales order processing in CRM including creation of Request for Quotations.
  • Customization of Interaction Center, IC Web client profiles, assigning profiles to the organizational units/positions, defining account identification, business transaction, Tool bar, Activity clipboard, Navigation bar profiles, defining agent inbox settings, Creating Interaction center Functional profiles in the CRM system based on the process requirements.
  • Groupware integration is achieved by a set of Groupware Connectors and a Groupware Adapter.
  • For Maintaining Contacts, Send and receives e-mail messages, Create personal tasks, Use the calendar for managing appointments with employees and business partners.
  • Valuable knowledge acquired in CRM 7.0 IC web MVC frame work mainly in the BOL and GenIL Layers and enhanced various views/view sets, Business Object Layer (BOL) to meet requirements.

Confidential,WA Jan 09 – Dec 09
Environment: CRM 5.0 and ECC 6.0
Role/Responsibility: SAP CRM Consultant

  • Setup Org structure with direct mapping to SAP R/3 and Organization determination
  • Created Territory Hierarchies, Employees and assigned Employees to territories through position and made a link between Territory and Organizational Structure.
  • Experience in the business process mapping, process design and configuration of customer service and support
  • Experience in the business process mapping, process design and configuration of E marketing
  • Involved in the Creation of B2B webshop, product catalog, replication of catalog on Trex, XCM for the Java Basket setup, Catalog, Application scenarios.
  • Expertised in CRM base customizing, Market Planning & Campaign Management
  • Set up email for use with Marketing Planner to achieve highly targeted marketing.
  • Tracked and used Web behavior to target customers which will help in driving future marketing activities.
  • As a part of Integration \\ manually tested the service contracts
  • Experienced in various service scenarios like Service Contracts, Service Request Management, Service Object, Service order managements, Managing Ibase and Knowledge Management.
  • Configured Service Orders in Web Client
  • Actively involved in Complaint & returns processing in CRM.
  • Extensively worked on Return processing, Warranty claim processing and Credit memos.
  • Involved in inter-company CRM billing, billing processing and Archiving of Billing documents.
  • Responsible for the Configuration of Account and Contact Management.
  • Created and worked with Business Communication Broker (BCB) for testing the CTI functionality
  • Involved in the implementation of full CRM suite including sales and marketing.
  • Specific responsibility of CRM 5.0 Marketing Methodology deployed – CIC WinClient.
  • Extensive marketing functional experience in marketing planning, campaign management and product proposals.
  • Configured Sales order processing in CRM including creation of Request for Quotations and quotations.
  • Setup the product master for Service -hierarchy, category, set type, attributes and number assignment. Create and maintain Service Order and Service confirmation as follow up Transaction Type. Service billing, Service Controlling.
  • Defined & configured various Service Order, Repair orders, Return related configuration such as Warranties, Entitlements, Installed Base and also integrated Pricing for Service Contracts.
  • Worked on configurations of sales order processes, catalog determination, document types, catalog types and copying control.
  • Automatic Determination of Organizational data for Internet transactions.
  • Maintaining special TPM related conditions like the rebate agreements, condition generations and rebate processing.
  • Developed RFC in CRM to fetch business partner custom details in ECC.
  • Middleware monitoring for Inbound and Outbound Bdocs from ECC.

Confidential,MO July 07– Dec 08
Environment: SCM 5.0, SAP NETWEAVER 2004 and ECC 5.0
Role/Responsibility: SAP Consultant

SAP Rollout
The responsibilities of project Light speed ERP EPIC (Enterprise Purchasing and Inventory Control) include understanding the Client’s business process related to OMS Interface, ERP SAP ECC, GATP. Rollout of ERP EPIC to 5 plants - DC South Bend, Lancaster, San Leandro, Wallingford & Reno.


  • Split valuation of New and Used, New Garage Additions, Scans RF22 – Garage receipt , RF25 – Checkout/Check in and RF33- Order Activation, Bulk Shipment Process
  • Worked on Scenarios of Negotiation Orders, Tech Install, Direct Ship Install, Bulk ship order and Refurbishment process.
  • Have handled Defects related to Sales Orders process of Purchase Requisition, Planned Order, Production Order, Waves creation and Scanning.
  • GATP related issues such as Core interface between R/3 and APO, Planning Schedule and rerunning of ATP checks for orders.
  • Split Valuation issues of Inventory planning
  • Have worked on UPS Undeliverable Direct Ship Order, with return code Undeliverable Restock.
  • Loaded Master Data in Development and Testing Environment for testing team to work on those records as part of Master Data Creation team.
  • OMS Interface related issues such as data flow between OMS and ERP were handled.
  • Prepared and changed Interface Agreements, Detail Design documents with respect to processes.
  • Have worked extensively on conversions of documents for cutover, migration of various configuration transports from Development to Testing clients.
  • Worked on Conversion of documents (Purchase orders, Sales orders, Deliveries), so that Split Valuation of NEW and USED was updated on all current documents.
  • Also updated Material Master Records with new Valuation types in production environment and also created and maintained Equipment records in development environment for integration testing.
  • Executed many scenarios related to Tech Install and Self Install for Unit test, Integration Test and system test using testing tool Quality Centre.
  • Involved in cutover for conversions of documents, garage additions and stock updates, played active role in fixing the fallouts and also worked on defects.
  • Have worked extensively on Bulk shipment process.
  • Updated Detailed Design documents, High Level Design documents, and Business Requirements documents. Also designed and maintained RTM’s (Requirement Traceability Matrix).

Confidential,TX Oct 05– Feb 07
Environment: SAP CRM Service, SM, SD, PS, FICO
Role/Responsibility: SAP Consultant

SAP Support

This project mainly deals with providing SAP application support to the entire SAP application installed at Hewlett Packard Services Information Technology (HPSIT) part of Technology Solution Group (TSG).


  • Worked on functionality’s in Service Management - Service Maintenance Orders, Repair and Return Processes, Equipments, Serialization, Warranties, Service Measuring Points, Counters and settlements.
  • Extensively worked on Service Notifications, Service Orders integration with Solution Database.
  • Worked on Quotation creation and Billing for service orders - Profiles definition for quotation, Billing and Result Analysis.
  • Troubleshooting issues related to Business partners, Activities, Partner processing & Product master particularly in the areas of Product Hierarchies, Categories, Set Types and Attributes.
  • Issues related to Integration of SM with IC (Web Client) IT Help Desk; IC Customer Service & Support were handled.
  • Worked on Pricing in Web shop Catalog, Pricing in Web shop Shopping Basket/Checkout, and Pricing in R/3.
  • Monitor the data transfer with CRM middleware portal, outbound and inbound queue monitor, BDoc messages and by using other troubleshooting methods.
  • Worked on Measuring Points, Measurement Documents, Maintenance Strategies and Multiple Counter Maintenance Plans for technical objects.
  • Suggest process improvement methods for TSG and business partners to optimize support efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Analysis and Resolution of various issues related to Functional Locations, Equipments with products not mapped for sales organization for Hardware, Software and Joint-ware product structures.
  • Expertise in Inquiries, Quotes and Service Contract types – Renewal Contract (ZCRN) and Re-price Contract (ZCRP), Upfront Contract types - ZCU, ZCUD, ZCUA, ZDEL and various other contract types.
  • Supported Configurator (ZGIS) related issues for creating quotes and configuring functional locations and equipments.
  • Issues related to repair procedure for the “Returns and Repairs Process” or RMA process for the centralized Depot scenario.
  • Workflow mechanism was developed to send out mails to the Field Service Engineers (FSE) every time a new service order was created and assigned to an FSE as a part of dispatching mechanism.
  • Coordinated with ABAP Team for developing custom reports and ABAP queries in supporting the FSE reporting needs.
  • Worked on Dynamic Item Processing Profile (DIP) also known as Resource Related Billing for Quotation and Billing Requests, for both depot and field service billing.
  • Made various configuration changes such as adding additional information related to reporting, making modifications to text, adding the warranty upgrade process to supporting materials table, adding “goods products” definition to definition table, adding Offers information to product structure section.
  • Coordinated in design and development of Custom program and a custom table for automatic loading of Upfront Contracts to SAP Warranty Master Records.
  • Integrated SM module with SD, MM and FI/CO and tested complete process cycle.


  • Handled issues related to Customer master, Material Master, Installed Base, Inquires, Quotes and Contracts. Upfront, Product structure, Pricing, Billing.
  • Pricing related issues for product, order and tax pricing and also worked on issues related to Service based revenue recognition.
  • Worked with integration team partners in designing and configuring common objects like Settlement profiles, Cost Centers, Profit Centers, Invoice Documents, Debit and Credit Memo Requests, Repair Orders, Service Products, Service Plants, Storage locations (Van or Trunk Stocks for the Field Service Engineers), Stock Transfer Purchase Orders for ordering spare parts in trunk stock.
  • Gaps were documented as additional RICEFW objects, and pertinent functional and technical specs were created to design and develop these requirements.
  • Prepared delta-training material on SM and SD modules and trained key users.
  • Supported on various interfaces and workflow related issues.

Confidential,NY Feb 05– Oct 05
Environment: SAP SD, LE, MM, PP, IM, FICO
Role/Responsibility: SAP SD Consultant

The project involved customization of SAP R/3 4.7 Enterprise and implementation across all enterprises in the US and different parts of the world and a later upgrade project to version 5.0. The application included SAP R/3 FI, CO, SD, MM, WM Modules and SAP APO.

  • As a team member, involved in project management, Business analysis, analysis, design, configuration, testing, and documentation

SAP Implementation

  • Responsibilities include analysis, design, configuration, testing, and documentation of Order to Cash (OTC), with application areas of Order management, Logistics Management and Inter/Intra Company at Kodak.
  • Configured different areas of LE and SD based on business requirements.
  • Worked with the MM team to set up Inter-company process.
  • Worked extensively on Kodak Customized PO-SO-PO process.
  • Worked on Inter-Intra Company sales, Inter Company Chaining and Replenishment.
  • Worked on warehouse management system
  • Configured shipping point determination, route determination, storage location determination & output determination.
  • Responsible for Replenishment path build out between the plants.
  • Worked on Shipments, Shipment Costs and settlements as part of Logistics Transportation.
  • Configured output determination for the order processing and delivery processing. Worked with the sourcing team to create functional specification to set up output determination for customer facing documents in 3rd party drop shipments.
  • Extensively worked on GXS AI, EDI/ALE IDOC’s Customer Orders, Customer PO, Order Change, Delivery Advice, Advance Ship Notice, Invoice Customer and Payment Advice other interfaces with third party warehouse management systems.
  • Coordinated with technical ABAP team for reports creation and SAP Scripts.
  • Actively involved in the unit testing, and integration testing.
  • Updated design documents and also updated database with documentation related to servicecalls.

Confidential,Bangalore JULY 04– Feb 05
Environment: SAP SD, LE, MM, PP, IM, FICO
Role/Responsibility: SAP SD Consultant

The project involved Production Support of SAP R/3 4.6C. The application included SAP R/3 FI, CO, SD and MM Modules. Given below are some key highlights:

SAP Support

  • Handled various issues related to sales order processing, delivery processing and billing processing.
  • Solving issues related to OTC, Order Management, ATP, Pricing and Output determination procedures.
  • Worked on issues related to Consignment Stock Process, Depot Sales Process and Package Sales Process.
  • Created and maintained billing documents based on sales orders and delivery, credit and debit memos based on requests. Cancellation document based on billing documents/credit memo.
  • Monitoring the data feed, orders creation through IDOC’s flow from different interfaces and legacy system to SAP.
  • Handled issues related to customer master, material master and pricing.
  • Fixed issues related to inconsistent pricing between order and invoice.
  • Worked on the special sales document types - cash order, rush order, credit/debit and free of charge delivery types.
  • Conduct Knowledge Transition sessions for end-user trainings.

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