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Sap Mm Functional Consultant Resume

Midland, MI


  • Over 8 +years’ experience out of which more than 6 years of Extensive work experience in SAP R/3 versions 4.6C, 4.7 & ECC 6.0 as a MM/IM Functional Consultant with 4 end to end implementations.
  • Project implementation skills include requirements gathering, As - Is and To-Be documentation, functional and technical specifications, data migration, customization, configuration, testing, Issue handling, performing cutover activities and SAP best practice methodologies across diverse manufacturing industries.
  • Extensive knowledge in SAP Supply Chain solutions with deep functional expertise in SAP products including Materials Management (MM), Procure to pay (P2P), Inventory Management (IM), warehouse management, Logistics Execution (LE), Supplier Relation Management, enterprise structure design & configuration and Solution Manager.
  • Strong leadership skills, communication skills and inter personal skills.
  • Exposed to cross functional skills like, MRP, Logistics Execution, QM, SD and FI
  • Ability to configure SAP (IMG) to meet specified business requirements
  • Extensive knowledge in MM organizational elements Purchasing Organization, Plant, Storage Location
  • Experience in the Procure to Pay process for both the direct and indirect procurement.
  • Master in Release strategy for Purchase Requisition and Purchase Orders.
  • Configuration of the Master Data: Material Master, Vendor Master, Info Records, and Source List.
  • Specialized in Output Determination, Maintaining Output Condition Records Purchasing Document types, and Number ranges.
  • Specialized in Configuring and customizing of Purchasing in the Material Management: Contracts (Quantity/Value), Scheduling Agreements, Sub-Contracting, Third party, Consignment, Service procurement Frame works, Tolling, Third party sales order process, Third party sub-contracting process, Inter company Stock transfer, one step intra company stock transfers, non-valuated purchases, Asset procurement and procurement against internal orders.
  • Worked on Material Resource Planning, Material Valuation, Inventory Management and Logistics Invoice Verification including ERS.
  • Experienced in SAP Query, ALE/EDI and Workflow.
  • Configuring Inventory Management (IM) Parameters for all Goods movements like Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Reservations, GR for blocked stock, Goods returns etc. and Reporting.
  • Very strong knowledge in MM account determination and accounts playable
  • Configured valuation classes, account modifiers and Split valuation.
  • Extensively worked on pricing condition technique, developed a custom commodity-based pricing solution and designed custom routines for PO pricing.
  • Experienced in Physical Inventory Tolerance Limits
  • Experienced in Batch management.
  • Movement types - Created custom movement types to fulfill business requirements on various goods movements.
  • Creation of time zones, Factory Calendars, Regions in several Company Codes
  • Extensively worked on cutover activities in master data conversion and transactional data conversion.
  • Post implementation production support in MM module to the user specific problems and issues depending on the new business process procedures.
  • Strong knowledge of Cross Functional Modules such as, Sales and Distribution, Quality Management, Ware house management, Finance and Production Planning.
  • Plant Maintenance Configuration - Functional locations BOM, Equipment BOM, Serial numbers, Notifications, Maintenance orders and Capacity requirement planning
  • Functional Unit Test scripts and testing it for Global Roll out.
  • Facilitated the Design work shops and Trainings
  • Logical, analytical, team building and communication skills.


  • SAP MM/IM - ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, 4.7, 4.6b
  • SAP SRM 7.0 / Ariba e-Procurement and Ariba Network
  • HPQC 9.2 testing tool
  • U Perform
  • SAP IS- Food & Beverage
  • Industry: Heavy industry, Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Electronics, energy sector, Small Scale Industries, Wholesale Distribution, Food and Beverages.


Confidential, Midland, MI

SAP MM Functional Consultant


  • Actively participated in Business Blue Printing process. Conducted Workshops, Gap Analysis, Captured Process Changes, identified required RICEFW objects, Created AS-IS Process documents and mapped them to To-Be process documents.
  • Led the team during the configuration phase. Responsible for leading the SAP Organization structure discussion for the project and configuration of organization structure, Release Strategy, Outputs, Pricing Procedure, Vendor Account Groups, Custom Movement types, Custom Material Types…etc. Worked on various cross functional key design decisions like third party sales order process, Tolling process, vendor managed inventory, Co-op’s process and key integration of milk receipts and payment process.
  • Worked on Material Resource Planning, Material Valuation, Inventory Management and Logistics Invoice Verification including ERS
  • Designed and implemented a Payment terms (PO Level, Invoice Level) change monitoring system to help monitor the changes in payment terms by users both at the invoice and PO level for future analysis and reporting.
  • As per client’s requirement I have designed and wrote functional specs for Key RICEFW objects. To list a few: - Developed Custom Commodity Pricing for Dairy Industry, Goods Receipt through Portal, Purchase Requisition through Portal, IM RF screen design, Goods receipt goods issues at IM locations through RF handheld devices, Silo Blending Cockpit, Pallet ID Generator, Put away strategy based on customer number,..etc.
  • Interfaced IM & WM for direct transfer order confirmations against material documents
  • I have designed a complex solution on Energy pricing in purchase order for Dairy industry based on batch characteristics and commodity market and got appreciations from client and Deloitte leadership. I have worked on an integrated Supplier Punch out Catalog with ECC 6.0 system through OCI, Integrated Catalog procurement through NetWeaver Portal without SRM system.
  • Responsible for Vendor Master data migration from day one, worked with client in defining the strategy on Vendor master data cleansing, data extract and data validation, identifying Vendor Partner Functions, Vendor Spend, Info Records, Source List.
  • Developed Blueprint documents, Configuration Documents, Functional specifications, Business Process Procedure documents (with uPerform), Unit Test documents, Training Material.
  • Facilitated the Super User Training, involved in end user training at plan locations. Created Webinars with Plant buyers, Purchasing Managers, Leprino Supply Chain team and end users.
  • Led the Procure-to-Pay team in making sure all the test cases identified for Unit test cycle and Integration cycles were properly documented and loaded in HPQC. Major responsibilities included coordinating the testing of cross team integration tests, coordinating with various other team leads to ensure defects were recorded and resolved in HPQC. Responsible for PTP punch list items identified during various stages implementation. as a cutover lead responsible for cutover activities, worked on cutover work plan design, cutover calls with plant managers and client leadership. Lead the team for cutover activities on inventory load using LSMW, Open PO load, Open Sales orders, PIR and Source list loads.
  • Worked at Plant Location during Phase 1 go-live support and worked at command center during phase 2 go live support, worked closely with Buyers, Plant Managers and end users to keep them comfortable with their new ERP system.
  • Supported the SAP MM/WM module for 5 weeks, worked with end users, supervisors, plant managers to make them confortable on the SAP processes. Closely monitoring the activity in SAP thru stabilization matrices and feedback during daily plant manager’s call.
  • Responsible for PTP development work plans, estimations, resource planning, technology weekly status reporting to Project Management Office, interacting on a day to day basis with client’s Vice President - Supply Chain Management.
  • Configuration of Purchasing documents - requisition/source of supply - quotas/ RFQ/quotation entry and analysis/ PO/ automatic, vendor known/unknown and defining number ranges for various purchasing documents and confirmations, release procedures for purchasing documents.
  • Involved in key project decisions related to Go- No Go, project resource planning, Deployment, Training tracker, Punch list tracker etc

Confidential, Warren, NJ

SAP MM/IM consultant


  • Collecting and understanding of the user requirements, filling up the storyboard for the business process, preparing the BPML (Business Process Master List) and Business Blue Print using ASAP
  • Studying existing business process in the context of material management and deciding to-be process and to be mapped to the SAP system
  • Worked on master data conversions, Material Master records (using MM 01 transaction) and Vendor Master records (using MK01 transaction), from legacy system were brought into SAP
  • Designed and Configuration the MM organizational elements Purchasing Organization, Plant, Storage Location
  • Customization of Master Records.
  • Apart from the Standard Material types, configured New Material Types as per the requirements of the Client and created several valuation classes and account category references, changed the field status of the material master records as per the user’s requirements.
  • Configured vendor master records, created account groups based on the type of control required, defined usage of partner functions and vendor sub-range functions.
  • Configured the terms of payment for vendors and Shipping instructions
  • Defining partner schemas and assigning to account groups.
  • Characteristics and classes were reviewed and created for release procedures to RFQ/Quotation, requisition, purchase orders, contract and scheduling agreements
  • Configuring Inventory Management Parameters for all Goods movements like Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Reservations, GR for blocked stock, Goods returns etc.,
  • Creating storage location automatically for different movement types with Goods issue/Transfer posting and Goods receipt
  • Worked on Goods returns, Shortage of Material supplies and damaged goods.
  • Configuring special stocks in Inventory management for Subcontracting, and Consignment materials
  • Created Statistical Conditions for price comparison without altering the Material
  • Procurement Prices and Inventory valuation
  • Customization of Access sequence, condition records and business rules understanding client’s business process
  • Customized Invoice Verification with Vendor-wise tolerance limits as per the business requirements.
  • Produced most of the new business forms with SAP script
  • Unit testing and Integration testing using CATT / other tools like Win runner
  • Supporting helpdesk with user training
  • Successful completion followed by post go-live support

Confidential, Philidilphia, PA

SAP MM Functional


  • Responsible for designing the solution in line with the global template
  • Led the team in gathering user requirements for the following key business processes in - Requisitioning, Purchase order processing, Subcontracting, Returns processing, Inventory management, Inventory management, Intercompany processing, Purchasing outputs, Consignment processing, EDI processing, Contract processing, Material master, Vendor master, Partner functions & Invoice Processing (LIV).
  • Designed all of the above-mentioned processes and recommended design solutions to client in all of the above areas.
  • Configured and prototyped all key areas in - Purchase orders, Contracts, Vendor evaluation, Subcontracting processing, Consignment processing, PO outputs, Stock transport orders, Purchase requisitions, Goods receipt, Goods issue, PO returns processing, Inbound shipment, Delivery processing, Logistics invoice verification, Dynamic cycle counting, Physical Inventory with RF.
  • Led the Procure-to-Pay team in making sure all the test cases identified and performed for Unit test cycle and Integration cycles during the testing phase.
  • Led the team during cutover phase for inventory cutover, Open PO, PIR and SL.

Confidential, Bentonville, AR



  • Core Team MM for Procure to pay team during the implementation of global template and responsible for the End to End implementation of Procure To Pay process.
  • Confirmed the scope for the Procure-to-Pay track during the scoping sessions.
  • Conducted several scoping workshops and Blueprinting sessions in understanding the business of the client and recommended the business process master list (BPML) to be blueprinted during the blueprint session.
  • Conducted several blueprint workshop sessions, gathered requirements and designed some of the important business processes in Materials Management for the Wholesale distribution industry.
  • Facilitated the Procure-to-Pay workshops during the playback sessions to validate design with the business group.
  • Interacted with SME’s to understand the business requirements and provided solutions for the business requirements to fill the Gap’s.
  • Led the team during the configuration phase. Responsible for leading the SAP Organization structure discussion for the project and configuration of organization structure, PO document types, RFQ, Contracts, Purchase requisitions, Release Strategy, Outputs, Pricing Procedure, Vendor Account Groups, Custom Movement types, Custom Material Types etc...
  • Developed a new scenario’s in PTP with business Re-Engineering like Subcontracting PO against a Third-party Sales order, STO against a Sales order etc...
  • Extensively worked on account determination, Output determination, Inbound and Outbound EDI like 850, 855, 810, 856, etc.
  • Involved in Warehouse management systems to design and develop custom logistics execution scenarios for Inbound and Outbound process.
  • Involved in design of handling unit management with auto pack against the sales order process.
  • Involved in Configuration of Inbound and outbound Logistics execution process.
  • Project cutoff preparation, pre-and post go live activities.
  • Designed and wrote an exhaustive functional spec for new interface of SAP outbound process to a third-party transportation planning module, Wrote functional spec for inbound and outbound interface between SAP and Logility (Planning software)
  • Facilitated the super user training and end user training sessions.
  • Responsible for cutover planning, led the teams for cutover preparation, Mock cutover final cutover for inventory loads, Open PO loads thru LSMW.
  • Extensively worked on ALE/ EDI for master data transfer like material master, vendor master, classification data, customer master, BOM, etc...




  • Study of organizational change management for business impact and risk assessment to identify the risks to be addressed for successful implementation.
  • Reviewing the existing Specifications, Standardization & Coding to reduce the variety of materials and equipment used in the plant.
  • Configuration of Material Masters, which includes number range assignment, screen sequence, fields configuration.
  • Configuration and creation of new screen sequences and assigning as per user profiles
  • Configuration and creation of new material types.
  • Creation of new material groups, purchasing value keys, shipping instructions.
  • Configuration of Vendor master, which includes creation of new account groups.
  • Configuration of screen layout for vendor master with reference to accounting groups.
  • Assignment of number range for vendor master with reference to accounting group.
  • Optimized the purchasing cycle of SAP related to Source Determination
  • Configuration of purchasing info record and Optimized the purchasing cycle of SAP related to Source Determination.
  • Automatic creation of Purchase Order, Release Procedures with Classifications for Purchase Requisition, defined Characteristics and Classes. Created Purchase Orders by referring to Purchase Requisitions & Contracts.
  • Configuration of Purchase Requisition, which includes creation new document types and number range assignment.
  • Configuration of Release Procedure with classification for Purchase Requisition, which includes creation of characteristic and class. New Release strategies are created as per business requirement.
  • Integration with other modules like SD, FI, PP & MM.

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