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Sap/business Objects Bi - System Architect / Administrator Lead / Technical Lead Resume

Minneapolis Mn Orlando, FL


  • SAP/Business Objects ( Confidential ) / Business Intelligence (BI) systems architect, administrator lead, platform technical lead, database administration, Windows/UNIX administration, data warehousing, multi - tier report development/support, ETL, and .Net/Java app development based Information Technology Professional with a proven track record of meticulously assessing BI, infrastructure, and business requirements while providing reliable, effective and timely solutions.
  • Extensive (15+ years) SAP/ Confidential BI expertise designing, implementing, supporting, and managing multiple multi-tier on-premise, hosted (cloud), SaaS, and hybrid clustered environments in small to “Big’ Data settings supporting 50k users. Architect/technical lead for the SAS, SSRS, Crystal, and ProClarity platforms also.
  • Delivered SAP/ Confidential BI administration, development, support & management expertise with: transactional, relational, OLAP, data warehouse data and reporting; KPI Dashboard Analytics; multiple batch, scheduling, and distribution options; and embedded Java/JSP and .Net app reporting in Windows/UNIX.
  • Strong professional leader with skill in complex web applications and architecture. Wide-ranging background in SAP/ Confidential server/mainframe; Java/JSP, .Net & BI development support & administration. Supported SAP/ Confidential and SSRS semantic layer design using IDT/UDT Designer and SSRS Modeler.
  • Recognized for demonstrating professionalism, taking initiative, and collaborating productively while timely achieving business goals and improving efficiencies. Has strong business acumen and interpersonal relations with broad experience applying proper protocols, procedures, and ensuring appropriate staffing are in place.
  • Delivered SAP/ Confidential and other BI technology updates, support, and training generating more productive cost effective environments. Communicates effectively with associates involved in all levels of a products life-cycle (namely internal/external clients, departmental staff, stakeholders, & management).


  • SAP/ Confidential BI Architecture
  • Intranet/Extranet Server
  • Technical Lead / Project Lead
  • BI App/DB/ETL Administration
  • BI/App/DB Development
  • Data Privacy/Security Mgmt.
  • Data Warehousing
  • Windows/Unix Administration
  • Client Server Administration
  • SDLC
  • Agile/Waterfall Methodologies
  • User/Staff Training & Support


Platforms : SAP/ Confidential Enterprise 5x, 6x,XI, XI2, XI3, XI4; Windows 2012/2008/2003/2000/ NT4 Server; Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95 Workstation; HP/Sun UNIX Server/Workstation; Linux, Microsoft BizTalk, Internet Information Server (IIS); Apache/Tomcat; Netscape WS; Citrix Enterprise; Oracle; Teradata, DB2; Sybase; RADWARE; BIG IP; SQL 2012/2008/2005/2000 Product Suites; ProClarity Enterprise; MS/Essbase OLAP Reporting Platform; SAS; SharePoint; SAP/Crystal Enterprise; MS SSRS BI.

Tools: SAP/ Confidential Enterprise/Designer (UDT/IDT)/Deski/Webi/Lumira/Dashboard/Design Studio/ SQL-Query-Builder/Data Integrator/Explorer/HANA; SAP/Crystal Designer/Reporter; Visual Studio v 6/ 2003/2005/2007/2010/2012 ; SQL Query Analyzer; SQLPlus; RAPIDSQL; TOAD; XMLSPY; NetBeans; MyEclipse; IEWatch; MS SQL Enterprise Server, DTS, Integration Services, SSRS Developer/ Modeler, Analysis Services, Access; Teradata Queryman; Teamquest; SMS; Tivoli; Remedy; LodeRunner; APPWatch; TOPAZ; Putty; Hummingbird; WinSCP; ER-Studio; Silverlight; Flash; Fiddler

Languages : SQL, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, C#. C++, VB.Net, VBScript, VB, VBA, JSP, Java Servlets, JavaScript; SOAP, Windows/Unix Shell scripting, FORTRAN, Pascal, COBOL


Confidential, Minneapolis, MN / Orlando, FL

SAP/Business Objects BI - System Architect / Administrator Lead / Technical Lead


  • Responsibilities include designing new/existing multi-tiered SAP/ Confidential (& SSRS) platforms delivered to external Confidential clients integrated into multiple SSO .Net and Java API vertical application stacks and authentication front-ends.
  • The Confidential platform supported 3000+ customers and 20,000+ Users leveraging enterprise, analytic, embedded, and adhoc reporting (30,000+ reports) and HR Payroll Dashboards.
  • These efforts led to significant ROI cascaded into a suite of Payroll, HR, Workforce Management, Benefits, Tax, and other product deliverables.
  • Worked with infrastructure, internal/external business, stakeholders, and management to design, deploy, support, administer and maintain the SAP/ Confidential (& MS SSRS) BI platforms delivered to external Confidential clients;
  • Designed and continuously refined the SAP/ Confidential strategic technology stacks and approach for multiple API .Net SDKs, Java/JSP custom code, web-services, multiple SSO authentication front-ends, databases, analytics, and dashboard integration into Java/JSP and .Net web-portal applications;
  • Designed, implemented, and supported payroll/HR/workforce-management analytics and dashboard platform deliverables on SAP/ Confidential XI2/XI3/XI4 to EA, GA, and production environments (Dev01/02, QA01/02, Pre-Production, DR, Production and Learning & Development);
  • Designed, deployed, and supported the SAP/ Confidential platform security framework (SSO, row-level, object-level, application, semantic layer, database, access restrictions and user roles); Universes (connectivity, content); analytic reporting (enterprise, adhoc, & embedded); API and Application integration;
  • Designed, implemented, and supported multiple batch, scheduling and distribution options in SAP/ Confidential ;
  • Designed the SAP/ Confidential platform strategy, implementation, and support escalation process to integrate Canadian transnational reporting, language/locale, and application content;
  • Facilitated, implemented, tested and supported SAP/ Confidential XI4.0/4.1 as part of the “SAP’s XI4 Ramp-up Partnership Program” commencing in 2011. Uncovered .NET 32/64 bit integration, Java report engine, Webintelligence DHTML, and IDT security integration issues that were later resolved by SAP positioning Confidential to proceed with the XI4.1 upgrade. Tested and evaluated the strategy to in corporate IDT, HANA, Lumira, and Design Studio.
  • Worked with Business Analysts (BA) to define/refine universes and reports business requirements applied to object mapping documents that led to development/support using Designer, WEBI, and DESKI products;
  • Modified SAP/ Confidential audit universe and WEBI reports to meet IT infrastructure and business requirements, including reports that tracked external client usage for a Workforce Management scorecard.
  • Developed and supported WEBI Reports for the Confidential HR/Payroll Canada transnational product offering.
  • Developed SAP/ Confidential custom Java/JSP code to meet Confidential business requirements;
  • Managed BI Platform backup administrators supporting the SAP/ Confidential and SSRS Platforms;
  • Supported the SAP/ Confidential enterprise platform without backup admin support several times and for extended periods (several months to years) due to Confidential downsizing and hiring shifts;
  • Cross-trained, delivered transitional knowledge transfer, and managed hiring across multiple disciplines in SAP/ Confidential (i.e. BI Platform Admin, BI & API development, and Data teams);
  • Authored numerous SAP/ Confidential platform architectural design, deployment, and process documents;
  • Managed internal and external SAP/ Confidential production support meetings and was the main-point-of contact for 3rd-level escalation support available 24x7;
  • Mentored and trained BI staff, helpdesk, business, and infrastructure team’s support and “Best Practices” compliance for the SAP/Business Objects technology stack.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

SAP/Business Objects BI - Systems Architect / Administrator Lead / Technical Lead


  • Responsibilities included designing, delivering and supporting multiple multi-tiered BI platforms largely on SAP/ Confidential (included SAS, SSRS, SAP/Crystal, and ProClarity also) hosting 15,000 users, 45 internal business and 25 external business clients.
  • I facilitated, managed, interfaced, and integrated with several internal/external business organizations, infrastructure teams, security teams, BI administrators/developers, stakeholders, and management to coordinate all aspects of SAP/ Confidential product release cycles and updates.
  • This required refining current BI strategies and innovate new ones to meet new business and technology requirements
  • Prior to my arrival, Confidential hired/removed two SAP/ Confidential platform admins requiring they contract a Confidential Consultant for over 1xyear at $200+/hr, plus amenities and weekend flights home. Confidential was able to discontinue this service shortly after my hiring. I was granted the “ Confidential Celebrate Leadership” (Europe trip for two) Award 2.5 years after my hiring. I was informed it’s rare to receive this award so short time after hiring;
  • Assumed SAP/ Confidential platform support of Confidential (along Confidential ) and within 3xmonths resolved major SAP/ Confidential HP Unix Integration Issues that idled one (of two) large Unix Web-App Servers (causing daily outages & ongoing query latency during high loads and month-ends) plaguing Confidential for several months. These outages were so common that shortly after my solution was applied the Helpdesk Manager contacted me asking if there was a decision made to quit reporting these outages. I informed all issues had been resolved;
  • Led the US and Continental Europe SAP/ Confidential v6.5 to XIR2 migration project that included migrating over 45 internal business’s, 25 external companies, 10,000 2/3-tier and analytic reports, 3000 scheduled reports, 100+ publications/email, and six dashboard analytic client migrations. This also included integrating one separate Crystal v9 and three separate Business Objects v6.5 enterprise environments at multiple GMAC locations into a single integrated Business Objects enterprise XIR2 platform. As a result over 30 Windows servers, and four high-end HP UNIX servers were harvested leading to substantial hardware and support cost savings to GMAC;
  • Designed, implemented and coordinated full life-cycle management of the SAP/ Confidential platforms multi-tier custom ASP, ASP.NET, J2EE, PHP and vendor proprietary SDK code/web-services developed on Windows and UNIX.
  • BI architect and technical lead for the 32-bit//64-bit MS Analysis Services, MS Reporting Services, and MS Integration Services enterprise deployments;
  • BI architect and technical lead for the design, deploy, support and maintenance of other BI Platforms that included SAS, SSRS, Crystal and ProClarity. Was technical lead, managing administrators supporting these Platforms;
  • Provided ETL maintenance, and support against Oracle DW and MS-SQL data marts implemented with Microsoft DTS and Confidential Data Integrator. Received award for resolving major ETL job issues in European SAP/ Confidential deploy;
  • Delivered SAP/ Confidential technical support for XML data extracts integrated with Microsoft BIZTALK and Oracle/SQL data-stores, developed using custom SDK UIs and encoding technologies for multi-lingual support;
  • Assessed and designed DES, NT, Active Directory, LDAP, and Kerberos authentication models for multiple intranet and extranet BI applications;
  • BI SAP/ Confidential architect for multi-tier enterprise web-app load and performance testing designed to deliver automated web-app health check monitoring and remediation;
  • Designed installation, configuration, and automated server maintenance coding options using Windows/UNIX scripting, ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, VB, and C#;
  • Defined/refined universe and report requirements for financial reporting applied to object mapping documents used to develop & support Confidential Universes and, DESKI and WEBI reports;
  • Modified SAP/ Confidential audit universe and WEBI reports to meet IT infrastructure and business requirements;
  • Defined test criteria and performed multiple levels of system, application and regression testing;
  • Authored Confidential BI helpdesk production support and escalation process documents;
  • Authored numerous other SAP/ Confidential platform architectural design, deployment, and process documents;
  • Supported the SAP/ Confidential enterprise platform without backup admin support several times and for extended periods (several months to years) due to Confidential downsizing and hiring shifts.

Confidential, St Paul, MN

SAP/Business Objects BI - Administrator / Architect / Developer


  • Successfully implemented two/three tier deployments for Business Objects enterprise-wide BI portal/scheduler and server/workstation releases to 15,000 users.
  • Provided primary escalation/support for web/application servers and client workstations for Confidential in Windows, HPUX, and LINUX.
  • Monitored application and network uptime, load, and performance effectively diagnosed LAN-based network issues against Confidential .
  • Developed, maintained, and supported Confidential meta-data data models and two/three tier reports, along with providing and managing 3rd level escalation support for business clients 24x7.
  • Designed and implemented (in coordination with multiple business, stakeholders, IT and management teams) the rollout of the two/three tier Confidential Enterprise platform to 15,000 users, supporting MS-SQL v7/2000/OLAP, Teradata, Sybase, Microsoft Access, DB2, AS400 and Oracle;
  • Delivered architecture, infrastructure and Networking solutions along with installation, support and maintenance of both clustered and non-clustered Confidential platform environments (Windows 2000 and HPUX);
  • Administered and coordinated Confidential release strategies that included - using corporate software packaging utilities; coordinated / developed Citrix global distribution strategy; implemented load-balancing (Radware), fault-tolerance, and failover; designed server performance, application availability, capacity planning, and application monitoring (using Tivoli, LodeRunner, APPWatch. Remedy and Teamquest);
  • Technical lead and implementer for a DB2 to MSSQL 2000 database conversion that included ETL, meta-data and reports conversion to Confidential ;
  • Developed SQL functions with free-hand SQL and stored procs along with delivering SQL database custom reports integrated into the Confidential product distribution;
  • Authored a four phase Confidential release “Test Plan” and coordinated all phases of release testing (server; infrastructure load/stress; network; internal IT data warehousing; and external business testing);
  • Confidential application development and maintenance efforts included WSH, VB, and ASP in support of server/workstation software distribution/installation, server backup/restore, and server maintenance automation.
  • Confidential administration support included - acting as the primary escalation for platform support issues; created, configured, and supported database connectivity; designed and administered the security models; implemented row-level security standards; developed internal Confidential knowledge base.
  • Completed custom Confidential audit universe and WEBI report development work requirements;
  • Defined/refined universe and report business requirements applied to object mapping documents for development/support using Confidential Designer and Web Intelligence for reporting;
  • Eliminated the need for additional hardware procurement by creating data warehouse solution that resolved concurrent query and spool space scheduling issues.

Confidential, MPLS, MN

Technical Support / IT Instructor / Project Coordinator


  • Effectively delivered hardware and software technical support/training to advanced support staff.
  • Performed network, configuration and administration of highly complex tasks supporting Windows and HP UNIX server/workstations.
  • Authored/instructed first fully web-based IT training course (HP UNIX Administration) to advanced support staff;
  • Developed broad web-based configuration management tool for corporate support organization;
  • Provided network, OS, web-app, and application helpdesk desktop and server support in windows and UNIX.

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