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Sap Fico Coe Lead Resume

Milwaukee, WI


  • Have 12 plus years of experience in managing business processes and implementing the financial systems specialized in SAP FICO, Treasury and PS modules for various clients under different industry domains - like Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Retail, high tech, Manufacturing, AFS, telecommunication and Food. Understand the Scope of the projects, drive projects, and meet deadlines, and always motivated to develop successful solutions. Participated in 5 full Lifecycle Implementation of SAP ECC and major Production Support, enhancements and rollout project experiences.
  • Have inherent people skills and a very quick Learner. Possess excellent presentation skills and a very good team player. Have worked as a Team Lead in several projects.
  • Understands the financial processes of the organizations- Sales and Marketing Finance, Operational Finance, Record to report, different taxes for different global regions (Americas, Latin, EMEA, APAC), Capital and Asset management, Purchase to pay, Order to cash, Management Reporting.
  • Extensively experienced in using Solution Manager, HPQC, Compass, SharePoint, Remedy, Service Now and several other software’s for testing, ticketing and document storing.


Confidential,Milwaukee, WI


  • Gathered requirements, created functional specifications, did configurations to suit the client requirements across various regions like Taiwan, China, and Costa Rica.
  • In FI- AA, designed asset classes and chart of depreciation in fixed assets, grouped assets into manageable asset classes, and customized screen layout for each asset class with unique number ranges in FI-assets.
  • In Lease Accounting, configured Capital and Operating Leases.
  • Configured and customized Asset Accounting as per the requirement of Lease Accounting.
  • In FI- Project Systems, responsible for configuring project systems, set up master data Project Definition, Networks, WBS elements, AUC assets settlement to Project Systems. Responsible for testing New User roles for Assets and PS.
  • Designed, configured and tested Lockbox interface in Treasury.
  • Configured taxes for APAC, Latin America and EMEA region.
  • Configured New General Ledger with Document Splitting and Segment Reporting. Configured document splitting rules & characteristics to be used for document splitting and defined variants for the real time integration between Controlling and Finance.
  • Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR): Configuration of Vendor and Customer Account Groups, Master records, Down Payments, Automatic payment program, Dunning procedures, etc.
  • Created requirements for customized BI reports and tested it.
  • Made sure all configurations are according to IFRS norms.
  • Did the In House Cash configuration settings for China and Taiwan.
  • Configure the Automatic Payment Program for A/P including Partial Payment Configuration, Check Management, Clearing Inter-Company Vendor/Customer open Items, Manually Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments.
  • Configure House Banks, Bank Accounts, GL structure, Posting Rules for Automatic Assignment. Configure settings for check printing and assigned forms to payment methods and assigned ACH payment methods.
  • CO-PA Master Data related activities for characteristics and value fields along with Characteristic Derivations. Maintenance of SD Conditions (OTC) and PA conditions (Off-Invoice), Adjustment for Transport and Warehousing Costs. Closing activities for PA transfer to FI and Variance transfer from CCA to CO-PA
  • Maintenance of Cost Center Structure, Internal Order Structure, Statistical Internal Order for Reporting.
  • Tested PCA and IO Scenarios: Profit center maintenance, Profit center group, Account group, internal order and internal order group maintenance
  • Configuration of Product Costing (CO-PC), including defining settlement profile, Assessment Cycle and distribution and various activities.
  • Provided the overview of S4 HANA Finance and capabilities to Business, did demos and workshops for the business users
  • In prototyping - Migrated SAP ECC to S4 HANA Simple Finance 1610 for North America region (US / Canada / Mexico) and performed all migration tasks carefully and successfully activated New Asset accounting, Parallel Ledgers and Universal Ledger. Also ensured successful data migration for all Finance master data and Transaction Data through BODS tool. Configured House Bank setups in NWBC.
  • Maintained all Functional Specs, Technical documents in SAP Solution Manager.
  • Used Report Writer for some reporting requirements.


Senior SAP FICO Consultant - Lead (Full Lifecycle Implementation)


  • Responsible for understanding the current business process and bringing up the best SAP solution.
  • Was the principal architect of the To Be Process
  • Created Business Requirement Documents (BRD’s), decided what can be achieved by standard configuration and for what we need to have customization, WRICEF objects.
  • Lead the team in doing the configuration and at the same time personally responsible for many of the configurations.
  • Responsible for FICO MDM, creating GL, Vendor, Cost Center, Profit Center, Asset Master Data with the help of customized programs, LSMW and Winshuttle.
  • In New GL, tested the settings in General Ledger area, Parallel ledger, and Cross-Company Code transactions and for business processes such as fast-entry screens, posting, parking, reversals and month end closings.
  • Harmonized Vendors and payment terms in AP, created vendor banks and trading partners.
  • Configured Electronic Banking Statement.
  • Configured US and Mexico input Tax Codes, withholding taxes for Mexico, tax jurisdiction codes for US, 1099 and 1042. Wrote functional specifications for Vertax Inbound and Outbound Interfaces.
  • Created DME files for tax reporting to IRS.
  • Created new plants, and set up a distribution center in similar ways as a plant, and did all the needed FI-MM integrations along with it.
  • Gathered requirement and created functional specs for the set up of Concur interface for travel and expense management.
  • For the distribution center project, transferred assets from old distribution center, and for the plant projects, did an asset conversion.
  • Responsible for GL, Vendor, AP and Asset balance transfers.
  • Worked with P2P team in developing Ariba interface.
  • In FSCM - Dispute Management, created case type set-up, reason codes, status updates, workflow integration, and auto write-off.
  • In FSCM Collection Management, created profiles, strategies, segments, collection rules, worklist generation and processing, program.
  • In FSCM Credit Management- defined credit limits, ratings, risk classes, and credit block rules; defined credit check rules.
  • Integration of custom interface processes for customer master data and legacy invoicing updates. SAP Business Partner setup and integration for FSCM
  • In Product Costing, followed Activity Based Costing (ABC) to estimate the standard cost and calculate the actual cost using actual values
  • Configured Costing Variant, Costing Sheet, Valuation variant, Order Type, and overhead cost elements in Product Costing.
  • Prepared COPA functional documentation and published to Sales audience for review and feedback.
  • In Material Ledger, costing done in USD, CAD and Euro.
  • Set up operating concern, version and defined COPA number ranges for plan and actuals
  • Worked extensively with SD team to map COPA value fields against SD condition types.
  • In Sandbox, migrated SAP EHP7 to S4 HANA Simple Finance 1511 for US region and ensured successful migration of New GL to Simple Finance. Successfully activated New Asset Accounting and Parallel Ledgers in Sandbox.
  • In Sandbox, performed successful cutovers of LATAM region with GL Balance, AP, AR Open Items & Inventory Migration and also fixed GAPS on Simple Finance 1503 by working with SAP and implementing notes for the same.

Confidential, NJ

Senior SAP FICO / FSCM Consultant

  • Responsible for gathering requirement from business and identifying the elements that can be achieved by standard SAP configuration and for what customization is needed.
  • Was a key team member in evaluating the 53 countries statutory requirements and mapping it to SAP solutions.
  • Created Company codes, Fiscal year variant, posting period variants for new company codes that were getting created.
  • Processed EDI IDOCS and validated that the IDOCS are posted. Reprocessed failed IDOCS after fixing the defects.
  • Created Code blocks for insurance industry.
  • Conducted blueprinting for Process payments, Disbursements, Account maintenance and Dunning/ Collection activities with FSCD
  • Worked with technical team in interfacing FSCD with third party systems
  • Worked with note to payee configuration for implementing payment processes with sub ledger account determination with FSCD.
  • Configured EBS (Electronic Banks statements) and Bank reconciliation with FSCD
  • Customized Integration with FSCM Biller Direct for online bill payment.
  • In FSCM Credit Management configured Credit control area, Risk catagories and Credit Groups, enabled credit check and tested it.
  • In FSCM Collections Management, defined company codes for collections management, company profiles, and collections groups.
  • In FSCM Dispute Management, created Attribute Profile, Text Profile and Case Types, and integrated with AR.
  • Created functional specifications for Ariba interface.
  • Designed a customized Cost Center / Profit Center Inactivity report which will help the business pulling out the inactive cost centers and profit centers over a period of time and block it.
  • Replaced standard Cost center / Profit center hierarchy to standard hierarchy and tested different scenarios to make sure everything is working fine.
  • Designed a Cost center and Profit center change log report that will display any new creation, update and deletion of cost centers / profit centers.
  • Worked extensively on developing data models for COPA reporting utilizing both Costing based and Account based data source.
  • Worked extensively on the COPA design. Mapping of Value fields to Condition types.
  • In Treasury, implemented In House Cash.
  • Involved in Production support of Cash Management and Credit Management.
  • Maintained Foreign Exchange revaluation.
  • Created Validations and Substitutions and maintained them in sets for error trigger.
  • Responsible for running the GL account inactivity analysis every month that will help the business in blocking inactive GL accounts.
  • Maintained GL Account, Cost Center and Profit Center Mapping.
  • Involved in Asset Balance transfer and other Asset testing scenarios.
  • Designed a customized JE Upload program with the capacity to upload document currency, local currency and group currency.
  • Maintained Financial Statement Version by replacing 6 digits GL account number with 10 digit GL account numbers.
  • Worked on integration with Siebel.
  • Responsible for Unit Testing, Security Testing, supporting integration testing and regression testing.
  • Maintained Change requests and transports for the whole team through Solman, also was the main point of contact with Change management team for the transports moving between environments.
  • Maintained all documentation in SharePoint.
  • Responsible for hyper care support and end user trainings.

Confidential,Austin, TX

Senior SAP FICO Consultant

  • Responsible for creating the requirement gathering workshops, making sure the blueprint is in accordance with all statutory requirements of different countries and configurations are in synch with all the statutory guidelines.
  • Was the main liaison between business and the project team, from getting the requirement till delivery and end user trainings.
  • In Asset Accounting, created templates for Asset Master and Balance using Winshuttle.
  • Configured Depreciation areas and Asset Location for the new assets.
  • In Accounts Payable, created templates for Vendor Master and Vendor Bank.
  • Configured Payment Terms and Payment Methods.
  • Created Functional Specs for Open AR Balances and Open AP Balances
  • Created Exchange Rate Type for HMRC as per UK statutory requirement.
  • In FSCM Credit and Risk Management, defined and tested Automatic Credit control.
  • Configured Collections Management in FSCM and integrated it with Accounts Receivable.
  • In Treasury, Configured House Banks and Bank Accounts for Confidential of Scotland, also configured In House Cash.
  • In FSCM Dispute Management, configured and tested Dispute cases.
  • Created Payment File as per UK’s BACS payment type.
  • Configured FOREX Revaluations and Translation.
  • Configured the User Management Engine(UME), payment methods, text ids and G/L accounts for FSCM Biller Direct.
  • In Project Systems, configured and tested WBS, Status Profile, Project profile, control key, time profiles.
  • Configured costing based CO-PA, created characteristics and value fields, used various derivation techniques and rules, configured CO-PA planning including planning levels, plan package and planning methods.
  • Settlement of variances to COPA: Created Settlement Profile, Settlement Cost Elements, Create Allocation Structure, Source Structure, Create PA Transfer Structure
  • In Product costing, defined and configured Product Costing planning that include cost estimates.
  • Defined product cost per order and period.
  • Maintained Overhead cost elements, calculation bases, credits, costing sheets, activity plan, costing variant and costing types in Product Costing.
  • Configured IC Payment Run Process.
  • Created Tax Codes for UK and configured GL Account assignment.
  • Configured EC Sales List and Intrastat reporting for UK Taxes, prepared file in DME format for tax reporting.
  • Implemented 1099 and 1042 for US.
  • Created Functional Specifications for Aging Report and Customer Statement.
  • Data Migration using Winshuttle and ABAP programs for master data like Customer Master, Vendor Master, Asset Master and transactional data like Open AR and Open AP Balances.
  • For New GL, configured standard settings, unit tested, assisted in integration testing also Balance upload used the migration cockpit.
  • Created Interface with the bank for Positive Payee for check payments.
  • Validation of data flowing from Siebel to SAP.
  • Used Report Painter and Report Writer for Asset, AP, AR reports.
  • Conducted User Training.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

SAP FICO Consultant / Lead

  • Did the requirement-gathering meeting with the business for the creation of the blueprint in accordance with the statutory requirements of Ireland and Canada.
  • In Asset Accounting, d efined chart of depreciation, various depreciation areas and depreciation keys required asset classes, number ranges, revaluation settings etc.
  • Integrated Asset Accounting, structured and valuated Fixed Assets, created Asset master Involved in the designing of Asset Class , Charts of depreciation, inter-company asset Transfers and balance-carry forward jobs. Calculations/reporting and Year-end closing in fixed assets. Designed and configured Asset Accounting to carry out business transactions like acquisitions, retirements and Transfers.
  • Conducted Unit, Regression, User and System Testing after the implementation and supported the client in post launch
  • Session and also involved in providing training to end-users.
  • Designed and lead Concur (Travel and Expenses) implementation and integration with SAP.
  • Created Pricing Procedures.
  • Configured Material Ledger and Actual Costing.
  • In Material Ledger , activated valuation areas for material ledger, assigned currency types to material ledger type, configured dynamic price changes.
  • In Actual Costing , created user defined names for Receipts / Consumptions, assigned user defined names for Receipts / Consumptions.
  • Upgraded classic GL into New GL by adding a parallel ledger and the automatic reconciliation with CO
  • In Profitability Analysis, defined operating concern, characteristics, value fields, characteristics derivation, and valuation strategy.
  • Created settlement profile and PA transfer structure for direct postings from FI/MM and variance settlement.
  • Defined forms and variables, created profitability report using those forms.
  • Using EDI IDOC migrated documents.
  • In Product Costing configured the basic setting for Material Costing (like defining calculation bases, percentage overhead rates, costing sheets, overhead groups.)
  • Configured Material Cost estimate with quantity structure by defining costing types, valuation variants, transfer strategy, costing variants.
  • In Project Systems, Budget Profile, Investment Profile, Settlement Profile and Project Profile.
  • In AP maintained vendor master and configured automatic payment program.
  • In FSCM, configured Interest calculations, default account assignments and Credit Management.
  • In Bank accounting, created check lots and void reason codes.
  • Created the EFT Interface with Confidential .
  • Configured Account assignment for FI-SD and FI-MM Integration.
  • Configured Tax Codes for Ireland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Canada and US, configured 1099 and 1042, for tax reporting created DME files for e submissions. Maintained Sabrix interfaces.
  • Configured House Banks, Bank Accounts, GL Structure, and Posting Rules for automatic assignments.
  • Maintained Currency Conversion Tables.
  • In Treasury configured Electronic Bank Statement and Cash Management.
  • In Internal Orders, created overhead Orders and Accrual Orders.
  • Maintained all functional specifications in SAP Solution Manager.
  • Created Functional Specs and tested BW report.
  • Reviewed currency conversion requirement from US Dollars to Euros
  • Did all the balance upload as part of the Cutover.
  • Created End User documents using On Demand/ UPK and end user trainings.


Senior SAP FICO Consultant

  • Responsible in creating all the knowledge transfer session and information gathering session as a part of the blueprinting.
  • As per the scoping document that is created in the blueprinting session, recognized the ones that will be fulfilled by standard SAP configurations and the ones for which we need to have a WRICEF object created keeping in mind all the statutory requirement has been followed for all the Latin American countries.
  • Created Functional Specifications on Reports, Enhancements, Conversions and Interfaces.
  • Configured New GL and used migration cockpit for data upload.
  • Designed, build and tested Concur interface for travel and expenses.
  • In Material Ledger, defined and assigned movement type groups of material ledger, defined material update structure, assigned material update structure to a valuation area.
  • In Actual Costing, activated Actual Costing, activated Actual Cost Component Split.
  • Mapped and fields with Confidential while creating AR and AP interfaces such as Lockbox and Positive Payee.
  • Configured 1099, 1042, Input, Output and VAT taxes for Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Costa Rica along with the GL account assignments.
  • Configured Extended Withholding Taxes for Latin American countries in accordance with the local statutory requirements.
  • Configured VAT, Excise Tax and Withholding Tax for India.
  • For Excise Tax India, configured Excise registration, plant settings, excise groups, excise duty indicators, condition based excise determination.
  • Used LoadRunner for Performance Testing needs.
  • Created Test Scripts, executed test scripts, analyzed test results.
  • Worked with Master Data team in Data Uploads like Customer, Vendor, Bank, Asset, GL. Used Winshuttle and LSMW for most uploads.
  • Used Solution Manager for saving all the Functional Specs and HPQC for test purposes.
  • Created Raw Data for unit testing all configurations and customization objects.
  • Trained users on how to execute the tcodes and make them understand the functionality for Integration Testing.


SAP RTR (FICO) Consultant / Lead


  • Responsible for leading SAP FI/CO implementation, supported rollout activities, directly involved in business process design for Juniper’s financial processes including configuration of SAP FI modules and performed extensive work with SAP project proposals, timelines determination, budget estimation and staffing.
  • Provided Functional Specifications (including configuration, test plans) and related work requests such as Reporting, Integration, Enhancements, Issue Resolution and Process design needs in order to get the production SAP issues resolved. Participated in setting up New GL accounts, Document split posting, integration activities and designed customized reports for business community. Designed Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Record-to-Report business cycles and led integration activities for SAP FI-MM, and SAP FI-SD.
  • For New GL implementation, arranged several hand holding session to the users with the new functionality.
  • Implemented the Tax module for India including VAT, Extended Withholding Tax and Excise Duties.
  • Configured Outgoing Excise invoices and incoming Excise invoices. Blueprinted Vertax interfaces.
  • Designed and Build the Lockbox Interface.
  • Created House Banks and Bank Accounts for more than 100 company codes.
  • For Travel and Expense Management, created the Concur interface.
  • In AR, configured Payment Methods, Payment Terms, Special GL Indicators for Down Payments and Tolerance Group for Employees and Customers.
  • In FSCM Credit Management, configured credit groups, credit control area, risk categories, automatic credit control and assignment of sales and delivery document to credit groups.
  • For conversions used LSMW.
  • Created and Executed Test Scripts in LoadRunner.
  • Responsible for Defect Management for FICO module.
  • Configured Primary and Secondary Cost elements categories.
  • Provided recommendations for process automation and re-engineering of SAP process steps to improve overall.
  • In Project Systems, created New Project and WBS Element for AuC.
  • Liaised with corporate level Project Management Office (PMO) for issue resolution, scope specifications, refining issues, conducting deliverable reviews, risk and decision process, analyzing budget and forecast tools and implementation of deployment activities.
  • Provided subject matter expertise and assistance in developing business process requirements while collaborating with developers and business community to establish the technical visions and analyzed tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.
  • Analyzed SAP FI/CO business processes and proposed process improvements in business process mapping.
  • Managed global team and communicated to a broad set of stakeholders within Juniper and outside third party vendors while demonstrating multiple engagement experience with global delivery model including off shore functional & development support.
  • Facilitated testing of SAP FI/CO solutions including planning, defect tracking and reporting, and ensured business owner sign-offs.
  • Coordinated resources and developed SAP FI/CO project schedule, methodology, project templates and reports.
  • Stored and maintained all project documents in Solution Manager.
  • All Unit testing and integration testing has been conducted through HPQC.

Confidential, TN

Senior SAP FICO Consultant

  • Did the year-end closing for GL (Classic), AP, AR and Asset.
  • Did Balance Carry forward to the New Fiscal Year for GL, Profit Center, Vendor and Customers.
  • Worked on the Asset Accounting and Project System Integration for all the AuC settlements and created Projects for the New Year.
  • Was a part of the Blueprinting for New GL, created the Functional Specification Documents.
  • Configured New GL including Parallel Ledger and Document Splitting.
  • Configured the settings in GL area, such as creating G/L master data, cross-company code transactions, and open item clearing.
  • Configured GL transactions for business processes such as fast-entry screens, posting, parking, reversals and month end closings.
  • Designed and used of additional Dimensions to FAGLFLEXT and FAGLFLEXA table - Coding blocks.
  • Modified characteristic and added value fields of operating concern inside COPA module according to the business requirement, worked with Sales and Distribution (SD) team to verify data mapping (OTC).
  • Reconciled of COPA, FI and PCA reports.
  • Validated and reprocessed failed IDOC’s after editing.
  • Enhance product costing interface with manufacturing and product tracking system and lead configuration for internal orders, BOM and Routing, projects and cost centers.
  • Supported Inbound and Outbound Tax interfaces with Vertex.
  • Supported Month-end FI closing, Period closing and opening in FI. Adding/Deleting/Modifying Financial Statement versions in GL, Running Clearing procedures for GR/IR, Handling Issues related to Parallel Currencies, Foreign currency translation, maintaining new exchange rate types.
  • Documented procedures for user training in maintenance of GL master, various GL transactions, GL reporting, month end and year-end activities.
  • Worked on several issues in AP and MM integration (PTP Process), Movement Types, Vendor Master and Banking Integration.
  • Validated data interfacing from Ariba interface.
  • In Credit Management, configured automatic credit control for different risk categories.
  • In FSCM, Dispute Management configured dispute case creation and resolution.
  • Created Functional Specification Documents for BI reports.
  • In Cash Management, configured Electronic Banking Statement (created Accounting Keys, defined posting Keys.)
  • In Treasury, supported the Banking Interfaces (Lockboxes and Positive Payee) and In House Cash.
  • Trained Users on SDLC Concepts.
  • Used HP LoadRunner for testing needs.
  • Responsible for Test Script preparation and execution and defect management for all the sub modules under FICO.
  • Was the main point of contact for any FICO related documents that needs to be uploaded in Solution Manager.
  • Created Reports using Report Painter.


Senior SAP FICO / AFS Solution Architect

  • Motorola Solutions, Inc. is a data communications and telecommunications equipment provider that succeeded Motorola Inc. following the spin-off of the mobile phones division into Motorola Mobility in 2011. The company houses the Enterprise Mobility Solutions division and Networks division of the former Motorola. It was the second largest division (based on revenue) in the former Motorola .
  • Motorola acquired Symbol Technologies in 2007, which is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of mobile data capture and delivery equipment. This was initially an enhancement and production support project but after that the client decided to discontinue Oracle and it turned out to be a transformation project. Symbol Technologies originally used to do their business in oracle where as Motorola is an SAP business, as a result of the merge, the scope of this project is the transformation from Oracle to SAP. Countries include US, UK, Japan, China, Singapore, and India.

Modules Used: New GL, AR, AP, Asset Accounting, Lease Accounting, Withholding Tax, Risk Management, In House Cash, Project Systems, COPA, Product Costing, Material Ledger, PCA.


Senior SAP FICO Solution Architect (Full Lifecycle Implementation)

  • Confidential is a Chesterbrook, PA based Drug Wholesale Company that was formed by the merger of Bergen Bruswig and Amerisource in 2001. They provide drug distribution and related services designed to reduce cost and improve patient outcomes, distribute a line of brand name and generic pharmaceuticals, over the counter (OTC) healthcare products and supplies and equipments to a wide variety of healthcare providers located throughout the US.
  • The main scope of the project is to design the Functional Design Documents, configurations, and all phases of Testing.

Modules Used: New GL, Key Price Indexes, Cost Center Accounting, Material Ledger / Actual Costing, COPA, Product costing, Asset, Treasury, Reports, Hyperion integration, Internal Orders, In house cash.

Confidential,Houston, TX

SAP FI Consultant

  • Confidential is a technology corporation based in Palo Alto; CA. HP is the largest technology company in the world, which operates in almost every country in the world. HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, storage, and networking hardware, software and services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise servers, related storage devices, as well as a diverse range of printers and other imaging products.
  • Other product lines, includes electronic test equipment and systems, medical electronic equipment, solid-state components and instrumentation for chemical analysis.
  • The main scope of the assignment is the HP - EDS integration. I was involved in multiple projects in this assignment. The legal merge of both the corporation from the GL, IC, AP, and AR perspective for each of the countries were HP and EDS operates. Also the joint invoicing that will take place in the future for any HP - EDS services to their clients as a result of the integration and the upgrade from 4.6 to ECC 6.0. Scope includes APAC Countries, EMEA countries and the Americas.

Modules Used: New GL, Asset, AP, AR, Treasury, COPA, Tax (Asia, Europe and America), Cost Centers, Concur Interface, Integration with SD and MM, Reports, EDI.

Confidential, Bridgeview, IL

Senior SAP FICO Consultant - Team Lead (Full Lifecycle Implementation)

  • Confidential is the largest cement company of Brazil and one of the 10 largest in the world; the company was founded in 1933 and is headquartered in Sao Paolo. The company operates plants in Brazil and several other countries in South America and North America.
  • Votorantim acquired a cement company in Chicago area called Prairie Materials. The main scope of the project is merging Prairie’s SAP system into Votorantim’s global template.

Modules Used: Fixed Assets, New GL, COPA, Product Costing, AP, FSCM, Bank Accounting, Cash Management, Checks Management, FICA, Tax, Treasury, Internal Orders.

Confidential,Houston, TX

SAP CO/PS Consultant

  • Confidential is a machinery and oil service technology company. It is based in Houston, Texas (Energy systems and Oilfield Equipment) and Chicago, Illinois (Machinery, Automation and Food Processing.)
  • The position was a Production Support role where major responsibilities include taking care of Controlling and Project Systems tickets.

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