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It Analyst / Sap Resume

Pittsburgh, PA


To work for a company that values it’s employees, encourages their growth & development, and recognizes those individuals who are true team players, work hard, and use both their work and life experience to make work productive and fun. To leveredge my education, strong work ethic, and diverse work background in an environment where I can excel as an Manager, Project Manager, or Team Leader.


  • My experience includes a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, medical and health insurance.
  • In 2015, after an acquisition, my company implemented SAP. I am currently an SAP IT analyst in the Logistics Execution (LE) area, working on various projects, production support, and configuration. I have attended SAP Warehouse Management training and continue to learn more each day while using my systems and supply chain knowledge.
  • Extensive experience with the development and maintenance of computer systems in both mainframe and client server environments. Background ranges from programming and analysis to project leader and project manager. Manage systems, development projects and people.
  • Experience includes SAP, UNIX, Oracle, SQL, SQL Forms, SQL Reports. Significant application background in MVS systems including COBOL, JCL, MVS utilities, IMS DB/DC, and various third part tools.
  • Have worked closely with both end users and software vendors to provide solutions to the needs and problems of the end users of computer systems.


Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pa

IT Analyst / SAP


  • Provide SAP/IT Business support to the Confidential Architectural Coatings business.
  • With the implementation of SAP as our core business software, I transistioned into the SAP world, learning SAP LE (Logistics) processing, providing support to our business uers. This included configuration changes, analysis, and problem resolution for our plants and distribution centers throughout North America.
  • During our conversion from our Legacy system to SAP in July 2015 I assisted by providing data extracts for needed for the conversions.
  • Senior Systems Analyst / Confidential Pittsburgh Architectural Coatings busines
  • Member of a team of analysts responsible for the ongoing maintenance, development, and support of the complex systems and interfaces used to operate the Architectural Coatings business.
  • Primarily responsible for all maintenance and development in the distribution / supply chain area, including distribution and warehouse management of all North American plants and distribution centers.
  • These systems encompassed order entry, pricing, inventory management, invoicing, and reporting and were the primary means of entering orders, tracking inventory, invoicing etc. for our business.
  • Supported the Confidential warehouse management system which was used at all of plants and distribution centers and was our expert for warehouse management.
  • Design of all Store Interfaces from the POS system to our order management system.
  • Developed several key interfaces on my own, including the highest volume interface between POS and order management.. This highly critical interface had very few problems during it’s 7 year life cycle.
  • Developed a new commission system to pay salesmen
  • Designed and developmented cross docking functionality for use at all of our distribution centers to make more efficient use of inventory and to minimize transportation costs.
  • Re - designed our VOC (Volitile Organic Compound) checking within the Order Entry System.
Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pa

Team Leader / Financial Systems


  • Coordinated maintenance and support activities for a team of 4 to 5 people within the financial systems area. This involves project tracking and reporting, meeting with business analysts to define and prioritize projects, performing analysis, writing specifications, mentoring staff, resolving production problems, and at times coding and testing etc.
  • Two of the systems were written in PeopleSoft; Accounts Receivable, a vendor package, and another cash application system which was developed in-house and was written using People Tools.
  • A third system was a front end for processing claims prior to entry into the General Ledger system.
  • All systems used Oracle, COBOL, SQR, SQL etc. and run in a Unix environment.
Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pa

Programmer / Analyst


  • Worked on various projects related to implementation and support of mail order pharmacy clients throughout the country. The software is written in C, using Sybase in a Unix environment. Upon transfer from Confidential Technologies, I requested this assignment which was intended to provide me with a strong technical background in preparation for a role as a project manager.
  • Project manager / Confidential (Maintenance Team)
  • Managed the day to day operations related to the system we developed and supported for Confidential, an outsourcing client of Confidential Technologies. The system performed back office functions for mortgage banking.
  • My responsibilities included meeting with senior management at Confidential to establish requirements, prioritize work, and plan implementations of small to medium sized enhancements. I was responsible for overseeing these implementations as well as coordinating the resolution of all problems on a day to day basis.
  • The Confidential system ran in a client server environment using the Oracle Developer 2000 products (Forms and Reports), in a Unix environment.
  • Supported and maintained the Confidential mortgage satisfaction system which was a client/server based system written in Oracle Forms / Reports.
  • Project Leader / Commercial Systems ( Confidential )
  • Our team performed retrospective audits on high volumes of medical claims for its clients (state Medicaid agencies, as well as commercial insurance carriers) for the purpose of identifying and recovering incorrectly paid medical claims.
  • As a project liaison, I was responsible for all aspects of audit processing for a clients.
  • This was a “hands-on” position for me and I gained valueble technical exposure by doing as much of the detail software design and development myself when possible.
  • The systems run in a UNIX environment, using imbedded SQL in COBOL programs, PL/SQL, SQL, SQL Loaders, Oracle Reports, and Oracle forms.
Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pa

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Involved in the implementation of two new vendor purchased lab systems, running on Confidential RS/6000.
  • I was primarily responsible for the development of the automated interfaces from the hospitals mainframe system.
  • In addition, I became heavily involved in other aspects of the implementation of these new systems, including functional testing.
  • Supported the MRM Linx Radiology system; a purchased package which ran on an Confidential RS/6000 under Confidential .
  • This system passed data to and from the mainframe hospital system (SMS) Participated in the stabilization of this system which used new technology.
  • Later I identified a chronic problem with the automated interface which eventually led to the solution of the problem.
  • Project leader in charge of the implementation of a newly purchased package to track charts in the Medical Records Department.
  • Served as interim manager of the Clinical Systems Group for a four month period while a search was made to replace the previous manager.
  • Member of an eight person team to develop a Structured Development Methodology specific to Confidential ’s Hospital.
Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pa

Programmer Analyst in the Financial


  • Supported the Confidential Accounts Receivable system (rel 4.0); a purchased package which ran on an Confidential mainframe in a batch only environment using Confidential file access from within COBOL programs. This system had in-house written cash application programs which I enhanced to significantly increase the “hit rate” of cash application.
  • I was able to determine the cause of a long-standing problem which prevented inactive data purging. After fixing this problem I tuned various master files to free up a significant amount of DASD for use by other systems.
  • I attended in-house training in IDMS and Confidential (on-line IDMS) and worked on some parts of the development of the new Property Accounting Recording System (PARS).
Confidential, Pittsburgh, Pa

Systems Engineer/Team Leader


  • Supported the Dunn & Bradstreet Accounts Receivable System (rel 4.2, 87.01); a purchased package written in COBOL using IMS DB/DC in an Confidential mainframe environment.
  • In addition, I set the system up to make full use of various Computer Associates products; a job scheduling tool). I developed an in-house source management system using ISPF Dialog Manager to handle management of source code changes.
  • I learned to program using Information Expert (IE) while creating nearly thirty separate reports.
  • I handled all day to day activities associated with the maintenance and support of this system and was an active member of the Pittsburgh Confidential Users Group.
  • In addition to the above, I also supported and maintained the following systems as well as being involved in the development and maintenance of many other projects;
  • McCormick and Dodge General Ledger: a purchased package that used IMS DB/DC in an Confidential mainframe environment.
  • Cash Management: an in-house written system written in batch COBOL using Confidential data access.
  • This system served as the “back end” to the accounts payable system. This also included the annual creation of 1099 processing.
  • Insurance: an in-house written system written in COBOL using IMS DB/DC. I was a member of a team that completed the conversion of this system to process in a Batch Message Processing (BMP) environment using Checkpoint/Restart.
  • This allowed us to consolidate from several versions of the system down to one and allowed for more effective restartability.
Confidential, Rochester, NY

Programmer / Analyst


  • I was a member of a team of analysts that supported and enhanced a large complex system which provided production schedules for the manufacture of film, chemicals, and paper. This was a mission critical system which was written in PL/1 using IMS DB/DC in an Confidential mainframe environment.
  • Prior to my assignment in this area, I attended a (6 month) intensive training program for new Information Systems employees. I was a member of a committee to develop a methodology for ensuring structured walkthru’s of the development and maintenance activities.

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