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Ewm Technician/functional Consultant Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • Master’s educated SAP consultant professional with extensive experience ABAP/4 reporting, interfaces, conversions, enhancements and forms.
  • Skilled at implementing deployment that controls the distribution of incoming goods within the BOD based on current demand. Able to effectively define system strategy, develop system requirements and design, test and train and define support procedures, implementing long - term business solutions working under multiple deadlines.
  • Expertise in terms of ABAP objects, integrating both SAP and non-SAP interface with SAP EWM.


  • EWM
  • MM
  • SD
  • FI
  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • 5.0
  • R/3 4.7
  • ALVs
  • SAP Scripts
  • Smart Forms
  • Adobe Forms
  • OOPS
  • LSMW
  • User Exits
  • Customer Exits
  • BADIs
  • RFCs
  • BAPIs
  • ALE/EDI IDocs
  • WebDynproand Workflow
  • ABAP/4
  • C
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • C#
  • SQL Plus
  • ASP.Net
  • HTML
  • Oracle 10g
  • SQL Server 2005


Confidential, PHOENIX, AZ

EWM Technician/Functional Consultant

Environment: EWM 7.0, EWM 9.0, ECC 6.0

  • Work on RFID development regarding Picking, Putaway and the internal movement of scenarios.
  • Develop interactive ALV that showcased the internal rearrangement of pallets in warehouses by displaying different screens.
  • Create an ALV report for auto-stack movement in bins inside warehouses and for changing the bin capacity per the user input based on bin type.
  • Developed and implemented an upload program for the initial stock upload for all warehouses and a Wrapper RFC for performing goods issued even when quantity was partially picked by adjusting the quantity.
  • Generated a RFC for each Reversal of Goods Issue and Cancellation of Picking.
  • Implemented BAdj to calculate the Loadability Matrix to maximize the occupancy and calculate the maximum tolerance quantity and for posting change for stock for unrestricted to quality.
  • Enhanced EWM standard transactions to restrict it from creating different material documents for HU’s with the same material when processed simultaneously.
  • Improved the standard transaction by adding the tare weight to the HU’s and displaying extra-added field in the “Stock can be Removed” and “Other Stock” tabs.
  • Developed Smartforms for Material Putaway Notes showing the HU details and quantity and an adobe form that created stickers used in internal pallet movements.
  • Developed pricing routines for the TD module for shortage calculations for material loss during the transportation of chemicals.

Confidential, TRENTON, NJ

SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, LSMW, BAPI, User-Exit, BDC, Scripts, SAP Reporting.

  • Developed the LSMW’s that uploaded master data and loaded material master data into SAP R/3 using MM01 transactions using the SMW Batch Input Recording method.
  • Successfully migrated purchase order data into SAP using the BAPI method in LSMW and used the LSMW loaded into info records through the use of IDOC type INFRE01 and Message Type INFREC.
  • Created BAPIs that retrieved data from various database tables from a specified date through the use of change documents concepts and a User Exit that limited the creation of new sales order quantity that didn’t exceed the contract quantity.
  • Delivered custom scripts for sales order creation including change with added functionality that converted script output into PDF.
  • Produced data dictionary objects that included views, search helps and table enhancement and a report for creation and changing of a price condition using the BDC call transaction method.
  • Successfully changed the standard SAP program to consider material determination during the assignment of the sales order to contract.
  • Designed and coded the BDC program that uploaded equipment data from the legacy system to the SAP R/3 database.
  • Created an interactive report that displayed vendor information on the basic list and corresponding bank details in the secondary list.
  • Developed a report based on the given sales organization that displayed sales information through VA03 and customer details through XK03.
  • Developed an ABAP Webdynpro ALV report for a material shortage report for PP-module used to view a stock requirements shortage report.

Confidential, PLYMOUTH, MI

SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, ALV, ALE, IDoc, Workflow, LSMW, BAPI, BADI, BDC, Smartforms, Adobe Forms, SAP Scripts.

  • Produced a report in ALV that searched the application database for open sales orders and a report that displayed the details of a delivery document using the tables LIKP and LIPS.
  • Established ALE and IDOC setups, the distribution of transactional data for sales orders and order confirmation and configured ALE and IDOC to create the IDOCs.
  • Designed, tested and implemented an effective workflow for vendor master creation.
  • Uploaded purchase information records and transferred data using BAPI method and the legacy system migration workbench (LSMW) tool to upload data from the legacy system to a SAP system.
  • Developed a LSMW that was used to upload customer master data, migrated from the legacy system to a SAP R/3 database.
  • Wrote BDC programs that updated and changed vendor master data by a session method.
  • Successfully enhanced the production order deliver process by setting up a delivery complete indicator when the order was technically completed and the release status was inactive.
  • Created a smart form that displayed customer/company information, the company logo, the item and material number, description, order quantity and the total price.
  • Effectively converted the existing SAP scripts to Smart forms for the sales order, invoice and delivery note.
  • Implemented dynamic ALV features in Webdynpro applications and played a key role in the exchange of data between the Webdynpro application through the URL.


SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, ALV, ALE, IDoc, Workflow, LSMW, BAPI, BADI, BDC, Smartforms, Adobe Forms, SAP Scripts Module Pool Programming, User-Exits.

  • Designed and implemented a workflow template that sent mail when a new sales document or purchase order was created or change in the database.
  • Generated a workflow for deadline monitoring according to a predefined schedule and a workflow template that sent mail to the PR requestor when anyone deleted the PR line item.
  • Developed functions modules that included BDC that uploaded data for business transactions when standard BAPI’s weren’t provided.
  • Enhanced the process for updating the tax code, tax jurisdiction code and the delivery address while creating or changing the PO at the line item level.
  • Duplicated PO enhancement that issues a warning message in foreground for manual orders and set a delivery block in the background and issued an error message when the ship to was not lined to sold-to.
  • Created an interactive form in Adobe that updated the sales item data in the database and used the same to product sales orders.
  • Developed multiple Module Pool programs for MM and HR-related business requirements using enhancement to provide added functionality to the business transactions.
  • Generated data dictionary objects along with views, search helps and table enhancement and table maintenance programs that uploaded data into multiple takes simultaneously.
  • Displayed output in ALV grid format, providing various buttons that displayed the detailed document data.
  • Produced a report that displayed customer information and an interactive ALV report that listed all deliveries shipped but not billed.
  • Constructed an interactive report that displayed the information related to customer “no’s” and a report that created the new schedule agreements that handled ADJ and ENT records of new schedule lines.
  • Developed a report that extended the purchase order line items to a different plant and highlighted the quantities which hadn’t yet been delivered.


Jr SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, ABAP/4, LSMW, BDC, ALE, IDoc, RFC

  • Successfully loaded open sales orders and order texts and fixed assets into SAP using LSMW.
  • Developed an effective conversion program that loaded customer material information records and a PDC program that loaded the commercial and tax prices for materials using a transaction code.
  • Generated custom message types and a triggering event that sent an IDOC when data changed in sales orders transactions.
  • Extended IDOCs, implementing ALE thatsuccessfully updated the customer master and material master.
  • Created and maintained data dictionary objects including tables, structures, views and match code objects and an RFC enabled function module that generated the sales and shipping details of the day.
  • Configured RFC to send data to another physically separated SAP system.
  • Correctly modified a print program purchase order that got classification from sales orders instead of from materials.
  • Generated SAP scripts and print programs for quotation and sales order confirmation and a custom block trend program that accurately estimated the block trend ration from past details.
  • Delivered a report that forecasted sales utilizing smoothing functionality and seasonal adjustments.
  • Implemented a report that determined the age of in-transit inventory, monitoring the stock transport using OOPS.

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