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Sap Abap& Bods Consultant Resume

Wauwatosa, WI


  • Around 9 years of experience as a SAP Technical Consultant in global end - to-end Implementation & Development projects, Maintenance & Production Support and Rollout projects.
  • Hands on experience in SAP R/3 ABAP/4, WebDynpro ABAP, SAP Workflow, OOPS ABAP,SAP UI5, SAP FIORI, SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP HANA Modeling with cross-functional knowledge in modules like SAP SD,SD-VC,SCM(MM,WM,EWM), PLM(PM, QM, PP,EHS),FI-CO, CRM, SRM, GTS, HR, SAP APO and SAP PS, SAP PPM.
  • Experienced in developing ease of use desktop and mobile application using SAPUI5, FIORI, OData, HTML5, jQuery, Java script, XML, JSON etc.
  • Experience in working with S/4 HANA migration project.
  • Experience in defining and consuming AMDP, CDS views.
  • Expertise in ABAP/4 Technical areas includes design, development and debugging of ABAP Programs, Reports (Classical/Interactive and ALV Reports) and / Module Pool Programming (Screen painter, Menu painter), RF Scanners, ALE Idocs, Smart Forms, Adobe Forms.
  • Used BDC programming like Call Transaction, Session Methods, Recording and LSMW for Data conversion, field mapping and uploading data.
  • Experience in SAP Workflow administration involving creation and modification of existing workflow in SD.
  • Experience in Workflow development involved enhancing the Business Object, Tasks, Rules, Check Function Modules and workflow template.
  • Experienced in working with SAP Scripts, SAP Smart forms, Adobe Forms and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Extensive experience in the areas of BAPI'S, BADI'S and Smart forms, implicit and explicit enhancements
  • Experience in developing end-end Sap Workflow solutions for credit memo approval, Invoice approvals.
  • Experienced in configuring NetWeaver Gateway and service modeling using SEGW.
  • Developed dozens of Odata services in SAP Net weaver Gateway.
  • Strong experience in OOPS ABAP like Class, Constructors, Inheritance, Interfaces, ALV grids, Tree Controls, Split containers, Table control, Event Handling, SAP ABAP Proxy interfaces, Web Services.
  • Expertise in working with WebDynpro UI elements, Views, Contexts, Navigation Plugs, Component usages, OVS, Assistance classes, Supply functions and Floor Plan Manager using Guided Activity Floor plan, OIF, OVP.
  • Experience in deploying FIORI applications by analyzing the front-end and back-end components.
  • Extending FIORI applications using SAP UI5, BSP in SAP Web IDE.
  • Configured and Customized FIORI applications - Create Sales Order, Track Sales Order.
  • Exposed the custom workflows in ECC system for FIORI applications.
  • Good experience in FIORI Admin activities like creating/maintenance of catalog, target mappings, tile creations, assigning roles, etc.
  • Developed various custom FIORI and UI5 applications using templates in SAP Web IDE.
  • Experience in developing interfaces using RFC, Logical Database, ALE, IDOCs, EDI, &BAPIs, SAP PI.
  • Experience in architecting applications involving SAP Portal, WebDynpro, SAPUI5, HTML5, Gateway Services, OData Integration.
  • Good experience working with UI Theme designer, SPLASH and BUILD.
  • Experience in Hyper care Production support with direct communication with users and working on defects.
  • Experience in working with incidents, Change requests under SLA in production support.
  • Production support, trouble shooting, tracking, bug fixing in support projects.
  • Hands on experience in working with WebDynpro application with ITS Mobile, creating HTML Templates, ICF Service and Business Server Pages (BSP).
  • Involved in all the phases of ASAP methodology right from the Project preparation, Blueprinting, Configuration, Development, Go-Live and POST GO-LIVE Support and in SDLC.
  • Good experience in designing and providing optimal solutions in SAP WebDynpro using MVC design patterns.
  • Proficient in Data Dictionary objects, User Exits, BTE, Customer Exits.
  • Performance tuning using runtime analysis, SQL trace.
  • Has excellent analytical & logical skills required for analysis, design and problem solving.
  • Have good onsite-offshore co-ordination experience, handling transports across the landscape and coordination in integration testing and regression testing.


SAP Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0,R/3 4.6C, SAP Web IDE, FIORI 1.0, Eclipse,S/4 HANA 1605, SAP Net weaver 7.5

Programming Lang.: SAP ABAP, WebDynpro ABAP,SAP Workflow, OOPS ABAP, SAP UI5,SAP FIORI Java, SQL PL/SQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSON,XML,ITS mobile

Operation Systems: Windows 2003/NT/ 4.0/95/98/2000/ XP/Vista/7

MS Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


Confidential, Wauwatosa, WI

SAP ABAP& BODS Consultant

Environment: SAP S/4 HANA 1605, SAP Net weaver 7.5

Technologies: SAP ABAP HANA, Workflow SAP BODS, SAP Gateway

Modules: SD, MM, FI, QM, WM, EWM

  • Developed various CDS views and consumed in Odata services.
  • Wrapping with CDS views on existing tables as one of the code push down technique for performance optimization.
  • Extensively working Annotations, Associations in ABAP CDS views.
  • Modified the long running report FICO reports using CDS views.
  • Designing Service Implementation for various methods Create, Delete, Get Entity (Read), Get EntitySet (Query) &Update by using both RFC Function Modules and manual ABAP coding.
  • Designed and built dozens of OData Services on SAP NetWeaver Gateway for custom Portal consumption (Pricing, Sales Order Entry and Billing History)
  • Automated the credit memo request using SAP Workflow includes sending notification mails, credit block removal in sap based on approval, delegating the business objects, triggering the workflow’s.
  • Experienced in working with complex operation like GET EXPANDED ENTITYSET GET EXPANDED ENTITY, CREATE DEEP ENTITY methods in SAP NetWeaver gateway
  • Write LSMW programs to load data to SAP.
  • Agent Determination using FM, Rules, HR Organizational structure.
  • Good experience in deadline monitoring (normal/modeled) and error handling techniques.
  • Preparing technical specifications and knowledge transfer documents
  • Working on SQL scripts for analyzing and validating the data.
  • Working on ABAP/LSMW, Oracle RDBMS, SQL server, SAP HANA.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

SAP ABAP&UI5 Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7, SAP Net weaver 7.3

Technologies: SAP ABAP, UI5, WebDynpro

Modules: SD, MM, HR, FI, CO

  • Developed Web Dynpro components and made enhancements to the existing components.
  • Developed a end-end custom portal using SAP web Dynpro.
  • Using existing web Dynpro applications, SAP GUI in SAP FIORI.
  • Developed and consumed OData services using SAP Net weaver Gateway to develop supplier portal in SAP UI5.
  • Developed Odata services for external UI applications like Tableau.
  • Developed CDS views for SD, FI, CO applications.
  • Developed oData service and SAP mobile apps for supplier portal.
  • Developed oData services and mobile app for pay rate calculator.
  • Developed a SAP UI5 app using FIORI templates in SAP Web IDE.
  • Worked with Master-Detail, Work List, UI5 templates.
  • Developed a CISD portal using SAP UI5.
  • Developed and modified various smart forms, reports related to invoice, orders in SD and MM.
  • Has an experience in working with OVS, supply functions, interface methods, Component Usages, Developed Web Dynpro components and made enhancements to the existing components.
  • Handled the various changes, enhancements related to ESS portal using Web Dynpro ABAP and FPM.
  • Enhanced a VMS reconciliation report to input dynamic file structure and with dynamic positions.
  • Developed a Labor Clearing report to address reconciliation issues b/w financial and controlling Entries to match payroll and time sheet postings in a fiscal period and make corrections.
  • Developed a HR report for email notifications to old and new managers when employee got transferred to different positions.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

Technologies: SAP ABAP, UI5, FIORI, WebDynpro

Modules: PS, SD, MM, FI, CO

  • Developed Web Dynpro components and made enhancements to the existing components.
  • Has an experience in working with OVS, supply functions, interface methods, Component Usages, Translation of texts.
  • Migrated the legacy application to SAP FIORI based application.
  • Experience in working with SAP Web IDE.
  • Replicated the Direct Time Confirmation in IW42 to CATS using Implicit Enhancements
  • Developed various interactive alv reports in SD, MM.
  • Created new search helps for standard SAP fields.
  • Extensively worked in enhancements.
  • Fine tuning the programs, modified the existing smart forms.
  • Analysis and review of Business Requirements.
  • Responsible for converting functional design to Technical specification documents, development, unit test documents.

Confidential, Durham, NC

SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

Technologies: SAP ABAP, HANA, UI5, Gateway, FIORI


  • Having good working experience in CRUDQ operation by consuming OData service using OData model (OModel) and JSON model.
  • Worked with SPDD, SPAU during HANA migration.
  • Definition, Consumption, Exception Handling, Debugging of SAP HANA DB Procedures/AMDP procedures.
  • Worked with CDS concepts like CDS Annotations and Consumption of CDS views.
  • Executing static checks with ATC, Code Inspector.
  • Experience in consuming the SAP data using ODATA ABAP service, ODATA External service, ODATA HANA service.
  • Enhanced badi’s to display the work item text as per business requirement.
  • Deploying FIORI apps like HCM Apps, SD Apps, etc.
  • Configured FIORI launch pad.
  • Extend FIORI apps using view Extension points, Extensibility Pane, copying/replacing views/controllers.
  • Designing “Service Implementation” for various methods “Create”, “Delete”, “Get Entity(Read)”, “Get EntitySet(Query)” & “Update” by using both RFC Function Modules and manual ABAP coding.
  • Extensive Experience in working with UI screen elements like Tables, Tab strips, buttons, Formatted Text view, splitters, sliders, formatter functions.
  • Providing bug fixes and enhancements from UI5 side based on the requirements from the users then and there.
  • Redefining “System Alias”, troubleshooting the service in case if any errors occur.
  • Worked extensively with the “Gateway Client” for testing multiple HTTP operations before consuming the service in the frontend IDE.
  • Strong experience in working with ticketing tools in production support.
  • Production support project for Material Safety Data Sheet and Life Sciences (EHS).
  • Worked with badi as part of the integration of Event Management with SAP GTS.
  • Developed a custom SAP Smart form for TO printing.
  • Developed reports to validate the customers as part of compliance management in SAP GTS.
  • Developed IDoc Programs which involves shipping requisition interface/push decision interface, shipping confirmation interface.


SAP WebDynpro/UI5/FIORI Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

Technologies: WebDynpro ABAP, FPM, UI5, FIORI, SAP Net weaver Gateway

  • Developed a New WebDynpro (WDA) system for entry and maintenance of sales quotations, and stock inquiry, for sales agents. This portal is use d by the sales agents to perform the business sales operations of Confidential products to the customers.
  • Interaction with the business users directly to discuss about the requirement and schedule the plan of work.
  • Has an experience in preparing the unit test cases, handling the UAT issues and provided support in hyper care of the project.
  • Developed the WebDynpro components pertaining to MVC architecture.
  • Used MVC Architecture for High level Reusability using OOABAP Classes and Methods.
  • Experience in customizing standard components using webDynpro Enhancement framework.
  • Developed FPM application using Guided Activity Floor plan (GAF), OIF, OVP.
  • Developed ITS mobile templates, ITS mobile generation services.
  • Responsible for go live, post go live support and for new enhancements.
  • Dynamically modifying the purchase order FPM.

Confidential, MN

SAP ABAP & CRM Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

Modules: SD, MM, FI, CO, PP, PS, PM, CRM

Technologies: SAP ABAP, OOPS ABAP, Workflow, BI/BW

  • Developed various reports to mass upload sales contract details using bapi's, ALV grid reports, BDC's.
  • Handled tickets using BMC remedy tool.
  • Experience in working on C-projects as part of PS.
  • Developed smart forms and customizing the sap scripts for the invoice and order layouts.
  • Worked with user exits, badi’s, bapi’s to satisfy the business requirements.
  • Developed Inbound Interface to upload Contact related into CRM System i.e. first name and Address details and also Updated into BUT000 and ADRC tables.
  • Coordinating with the functional consultants, to develop the reports based on the requirements.
  • Implementation and support issues handling for ABAP development.
  • Developed a workflow to automate the Non PO approval process.
  • Implemented the OSS notes for country specific to satisfy the legal requirements.
  • Good experience in deadline monitoring (normal/modeled) and error handling techniques.
  • Performance tuning the program using different techniques like parallel cursor technique, tools like SQL trace.
  • Developed ALV reports, Interactive reports from scratch to satisfy the business requirements.
  • Key player in the unit testing and integration testing at offshore.
  • Experience in working with go live activity issues like UAT, Transport management issues, Cutover Activities.
  • Responsible for Successful and smooth go live of the project and post go live support.
  • Developed a Report to get all the material details for a particular material.

Confidential, MN

SAP ABAP & Workflow Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 4.7

Modules: SD, FI-AP, FI-AR, MM, SRM, CRM

Technologies: SAP ABAP, WebDynpro, OOPS ABAP

  • Converting the functional specification into technical design and providing the optimal solutions in adhered time lines.
  • Fine tuning the programs, developed many ALV reports, BDC’S as per the business needs.
  • Preparing unit test cases for the developments.
  • Developed BDC program to upload the material groups to the material master.
  • Developed a REPORT to track the Customers and Vendor Bank detail changes.
  • TRIP related all the issues which include simulation for rule, Execution for Method and debugging the error code.
  • Workflow development involved enhancing the Business Object, Tasks, Rules, Check Function Modules and workflow template.
  • Maintaining Agents in responsibility rules.
  • Forwarding work item to the intended user for the misrouting of work items.
  • Forwarding of Blocked & parked WF by changing the container element
  • Developed a BDC to mark for the deletion of Purchase Orders.

Confidential, Wisconsin

ABAP Developer

Environment: SAP ECC 4.7

Modules: MM, CRM, FI, SD

Technologies: SAP ABAP, SAP CRM ABAP

  • Developed a Layout set to print the Shipment Labels using Smart Form with CRM Integration.
  • Created a report to display the Sample service material cost.
  • Developed an interactive report to display the GL Account Balances for given GL Codes, period and Business Area
  • Developed an Interactive Report to display the sale order details.
  • Developed a BDC to Upload the Open Purchase Orders.
  • Developed Layouts to Print the Debit Note / Credit Note for both one line item and multiple line items using SAP Scripts
  • Developed a Layout to print the Payment Advice using the Sap Scripts.
  • Developed interfaces for transfer of legacy data like vendor master, material master, customer master, design coding and documentation and also responsible for development of ALE interfaces from SAP R/3 to SAP R/3.
  • Modified the User Exit in Purchase Order transaction and created screen fields.
  • Involved in testing of Inbound and Outbound process while dispatching IDoc from one system to other system.

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