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Sap Abap Senior Developer Resume



  • Total 12 years of IT industry experience in SAP, encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals.
  • Around 8 years of experience as an SAP - ABAP developer, gained good ex-poser to functional domains ln SD-OTC, Pricing, Vistex, MM, Fi-Co, APO, GATP, BW, BA and BPC by providing ABAP support to these modules.
  • Around 4 years of experience as an SAP ABAP-CRM, WEB UI and Interaction center developer. Majorly worked in Order to Order scenarios, Quote & Proposal area, Services, returns and claims.
  • Worked for Implementation, Upgradation & Production Support projects.
  • Worked on different methodologies like ASAP, waterfall and Agile processes in different projects.
  • Extensive experience in analysis, design, development, customization and implementation of software applications using SAP ABAP & OOABAP.
  • Proficient in working with Process teams and Business end users during design discussions, participated in many workshops at different onsite locations and proposing high level technical design/approach to-wards achieving the solution as per the business requirements.
  • Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and designing end to end technical solutions for projects.
  • Extensively provided technical support for SAP R/3 modules Sales & Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), and Finance and Costing (FI/CO). I have covered all aspects of Sales Order Processing, Availability Checking, Pricing, Output Determination, output control routines, VOFM and pricing routines, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Outbound and Inbound Deliveries, and Transportation Scheduling, Picking and Packing, Bill Goods Issues and Goods Receipts, Invoicing and Billing, Inventory Management, Equipment, Serial Number and Handling Unit Management, Transfer Orders and Print Programs.
  • Has functional understanding of all vistex functionalities like Chargebacks, Rebates both on customer and vendor side.
  • Hands on experience in SAP VISTEX enhancements using Chargebacks, Customer rebates, Purchase Rebates, Bill back and Contracts.
  • Experience in both Vistex 6.0C and 6.0E.
  • ABAP/4 technical skills include design and development of different objects in data dictionary (DDIC), debugging code, report writing (classical, interactive and ALV reports), enhancements framework (User exits, function/custom exits, BADI’s, enhancement spots, explicit & implicit enhancements), object oriented programming and performance tuning using runtime analysis, SQL Trace & SM13.
  • Developed different Interface objects using proxies, web services, application server file transfer using dataset, ALE/EDI IDOC’s, BAPI’s and RFC's.
  • Have very good experience in debugging, root cause analysis and resolved many issues.
  • Experienced in developing and designing print programs for SAP Scripts, SMARTFORMS and Adobe forms as per business requirements.
  • Experienced in working with BDC programming (Session, Call Transaction and Batch Input method’s) & LSMW for data loading.
  • Experienced in Module Pool Programming (Dialog programming), Menu Painter and Screen Painter .
  • Worked in different project related activities like production monitoring, on-call support, health check, back-ground job monitoring and connect with process/functional, BASIS and security teams as and when required to support custom built applications and any other operational failures.
  • Experienced in connecting with BASIS team for implementing OSS notes.
  • Experienced in Transport related activities and taking care of weekly code drop transport failures.
  • Experienced in Quality review/peer reviews for the developed objects with respective to all aspects like review of code, documentation, performance tuning and tracking status updates in tools like SAP SOLMAN and other ticketing tools like LANDESK, HPQC, CHARM and SDMS.
  • Experienced in ADSA/SDRB reviews, provide GAP analysis and provide the ROM sizing based on the high level business requirements.
  • Experienced in leading and managing teams. Handled multiple roles as a Team Lead, Onsite-Offshore coordinator, Senior Application developer and Mentoring junior resources.
  • Hands on experience in workflow and webdynpro.
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner and team player.
  • Extensive experience in analysis, design, development, customization and implementation of software applications using SAP ABAP.CRM, WEBUI, GENIL & BOL coding & OOABAP.
  • Very good understanding on CRM MVC architecture and WEBUI architecture.
  • Majorly worked on Quote and Proposal, Sales, Services and returns/claims areas this includes DDIC, Interfaces, BDOC’s and Enhancement objects.
  • Majorly worked on custom BADI Implementations have good understanding of CRM tables and GUID links.
  • Worked on Middleware replication developments - order to order, order to billing document replications, copy BADI’s and DATA EXCHANG BADI’s.
  • Worked on CRMV EVENTS and creating function modules which integrate the functionality/logic for the respective event.
  • Having good working knowledge on how to utilize the Function modules like CRM ORDER READ, CRM ORDER MAINTENANCE, READ and Maintenance FM’s for sub objects like status and Partner data and BP Address maintenance etc.,.
  • Designing and development of custom WEB UI components like Windows, Views, View Sets, and custom components, component controllers, BOL and GENIL coding.
  • Defect fixing in other areas like Interaction center, Channel management and price buckets.
  • Very good at Debugging and troubleshooting issues in custom WEB UI components and Custom BADI implementations and identifying the root cause.
  • Hands on experience on functionalities such as creating buttons, dropdowns and F4 value helps for fields.
  • Component Interface, Component Usage, New Assignment Blocks.
  • Experienced with Easy Enhancement Work Bench (EEWB) and Application Enhancement Tool (AET).
  • Experienced with Transaction Launcher.


ERP: SAP ABAP developer supporting modules in R3/CRM/HANA/APO/NetWeaver/ECC6

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, MS Access 2000

Languages: SAP ABAP, ABAP.CRM, Object oriented programming and ABAP.HANA.

Operating systems: Windows NT/2007/XP/2010


Confidential, TX

SAP ABAP Senior Developer


  • As a SAP ABAP Senior Developer I am responsible to understand business need, application requirement and develop the software to ensure quality and error free delivery of objects.
  • Analyze, design, development, testing and implementation of SAP ABAP objects (RICEF) in the areas like OTC - GATP, Sales, Shipping and Invoice, pricing, Claims & Return orders, Notifications etc.,.
  • Responsible for designing & developing end to end technical solution for Interface objects using EDI - IDOC’s for OTC process. Developed Inbound and outbound interfaces for order creation, order change and order response using IDOC/EDI/PI/Webservices while onboarding new customers & suppliers accounts.
  • Responsible for designing & developing end to end technical solution for Interface objects using EDI - IDOC’s for OTC-P2P-Shipping process. Developed Inbound and outbound interfaces for EDI 850, 856 ASN etc., for drop ship scenarios and integrating/onboarding new customers.
  • Designing technical solution for OTC-SD-ATP process for orders, based on Availability check against product allocation, planning, rule based, Material block as per ATP rules/configuration. Developing the requirement routines and doing enhancements/BADI Implementations to meet the business requirements.
  • Worked on GATP enhancements in APO system for APOBO020 ATP, BOP: Backorder Processing, Sorting and APOBO040 ATP, BOP: Backorder Processing, Scope of Check and adding additional fields.
  • Enhanced Rules-Based GATP check for cifing product code to APO and Rule Simulations, Rules for availability for orders based on PO type and changing rule to BO for certain order types in APO system.
  • Enhanced EDI SPEC2000 messages for S1BOOKED, S1QUOTES & S1ORDEXC, so that it will accommodate multiple sub lines. This will establish swift and efficient communication between different customers and allows delivering the parts in cost effective manner.
  • Based on new/enhanced GATP functionality did enhancements for sales order process for certain fields.
  • Creating custom BAPI’s and using standard BAPI’s for Notifications and Sales order processes.
  • Ensure that development and changes are done as per the requirements following SAP and client standards.
  • Responsible for providing process improvement solutions & design, enhancements, team management etc.
  • Post production support of the implemented application by solving the user queries and helping them to understand system behavior globally.
  • Managing and interacting with other teams, Business users, Business Meetings & discussions.




  • As a SAP ABAP lead developer I am responsible to understand business need, application requirement and develop the software to ensure quality and error free delivery of objects.
  • As an on-site team lead I am responsible to co-ordinate with offshore team lead and assigning objects/tickets and following up throughout the development.
  • Provide AMS support as primary on call support person and resolve many number of tickets, never let any ticket to be breached.
  • Have been extensively working in various functional areas including OTC - Order Management, Pricing, Vistex, Material Management and FI-CO.
  • Extensively worked with ABAP objects like DDIC, Enhancements, IDOC’s, webservices, RFC’s, BAPI’s and BADI implementations.
  • Extensively worked with different Business API’s which integrate with front end web applications like Fiori.
  • Have been constantly monitoring activities of bgRFC for catalog, restarting the failure units, deleting the warning units and providing analysis for the erroneous units.
  • Responsible for daily health check and SM13 monitoring and provide the root cause analysis.
  • Reviewing ABAP programs to ensure efficiency and fine-tuning where ever necessary.
  • Unit testing of developed or modified program.
  • Implementing AMS Transition methodology in the project process.
  • Performance tuning of various complex objects and enhance the performance.
  • Discuss with functional and business team to discuss the requirement and provide technical insight.
  • Perform detailed peer & QA review for: Code, updated Technical Specification, Executed UTP, Code-Review Checklist and any other project-mandated documentation during completed code-delivery.
  • Investigate and resolved technical issues related to VISTEX and SAP ECC systems.
  • Involved in complete end to end technical design and development of new composite model deployment
  • Worked on Supplier Rebates Accrual and Settlement Formula Extension.
  • Developed a custom utility program to validate and update the records in the Custom table for Price Appreciation calculations.
  • Experience in both Composite and Transaction model
  • Responsible for technical design, translates functional requirements into technical design, architecting of solution and coordinating with Vistex offshore development team.
  • Developed new enhancement for ADM repricing based on the agreement specific changes like material, rates thus reducing the runtime and system load.
  • Developed Pricing Requirements, condition value and condition base value Routines, Data Transfer
  • Routines for different pricing procedures involved in the rebate processing.
  • Raising the technical issue identified post the upgrade with functional and Vistex team.
  • Found product issues and followed up with Vistex on them, evaluated the OSS notes/solutions suggested
  • Experience in performance tuning.

Environment: SAP ERP, Server systems - ECC 6, Vistex 6.0 C

Confidential, Minneapolis

Application Developer


  • Responsible for WRICEF review and provide the ROM sizing based on the high level business requirement.
  • Responsible for analyzing Functional Spec's, preparing technical specs, developing, unit testing and making the objects code bundle ready in ABAP.CRM.
  • Developed and delivered major End to End scenarios like Order to Order, Order to billing document, Pricing, replications from CRM to ECC and vice versa for OTO and OTC sales & shipping process flow.
  • Gained significant experience in developing programs for Middleware replications, Custom field creations using AET and EEWB tools, Extending BAPI structures, Copy routines and Enhancements in CRM and ECC.
  • Developed and enhancing WEB UI components.
  • Attending status calls with onsite teams and team lead’s to update on the progress of the work done and discuss on the upcoming requirements.
  • Responsible for Peer and SME reviews for the developed objects,
  • Responsible for retrofitting defects.
  • Worked on Sales, Purchase and Customer rebate and Chargeback.
  • Created parallel processing program for standard VISTEX IP document creation in mass processing program to improve the performance.
  • Developed Pricing formulas and Routines, LIS update and validation for VISTEX applications.
  • Worked on purchasing rebates composite screens and user exits.
  • Worked on Supplier Rebates Accrual and Settlement Formula Extension.
  • Experience in both Composite and Transaction model
  • Developed new enhancement for ADM repricing based on the agreement specific changes like material, rates thus reducing the runtime and system load.
  • Developed various custom forms and reports in IP for settlement reports etc.

Environment: SAP ERP, Server systems - ECC 6, CRM, Vistex 6.0 E


Application Developer (ABAP lead)


  • Major role is to analyze & support production defects by doing technical analysis and find out where the code is breaking down in modules like Bank Analyzer (BA), Business warehouse (BW) and Business planning and consolidation (BPC).
  • Defect fixing and developing in BW start/end routines.
  • Design and review of documents like preparing documents for ABAP coding standards, performance related documents, Technical design document templates, usage of BADI's & BAPI's, documenting the technical stuff involved in CVPM process chains etc., which are useful to the client for future reference.
  • Good understanding of Info cubes, Info objects and info records in BW.
  • Understand Bank Analyzer system; analyze the customization done in the existing releases (A, B, C, D and E).
  • Took KT from onsite counterpart for understanding the technical requirements/custom developments in the project, how to debug the CVPM process chains which were created through SPRO, understanding the system generated code. Understanding the flow of Analytical process steps, SDL & RDL and Module editor.

Environment: SAP ERP, Server system - ECC 6, Business warehouse (BW), Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) and Bank Analyzer (BA).

Confidential, NC

Application Developer (ABAP.CRM)


  • I was responsible for analyzing Functional Spec's, preparing the Technical Specs and developing objects in ABAP.
  • Developed and delivered major objects in SD, MM and Finance (FIN) area. Gained significant experience in developing objects in DDIC, Enhancements, Outbound/Inbound Interface, creating Remote Enabled Function Modules and documentation for the developed objects.
  • Developed objects in Workflow.
  • Developed wbdynpro applications.
  • Developed and delivered Common Mapping Services (RFC function modules) in Finance (FIN) area which are useful to perform mapping functions to translate SAP objects to legacy data elements and vice versa to support interfaces and conversions.
  • Worked in Revenue recognition area, created routines as per the business scenarios for determining GL accounts based on SD item categories and related configuration rules.
  • Retrofitting the defects/objects during User Acceptance Test (UAT), Functional Verification Test (FVT) testing.
  • Provided Hypercare support for few months after R0.5 Go-Live. During the period of prod support I use to analyze, trouble shoot and fix the issues coming in different wricefs/objects.
  • In-parallel new team got build up for Prod Support and I got moved to development team again for Implementation of R1.0 and Wave 1.
  • I got trained in CRM concepts and moved into CRM OTO - team for next releases R 1 and Wave 1.
  • I was responsible for analyzing Functional Spec's, preparing the Technical Specs and developing objects in ABAP-CRM.
  • Develop and delivered different Enhancement objects which includes BADI Impl’s, Pricing Routines, Enhancement spots etc., in Opportunity To Order - OTO team.
  • Later on I got assigned to specific area in Plan To Supply (P2S) OTO-P2S-CRM team, which includes set of dependent WRICEFS which are linked to Composite Environment (CE). Objects include major Interfaces, Enhancements and Reports which pass through CRM<-> CE<->ETL and to legacy systems.
  • In parallel CE is tightly linked with ECC for OTC process flow. Similar Interface was designed and developed for OTC process as well for Sales orders to link systems and pass the data between ECC<->CE<->ETL and to legacy systems.
  • In P2S area data flows from CRM to CE & vice versa using Webservices/Proxies (WSDL, XML, ODS). Worked on Service consumer and Service Provider Proxies.
  • Retrofitting the defects/issues that come in FVT testing in other areas like channel management and Interaction center.
  • Participated in High level design architecture for Wave 1 wricefs and suggested the best approach for designing and developing specific Interface objects.
  • In-Parallel to regular work, I have been assigned with additional responsibilities like doing ADSA reviews and providing ROM Sizing for new objects based on High level Functional Specifications.
  • Responsible for Peer and QA reviews for the developments - which involves different activities like Code review, Document review and maintaining all the documentation in SDMS tool for future reference and taking care till they moved to QA systems without any failures.
  • Mentoring or training new team members in OTO-P2S team.
  • Taking care of weekly code drop transport related failures.

Environment: SAP ERP, Server system - ECC 6, CRM

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