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Senior Sap Bw Consultant Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over 10 years of experience in implementing enterprise scale reporting solutions using SAP BW which includes more than 3 years of SAP HANA modeling experience
  • Full life cycle experience, Significant contributions to all project lifecycle phases, from blueprint and design to configuration, functional design, requirement analysis/definition/determination, test execution, issue resolution, training, go - live assistance and post implementation support
  • Extensively worked SAP HANA data modeling using Attribute View, Analytic View and Calculation Views, stored procedures. The SQL based calculation Views were also created in order to address complex business requirements.
  • Hands on experience in SAP HANA Data provisioning using SAP BO Data Services 4.0. and have knowledge SLT Replication server. Gained experience with DATA Extraction Transfer Loading ETL for loading data from SAP ECC System to SAP HANA System. Having good knowledge on SAP HANA Architecture. Well versed with importing Meta data, table definitions, performing initial load and replication, resuming and suspending data loads using SAP HANA studio.
  • Involved in end user training, integration testing, resolving performance issues and production support activities.
  • Implemented ASAP methodologies( Project Preparation, Blueprint phase, Realization, Final Preparation, Go-live and Support) and Agile Methodologies( Development iterations, Teamwork, Collaboration, and Process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project )
  • Comprehensive functional knowledge in Sales & Distribution (Sales Orders, Deliveries, Billing), MM (Purchasing P2P & Inventory Management), SRM, CRM, HCM, QM, FI/CO (General Ledger, AR, AP, Funds Management, CCA, PCA and COPA ) and general business process of SAP ECC.
  • Experience in various Business Objects Applications (Universe Designer, Web Intelligence (Webi), Crystal Reports and Xcelsius Dash Boards).
  • Expertise in Integration of SAP BI with Business Objects, Crystal Reports and Xcelsius using SAP integration kit.
  • Extensively worked on creating captivating interactive Xcelsius Dashboards using Query as Web Service and the New SAP BI Connector.
  • Extensively worked on creating highly formatted Crystal Reports using options such as Charts, Grouping, Sorting, Alerts and Field highlighting.
  • Expertise in using Universe Designer/Information Designer Tool using BICS(Business Intelligence Consumer Services) over BEx queries and Info Cubes to migrate & model data from BI to BO for reporting. Excellent skills to develop reports using Webi/Crystal Reports, live Office.
  • Extensively worked on BO performance over Bex by implementing Query Stripping, removing unused hierarchies in BEx, Suppressing unused hierarchies in BW. Used Web Intelligence scheduled reports to enhance user experience, Enabled “Use Selection of Structure Elements” for queries which have several restricted and calculated key figures.
  • Extensively worked on Designing and maintenance of data targets like the Info Objects, DSO Objects, Info Cubes, Info Sets, open hub, APD and Multi Providers, SAP HANA-optimized DSOs, SAP HANA-optimized Cubes, Composite Providers, Semantic Partitioned Objects(SPO), 7x Migration Tool, Composite Providers, Analytical Index as per the SAP Best practices.
  • Expertise in implementation and migrating BW from 7.0 to 7.3 and 7.3 to 7.4.
  • Extensively worked on the features of BI 7.0 like transformations, Data Transfer Process, Remodeling of the Info Cubes, Error DTPs, Data Store Objects, Start Routine, End Routine and the New Data Source.
  • Extensively Involved in Managing of Info Cubes and resolving the reporting performance issues by updating the Indexes and Statistics, Compression of Info Cubes, logical and physical partitioning, Aggregates.
  • Experienced in activating standard Business Content, extending and enhancing using User Exits according to the end-user requirements
  • Extensively worked on the Information broadcasting for running the reports in background to improve the performance of the reports by filling OLAP Cache and broadcasting the reports to email accounts both internal and external.
  • Involved in Post-Production support that includes monitoring of process chains and data loads, reconstruction of data targets in case of failed loads, rescheduling of process chains, debugging of transfer, update routines and transformations.
  • Expertise in creating Bex Queries using structures, variables, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, cell restrictions and RRI Jump Queries.
  • Expertise modifying standard templates and creating custom templates Using Web Application Designer.
  • Extensively worked on Extracting Data from/to using DB Connect and Flat Files, Informatica and Microsoft Analytics.
  • Extensively worked on the BI Accelerator (BIA), which involves creating BIA indexes and rolling up of the data.
  • Expertise in writing ABAP code in start / end routine and routines in transformations, CMOD code for BEx Variables, Custom Extractors.
  • Experience training end users in Bex reports, workbooks, Crystal reports and Xcelsius.


Data Warehousing: SAP BI 7.01/ SAP BW 3.X/ SAP BI 7.3/BI 7.4 SP12, SAPBO 4.1


Languages: ABAP/4, HTML, C

Databases: Oracle /HANA 1.0 SP12

Tools: & Utilities: MS-Office

Operating System: Windows

ETL/Reporting: BO Data Services / Business Objects, WAD, Bex


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior SAP BW Consultant


  • Worked on various modules including COPA, OTC, SCM, FIGL, APO and Vistex-TPM
  • Worked on designing and developing several reports on these functional areas as well as cross-functional areas
  • Extensively worked on creating Hana Information views modeling: Attribute, Analytical, Calculation Views
  • Extensive knowledge on Composite Providers, Transient Providers, Advanced DSO’s, Open ODS View using BW Modeling Tools in Hana Studio.
  • Developed complex calculation view using SQL.
  • Created advanced modeling using Hierarchies, derived views, restricted calculated column, variable, input parameter.
  • Developed the security model, Naming conventions, folder structure for HANA 1.0 and BOBJ 4.0 and established the recommended SAP best practices for developing Universes, reports and dashboards from HANA data sources.
  • Created Users, Roles, privileges, Packages, schema as part of HANA security and development.
  • Migrated HANA content from development, testing environment to Production environment using delivery units.
  • Created Universes on top of HANA calculation views and developed the Webi reports and dashboards using IDT Information design tool .
  • Designed and developed various reports like Daily Sales Reports(DSR), Executive Briefing Book(EBB), Invoice Details, Inventory Projected Summary, Waterfall, In-Transit, Excess/Obsolete, DP, Dollarized forecast, BOM, PO Tracker, MPV/PPV reports, Service-level metrics(SLM), Quantity on-time Evaluation, Open Order Walk(OOW), Gross to Net, Safety Stock Analysis, Four wall reports(FI COPA), TPM Reports, etc.
  • Worked in the various stages of the migration of both 7.0 to 7.3 on HANA and from 7.3 to 7.4
  • Worked on migration of several reports to new GL which includes importing the entire logic from GL 4 to GL 14, creating new infoproviders and copying/creating BEx/BO reports for the corresponding changes.
  • Successfully implemented Near Line Storage using Sybase IQ to archive data from BW Hana.
  • Worked on end to end implementations of TPM, redesigns for HANA in various areas including COPA, DSR, EBB, SLM and OOW. This includes redesigning and creating new providers for HANA for COPA, Sales Orders; design and develop HANA modeling solutions.
  • Worked on the designing and developing the HANA solutions for many reports including TPM, Material Spend, Executive Sales reports which include creating graphical views and scripted views, procedures, virtual providers and composite providers on HANA views for BEx queries.
  • Experience in SLT & RDA processes as part of real time reports.
  • Worked on designing and adjusting the reports for the new brands’ acquisitions and divesting which go periodically every year that includes from gap analysis, requirement gathering, design to the development.
  • Created Complex Webi reports on top BEx queries for TPM using BICS connection.
  • Worked on creating several Open hubs, APD’s to generate files for the third-party interfaces like Sales Perspective, Tesseract, wholesalers, exact targets, etc.
  • Created the detailed reporting requirements documents, Technical Specification documents
  • Worked on automation of the reconciliation of data bet ween BW reports and ECC using ABAP, ABAP on HANA
  • Worked on a weekly production support activities including scheduling, monitoring and resolving the batch job issues

Environment: SAP BW 7.4 SP12, SAP ECC, SAP BO 4.1.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

SAP BW Consultant


  • Involved in designing, documenting and configuring the Information Model for the Global Sales Reporting using environment SAP BW 7.3 on Hana and Business Object 4.0.
  • Designed and implemented the information model for Finance, Supplier Relationship Management and Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Inventory, Material Management, Supply Chain Management, Production etc.
  • Managed Onsite and Offshore Teams (development and support) and acted as SPOC for all communication between client and IBM onsite offshore team.
  • Involved in in pre and post HANA migration activities for BW 7.3 on Hana, pre migration activity including housekeeping tasks, help run Program BW HANA CHECKLIST by Basis etc. and post migration check list i.e., check consistency of tables by running program ex:RSDU TABLE CONSISTENCY, RS BW POST MIGRATION, transfer inconsistent Info Objects from SAP Business Content.
  • Apply SAP Note 1691096 in BW on HANA system to Transport of Info Cubes from and to SAP HANA database
  • Involved in implement important SAP notes 1846493 prior to productive use of BW 7.3 on Hana
  • Created Web Intelligence(Webi) Reports based on Bex Reports using Universe(BO 3.1) with BW 7.01 as source
  • Created Web Intelligence (Webi), using BO BICS tools with BW 7.3 on Hana as source.
  • Created Crystal reports with formatting options such as Charts, Grouping, Sorting, Alerting, Field highlighting, Drill-down, Parameter prompts
  • Developed Xcelsius dashboards using charts, containers, selectors, single values, maps and text components.
  • Worked exclusively on Xcelsius Dashboards for analysis of Quarterly and Yearly sales.
  • Extensively worked on creating the Web Templates as per the requirements
  • Extensively worked on extracting data using DB connect and Flat files.
  • Extensively worked on migration of Queries, work books, web templates and Query variants from 7.01 to 7.3
  • Involved in creating the BIA indexes for the cube with performance issues and initial fill/rolling up of the indexes.
  • Extensively worked on the start / end routines and the routines in the transformations.
  • Extensively worked on transformations, Start routine, End Routine, DTPs, Error DTPs and process chains.
  • Designed and developed custom DSO’s and Info cubes as per the requirements.
  • Created generic extractors using function modules and tables for reporting on the custom build contract application in ECC.
  • Involved in the plug in upgrade activities like clearing the LBWQ/SM13 and RSA7 queues on R/3 and support pack upgrade activities on BI.
  • Extensively involved in monitoring the process chains and info package groups and resolving the production issues.
  • Extensively worked on installing business content extractors in all areas and enhance the same to suite the requirements of business.
  • Developed APO Pipeline Snapshot Report, Inventory Summary/Details Report, Cycle Count Details Report, Sales Actual vs Plan, Sales trends report, Shopping Cart details report, Number of Events and Complaints Report etc.
  • Involved in design and development of backend objects like DSO, Info cube, Info objects, Info set, Multiproviders, APDs, Hana-Optimized Cubes, Hana-optimized DSOs, Semantic Partition Objects (SPO), dataflow templates, and Composite provider.

Environment: BW 7.01, BW 7.3 on HANA, ECC 6.0, Business Objects 4.0, BO Data Services.

Confidential, Castaic, CA

SAP BW Developer


  • Managed offshore team (development and support) and acted as SPOC all the communications / interactions with users and onsite.
  • Worked in architecture team to design the new requirement.
  • Involved in cutover plan preparation for all go-lives.
  • Worked extensively on performance tuning on existing process chains, set up the dependencies, master data and hierarchies.
  • Worked on different areas SD, MM, and APO.
  • Worked on GLPCA (profit/loss) reports, Inventory summary reports, Sales performance reports, Sales Actual-To-Date Report.
  • Worked in both support and development areas. Responsible for SR count, SLA and development deliveries.
  • Worked on long pending issues and proposes quick workaround.
  • Worked on aggregates, compression, PSA deletions.
  • Set standards, review check list for BW development and ABAP development related to BW.
  • Work on Bex Queries, virtual characteristics, cell definitions, workbooks, user profiles and role assignment.
  • Worked on SAP R/3 upgrade project in lie BW testing.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/ 3 4.7, Oracle 9i, SD, ABAP/4

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