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Sap Techno-functional Consultant Fi Mm Pp Sd Winston-salem, NC


  • SAP ABAP Netweaver consultant with 8 years of SAP implementation, rollouts and upgrades, and related technical developm ent. ECC 6.0 implementation experience in all phases from Blue print to Go - live and post implementation support.
  • Good functional knowledge of SD, MM, PP, FI, CO, HR, WM, EWM, SRM, AFS, IS-AUOT, CRM, APO and SCM modules that is required for an effective technical developer.
  • Experienced in development of Asset management module in R/3 4.7 and ECC 6.0 implementations.
  • Consultant for Upgrade projects from r/3 4/7 to ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, AFS, SCM 7.0 & Enterprise Portal (v.6 and 7).
  • Extensive hands-on experience in writing technical specifications and development of RICEFW objects - Reports, BDC Programming, LSMW, SAP Script & SmartForm, Dialog Programming, ABAP Query, Screen Painter, Menu Painter, Function Module, User Exit, BADI, BAPI, Data Dictionary, and RFID
  • Proficient in writing Classical and Interactive reports using ALV Grid control, modifying and creating layout sets in SAP Scripts and Smart Forms which involves cloning of Standard Driver Programs and layouts according to the client’s business requirements.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Good knowledge of SAP best practices utilized in technical development; competent in specifying which processes can use SAP standard versus that requires enhancements, user exits, or modifications.
  • Developed technical specifications for interfaces, user exits and screen exits.
  • Designed and developed programs to manipulate data in pre and post ED/ALEI Translation processes improving system efficiency and reporting. Worked on different IDOC issues in inbound processing for creation of application document.
  • Involved in the conversion, mapping & migration of Legacy data using LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench), Developed BDC (Batch data Communication) programs for transferring data from legacy system to SAP R/3 System, Trouble Shooting, and Performance Tuning.
  • Good knowledge of SAP Scripts, Smart forms, Adobe Forms and Logical Database and workflow.
  • Experience in using workbench tools like SQL Trace, Runtime Analysis and ABAP Query.
  • Hands on experience in Performing Back Ground Jobs and Scheduling Jobs.
  • Proficient in Dialog programming and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Involved in Integration of SRM with MM, and integration of SRM with CCM sub-modules.
  • Extensively worked with Interfaces, Application Link Enabling (ALE), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Intermediate Document (IDOC), BDC, BAPI, RFC, & EDI and Data Conversions using the data migration workbench tool LSMW.
  • Expertise in ABAP Objects and Work Flow.
  • Expert in integrating DataStage with SAP R3/BW/IDOC/LSMW
  • Highly motivated with strong problem solving skills with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Effective Team Leader with excellent work/time management skills and cross functional awareness
  • Effectively worked on VIM, RTR, OTC & P2P modules.
  • Exclusively worked on Web Services and SAP RFC Programming.
  • Expertise in AFS developments using Grid (2Dimension and 3Dimension) concepts.
  • Handled various UI elements - button, radio buttons, business graphics, group, image, lead selection for tables, roadmap, viewcontainerUIelement, cell variants, and table popin etc.
  • Experienced in developing Webdynpro Applications using Service Call, Supply Function, ALV Reports, Table and Navigations.
  • Extensively worked with dynamic views and Help options like OVS, Freely programming.
  • Good knowledge in classes and interfaces of the view, context, window & enhancing standard WebDynpro components.
  • Experience in Online interactive forms.
  • Configured FPM(Floor Plan Manager) component and handled OIF & GAF & iViews to integrate Webdynpro components to Portal.


Data Dictionary: Tables, Structures, Data Elements & Domains, Search helps, Lock Objects.

Reports: Classical, Interactive, ALV Reports.

Conversions: BDC input session, Call Transaction, Direct transfer & LSMW

Interfaces: RFC, BAPI, ALE, IDOC, EDI, Workflow.

Module Pool: Screen Painter and dialog programming.

Enhancements: User Exits, Customer Exit and BADI.


Forms: SAP Scripts and Smart Forms, Adobe Forms

Web Technologies:BSP, WebDynpro s & Portal

Other Servers: SAP BI, SAP PI


Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 9x / 2000, XP.

Programming Languages: ABAP, OOPS, C, C++, Visual Basic 6.0 and JAVA

RDBMS: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 7/8.0/9i.

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML, Java Script.


Confidential, Winston-Salem, NC

SAP Techno-Functional Consultant(FI, MM, PP, & SD)


  • Configure the ALE from Sterling B2B Integration tool Invoices in SAP as per Clients requirement.
  • Involved the EDI team to intragreate the business process.
  • Worked on mapping the various XI/PI interfaces objects.
  • Configure the Inbound & Outbound ALE RFC Idoc business process.
  • Developed a backgroud program to create the sales order and deliverys.
  • Developed the Production order tool to adjust the inventory from PKMS.
  • Developed the STO adjustment program to adjust the inventory from PKMS.
  • Enhanced the standard IDOC process code J3AA foe message type ORDERS.
  • Developed a backgroud program to create the sales order and deliverys.
  • Develop BI report to display the BOM data extration.
  • Developed an AFS production order tool to create a rework production order.
  • Developed an excess production order to deletion the free on AFS available inventory.
  • Developed an extraction the G/L ADS audit account details.
  • Developed an Reconcilation report to show the inventory.
  • Configured the various AFS and Non-AFS material type and material group.
  • Configured the new plant and existing plant.
  • Configured the pricing condition type and accounting determination for material type.
  • Developed an various RFC function call proxy from XI system to Keyless system.
  • Developed an user exit to 261 and 262 automatic process in production order.
  • Created a custom PO handling unit program.
  • Developed rework production order tool.
  • Developed the STO adjustment program based on PKMS inventory availability.
  • Develped theplanned order adjustment tool based on the real inventory from PKMS system.
  • Developed various MRP report to vlidate the stocks from SAP and PKMS.
  • Enhanced the standard CO11N to create the batch determination for header material through comfirmation.
  • Supported the entire IDOC Jobs and other issues related to OTC, R2R and Finance.

Confidential, East Peoria, IL

SAP APO/ECC Business Analyst Consultant


  • Configure the SAP APO planning as per Clients requirement.
  • Implemented Enhancement to Extend the Production view structure in APO.
  • Involved testing(E2E) from SAP ECC to APO planning.
  • Configure the Inbound ALE RFC Idoc business process.
  • Developed a backgroud program to create the sales order and deliverys batch jobs for WM.
  • Analysing the business requirment and raising the custom SAP notes to sap team.
  • Created the custom message to analys the TR/TO archeiving batch job.
  • Analysing the various customer requirment and coordinate with bangalore team to resolve it.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP Onsite Technical Lead Consultant( FI, MM & SD)


  • Analysed the long running batch jobs to improve the performance.
  • Scheduled the various technique to run the IDOC jobs in parallel method.
  • Developed various interfaces to sent the data from SAP to Blue planner system and vise versa.
  • Developed an interface to sent the actual shipment(sales information) from SAP to TPM in blue planner system.
  • Developed an interface to exporting Customer Open deductions(Importing Payment) from SAP to TPM in blue planner system.
  • Developed an interface to export accruals and non-accruals off invoices from SAP to ROSS in blue planner system.
  • Developed an interface to import payment from BP to SAP to adjust the payments in FI.
  • Developed an interface to import accrual detials from BP to SAP(FB50) FI documents.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

SAP Performance/Lead ABAP Consultant(MM, OT-VIM, RTR, HCM, SD, & FI)


  • Role includes handling offshore team for Confidential development; interact with Process owners for the specific requirements, and day-to-day support of issues in ECC on Jira.
  • Interacting with legacy business users to understand business process flow, business logics and to assess major data objects, data volume for data migration conversion in SD.
  • Created sales order using standard IDOC (orders05) and Distributed customer master and material master data pertaining to particular plant/company code across multiple R/3 systems using filter object type.
  • Modified Lockbox interface program to clear Invoices in SAP as per Clients requirement.
  • Developed a logic to create Dispute case management for Over pay and short pay accounts
  • Modified VIM input FM to create DP Document as per client requirement.
  • Created Report for Trial balances and interfaced to Host analytics systems.
  • Created report to show state wise Opening and closing balances parallel to FAGLB03
  • Worked on SAP Vistex for Price book issues.
  • Modified Inbound Idoc program to create Invoices in SAP for VIM from Axmon and PI systems, Created new message type for acknowledgement process.
  • Developed custom program as Inbound Interface is required to create Info type 14/15 for benefit deductions. The inbound interface should create IT14/15 from the tab delimited data file extracted from the FTP server.
  • Developed program as Inbound Interface is required to pull the employee benefits deferral contributions and loan payments from Wells Fargo.
  • Created secondary indexes for improvement of performance
  • Modified SD VA01 for some custom business logic using User exits & improved performance
  • SAP REFX Master Data Custom Fields. Added custom fields and data logic for RE80 in SAP Real estate module for Business Entity, Building, Land and Rental Object using SAP BDT (Business data toolset)
  • Added additional fields in Customer master 4.7E for business requirement using BAdI.
  • Worked on SAP VIM to identify Purchase Order and created Invoice in SAP.
  • Avoided the loop inside loop and used parallel cursor to improve the performance of custom programs & Enhancements.
  • Distributed ALE Configuration for material master(MATMAS) and vendor master(CREMAS) data across multiple SAP systems to VIM.
  • Modified Smart forms Sales order, Purchase Order and Invoice.
  • Handled numerous tickets on SD OTC and PTP
  • Developed various reports based on service notifications, service orders, sales orders, Resource Related Billing.
  • Enhancement handled for Depot repair, time and material process, fixed price billing and Warranty Processing in SD.
  • If item condition VPRS = 0, the GMAC is usually 100% - in this case, the user should be presented with a GMAC error and then unable to create invoice until the violation has been fixed/approved.
  • Used BAdI to restrict delete activity on PO after Invoice Receipt (IR) has been posted.

Confidential, Roanoke , VA

Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant(MM, PP, SD, VIM, HCM & FI)


  • Developed an CS report in Webdynpro application to display Open Sales Orders (Similar to VA05) in SD.
  • Developed PROXY classes for Online Warranty Registration, Inventory Price update, Online Order Create, Inventory check.
  • Designed a RF for Purchase Order to create Goods receipt and TO.
  • Developed a Report to procure materials of the same materials group from one vendor; prices are negotiated for materials of the same material group with a certain supplier. Therefore RFQs are to be issued for all purchased materials of that material group. To enable these requirements, a custom transaction code was required to issue request for quotations. Once RFQs have been issued with the custom transaction, they can be displayed with the SAP standard transaction RFQ change (ME42) and RFQ Display (ME43).
  • Implemented BAdIs’ for Purchase order to Contracts.
  • Implemented CUSTOMER ADD DATA and CUSTOMER ADD DATA CS BADIs to create additional tab on the customer master screen to show custom data.
  • Implemented enhancements like custom fields on the SM order, Maintenance items etc. to meet the client’s business requirements.
  • Created new additional Post Payment Field to enhancement tab in Service order.
  • Enhanced Vendor Master to add a custom tab for extra fields and sending outbound IDOC with enhanced segments which includes these extra fields using BADI.
  • Manipulated data in IDocs, Analyzed and Solved IDoc errors.
  • Developed a program to get the hierarchy of vehicle details like Nomenclature, Vertical, Vehicle Number from MVKE to T179T for vehicle details.
  • Created ALV report to list all the invoices that were blocked along with Corresponding SD sales documents and reason for block.
  • Designed and developed a complex error notification process for EDI and Batch Interfaces.
  • Involved in setting up various inbound and outbound EDI IDOCs including setting up partner profile, process codes etc., and creating custom function modules for those outputs for which no standard SAP function modules existed.
  • Designed and coded a BAPI program for Material Master Creation using MM01 and MM02 transactions.
  • Designed a program for store the Vehicle WIP data at the time of MRP run.
  • Developed an Interactive Billing Analysis report that lists hierarchically unpaid, partially paid and completely paid bills depending upon Customer and date.
  • Developed BDC for changing the Profit Centre details in FI.
  • Developed BADI (WORKORDER UPDATE) for Production order to print the form automatically when saving the order.
  • Created implicit enhancement for SD Sales Order to store Region of Ship to party in pricing condition table KOMP.
  • Added a new routine in VOFM to get cancelled invoice date as per creation date.
  • Developed a ALV Report to get Contracts details and Invoice details based on Contract no. or Date for CS module.
  • Developed an enhancement to restrict Quantity with SD Sales order Quantity in MIGO transaction for 412 E movement type for MM module.
  • Developed a custom report to check if sum of PO with account assignment 'M' &Transfer using mov. type 412E exceeds SO quantity for MM module.
  • Implemented Enhancement to Extend the Production view structure in APO EWM.
  • Worked on SM module based on SAP recommended Best Practices, for Service Notifications, Repair Orders, Service Orders, Resource Related Billing, Warranties, Service Contracts and other Service related master data.
  • Developed a report to extract all the Package Specification details and send it to external system in APO.
  • Handled APO issues in Integration testing.
  • Configure WM setting with various storage types, sections, storage bins &quants.
  • Prepared Technical specs, UTD for all the objects done.


SAP ABAP Technical Lead Consultant(PP, PM, AFS, MM, FICO, HCM, EWM, SD, EOU, IS-U & RFID )


  • Managed technical development team for the SAP Implementation.
  • Estimation of development time for Confidential objects.
  • Interacting with functional team and end-users for the implementation of technical objects.
  • Training development team for providing the required knowledge to work on development.
  • Managed performance tunning activites to improve the time concern.
  • Configuring Communication Settings for ALE systems, maintaining the Local System, allocating the logical system to the clients, setting up the RFC destinations, Port Definitions.
  • Maintain ARTMAS Distribution Model Filter according to the Business requirement
  • Set up BD52 Configuration for ARTMAS Change Pointers with Table/Field mapping and maintain Partner Profile for the Message types - ARTMAS, INFREC, COND A and CLFMAS.
  • Maintain Partner profile for ARTMAS, INFREC and COND A in ‘Collect IDOCs pattern’
  • In order to generate a successful INFREC and COND A message types IDOCs for Retail from AFS, the RBDMIDOC RETAIL and BD10 will go through an order simulation process within AFS system.
  • Developed an interface to .net interact to AFS SAP for GPT planning tool.
  • Development of Reports exploring characteristic search features of IS-Utilities, SAPScript with Barcodes, Interfaces.
  • Providing ABAP/4 Support in the implementation as well as production back office processes of SAP ISU and front office processes of SAP ISU-CCS/CRM.
  • Functional and technical design to modify FQ events for document posting, payments(FPY1) and Late payment charges, FI-CA settlement rules, installment plans, returns, write-offs.
  • Configuration of Transfer to general ledger (FICA - FI Integration)
  • Map IDOCs or BAPIs or RFCs to XML files using SAP BC and Web Method.
  • Responsible for support the Existing ALE IDOCs configurations.
  • Responsible for support the Data Migration and Batch scheduling process by using LSMW and BDC.
  • Developed ZMRP Enhancement program for FG and SFG component procurement from varies units and consider the stock from varies units.
  • Designed and developed for interface program for outbound file.
  • Developed STO PR enhancement program for change the special procurement key and check the FS,WS,ST,CT plants and BOM exists check and create the STO PR for cumulative plant wise and external vendor exists creating the job work PO.
  • Enhanced Pick list confirmation program for scanned RFID through EWM.
  • Enhanced GI/GR/Confiramtion program for RFID terminals using BAPI.
  • Enhanced a custom program to run a MRP in AFS system for size wise requirements can divide and split to the grid wise in the PR creation.
  • Designed an Lay Planning tool for cutting materials process, leather process and yarn process.
  • Developed end bit adjustment enhancement program using 511 and 512 movement types with extended warehouse and non-warehouse material types.
  • Developed planned order to production order conversion program based on scanned RFID with GRID wise confirmation.
  • Designed and developed cut plan tool for planning the marker wise grid quantity.
  • Enhanced replace and merge RFID programs for warehouse material and non-warehouse material.
  • Designed material image(CVAPI DOC VIEW) report using HTML tag in SAP to opentext.
  • Developed Material Image upload program using BAPI BAPI DOCUMENT CREATE2 in SAP for Opentext.
  • Designed & developed the various EWM report for disaply the BINs and status in the same.
  • Developed the program to transfer the Movement type 311 for EWM inbound delivery.
  • Developed the background program to created the Transfer order automatically for EWM materials.
  • Developed the program to post the transfer order(PCN).
  • Designed and developed EOU registers in smart forms.
  • Enhanced program to create the automatic batch creation for warehouse materials.
  • Developed Web Dynpro application for Creation and change of Sales Order & Open Sales Orders (Similar to VA05) in SD.
  • Made changes to Update Salary scale report according to requirement
  • Worked on various HR ABAP objects like User Exits, Enhancements and Reports.
  • Developed an webdynpro application for weekly Expense report.
  • Developed smart forms for Cash voucher, Bank voucher, Journal voucher for FI module.
  • Developed Fixed Assets Balances report in FI based on the G/L and transaction types using ABAP Objects.
  • Handled many issues faced by on-site team and client from offshore and solved all the tickets with in the given time.
  • Created Technical specs for all the objects developed and also Test script documents.




  • Developed Web Dynpro application with multiple views to display SD sales order details with complex navigation structure.
  • Developed a Webdynpro component for the Accommodation of employees. The Check in and out forms are printed by the managers of their locations when the employees are shifted using Guided Activity Floor Plan (FPM).
  • Implemented SPM project for analysing the vendor quota arrangement for every month.
  • Created the User exit for MRP planning control based on user key used in Transaction(MD01,MD02,MD03 and Backgroud schedule MRP planning).
  • Developed a custom workflow for generating an 'Address Proof' letter after the approval process
  • Developed MRP Gross requirement report for against MD04 and MD05.
  • Developed a report for delete the scheduling Proposals from MRP run which can be edited by user for updating schedule lines.
  • Developed a tool for MASS upload the material master data using (MATERIAL MAINTAIN DARK) excel file without authorization for MM01 & MM02 transaction.
  • Developed a Tool for “Role & Authorization” the manager level person has automatically assigned the role for his/her subordinates through this tool it will sent a mail to BASIS team.
  • Developed Dynamic report for several MRP issues for user needs.
  • Developed a SMARTFORMS for print the BARCODE based on user given flat file with Equipment Number, Material Number and SPEC Number.
  • Developed a house keeping programs for delete the old schedule lines and discrete PO in IUT.
  • Copied the standard transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3 from APO and modified as per BRD from the customer in EWM CIF.
  • Developed a several APO EWM reports to bring the demand from SCM system to ECC and compare the components against vehicle.
  • Enhancement for capture the PTS date, time and user for store the custom table in LIPW1F16 using Function Module with update task.
  • Enhanced user exit XMG0U02 to capture the creation and changes details in MM01.
  • Developed a program for delete the open schedule line through BAPI BAPI SCHEDULE MAINTAIN.
  • Developed the tool for weekly vehicle planning for MRP to create the PIR using the (BAPI REQUIREMENTS CREATE).
  • Print duplicate service ticket form in CRM.
  • Implemented two Enhancements (LM61XF9A & MDEZX AUFBAUEN) for extracting the vehicle and component demand from EWM APO system while running MRP in ECC.
  • Enhanced various RFC FM’s to transfer data from EWM APO to ECC EWM.
  • Created BADI to change the material type while running the heuristic in APO.
  • Created the implementation for T-code /SAPAPO/SEQ1 order qty more than one is not allowed for firming.
  • Implemented BADI for creating CTM PDS from PPDS PDS during the allocation run.
  • Copied the standard report RSSTAT26 (T-code STAD) and updated the Z program.
  • Developed the report to display the Excess or Surplus procurement quantity of dynamic value in the current MRP run.
  • Handled APO issues in Integration testing.
  • Created the various Demand planning reports and fine tuning the performance in APO.
  • Involved in changing custom objects as per ECC 6.0 standards(Changing Obsolete Function modules and Obsolete statements) and delivered all the objects with zero defects
  • Identified the standard BAdi for the claims and reimbursement
  • Validations are performed based on the customer requirement.
  • Developed an application in HCM to edit or view the Employee's personal details (ESS - My Data - Personal Details).
  • Developed Webdynpro application for MSS using ABAP objects.
  • Developed SD Sales register report for FI module.
  • Developed Purchase register report for FI module.
  • Design the program to create the transfer order and transfer posting while posting the GI/GR for warehouse matrials.
  • Enhanced standard program LT21 to show the warehouse matrial cost in the report.
  • Prepared good documentation for all the objects and issues done.
  • Developed a Custom transaction, reporting all the adjustments requiring Materials with the computed average price. Used Standard BAPI in the program to post FB50 transaction and BDC Call transaction to post MR21.
  • Developed RFCs function module to get Customers and Vendors data.
  • Prepared Technical specs, Test scripts and End user documents for the objects developed.


SAP ABAP consultant(AFS,SD,MM,WM & PP)


  • Integrating SAP System with Non-SAP System.
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications. Analyze and development of objects as per client requirements.
  • Developed LSMW for Production Order upload for AFS and Non-AFS Material.
  • Developed LSMW for Vendor and Customer Master.
  • Developed Smart forms for Invoices (Stock transfer, Tax Invoice and Cash/Credit), Good receipt, Purchase Order, Delivery Note and Chelan.
  • Provided SAP SD/EDI technical and non-technical support team members and end-users on various EDI transactions and IDoc error resolution techniques during partner testing and go-live.
  • Designed and developed a complex error notification process for EDI and Batch Interfaces.
  • Involved in setting up various inbound and outbound EDI IDOCs including setting up partner profile, process codes etc., and creating custom function modules for those outputs for which no standard SAP function modules existed.
  • Developed RFC for Change, Confirmation and Closing of Service Order.
  • Developed RFC for Closing Notification and Service Order.
  • Developed a BDC program to upload BOM data using session method.
  • Developed SMARTFORM for TO and TR warehouse material to pick the correct material for store person identification.
  • Enhanced the program to create the warehouse dimension using /AFS/E1MLGN1.
  • Enhanced program to create the posting change in warehouse using /AFS/BAPI GOODSMVT CREATE.
  • Changed reports according to client requirement for various modules.
  • Developing interfaces and data migration using the interfacing tool LSMW.
  • Changed SAP Script forms for Purchase Order and Smart form for Invoice.
  • Interacting with the functional consultants and users.
  • Responsible for the delivery including design, code review & testing.
  • Analysis and design of technical specifications for various objects.


SAP ABAP consultant(IS-AUTO, SD, MM, PP & FI)


  • Provided SAP SD/EDI technical and non-technical support team members and end-users on various EDI transactions and IDoc error resolution techniques during partner testing and go-live.
  • Developed a consignment issue smart forms in English as well as Arabic in a single smart forms with sales details in SD Module.
  • Developed a Report (FI) to know the bank balance on a future date considering all the post dated checks issues and deposited from today until the future date.
  • Developed ALV reports for SD and MM modules.
  • Developed a BDC program for MM01 transaction for uploading Material master data and handled views.
  • Developed a BDC program for migrating data from flat file to SAP R/3 through FS00 Transaction and developed a program to capture errors while using Call transaction method for FICO Module.
  • Created some custom tables and search helps and secondary indexes.
  • Modified/Developed Smart Forms for Purchase Orders, Job Work Orders, Delivery notes, Quotation, Invoice, Sales order as per Client Requirement for MM and SD module.
  • Enhanced a Pop up Message Block, to save the customer into a file while creating/changing the Customer through Enhancement SAPMF02D.
  • Developed the program to update the BOM Quantity.
  • Developed the report to display the COGI details.
  • Created Global Interface using ABAP Objects to inherit and use in all programs for writing Message logs and Global Classes for writing logs in Allocation Log.
  • Good experience to solve various production issue from SOLMAN system.

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