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Sap Abapconsultant Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • Around 8 years of professional hands - on SAP ABAP Techno-Functional Consultant including multiple life cycle implementations, roll outs, enhancements & application support across MM, FICO, SD, CRM, WM and PP Modules of SAPP.
  • Good Understanding of both business processes and technical development.
  • Expertise in WRICEF (Workflows, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms), and Extensive knowledge in working on Object Oriented Programing - Classes/Objects, Dynamic programming.
  • Have strong work expertise in SAP NetWeaver ABAP workbench components; Adobe forms, Smart forms, SAP Scripts, User Exits, Enhancements, BADI, BDC, Call Transaction, Interfaces, OOABAP, IDOC, RFC, BAPI and Workflows.
  • Good knowledge in Web Dynpro ABAP programming with understanding of all the controllers, UI elements, BAPI/RFC calling in Web Dynpro and configuring Web Dynpro.
  • Good in Developing custom SAP Web based applications using Web Dynpro ABAP Framework using MVC patterns and View Assembly.
  • Extensively worked on ABAP objects and in-depth knowledge of ABAP/4 Reporting (Basic, Interactive and ALV).
  • Developed dialog programming using screen builder in SAP ABAP in SD and MM modules.
  • Hands on experience in using Session method and Call Transaction method for batch data communications and BAPIs for interfaces.
  • Experienced in Enhancements and modifications using User Exits and BADIs and Extensively worked on Classes/Objects, Dynamic programming.
  • Expertise with various XI interfaces ranging from file to file, RFC to file, file to IDOC scenarios using XML.
  • Good Cognizance in Monitoring and Resolution of tickets .
  • Extensively worked in configuring SAP Forms and Print Programs for SD, MM, WM, FI, and HR modules.
  • Experience with Performance Analysis, Performance tuning, Debugging, Authorization objects and OSS notes.
  • Dexterous in all the data migration objects APO, OTC, MM,WRICEF Objects.
  • Installation and Configuration of Net Weaver Business Client (NWBC) and creating the Business content for the application. Creation of NWBC content by creating PFCG Roles and the menus inside it to call the WebDynproapplications with passed parameter.
  • Worked on implementation process on various stages like IT Testing, UAT Testing, Integration Testing, Interface, User Training, User Manuals, Documentation etc. and After Go-Live Support - on SD, MM, FICO & SAP-IS Retail.
  • Efficient inDesigning Mock-upsusing SAPBUILDor AXUREaccording to the business requirement.
  • Developing custom SAPUI5 andend to end Fiori apps using SAP Tools like SAP Web IDEand using OData Services as a connection between Backend and Frontendwith Apps Installation , Configuration , Customization and Deploymentinto Fiori Launchpad(FLP) and then Transports are made into Development servers, then UAT testing and finally GO LIVE.
  • Self-starter, fast learner, proficient in programming logic and easily adaptable to new technological environments and systems with proven abilities in resolving complex software bugs.
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal great social skills with leading-edgeexpertise,passion, senseofhumor and time management skills.


SAP Landscapes, Modules & ERP Packages : SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BPM, SAP NetWeaver CE, SAP SD (Order to Cash), FI, SAP MM.

SAP Cross Application Components: BAPI, ALE AND EDI, Extension/Creation of IDOCS, RFC

Programming Languages : C, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, HTML5,CSS3, jQuery,XML.

Databases : SAP HANA, MySQL

Data Migration Techniques: BDC, LSMW (using MS access, MS Excel)

Testing and Debugging: SAPUI5 Code Inspector, SAPUI5 Debugging, SAP ABAP Debugging, Unit test with QUnit and System integration tests with OPA

Data Visualization and Integration Tools: Tableau and SAP Lumira Data Visualization and Integration.

SAP App Development and Designer Platforms : Fiori Launchpad(FLP), SAP HCP, BUILD,AXURE, SAP Web IDE.

OS & Project Management Tools : Windows, MS Office360

Forms& Data Dictionary : SAP Scripts, Smart forms, Adobe Forms Tables, Structures, Data Elements, Domains, Views, Lock objects, Search helps

Enhancements : BADI, User Exits, Customer Exits, Enhancement framework

Conversions &Reports : BDC Input session, Call Transaction, Direct Transfer, LSMW Classical, Interactive and ALV


Confidential, San Antonio, TX

SAP ABAPConsultant


  • Managed and Designed Interfaces, Reports, Formsand Interfaces to 3PLs, Data Conversions, Enhancements and different Labels to fulfill gaps in the processes.
  • This included interfaces to web systems, external scales, external WMS system, labels (using Bar Tender) and legacies.
  • Developing Business workflow definition and creating customer specified workflows.
  • Development of custom transaction replacing workflow to report on new articles using the ALV grid (OO version) with background e-mail distribution.
  • Performed unit, integration and regression testing and Developed enhancements objects to changes values on standard SCM application.
  • Supported & configured various promotional schemes which also included understanding of business processes.
  • Object-Oriented modeling/analysis/design, inserting data into the database table using classes, working with Class grid and dock container for displaying the interactive report program. Enhancing the Standard Class in OOP's.
  • Interacted with the users and participated in the analysis and design of objects. Worked on different types of ABAP reports and Function Modules including OOPs and WebDynpro Concepts.
  • As part of the technical team, corrected defects in several RICEFs Developed an interactive report using OOPS which displays balances per G/L account. The report has two special buttons for printing and re-printing the output with page numbers and saving it as an XPS image.
  • Transferred data to the third-party customer using IDOC'S for warehouse deliveries.
  • Created Business objects and workflows to load data into sap from legacy systems.
  • Worked on Functional methods of ABAP OOPS as a part of implementing the workflows.
  • In-depth knowledge of SAP IDOCs, ALE and EDI integrations.
  • Developed RFC Connections, BAPI's, ALE's and IDOC'S that connects two different legacy systems and SAP.
  • Developed an interactive custom ALV report using OOPS which is used to download withholding tax lines to an excel file which is populated by the user with Withholding tax certificate numbers.
  • Developed an interactive report using OOPS which displays balances per G/L account. The report has two special buttons for printing and re-printing the output with page numbers and saving it as an XPS image.
  • Developed a Drill Down Report for material details and Developed a custom Classical report that prints Sales Materials for a specified range.
  • Involved in Developing Custom Tables, Data Elements, and Domain using Data Dictionary and BAPI, BADI, ALV and LSMW.


SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Projected Plan with the steps involved for implementing this Project with effort, estimates from other teams involved like ITTeam,oData teamand ABAP team.
  • Developed a report to display Delivery Details Delivery wise and Customer wise.
  • Developed customer wise Sales Order Report.
  • Developed a report to display Pending Purchase Order.
  • Uploaded material master data from flat file to SAP system through the transaction code MM01 using call transaction method and BAPI function module BAPI MASTER SAVEDATA.
  • Uploaded vendor master data from flat file to SAP system through the transaction code XK01 by using call transaction method and session input method.
  • Uploaded vendor master data from flat file to SAP system through the transaction code MK01 by using LSMW.
  • Developed a smart form to display sales order for a given customer.
  • Implemented customer-exit to pre-populate sold-to-party screen field for va01 transaction.
  • Implemented customer-exit to add custom fields for cs02 transaction.
  • Using Smart Forms Designed business document Invoice, Purchase order document, Sales Order Business Document.
  • Developed an Enhancement to add some custom fields and also did an Enhancement to restrict Purchase Order on Purchase Groups.
  • Developed an Enhancement for MB1A transaction and Developed an Enhancement Spot for FBL1N.
  • Developed a BADI for Blocking Purchase Requisition(PR)
  • Uploaded material master data to MM01 transaction using standard program and recording Method.
  • Developed a program to upload Vendor Master Data from non-sap system in to sap system.
  • Developed an Interface for the creation of Sales Order using standard BAPI function module BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2.
  • Developed an Interface for the creation of Bank Master data using BAPI function Module BAPI BANK CREATE.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

SAP ABAP Consultant.


  • Analyzing Technical Specifications, interacting with Functional people to get issue resolve.
  • Developed an ALV Classical Report to display History data of changed requested delivery date and for Purchase order confirmation check and also to generate a Sales Detail Report.
  • Developed an ALV Interactive to display List of One Time Customers and their Accounting Details.
  • Developed an ALV Block report for open items and closed items.
  • Created an ALV Report for Vendor Master data.
  • Developed a BDC program to Transfer Customer Master data from Non-SAP to SAP R/3 system using the Tcode ‘XD01’.
  • Developed BDC program to upload Sales Order Date(VA02) from legacy system to SAP system.
  • Migration of Material Master Data using MM01.
  • Designed business document Delivery Note.
  • Modified Standard Sap Script Medruck to ‘Z’ Medruck as per customer requirement.
  • Developed a BDC application to upload Vendor Master Data through 'MK01' using call transaction method with error handling mechanism.
  • Developed a BDC application to upload Material Master through 'MM01' using session method.
  • Developed module pool program to perform the HU generation using custom ranges (Part of enhancement).
  • Developed user friendly module pool program which involves the process of FORM16 tracking.
  • Worked on authorization objects and Developed a report program to control the approval process at various levels in co-ordination with Web-Dynpro team for MM Module.
  • Developed to trigger workflow during approval process and worked on Triggering a workflow to send an email whenever a material is created
  • Worked on sending notifications of pending work items via emails.
  • Developed workflows for sending multiple attachment in user decision step.
  • Worked on reports using dynamic internal tables.

Confidential, Kent, WA

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Designed a Work Flow to send an LIV invoice to an approver and auto post the invoice after approval is received. The processor of the invoice was notified via an outlook email in case if there are any posting errors
  • Created an enhancement to park the invoices for compliance review based on certain criteria as provided by the business. A second program was created to list all these invoices which were parked for compliance review, and compliance team will take an appropriate action to remove parking block
  • Activated a user exit to validate the WBS element Company Code and the Functional Location Company Code on the PM Work Order
  • Created an LSMW using direct input method to create PM Equipment with long text from the legacy system.
  • Developed a BADI implementation using ME PROCESS PO CUST to default PO item values like GR indicator, GR-IV indicator, account assignment, and account assignment category based on purchase organization and purchasing group
  • Configured a custom program to post EDI invoices using BAPI BAPI INCOMINGINVOICE CREATE
  • Designed a program to automate the clearing process using Call Transaction method for open documents which could not be cleared using Transaction F.13
  • Created a custom routine for vendor’s discount using VOFM calculate the discount based on custom conditions
  • Modified the RFQ Adobe Output program to use the delivery address specified on the RFQ and not the Plant address
  • Developed a program to list Customer Master and Customer Open item extract
  • Implemented BADI BBP TARGET OBJTYPE in SRM to change the document type for a given material group when a shopping cart is converted to a follow-on PO or PR in ECC system

Confidential, Richmond, VA

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Developed and built a HANA based XS Application to predict the intent of the caller received by the IVR system.
  • Developed logic tree in Voxeo application builder to help filter the category of the call and also to help make web calls to the HANA application.
  • Built application in JavaScript on HANA XS Engine and interfaced it with the Voxeo IVR systems.
  • Developed tables and generated test data using a cron job.
  • Developed logic tree in Voxeo application builder to help filter the category of the call and also to help make web calls to the HANA application with a team of 5 developers to help build the application.
  • Developed Fiori Launchpad for Smart Business Apps.
  • Built HANA views for various KPIs used as OData services for tiles on the Launchpad.
  • Helped optimize complicated calculation views to help render the data on Launchpad faster.
  • Configured WebIDE on HCP to help develop custom Fiori transactional Apps.
  • Coordinated with offshore team to ensure proper handoff of responsibilities at EOD and vice versa.
  • Understanding of existing databases systems residing in SAP / non -SAP environment and their business architecture.
  • Developed reporting strategies including handling complex scenarios using joins and SQL.
  • Creation of Users & Roles and Privileges Especially Analytic Privilege; assignment of privileges to Roles and Roles to Users in HANA Studio
  • Performed basic security and authorization troubleshooting .


SAP ABAP developer/Programmer


  • Design and Development of the 'Concession Report' which was displayed to the user as an Adobe Form populated with data from SAP ECC 5.0 system
  • Implemented a 'Download to Excel' functionality that allowed the user to download the Sales Notification report
  • Developed enhancement spot for pricing criteria to show that on portal.
  • Developed Sales Contract, incomplete sales order, Invoicing and HR interactive reports.
  • Developed user exit for t-code va41, va42, va01, va02, vf01 and vf02.
  • Worked on day-to-day support issues for clearing tickets in ABAP.
  • Extensively involved in SAP Upgrade from R/3 4.7ee to ECC 6.0.
  • Implemented BADI to populate the fields Name1, Org account Number, category and address usage type into IDOC segment.
  • Dealt with Various BADI’s and User Exits in SD space for the programs MV45AFZZ.
  • Modified the Standard User Exit RV60BFZA for the Sequential Invoice Numbering to get assigned different for different countries.
  • Developed a custom program for automatic goods movement. Create Reservation using BAPI RESERVATION CREATE and Change Reservation by BAPI RESERVATION CHANGE.
  • Modified some print documents (Smart forms and Reports) as per Client requirement.
  • Modified smart forms for MM and SD like Sales Contract, PO, invoicing Purchase Requisition and Sales Order Technical Development processes included Requirement Analysis, High Level Design document, Technical Specifications, Coding, Unit & Integration Testing and Post Go-live Support.

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