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Sr. It Analyst  Resume

Phoenix, AZ


Over 20 yrs US IT experience involved developing various business applications in Distributed Data Base using ERP Software, BW, Unix and Mainframe environment. Experienced over 17 years of SAP R/3 ECC NW in all areas of Logistics including and Finance FM, FI/CO, FI - SL, SD, MM, WM, IM, PP, PS, QM modules.



Sr. IT Analyst 

  • Worked on flat file interface to update Quotation and send confirmation on incompletion, and then again on full completion and also sent email.
  • Worked on an existing WorkFlow to remove approval for 2 Dept of Engg Dept using SWDD
  • Worked on Automobile application (SAP MMI) to correct error on sub-systems, line stop.
  • Worked on several sap script, smartforms.
  • Worked on warehouse module to implement 9 functional specs involving RF, LABEL for both Printronix and Zebra printer, Script, BAPI, RF for MB1B etc. Supporting WM, SD, MM now.
  • Installed Eclipse, Provided PO FIORI prototype from SAP Cloud trail version using SAP IDE and Java Script. Acquired knowledge at work about ABAP on HANA including CDS, AMDP, ADT & ATC using Eclipse.

Confidential,Tucson, AZ

All Objects were coded, modified using ABAP

  • Primarily hired to work for FI team called APEX, Worked in competency center handing multiples assignment at the same time, delivered 15 report objects related to APEX system, used web dynpro to give Weekly HR Time report. Used SICF, CATW and ABAP Web dynpro for this weekly time report. Corrected some ITS issue related t this HR weekly Time Report.
  • Delivered Make/Buy component ALV report, corrected few areas of Break-point ALV report.
  • Delivered (MC84) Material Group create enhancement to create it, save it and correcting of inappropriate message of MC84. Used Enhancement points for this enhancement.
  • Delivered about 10 Archiving Index report using ABAP, Archiving Delete report. The tables that were archived had implication on Finance, as their input was critical to Month end and year end feed.
  • Helped with development on MRP group controller enhancement creating functions, tables, update of spec etc.
  • Delivered an addition to an interface file adding Recorded activity type.
  • Helped on OSS notes investigation for ECC upgrade project in England for this client. Worked on several Archiving object for MEV tables and investigated PI issue for FI related object.
  • For 2nd Release worked on 13 report, Enhanced MD51, took part in GDP project, Received award of EXCELLENCE being proactive to data loss and leading the recovery process. Attended meeting as Transports were in progress to Production for releases. Created several HPQC (ALM) defect reports for supervisor. Exposed to UI-5, Eclipse, Fiori at work to offer help on future projects.


Wave-3 Global SAP Implementation

  • Project Description: Experienced with BRF+ prior to this project. WITH vale Worked as Off Shore Co-ordinator/Developer on PP, PM, CO, Asset related modules. FS approval to pass to off shore as ready for development, Walk thru of FS, code review, testing, analysis of code, updated off shore WRICEF was part of the current assignment along with analysis of viability of functional spec and helping and discussing with functional person, analyzing ABAP code, tables, finding out possible BAPI, BADI solutions are part of daily activity. Take part in several meetings with off shore candidates at different times of the day. Worked on several FI objects including Print Check using SAP script, COPA objects. Resolved and implemented several exits for PM team. Created Check for a bank using sap script & F110. Worked on interface of planning material upload into ECC from excel spread sheet.
  • Attended meeting on Succefactor (SAP Cloud Software) and Boomi(Dell Cloud Software),
  • Helped Boomi team to resolve issue with incoming payload.
  • Helped resolve identifying Debug process of Web Service of SAP.

Confidential, NJ

Sr. ABAP and PI consultant

  • Project Description: GDI/Workday - Project Involved in Global HR demographic data integration into Workday project. Work performed in areas of GAP analysis, researched current HCM System Interfaces on both ECC and PI side. Coordinated with HR functional team member to collect LOVS. Wrote Technical specs for ECC and PI for GDI interface and conversion; Configured PI, Coded ECC using OO technology and tested prototypes end to end in sandbox. Moved code from sandbox to dev box; configured PI & completed map in Dev and prepared conversion GDI XML file. Used HR ABAP Macros, configured PI end to end, used XMLSpy and FileZilla FTP.
  • Worked on an FI/CO Enhancement (Consignment Revaluation from MRKO), worked in areas of loading data mainly using LSMW (CK74N, MR22, Bank Directory load), modified BOM conversion report, worked on other FI objects (Dunning via F110) enabling emails going out using BTE technology. Helped manufacturing team with break fixes on Inspection Lot results (QA32), modified existing ABAP report and enhancement to populate additional tab B data for open sales order, wrote several queries to help FI & Manufacturing team.

Confidential, MI

Interface Consultant

  • Project Description: Interface/Conversion Developer - Worked on multiple interfaces and conversion to assist VbV Revenue recognition project Phase 2B. Work involved co-operation and co-ordination of functional team members, test team members, team lead, write technical specs, develop programs, reports, BADI, EXIT, table creation, set up partner profile, test cases, help with conversions, PI team etc. Components involved vehicle VIN, Year End Balance transfer report, Options conversion, VbV to BP1 GL data transfer using Proxy, GL Posting for revenue recognition.

Confidential, CA

OffShore Cordinator/ABAP Developer

  • (70% Coordinator, 30% Developer) - As coordinator supported OTC functional, Off shore and On-site development teams. Duties involved Approving Functional Specs, creating pseudo code or
  • creating Proto Types for Off Shore developer, accepting code from off shore, perform code review, approve code and test code and record status in WRICEF for OTC team. Involved with PTP and OTC team as well on certain developments including complete shipment interface (214) development, outbound 850 development, SD Pricing upload. CRM to R/3 enhancement done using BTC technology to feed GL account.


  • As a coordinator between on-site development team and offsite functional team for a large SAP implementation project, analyze and approve functional specs, assists tech team with design, accept code and complete unit test. Design, code when spec can not be sent off shore. Use SOLMAN, Rational frequently apart from R/3, SCM. Provided solution for SNC alert using BADI.
  • Give support during night and weekend as well. Worked as developer on PO OUTPUT (850), GR Receipt confirmation, conducted FS review with off shore team, participated EDI team meeting, created transports using SOLMAN for team members, updated WRICEF in SOLMAN, worked closely with new STS/WM coordinator.


SAP Enhancement/Interface Consultant

  • Environment SAP ECC 6.0, PI 7.1
  • Worked on FMDERIVE enhancement for DOI deployment 5 for several bureaus. Used FM DERIVE BAdi, enhancement point for work order, created function module to pass account assignment data and WBS to C DERIVE structure to fill the gap SAP has With regard to RE objects and account assignment. Transactions across the modules are affected by this change. It required extensive testing of all modules (FI, MM, FM, SD) all the way from generating PR, PO thru FI, F M documents and see their impact on account assignment.
  • PS Interface (E533) for USGS and other bureaus to process add, change, delete Project and WBS and post it in R/3 via BAPI function modules. WBS with multiple hierarchies were created, several validations for fund, functional area, cost center, fund center were incorporated, along with acknowledgement file to USGS and log all validations, creation of project, WBS and their changes. It was a file interface of 3000 lines of code with several BAPIs involved.
  • Researched on Interface from and to PRISM to create/change obligation, close PR line for corresponding PO lines and report back to PRISM to change their status of obligated fund.
  • Researched another interface (E443) to replace custom transaction by SAP standard PR transaction to create PO; prepared initial Tech Spec and created prototype function.
  • Completed and signed off Security enhancement object (E560), Auto Create fund (E305) and PR Security enhancement (RPT406) from DOI.


SAP Interface Consultant


  • Used IDOC INPUT HRMD for TAPDB-G and e MILPO interfaces to bring PA data into GCSS-ARMY ECC and tested successfully in sandbox. It required custom convert function modules, couple of user-exits, enhancement point modification. Prototype was done in 2 weeks. Approved FDR, prepared HDD, Technical spec, Unit test plan. Tested BAPI function to change PA data in GCSS-Army ECC. This design of this interface can be used for all other HR PA interfaces currently in scope.
  • Prepared PipeLineAsn MAP from LMP, CCSS, DLA to DASS to AESIP to GCSS-Army PI to GCSS-ECC from DLMS, MILSTRIP to IDOC using DLMS DOD standard document for X12 and document to convert MILSTRIP to DLMS.
  • Helped GFEBS Govt. contractor to determine how CDHDR and CDPOS can be used to bring Functional area changes on daily basis.
  • Pointed out the looping problem with new PO BADI (not released by SAP for Army yet) and got the problem resolved by SAP, it was causing problem when account assignment was invoked from FM module in FMDERIVE.
  • Resolved PO BADI issue with material substitution when same material was available.
  • Completed PipeLineAsn 4 fields changes, delivery update upon receiving same DODDOC num and tested in sandbox and moved to development in short notice from Confidential lead to meet a deadline. Approved FDR, prepared HDD, Technical spec, Unit test plan.
  • Work on GFEBS (FI interface) interface that enables US-Army to accept inbound obligation IDOC from AXOL via GCSS-Army PI and post it in ECC. FB60 was used to post Invoice for the obligation.
  • Assisted junior developers of Confidential and contractors, reported Confidential lead when found slack in development of GFBES technical spec and development.
  • Tested PROXY both inbound and outbound file from/to GCSS-Army ECC and recommended the time will take to change the GFEBS Reports to make Proxy enable. Proxy development was done for GFEBS Daily feed back interface 2569.
  • Changed GFEBS outbound interface from file interface to Proxy interface.
  • Prepared HR interface flow chart in GCSS-Army for Confidential lead.
  • Prepared ADS interface flow chart in GCSS-Army for Confidential lead.
  • Helped GCSS-Army functional rep with FDR (Functional Dev Ready).
  • Prepared WAWF-SPS-GCSS-Army ADS-Treasury flow chart for Confidential lead.
  • Worked on several other interface flow chart to give a general idea in pictorial form to show how GFEBS interfaces will be working in GCSS-Army.
  • Prepared Complex Procurement Flow chart at request of Confidential Lead.
  • Performed TDR (Tech Spec Dev ready) activity.
  • Researched to see if any interface (inbound) is coming in as a file to GCSS-Army or as IDOC.
  • Analyzed over 100 GFEBS interfaces and prepared the initial spread sheet with SAP objects that required functional and technical spec or those has both functional and technical spec from GFEBS and presented to Confidential Functional and technical lead to present to Project development lead to ask GFEBS to provide us missing updated documents. This lead to a corrected Master RICE list.
  • Attended TIRE-1, TIRE-2 meeting on ASN and took the role of Facilitator on TIRE-3 meeting with GCSS-Army PMO, AESIP representatives, NG Lead, SE team members among several other members from DASS and LMP.


ABAP Technical Consultant

  • As a team member in Archiving Project, assisted in several technical areas of the project. Six Objects were archived, Major enhancements were done in FI DOCUMNT, CO ITEM and MM EKKO. Experienced in both configuration and technical areas of Archiving. Worked on Several Enhancement Points, Enabled Existing report for Archiving, Improved performance on PO Eligibility report and converted to ALV format, Assisted Archiving Administrator preparing Variant Change report.
  • Assisted Scrum Master in maintaining time and successfully meeting the deadline on all SR and defects, Prepared Test Plan, Ran test and Updated Test result in Mercury, Updated SR in Remedy, Helped prepare MDM. ABAP Coding was done in R/3 ECC 6.0.


IDOC Specialist

  • Worked on new projects as lead EDI/IDOC consultant to implement 850, 855, 856, 860 830, 215. Prepared Blue print for EDI/IDOC interface processes and presented to client. Configured WF, IDOC for Orders, Order change, PGI, Shipment Tracking, Invoice. Created program to create 830 (forecast scheduling) for 3 Vendors. Implemented BADI for Shipment IDOC. Used LSMW for updating Customer material info record, Bill-to Ship-to cross ref table. Used Guideline and mapped most of the transactions for EDI sub-system. Trained users on R/3 side in all areas of IDOC; customized system and programmed to send email to users. Closely worked with EDI counterpart. Maintained all necessary tables to make the interface successful. Familiar with SeeBurger EDI sub-system. Tested MATMAS for ALE interface.
  • Worked on a similar project thru Confidential with more responsibility. Closely worked with INOVIS consultant to setup the communication between R/3 and INOVIS, closely worked with INOVIS developer to build all IDOC interfaces.


BW Data Architect

  • Worked on BW 3.5 Upgrade project, assisted in PS Project with new queries to match R/3 reports, wrote function for generic extractor, configured data source for Generic Extractor, wrote Bex User-exit, Configured profile and tested Authorization objects for query and for a range.
  • Loaded PU IS PS 31, 2 LIS 11 and 13 both Header, item and PU IS PS 32. Tested WBS Element major modification to fill the GAP for 7 PS objects. Tested Project, WBS, Network, Network Activity, Activity Element and COORDER. Loaded Billing element.
  • Worked on Transfer rule to populate labor type code on labor cost analysis query. Worked on data source 0FI GL 4 user exit to deselect certain types of WBS element.
  • Loaded for SSR BSIS and SER BSIS for the 2nd quarter 2005. Executed the query to make them ready prior to this Load. WIP Report - Ran all the load jobs for WIP and ran WD and AD SSR, 17 and Current Fiscal Period queries and emailed them to respective user. Standard GL business content GAP analysis done against custom BSIS cube. Created update rule for GL cube and tested queries to validate data against BSIS and GL. Prepared and changed several TFS.
  • Researched various documents (FDS, TDS) that are currently being under construction or will be constructed in future for NAVY-ERP project. Participated in GL data load, assisted team member with OSS notes, Performed SSR Elimination CUBE full update with repair, init without moving data to target, created R/3 FM Item entry for Delta update and performed Delta update for 0PU O32. Created test Multi Cube to get delta commitment data and Used BEX to see them on new report.
  • Participated in 3.5 Upgrade process, Created and tested various scenarios using Test Director.

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