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Sap Hcm Specialist Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • 7 yearsof experience in the IT industry, expertise in SAP as a SAP HCM Functional consultant with 2 Full-lifecycle implementations, and exposure to SAP Modules likeSD, MM, FI/CO, EWM, and CRM
  • Expert inHCM business processand in the areas ofOrganization Management (OM), Enterprise Structure, Personnel Administration (PA), Personnel Development (PD), Time Management (TM), Payroll (PY), Recruitment (REC), Training & Event Management (TEM), Management of Global Employment (MGM), and Benefits (BN).
  • Good knowledge in the areas ofEmployee Self Service (ESS), Manager Self Service (MSS), Managers Desktop (MDT), Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM), E-Recruitment, Learning Solutions (LSO), Archiving Process(Archiving Objects)and Time Managers Workplace (TMW).
  • Have an excellent understanding of HCM reporting likeHIS, SQL Query, Ad-hoc Queryand Logical Databases (LDB) likePNPCE, PAP, and PCH.
  • Have an excellent understanding of thehuman resources & business processescomprising the life cycle of an employee including recruiting, hiring, employee information maintenance, payroll and benefits.
  • Programming expertise inFRICEobjects (Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Enhancements).
  • Worked with special emphasis on Data Migration with BDC’s and LSMW for data uploads for various SAP Projects in developing ALE for multi-server interfaces in R/3.
  • Have expert knowledge inanalyzing business requirementsfor design application and coordinated with Technical development team for customization and implementation of the SAP R/3 system.
  • Ability to conduct a fit/gap analysis bycustomizing the requirementsto standard SAP.
  • Applied knowledge of ASAP methodology with phases like –Project Management, Business Blue Printing, Realization, Testing, Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support.
  • Used Slide shows, Screen shots and other training materials to explain theenterprise structure, hiring process of an employee & maintenance of info types.
  • Ability to bridge the gap betweenTechnical and Functionalteams in IT / SAP HCM Projects and have the ability to deliver from “AS IS” to “TO BE” state.
  • Good knowledge ofTesting the system, end-user Documentation, Technical documentation and writing Reports along with Production support.

ERP: SAP R/3 Version 4.0B, 4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0,
SAP CRM 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, SCM 5.1, and Solution Manager.
Languages: ABAP/4, PCUI, SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, JAVA, .NET
GUI Tools: SAP GUI, Developer 2000, VB 4.0/5.0
Database: Oracle 10g, 11g, SQL Server 7.0
Operating Systems: Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP/VISTA, MAC, UNIX
Testing Tools: MQC (Mercury Quality Center), Load Runner, Win Runner, QTP.


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA Feb 10-Till Date
SAP HCM Specialist

Confidentialisdiversified industry leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology–based products and solutions to customers in high growth sectors such as electronics, water, energy, coatings, and agriculture.

  • Worked with the Business Analysts in gathering the requirements for the creation of Mapping Documents.
  • Coordinated with the PeopleSoft Analysts in requirements gathering in the preparation of Mapping Documents.
  • Worked with the Developer in the development of the Extract Programs, which extracts data for the PS tables in a pipe delimited format.
  • Worked in the Implementation: Conversion of HR data from SAP ECC to PeopleSoft 9.1.
  • Used Payroll Reconciliation report (PC00_M10_REC) for employee’s YTD, QTD, and MTD information.
  • Data to be extracted in the Conversion Process included data from Job, Employment, Compensation, Saving, and Payroll areas.
  • Created CHARMS, and Documents in Solution Manager. Coordinated with Development, and PI teams in transporting objects.
  • Tested the data for its accuracy, and involved in verifying, and validating the results.
  • Worked with the BOA team in reviewing, and testing the XML, and Pre-Load files for data accuracy, and Data Transformation.
  • Created and executed Requirements, Defects (Defect Management), and Test Scripts using Quality Center (v10).

Environment:SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4,OM, PA, PY, ECM, BN, QC v10

Confidential, Morton, IL Mar 08-Dec 09
SAP HCM Analyst

Confidentialis a technology leader and the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial turbines. Caterpillar logistics is active in spare parts distribution services. is a technology-based company providing customized based solutions that transform distribution to a source of competitive advantage. Their heritage as a world-class distributor of caterpillar products enables them to provide integrated solutions from managing transportation, inventory, and distribution centers to sophisticated forecasting, information management, and network consulting services.

  • Created an Organizational Structure made of the different organizational units, positions, and jobs, establishing Relationships between objects and customized the reporting structure, and assigned the various organizational units and positions to cost centers.
  • Customized various integrations from PA to other sub modules with HCM using Integration switches.
  • Set up Features LGMST, ABKRS for new Personnel Areas / PSAs.
  • Maintained master data using transactions PA30 and PA40 for hiring a person, pay change, transfer, retirement, termination and leaving, worked on Dynamic actions.
  • Customizing the account assignment for cost center at department level.
  • Assigned appraisal models to specific Personnel area/Personnel sub area Employee groups/Employee sub groups.
  • Designed and setup of Enterprise, Organization & Personnel & Pay scale Structure.
  • Configured the various Actions involved in the life cycle of an employee. (Hire till Termination of Employee) and customized the info groups for each of the actions.
  • Worked on the Internal and External number range allocation for the employees.
  • Defined Info-groups and assigned them to personnel actions to enter structured information of Employees in the system.
  • Data gathering & preparation of process flows & development of AS-IS & TO BE models, prepared Business blue print documentation.
  • Involved in Master Data load and data validation from legacy to SAP.
  • Organized various Users meetings for gathering requirements.
  • Associated in team meetings in finalizing enterprise and personal structures.
  • Maintained and configured Master data for PA and OM Modules.
  • Involved in configuration of Holiday Calendar, work schedules, absences, attendances and quotas required for Time management, defined public holiday classes according to clients requirements.
  • Configured Daily Work Schedule, Break Schedules, Period work schedules and work schedule rules.
  • Defined Attendance, Absences, Overtimes, Quotas and Leave entitlements, defined Deduction rules and rounding rules for absence quotas.
  • Grouping Personnel Sub areas for Work Schedule and for Public Holiday Calendar.
  • Defined the leave quotas base on employee group and employee subgroup by using the info types. (2006 and 2007).
  • Configured CATS for time recording.
  • Carried out time evaluation using the program RPTIME00.
  • Set up and tested features-SCHKZ, QUOMO, TMSTA etc in Time management module.
  • Good knowledge in the HCM sub-module Learning Solutions (LSO).
  • Created test cases, test scripts in Quality Center taking the test plan and Use cases into consideration.
  • Worked closely with the development team to solve issues pertaining to functional environment.
  • Performed HCM parallel and UAT to ensure all requirements are tested thoroughly.
  • Involved in Verification and validation of test results.
  • Documented defects, and reported them with detailed information using QC, and prepared weekly status reports capturing the issues to be resolved in MS excel.
  • Verified and validated the test results.
  • Tested the HCM transactions for field errors, missing data, and syntax errors in all the custom programs and modified the field changes.

Environment:SAP ECC 6.0,OM, PA, TM

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ May 07-Feb 08
SAP HCM Functional Consultant

Confidentialis a diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services.

  • Created and Maintained the Organizational Structure Objects, Organizational Unit, Jobs, and Positions (using transactions PPOCE and PPOME).
  • Created New Personnel Actions as per client requirements, created dynamic actions and configured table T558Z.
  • Customized the Enterprise structure (Personnel Area, and Personnel Sub Area) and the Personnel Structure (Employee Group, Employee Sub group).
  • Customized personal data, family data and addresses.
  • Created and configured the info types using the transaction code PM01, payroll clusters (PCL2), and worked on the logical databases like PNP/PNPCE, PAP, PCH and their data types.
  • Created various types of shift patterns like Normal, rotation and alternative shifts for various working hours with necessary break schedules along with shift compensation.
  • Configured the Feature SCHKZ to default the work Schedule. Maintained the feature VTART to define default values for the substitution types based on the enterprise and personnel structure.
  • Defined Attendance, Absences, Substitutions, Overtimes and Availability as per the client requirements.
  • Performed personnel sub area grouping for substitution types.
  • Defined: valuation rules and Counting classes for paid and unpaid absences, rounding rules for the Counting classes, deduction Rules for the attendance and absence Quotas.
  • Configured different data entry profiles forCATSfor employees entering time data.
  • Configured CATS for monthly, semi-monthly and bi-weekly payrolls.
  • Defined and maintained Time Constraint Classes.
  • Evaluated time using Time Evaluation report RPTIME00.
  • Configured Benefit area, including benefit plan definition, eligibility, and coverage and contribution rules.
  • Configured health plans, insurance plans, saving plans (401K plan) and COBRA plans.
  • Created wage types for all benefits plans to enable Benefits-Payroll integration.
  • Defined different cost formulas and calculation rules for health plans and insurance plans.
  • Defined and configured eligibility rules for the employees based on their number of working hours.
  • Defined and configured vesting rules and schedules for 401K-employer contribution.
  • Worked with features BAREA, BENGR, BSTAT and ELIGR.
  • Defined and configured vesting rules and schedules for 401K-employer contribution.
  • Created and assigned the wage types to the respective benefit plans.
  • Worked with the different info-types 0008, 0009, 0011, 0207, 0208, 0210, 0234, 0235, 0267, 0032 required for running payroll.
  • Defined the payroll periods and pay dates for each payroll area.
  • Created wage type and check wage type group for Basic pay, Additional payments, and Recurring payments.
  • Developed Schemas, Rules, and Features to accommodate business acquisitions.
  • Developed and configured Vacation & Sick Quotas.
  • Customized payroll schemas and PCRs for calculations during payroll run.
  • Generated Payroll periods, Configured wage types for the new business requirements and mapped them to the G/L Accounts.
  • Tracked defects using QC and involved in bug-review meeting.
  • Involved in resolving post go-live issues and errors.
  • Documented Payroll configuration as part of knowledge transfer.
  • Defined and documented test scenarios, test scripts, identified test cases, prepared end user training documents.

Environment:SAP ECC 5.0,OM, PA, TM, BN, PY

Confidential, New Brunswick, NJ Nov 06-Apr 07
SAP HR Functional Consultant

Confidentialis a premier provider of advertising and marketing solutions to leading retail and consumer services companies.

  • Analyzed and configured Enterprise Structure, Personnel Structure by defining personnel area, personnel sub-area, employee group and employee sub-group.
  • Maintained Master Data using transactions PA30 and PA40 by performing various employee related Actions.
  • Expert in Customizing Actions, Info-type menus and Info-type groups.
  • Configure and designed various standard and custom PA Info-types and maintained their subtypes.
  • Configured Organizational Structure by creating organizational units, jobs, tasks and positions.Familiar with assigning tasks to positions and integrating all of these into the enterprises organizational plan.
  • Familiar with maintaining Account Assignments and inheritance as well as the reporting structure for positions to maintain the hierarchy.
  • Set up integration between PA/OM and PD using Integration switches.
  • Set up Features LGMST, ABKRS for new Personnel Areas / PSAs.
  • Create variants for the users to run Time Evaluation for various Payroll Areas.
  • Configured custom Time Management Schemas for various locations of U.S.
  • Configured Work schedules, Periodic Work Schedules, Rotational and standard Work Schedule rules, Break schedules, Holiday calendars.
  • Configured TMW profiles and Time Administrators of various Personnel Areas.
  • Maintained Absence Types applicable to different employees groups.
  • Configured different data entry profiles for CATS for employees entering time data.
  • Configured Automatic Accrual of Absence Quotas thru RPTQTA00. Defined Base Entitlement, Validity and Deduction Period, and Generation Rules.
  • Involved in resolving post go live issues.
  • Involved in running time evaluations and analyzed the time evaluation log structure. Tested the Schema and PCR functionality by analyzing the time evaluation log.
  • Configured the benefit area, first program grouping, second program grouping, eligibility groupings, variants and rules.
  • Configured the health plans, insurance plans, and benefits savings plans 401k.
  • Configured the eligibility groupings, variants and rules.
  • Configured and customized the work flows for the enrollment of the employees in the benefit plans.
  • Defined new Cost Groupings, Cost Rules, Benefit Program Groupings and Benefit Programs for the plans.
  • Worked with features BAREA, BENGR, BSTAT, ELIGR.
  • Defined and configured vesting rules and schedules for 401K-employer contribution.
  • Created and assigned the wage types to the respective benefit plans.
  • Created and walked through functional design documents with the client and development team.
  • Configured and implemented Payroll module to include wage types, schemas, rules, features, taxes, financial posting, and all other subsequent activities.
  • Assisted customers with testing; resolved issues with parallel testing results.
  • Configured critical statutory and compliance reports.
  • Mapped Legacy wage types to SAP wage types.
  • Assisted ABAP programmer with Payroll conversion activities including file layouts, tables, master data, interfaces, and verification of data.
  • Recommended and assisted customers resolve Payroll related production support problems.
  • Resolved post go-live issues and errors.
  • Documented Payroll configuration as part of knowledge transfer.
  • Supported system go-live and stabilization activities after the go-live.
  • Created simulated data to test the system, interacted with developers and testers to follow up defects.
  • Resolving Tickets/requests in Payroll, Benefits, Organizational Management, Time Management and Personnel administration.

Environment:SAP R/3 4.7E,OM, PA, TM, PY & BN

Confidential, Old Tappan Road, NJ May 06-Oct 06
SAP HR Functional Consultant

Pearsonis the Educational books publishing company. They have tie-up with over all 25,000 schools in US and UK. SAP is implemented to facilitate the programming in Financial Accounting and Controlling, Sales & Distribution, Material Management

  • Implemented the basic HR system with searching and previewing the staff and their work schedules.
  • Involved in basic payroll processing, Involved in setting up of the HR section for HR division.
  • Configured the database and highly responsible for setting up of the overall system.
  • Designed and developed legacy to SAP HR conversion strategy.
  • Developed custom info-types using transactions PM01 for PA, and PPCI for OM modules, worked on the Payroll clusters.
  • Worked on SAP Query (SQ01), Info-set (SQ02), and User-Groups (SQ03).
  • Developed Reports in PA, TM, PY modules using Function modules, and Macros.
  • Good understanding of Transparent tables PCL1, PCL2, PCL3, PCL4, and PCL5.
  • Involved in conversion programs to load all info-types for SAP HR master data.
  • Configured and customized PA, OM, Payroll modules.
  • Involved in unit testing for various master data and personnel actions.
  • Configuration of holiday calendar and work schedule rules.
  • Defined wage types, wage type characteristics, pay scale types and areas for each personnel area.
  • Time wage types and selection rules and time valuation with clock times.
  • Customization of personal data (Residence addresses status, family addresses, bank details etc).
  • Defined attendance, absences, substitutions and availability as per client requirements.
  • Maintain Minimum Eligibility Period for Leave Travel Allowance.
  • Prepared documentation of functional business procedures and training of end users.

Environment:SAP R/3 4.6c,OM, PA, PY, TM

Confidential, Pune, India Jun 05-Feb 06

Confidentialis a leading India-based global IT solutions provider. As a proven leader in application outsourcing and off shoring of business critical applications, MBT enables its clients, protect their investment in legacy systems, enhance capital budgets, reduce operating expenses and build solutions for the multi-services future

  • Developed classicalbatchinput program for transaction MK01 to transfer the vendor address into R/3 system.
  • Developed a BDC program to extend the customer under account group Sold-to- party from one Sales area to new sales area using the transactionXD01and to modify the extended customers in new area using transactionXD02.
  • Customized the Invoice check and Billing layouts with dynamic framing using SAP Script counters, system variables, bar codes, and company logo printing on the same layout according to Customer\'s specifications.
  • Developed Smart Forms for Complete sales report based on Customer range or Sales Document numbers.
  • Designed and coded aBDCProgram for openpurchase ordersof known vendor in Material Management ME21).
  • Modified Layout setup forInvoice(RVINVOICE01) and its print program as per the client’s requirement.
  • Developed material master detail report. Inputting material and plant as select-options and material type as parameter. Output list will have total quantity by material group and plant.
  • Developed a report inALVtitled ‘Display Sales Orders’. The objective of this report is to search the application database for open sales orders. The inputs are Sales Organization, Sold to party, Material No, Customer purchase order No, Sales order creation date.
  • Developed anInteractive report, which displays the details ofpurchase order, if the user double clicks on any row the history details should be displayed corresponding to that particular purchasing document number.

Environment:SAP R/3 4.6b, ABAP/4, SD, MM modules

Confidential, India Aug 04-May 05

Confidentialis India\'s largest paint company and ranks among the top ten decorative coatings companies in the world today, with a turnover of Rs.25.6 billion (around USD 585 million). The company has an enviable reputation in the corporate world for professionalism, fast track growth, and building shareholder equity

  • Developed aBDCprogram that transfers purchase order data from a flat file on the legacy system to the R/3 system.
  • Designed and coded aBDCprogram forOpen SalesOrders that updated records in the sales order screen or will create new sales orders depending on the source data file from external systems usingVA01transaction.
  • Created a print program accepting the quotation and modified existing sap script according to functional specification.
  • Created reports that display month wise sales details by comparing with previous month and yearly sales details with selection criteria based on date.
  • Developed a report to list deliveries withdelivery number,ship-to-party,sold-to-party,quantity, etc.
  • Generated sales order status report with information of various organization levels.
  • Created report that listspurchase orderentered in to SAP, limit the selection to PO created during a specific period defaulting to last 30 days.
  • Generated complex reports usingABAP list viewer(ALV).

Environment:SAP R/3 4.5b, ABAP/4, SD, MM, PP modules

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