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Sr Abap Developer Resume

Solon, OH


  • 9+ years of development experience in SAP ABAP/UI5with expertise in handling techno functional responsibilities in CRM, SD, MM, EWM, FI, CO, WM and HR modules along with experience in SAP ABAP Programming, XI, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, Web Dynpro, NWBC, FPM. BSP, ALE, EDI and CRM Middleware.
  • Expertise in developing UI using WEBDYNPRO and FPM(Floor plan Manager) and good at utilizing FPM features like ATS tree, search, Launch Pad, Chart, Free style & tab.
  • Expertise in FPM features like Maximize UIBB, Instance Styling, Theme designer and enhancement for export functionality.
  • Have very good experience on Enhancement Framework by implementing User Exits/ Customer Exits/ Field Exits/ Menu Exits/ Screen Exits/ Enhancement Spots/ BTE’s/ BADI’s for various application specific scenarios using SMOD/CMOD and Knowledge on Switch Framework.
  • Experienced in developing Webdynpro Applications using Service Call, Supply Function, ALV reports and integrating Webdynpro Applications with Share point.
  • Expertise in creating accessing WEBDYNPRO Controllers and integrating SAP list viewer for webdynpro ABAP.
  • Handled various UI elements - radio buttons, business graphics, dropdown, group, image, linktoaction, lead selection for tables, roadmap, view container UI Element and table popin.
  • Adept at SQL Trace Analysis, Run Time Analysis tools, Code Inspector, Performance Trace, RFC Trace, Single Record Statistics, Code Review, Performance Tuning and Quality Assurance.
  • Experience in the area of ERP with emphasis on SAP HANA cloud platform, Data Sources, HANA Views.
  • Extensive experience with Module Pool/Dialog Programming, Function Group, Subroutine pool, ABAP Query and Report Writer/Report Painter.
  • Extensively worked on New Enhancement Framework, User Exits, Modification Overview and BADIs.
  • Expertise in using various application-specific BAPI’s, creation of custom RFC’s for Web Services creation using SOAMANAGER and custom BAPI’s for Business Objects.
  • Working experience in Netweaver concepts like Enterprise Portal, OOABAP, iViews, Pages, WorkCenters, Roles, Single Sign On, and EP Logical Components along with good exposure to SAP BW and XI.
  • Involved in technically supporting CRM implementations by developing custom objects using BSP and Web Dynpro in CRM 2007 Web UI. Involved in developing objects both in B2B and B2C business processes.
  • Exposure to the SAP Modules SD, PS, MM, IM, FI /CO, PP, EWM, HUM, ECM, HR and Workflow.
  • Extensive experience inReports, Performance Tuning,WebDynpro, SMARTFORMS, Adobe Forms, SAP Scripts, ALE, IDOCS, BAPI, ALV Reports, Dialog/ Module Pool programmingand RFC Function Modules OOABAP andBORobjects.
  • Expertise in development of custom Workflows involving Workflow Template Designing, Role Designing, Organizational Planning, Object Design, Methods Development, Sub Types, Delegation, Standard Task Creation Event linkage, Binding, Container Assignments and trouble-shooting workflow related issues
  • Performance Tuning has been done using SQL Trace, Run Time Analysis and changing the ABAP reports for better performance modifying internal tables and select statements
  • Experienced in Data Migration, Upgrade, Enhancement/Support pack and Production Support projects.
  • Performance Tuning has been done using SQL Trace, Run Time Analysis and changing the ABAP reports for better performance modifying internal tables and select statements.
  • Designed EWM Fiori apps like shipping, receiving and internal movements for warehouses.
  • Extensive experience in SAPUI5 and building Fiori Apps which includes apps installation/configuration, Launchpad, role setup and implementation of apps and customization, theme configuration and Fiori integration with Fiori client.
  • Expertise in SAP UI5, SAP FIORI/UX, OData, NW Portal, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, XML, SMP, Cordova, Mobility, HCP, REST, GIT and SAP Net Weaver Gateway Service Builder.
  • Experienced in developing ease of use desktop and mobile application using SAPUI5, Fiori , OData, HTML5, CSS, JQuery , and JSON etc.
  • Well versed with MVC concept for SAP UI5/Fiori Apps.
  • Custom Apps Development using UI5, JavaScript, JQuery and MVC frameworks.


ERP: SAP R/3 4.x. ECC 6.0, SAP BW 3.1C, SAP SCM-APO 7.0, EHP 7.0, SMP 3.0

ABAP/4 tools: DDIC, Application Hierarchy, Transport Organizer, Area menu.

Interface tools: ALE, EDI, IDOC, RFC, BAPI, Workflow.

User Enhancements: Function Module Exit, Screen exit, Menu Exit, Field exit, Dialog Programming, Screen Painter, Menu Painter.

Data Communication: Batch Input, Call Transaction, Session Method, LSMW, BAPI.

Analysis tools: ABAP debugger, Runtime analysis, SQL Trace, Code Inspector, SPAU, SPDD and Jira.

Reporting Tools: Classical & Interactive Reporting, ALV Grid, SAP Scripts, ABAP Query, Smart Forms.

GUI: SAPGUI, Web Dynpro, SAP UI5, SAP FIORI, ITS Mobile.

Programming Platforms: SAP ABAP/4, SAP ABAP workbench, SAPUI5, Fiori Launchpad, SAP HCP, Eclipse IDE, SAP HANA, SAP Web IDE.

SAP CRM: CCS, IC Web Client, Internet Sales, Marketing, Field Sales, Service Interaction Center, ISU, campaign management, TPM, lead management.

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS.

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA (J2SE& J2EE), .Net, (HTML and XML).

Database: MS-Access 2003, Oracle (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), SQL Server 2003 and 2005.

Servers: Windows Server 2005/2008/2012, Exchange Server 2000/2003, Red hat Linux Server.

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, JSON, XML.


Confidential, Solon, OH

Sr ABAP Developer


  • Developed custom RF transactions for ITS mobile execution for picking in the warehouse. Which includes separate transaction roles and tile based logistic family.
  • Designed Webdynpro application with various UI elements like Link to action, Buttons and view UI container element.
  • Created a Webdynpro application with multiple link to actions in home screen, and based on the selection generates a dynamic ALV report with color coding based on the user status.
  • Created Webdynpro table with Table pop in to display Long text for the production order.
  • Created class and methods for the bin logic to select bins for the pick ticket in the process of outbound shipments.
  • Created a Webdynpro application to fetch the sales order details using BAPI and service call and generated ALV report.
  • Developed a Webdynpro component which dynamically call other views and display the sales order number.
  • Creation of NWBC content by creating PFCG roles and the menus inside it to call the webdynpro applications with passed parameters.
  • Good in System Landscape Directory(SLD), Integration Builder.
  • Expertise in developing SAP Scripts, SMARTFORMS, Interactive ADOBE FORMS and dialog programs using WEBDYNPRO.
  • Creation of new reporting tool using ABAP Webdynpro, FPM.
  • Developed RF transaction/FLOORS/PICK TILES SHADE for picking in which 2 different unit of measures are considered.
  • Designed and developed custom workflow process for credit requests, returns and free samples .
  • Developed requirement routine for output type to restrict printing the document when workflow is in process.
  • Developed RF Putaway transaction to complete the Loading process by scanning the shipment base on proper information on pick ticket.
  • Designed the layout for the pick List print, packing List print using the Adobe Forms.
  • Developed, tested and Implemented Interface programs to update customer details in customer master and for material master to extended plants that update records depends on data file from external systems using MM01 transaction.
  • Created picking list smartform to display list of quantity based on HU number.
  • Designed Shipping reports that suggest the suitable handling units, which needs to be picked for the customer shipment with the capability of printing labels like UCC, SSCC as per customer order requirements.
  • Implemented BADI Enhancement to take action after RFID scan.
  • Worked on production buffer program to delete entries from custom table once the inspection lot is completed.
  • Modified EDI to include address in invoice outbound EDI and house number is deleted for entries having number in street field.
  • Designed and developed program to Automate TO for replenishing fixed bins as a background job.
  • Developed Barcode Labels for the Customer Shipping Information Using Adobe forms.
  • Enhanced purchase requisition application to make purchase requisition number mandatory using BADIs and added new fields.
  • Successfully created BDC for uploading Customer master data, quotation, sales order, billing and other data related to enquiry to SAP system from the legacy system using Session method.
  • Resolved bugs in BDC report for different transaction which used call transaction method and session method and handled unit testing, created technical specifications.

Confidential, Dublin, OH

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Involved in data migration (data conversion) for Vendor Master Data from legacy system to SAP system using Batch Input Recording Method (LSMW).
  • Maximum utilization of FPM features like ATS, Tree, Search, Launchpad, Chart, Free Style.
  • Utilization of FPM features like maximize UIBB, Instance styling, Theme designer.
  • Enhancing FPM ATS to support custom export with personalized aggregated data and writing Custom export functionality to export data with max half million rows.
  • Implemented FPM chart to visualize the results of reports and quick links in the landing page, specific to each user based on the report.
  • Used webdynpro Business graphics to create chart for the application.
  • Designed and developed Custom workflow to process Quatations through multiple level of approvals.
  • Designed custom workflow to put sales Orders through Credit Approval process.
  • Configured and customized purchase requisition line item approval process workflow before PO are created to vendors.
  • Configured the EDI process to enable the client to exchange documents with the business partners. Setup the ALE. Worked with RFC destination and Ports, created Partner Profiles, Distribution Model & message type. Also configured the Inbound & Outbound process for EDI documents such as Sales Orders.
  • Created a Classical report to display PO, PO Item, Status, Item change date, Material Number, PO Quantity, Order Unit and Price.
  • Worked on archiving IDOC (Data Archiving). Archived IDOCs created before the specified data. Transaction code SARA was used for the same.
  • Worked on User exits to predefine Sold-to party in Sales document for Sales & Distribution (SD).
  • Created a Smartform to display Customer Info, Company info & Company Logo. Also displays the Item Number, Material Number, Description, Order Quantity, Total Price. Also created custom Smart styles in the process.
  • Created Adobe Form according to client specifications using Adobe Designer. Created the form to display the Purchase order. Some custom fields included Contact Name, Company, Address, City, Country etc. The customer could also fill up additional details like Description, Qty, Unit Price & Amount.
  • Application Development on launchpad for FIORI and Maintained the role and other configuration in Net Weaver Gateway and involved in design, development, maintenance and troubleshooting SAP Fiori configurations and enhancements.
  • Modeling-created calculation views for domain-simple Finance (S/4 HANA), sales. Created stored procedures, Table functions and custom table.
  • Strong experience in using joins, unions, Rank and Aggregation nodes, Created calculated/Restricted columns, Input parameters/Variables.
  • Performance Tuning- SQL plan, SQL Tracing and take decisions based on the statistics, optimizing HANA views for better performance.

Confidential, Waltham, MA

SAP Technical Consultant


  • Preparing the technical specifications, technical developments for implementation of UI5/Fiori, checking feasibility whether user expectations will able to fulfil or not.
  • Developed Custom workflow for purchase requisition process.
  • Developed Custom workflow for purchase order approval process.
  • Developed Quote approval Workflow.
  • Written Technical designs for Data conversion and Interfaces with the interaction of functional consultants.
  • Developed interfaces to load currency exchange values.
  • Created a BDC program to create/change/delete sales orders in SAP.
  • Created LSMW objects to create customers and to extend customers with divisions, create texts for every division, update partner functions and other details.
  • Analyze the functional requirements provided by the client team to understand the feasibility of implementation.
  • Estimate the effort for delivery of interfaces and define delivery milestones based on schedule.
  • Track progress and lead the team in delivering the build of the components.
  • Developed an ALV report to display the DSO (day’s sales outstanding) report as per client requirement.
  • Developed an ALV report to display the requestor/maintainer address Override details.
  • Developed customer trade group data report and monitoring function using an ALV with OOPS.
  • Developed the custom form layout and program to create and display the Delivery Slip Details.
  • Developed a program to upload the contact person’s details, customer text, and delivery sales hours via VAP1 and XD02.
  • Implemented customized BADI to get the SLED details for materials using transaction BMBC (batch information COCKPIT).
  • Modified BOM creation of T-Code CS01 by adding extra fields as per client requirement.
  • Coded to create/change/delete the plant assignment for plant, material no, BOM allocation usage and alternative BOM using function modules CSAP MAT BOM ALLOC /CREATE/DELETE/UPDATE (Create/Change/Update) for t-Code CS07/CS08/CS09.
  • Developed Custom applications for CRM opportunity and Quote functionality using WEB IDE tool on Hana Cloud platform.
  • Developed Custom application using SAP UI5 by consuming OData ABAP service with MVC.
  • Using Web IDE application developed for Quote CMS contract/Order booking functionality: Read, Delete, Hyperlink, file Download and upload.
  • Maintained smart filter, auto suggested values to BOM table for Quote pricing functionality on UI5 using WEB IDE Hana Cloud Platform.
  • Developed multiple OData services and provided to the front end to consumer on UI5/Fiori.
  • Working on display/change/create the Sales Orders UI5 application as per the client requirement.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using DHTML, HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Coordinated with Basis team to install/configure SAP NetWeaver Gateway landscape for enabling SAP Fiori and custom UI5 apps.
  • Created custom themes as per requirement and Implemented Fiori applications for CRM.
  • Created Responsive Designs (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop) using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Supported fixes in adding Company Logo, company website link and description in FIORI screens.
  • SAP Fiori Tracking Sales Order application by adding sap.m library screen elements.
  • Designed and developed OData Services for developed User interface and integrated with backend.
  • SAP FIORI Implementation and Extensibility (Customization, Config and Routing).

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

SAP UI5 Consultant.


  • Custom Apps Development using UI5, JavaScript, JQuery .
  • Built the Core Framework for cross-app communication, user preferences & navigation .
  • Set up and configure navigation, security, integration with Ui5 & ECC etc.…
  • Used Web IDE to extend Fiori Apps.
  • SAP UI5 Environment setup including Local Environment Setup.
  • Configuring the Fiori Launchpad with the help of Basis Team. SAP Notes Installation & backend configuration.
  • SAP Fiori Role & Tiles Configuration.
  • Validations to do Post operation and display Information on UI5 for the backend data.
  • Data binding to the UI5 controls from OData Services for the FI backend data.
  • Implemented Viz Frame and Chart Container usingsap.viz.ui5.controls for generating reports which are more user friendly.
  • Created a filter selection screen with in standard FIORI architecture to filter roles based on country specific, day’s specific, ascending and descending, name of country of customer as per the customer requirement.
  • Representing the Finance using Bars, Linear, Charts, and Bubble Chart etc...
  • Target mappings to all the tiles that are custom developed.
  • Activation and tested the OData Services in GW System.
  • Implemented the resource models for translation of texts.
  • Customizing and enhancing the standard apps.
  • Developed the views with smart forms, icon tab filters, Tables and Responsive layouts.
  • Developed Fragments and Formatters as per design.
  • Binding the OData service generated URI’s to the specified Controllers to view the reports.

Confidential, Madison, WI

SAP ABAP Consultant/ workflow Consultant


  • Worked on the Third-Party Order Processing in AFS includes the Copying Requirements, Pricing Routines and User-Exits. Design and Development of the program to facilitate the Third-Party Oder Details at the Grid-Level.
  • Transactions - Incoming Invoices/Credit Memos (terms of payment), Outgoing Payment, Incoming Payment, Dunning, Open item Clearing, Down payment received, Down payment made, bill of exchange.
  • GL Account Analysis report with ALV Grid Control.
  • Deep knowledge on OTC sales order processing, availability checks (ATP).
  • Developed Technical Design Specifications for Asset Data conversion and property tax reporting
  • Developed a program to create Grid Control Condition Records using BDC.
  • Created a functionality to open a Web URL to show the tracking information of the shipments for various forwarding agents.
  • Developing User Interfaces with Web Dynpro for ABAP.
  • Implemented context based, window based, message based cross component, portal integration, floor plan manager and dynamic programming for developing web based application.
  • Experience in using FPM (Floor Plan Manager) framework for sap standard UI guidelines.
  • Designed, Configured and Developed Adobe Forms for Quote, Purchase Order, Order Acknowledgment and Invoice using Adobe LiveCycle designer SFP and Adobe document services ADS.
  • Identified a bug in AFS Document flow database table update and implemented SNOTE to resolve.
  • Performed training sessions for the customer service center team.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. SAP Technical Consultant


  • Developed Billing Variants (FM's) for calculation of Electricity Transmission Charges, Miscellaneous charges and Device level charges.
  • Developed Variant for identifications of Substations group for calculation of the substation charges.
  • Developed editable ALV Report for Monthly &Adhoc reconciliation and calculation of interest on the charge differences.
  • Created a Classes and methods for Settlement steps.
  • Created Triad report using ALV for obtaining peak values consumed from the given Power stations respectively.
  • Good knowledge on ISU FM's like Installation facts update, BAPI upload of profiles (BAPI ISUPROFILE UPLOAD, BAPI UTILINSTALLATION CHANFACT, etc).
  • Created IDOC for uploading Daily settlement file received from LIMS application, having functionality to upload Application Log for success/error messages and emailing the error documents to the users for correction of the error records.
  • Created IDOC to upload the HH (half hourly) &NHH (non-half hourly) metered volumes for supplier BMUs in the system received from LIMS application.
  • Used parallel processing technique in submitting jobs via backend in case of huge number of data, for work processing balancing in inbound interfaces (Proxy and IDOCs).
  • Usage of Code inspector, Extended Program Check and Runtime Analysis for performance tuning.
  • Preparing Tech Specs, quality reviewing the Tech specs done in the team and mentoring juniors in completion for their objects assigned.
  • Preparing UTP test cases, for Functional reviews and Sign Off's.

Confidential, Pawtucket, RI



  • Successfully migrated the Purchase Order data from legacy system into SAP system by using BAPI in LSMW.
  • Used LSMW to create an IDOC from the legacy data. Custom IDOC and a message type are used for importing employee timesheet data into the SAP system. Structure relations were maintained during this process.
  • Worked on conversion for Customer Master Data (KNA1) using BDC.
  • Successfully configured the system to automatically generate an Outbound IDOC upon Creation & Update of an Opportunity in CRM.
  • Implemented Field Exit for the transaction MK01.
  • Corrected errors in existing ALV reports and enhanced their functionality according to client specifications.
  • Successfully developed a report that displays valid entries for a custom field on the selection screen of a report. This custom report was done for PP.
  • Created a PO Layout using Smart Forms.
  • Used the ABAP runtime analysis tool (SE30 ), System dump analysis ( ST22 ) to analyze and improve runtime performance of the existing ABAP programs. Also, performed Performance Tuning as required.

Confidential, Tempe, AZ

SAP technical consultant


  • Created the Program to convert the PO data into Sales order by using BAPI SALESORDER CREATE and modified the User Exit MV45AFZZ for entering the data in the customer table.
  • Developed an interface with another system, which updates Material master forecast values every week. This was developed to avoid using SAP forecasting routine. Developed custom IDoc type and message type to import data.
  • Developed a Wrapper ABAP which helps schedule transactions needing dynamic parameters to be passed and do not have a variant saving option.
  • Developed many ALV Reports which included Simple ALV, Grid ALV, Hierarchical ALV, and Interactive ALV report using classes (OOPs).
  • Performance trace and evaluation: Monitoring and analyzing SQL statement used in reports and transactions.
  • Displaying list of performance trace records. Checking performance and root cause analysis of ABAP functions using SQL trace or runtime analysis.
  • Developed conversion programs including vendor master, purchase info records, and customer material info records using LSMW, a data migration tool by SAP.
  • Developed an enhancement while creating a sales order (va01) to check if the vendor already exists. The check is done using the tax code which uniquely identifies a vendor. The user exit used was SAPMF02K.
  • Created custom Idocs for EDI (810) Invoice by extending the INVOIC02 IDoc type and adding the logic in the User Exit (EXIT SAPLVEDF 002).
  • Created ALV Reports for Sales and Distribution that gives daily quote activity, sales activity, and total dollars shipped, to ship, sales forecast and freight amount.
  • Designed EDI interface for creating inbound IDOCs using message type INVOICE to create logistics.


SAP ABAP Developer


  • Creating interactive reports such as displaying the status of material stock based on plant, storage location, company code and other parameters.
  • Developing module pool programs such as creation/display of purchase orders meant for a Vendor.
  • Uploading a raw data such as material master and customer master from legacy system to SAP system through batch input programs.
  • Automatic printing of confirmation report to customers about the delivery status prior to the delivery date using background processing technique and SAP script.
  • Generating documents such as invoice, purchase order and other correspondences using SAP script.
  • Creating and maintaining transactions, area menus, ABAP/4 dictionary objects and message classes.
  • Creating IDoc’s meant for data transfer from one system to other through ALE technique.
  • Data transfer through RFC call.
  • Performance monitoring of the system through CCMS.
  • Maintaining OP modes and OP mode timetable of the system.
  • Maintaining user profiles and assigning authorization to users.
  • Report developed for display of outstanding purchase orders for given vendor range.

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