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Sap Apo Gatp/dp/snp/mm/sd/data Analyst Resume



  • Strategic thinker with 7 years of functional experience in the SAP SCM, specifically in Demand Planning (DP), Supply Network Planning (SNP), Global Available to Promise (GATP) Core Interface (CIF), Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) and database management.
  • DP: Interactive panning, Planning Area Configuration (Info Objects, Info Cubes, Source Systems, Info Sources, and Info Packages), Planning Book, Macros, Forecasting Strategies, Life Cycle Planning, Background Job, Mass processing, Process Chain Maintenance, Demand Release, Alert Monitor.
  • SNP: Master Data, Planning Methods (Heuristic, Optimization, Capable - to-Match), Planning Book and Macro Design, Advanced safety Stock Planning, Deployment and Transportation Load Builder.
  • GATP: Engaged in Product Allocation. Rules-based ATP, MATP, Product Substitution & Backorder Processing (BOP)
  • CIF: Created, Activated and Maintained CIF Integration Models for Master and Transaction Data transfer between ECC and APO.
  • SD: Involved in creation/validation of Sales order, order confirmation, delivery creation and billing process through simulation process and web portal.
  • MM: Engaged in creation/validation of PREQ, PO, ASN, Inbound delivery, GR and invoicing in simulation and also with partners.
  • Engaged in full life cycle implementations, support projects, and upgrade projects in APO with SAP recommended Best Practices.
  • Gained an experience in system development life cycle (SDLC) in all phases such as plan, analyze, design, build, test, deploy and hyper care.
  • Hands on experience on Test Planning and execution in HP Quality Center environment. Good knowledge in unit testing, integration testing and UAT.
  • Expertise in Project Management, Business Process Reengineering, Lean Manufacturing, and Optimization concepts.
  • Excellent analytical and technical skills with an ability to maintain a good interpersonal relationship with business users, and the clients.
  • An exceptional team player with a strong management, administration, problem solving, and decision-making capability.
  • Flexible and can easily adapt to change of environment and work schedule.
  • Conducted user training and user acceptance testing through documentation, e-learning course, training concept slides, work instruction and exercise etc.


SAP Applications: SCM APO 4.0, 5.0, 7.0, R/3 4.6C 4.7, ECC 5.0, 6.0, TAO, BPCA, SolMan

SDLC Model: Waterfall Model, V-Model, Agile Model

MS Tools: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project, MS SharePoint, MTM, VSTS

Other Tools: HPQC, Peregrine, IPRO, Cognos, Web Portal

Database: MS SQL Server, Toad for Oracle, Teradata SQL Assistant

Operating System: Windows 2010, Window 8, Window 2007, Vista, XP, Windows 2000


Confidential, WA



  • Engaged in management of master data and transaction data for DP process, SNP process and GATP process to meet user stories.
  • Engaged in data extraction process from the external share drive to the DP planning books, to the SNP planning book and to the Allocation Management planning books.
  • Engaged in publishing data from the planning area to the InfoCube and Open Hub Destination, and then to the external share drive.
  • Performed different demand planning activities based on the product segmentation such as statistical forecasting and collaborative/CPFR planning as well as no forecasting.
  • Verified the background jobs and user jobs to calculate final demand plan correctly in DP planning book before releasing it to the SNP book and Allocation planning book.
  • Engaged in pushing final demand from DP planning book to SNP planning book and generated purchase requisition by executing heuristic planning run on aggregated book and regular book.
  • Engaged in pushing demand figures from DP planning book and supply figures from SNP planning book to the Allocation book to help generate final allocation quantity.
  • Verified global and regional allocation planning calculation based on business logic to calculate final allocation quantity before pushing allocation quantity to Channel planning book and to further disaggregate allocation to channel level.
  • Validated transfer of final allocation quantity at channel level from channel book to Product Allocation Group and transferring back incoming order quantity to Channel book and then calculation of remaining allocation quantity.
  • Verified that Sales Order hitting the Product Allocation Group for those product enrolled in Product Allocation as well as SOs going Rule based ATP check.
  • Participated in validating data of different custom programs such as planning dashboard, data realignment, planning book upload download program.
  • Worked on Meta chains that operate different type of Macros jobs to support business logic such as open key figure at certain planning level, trigger alerts.
  • Worked on BOP to confirm and de-confirm Sales Order for multiple customer level.
  • Involved in validating multiple Meta Chains and Process Chains that are used to automate demand planning process, SNP planning and allocation management process.
  • Worked on housekeeping activities of process chains after every system refreshes.
  • Actively participated in SIT of intercompany buy/sell process between two company codes for certain region.
  • Involved in developing test scenarios and writing test cases to verify different document object type such as report, Inbound/Outbound Interface (IDOC) and enhancement etc.
  • Reviewed and signed off the integration testing that involves different partners right from creating PO, ASN, Inbound delivery, GR to the Invoice verification.
  • Mocked up different types of IDOC to trigger function modules to post data in SAP from multiple partners.

Confidential, OR

SAP SCM DP/SNP/MM/Data Analyst


  • Participated in the Kick-Off meeting for the project to understand the scope such as capabilities, Business Areas, Physical Flow, Criteria, Short Lead Time Products, Technical Architecture, and Report of the project
  • Worked through the demand planning data flow from the Logility system and non Logility system into APO DP.
  • Reviewed the SNP planning result for short term demand and futures demand, as CTM constrained planning was performed only for the short lead time demand.
  • Monitored and kept track of batch jobs for DP to SNP Release, CTM run, and Delivery Plan Publish to i2 supply planning as future demand were being planned in i2 system.
  • Validated different reports that help in demand planning such as demand planning and sales order report, demand volatility, and demand plan exception. Also, checked supply planning reports - capacity utilization, production and inventory burst report, supply shortage report, and ad hoc reports in Cognos.
  • Involved in issue handling to assign appropriate people to get early fix in QC.
  • Validated the multiple demand stream key figures to identify short term demand and futures demand in DP to SNP release key figures, in DP and SNP planning books.
  • Attended test scripts writing kick-off meeting and involved in writing test scripts for the master data validation.
  • Followed the test scripting template to prepare test scripts and uploaded it to the appropriate folder into the QC.
  • Involved in validating test scripts for validating front end UI and the back end Oracle database system in planning data management work-stream.
  • Validated Master data flow like Material, Sourcing, T-lanes, Quota Arrangements, Resources, Product location, PPM and so on from the planning data management work-stream to Teradata database, and finally to the APO system.
  • Involved in developing business scenarios to execute system integration testing to identify defects early-on before UAT and go-live.
  • Created TBOM for APO BPCA to assess an impact analysis of changed business process.
  • Created automated script through TAO and executed the automated scripts for file comparison testing on QC BPT.
  • Worked on the integration team to validate data from SAP system to different subscribers through IDOC.
  • Managed data clean up activity in SIT and UAT phases of testing by creating purchase orders and DC shipment.
  • Involved in creating test scenarios for Purchasing Info Record link from the functional specification.
  • Involved in OM Contract link and ATP link test by creating data in SAP and have it validated against web service.

Confidential, OR

SAP SCM SNP/DP System Analyst


  • Created DP Master Data characteristic value combinations for the new Business Unit.
  • Monitored DP Process Chain that picks up forecasts released by the external tool and uploads to the Forecast Cube and onto the Planning Book.
  • Evaluated the correctness of macro calculation and release of Demand Plan from DP to SNP.
  • Validated and maintained ECC Master Data: Materials, BOMs, Production Version, Info Records, and Scheduling Agreements as per business requirements.
  • Developed the Supply Network Model incorporating all the Customers, CBA, Primary Warehouses, FG MRP Areas, Subcontracting Vendor, Components MRP Areas, and Components Suppliers based on the Supply Chain Process.
  • Configured the Supply Chain Model with Actual & Simulation Versions, Master data comprising Locations, Products, External Procurement Relationships, Transportation Lanes, Means of Transport, Quota Arrangement and Production Data Structure.
  • Creation and Mass Maintenance of all the Master Data, and Corrected Master Data related issues for Product, Location, T-Lanes, Means of Transports, and PDS.
  • Maintained SNP product Master Views: administration, ATP, SNP Supply profile, SNP Deployment Profile, lot size, extra attribute etc.
  • Maintained settings for Deployment and its different horizons, deployment strategies, deployment run and comparing the results of deployment run.
  • Discussed specific and critical requirements with the client team and discussed what can be done and what data to be mapped from their legacy system, SPEED to R/3. Actively refined integration Data Specifications.
  • Engaged in SAP change management meeting to get an approval for the project release.
  • Selected necessary test cases and modified test cases as per business requirements in HPQC and documented the test results for both Functional Unit Testing and End to End System testing of the implementations in Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning.
  • Coordinated UAT and developed training documents for the End Users, conducted knowledge transfer through end user training, and resolved end user's issues.
  • Involved in creating and managing Batch Jobs for planning processes in DP and SNP.
  • Conducted performance tests on batch jobs to check ecology of overall Batch Jobs
  • Prepared pre conversion activities, conversion and cutover activities before the Go-Live.
  • Actively involved in the stabilization of system after Go-Live and assigned to handle tickets using IPRO tool.
  • Created, activated and maintained Integration Models using Core Interface for transferring Initial Master data like Locations, Product Master Data, and External Procurement Relationships.
  • Debugged CIF related issues, worked on CIF Error handling, and CIF Post Processing, CIF reconciliation, and Delta Reports.
  • Worked on IDOC to validate inbound and outbound data from SAP to subscribers

Confidential, PA

SAP SCM/System Analyst


  • Participated in the kick off meeting for initial requirement gathering to understand the business process.
  • Involved with design and implementation of Demand Planning, Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling projects using SCM 7.0.
  • Involved in “As-Is” study & interacted with the core team members for developing a “To-Be” process to suit the company’s objectives using FMC Global Template.
  • Walkthrough business process to identify template gap, process gaps, issues, and process alignment.
  • Discussed specific and critical requirements with the client team and discussed what can be done and what data to be mapped from their legacy system, SyteLine to R/3. Actively designed and refined integration Data Specifications.
  • Assigned in monitoring of proper transfer of Master Data and Transactional Data from ECC to SCM through Core Interface.
  • Streamlined, Reviewed, Corrected the Blueprint while incorporating SAP Best practices for Demand Planning, and Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling.
  • Assigned to create Functional Specification & Technical Specification documents, Unit and Integrations Test script documents for Demand Planning Business Processes for the company.
  • Discussed different forecasting method and demand planning, and analyzed different integration model for effective execution of SAP APO.
  • Responsible for handling entire DP configuration objects like Planning Areas, Planning Object Structures, Storage and Planning Buckets Profiles, Forecast profiles, Alert Monitor, Lifecycle Planning, Mass processing and rest of the areas.

Confidential, IL

SAP SCM DP/System Analyst


  • Setup of various activities for background jobs, set up variants to load data from the APO BW to the Planning area and the calculation of specific key figures in the planning book
  • Set up Background jobs, Mass processing, configure Process Chain for DP monthly cycle.
  • Resolved macro aggregation issues along with the selection ID issues to stabilize the system in post go-live phase.
  • Interacted regularly with the client members to resolve key requirements issues that led to detailed design documentation.
  • Solved many DP critical issues within the tightly specified time frames to meet the service level agreements.
  • Worked on Production support new requirements and resolved issues
  • Proposed the usage of new macros with authorization and configured the new features in demand planning such as Key Figure Specific opening and closing macros.
  • Defined and created macros with Fixing/Unfixing capability for specific key figure in the table.
  • Developed and customized Macros in DP to suit the business requirements
  • Improved DP Batch processes of background jobs by designing Process chains for entire activity.
  • Configured Meta Chain of Process Chains as per the business requirements for entire DP activity and configured individual process chains for specific business requirements.
  • Created documentation for the configuration of the process chains in DEV system.


Sr. System Analyst


  • Managed user access. Created and managed new security accounts.
  • Provided support to local and inter-branch employees for SQL server and desktop applications.
  • Database normalization, performance tuning of the databases, query optimization, and database consistency checks using DBCC utilities.
  • Created objects such as table, views, indexes, cursor, and DDL/DML triggers.
  • Identified, tested, and resolved database performance issues (monitoring and tuning) to ensure database optimization by using Index Tuning Wizard, SQL Profiler, and Query Analyzer.
  • Perform data migration from MS Excel, MS Access, and Flat files to SQL server 2000 using ETL tools like DTS and BCP.
  • Monitored strategic, processes, and procedures to ensure data integrity.
  • Optimized and reduced data redundancy, maintained the required level of security for all production and test databases.
  • Maintained databases, performed software installation and upgrades.

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