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Sap Basis Lead Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Over Ten Years of Industry experience with emphasis on SAP as Basis/Net Weaver/Portal Administration with core strength in all aspects of System & Database Administration in Production and Upgrade phases during implementation and Support”
  • Extensive experience in installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of SAP NetWeaver 7.0/7.01/7.02/7.3/7.31/7.4, SAP Business Suite solutions such as SAP ECC 6.0 EHP6, SAP ECC 5.0, SAP R/3 4.7, 4.6c, 4.6b, SAP BI 3.5/ 7.0/7.3 EHP1, CRM 4.0/5.0/7.0, SRM 5.0/6.0, SCM 5.0/6.0/7.0, EP 6.0/7.0, PI/XI 3.0/7.0/7.1/7.11/7.3 and Solution Manager 4.0/7.0/7.01/7.1 on Windows, UNIX, LINUX and AIX platforms with Oracle and MS SQL databases.
  • Used HLM HANA Lifecycle Manager to Administrate, Integrate, update SAP HANA Components and worked on all Admin Tools for SAP HANA and performed SAP HANA Operations such as Table Administration, Periodic Manual Tasks Transport Changes.
  • Strong practical knowledge in Sizing of SAP HANA, Memory Management and Software Packaging.
  • Setup of SAP HANA Peripheral Ecosystem which includes SAP HANA, SLT, BO.
  • Installed SAP HANA using Unified Installer including pre and post installation activities on new SAP HANA Box.
  • Involved in SAP HANA Monitoring and Troubleshooting.
  • Extensive experience in configuring Single - Sign-On (SSO) on portal Systems and connecting to backend systems.
  • Involved in installing and configuring SAP Solution Manager 4.0 / 7.0 for central monitoring, Service Desk, Early Watch Alerts (EWA), Change Request Management (CHARM), Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ/Solman workcenter & Maintenance Planner) to enable Support pack updating and System Performance monitoring.
  • Extensive experience on performance tuning, load balancing and also providing production support on multiple platforms.
  • Extensive experience in configuring Transport Management System (TMS) for the system landscape using STMS.
  • Extensive experience on all aspects of SAP Basis administration including Client Copy, Export, Import, System Copy, Refresh, Support Packs, Kernel Upgrades, Add-on installations, applying OSS Notes, Spool Administration, background jobs, Workload Analysis, SAP workplace monitoring, using CCMS, Backup / Recovery, System Monitoring / Maintenance and Performance Tuning Analysis .
  • Strong hand on experience in SAP Database Administration, table space management, Backup and Recovery.
  • Provided 24X7 on-call Support, monitoring and provided required service.


SAP Environments: SAP R/3 3.1I, 4.6C, 4.7 EE, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, SAP BW 3.5, BI 7.0, Enterprise Portal, 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0, PI 7.0/ 7.1, SRM 5.0, 7.0, CRM 5.0, 7.0, SCM 4.1, 5.0, Solution manager 3.1 /3.2 / 4.0 / 7.0, 7.1, GRC 10.

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 9.0 / 10.0, HP-UX B.11, IBM AIX 5l 5.3, Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / 20032008, 2012 & 2016 RHEL 4, 5.

Database: Oracle 10g / 9i, MS SQL 2005, 2008, 2012, 2016, DB2 7.1 / 9.0.


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP Basis Lead


  • Performed Installation, setup, configuration of SAP HANA database, SAP HANA studio and SAP HANA client.
  • Experienced in Implementing Backup and Recovery, System Copy, Upgrade of the SAP HANA database, DR strategy, Export & Import, Performance Tuning etc.
  • Configured data replication with SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).
  • Experienced in administration and troubleshooting of SAP HANA database using SAP HANA studio and DBA Cockpit, Starting / Stopping of SAP HANA, Backup & Recovery.
  • Managing SAP HANA License, Managing SAP HANA users and monitoring system.
  • Controlling Access to SAP HANA Server, SAP HANA User and Role Management, Password Policy, End Clients Administration and Technical database Users.
  • Created and maintained delivery units and packages in SAP HANA for import export process.
  • Performed installation of SAP Gateway and SAP Fiori 2.0 applications and Performed configuration with SAP ERP system.
  • Performed Solution Manger Upgrade from Solman 7.1 to 7.2 using SUM.
  • Responsible for Concur Integration Implementation Project and successfully implemented throughout the environment.
  • Installed and Configured Portal for ADS and SAML 2.0 configuration.
  • Performed System Refresh of Staging, Prototype Environments from Qualified Production Environment and performed Client Copy on all environments.
  • Configured and supported multiple third party integrations like Esker, Concur in to SAP to support critical business processes in the environment.
  • Responsible for User Administration and Maintenance.
  • Responsible for SAP Spool (Printing) environment including adding printers at SPAD.
  • Involved in implementing Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Responsible and was been point of contact for all Audit Teams (SOX and KPMG)
  • Responsible for taking the Active users list and for License Administration.
  • Performed Performance tuning activities for ABAP & Java Based SAP Applications.
  • Responsible for analyzing EWA reports & providing action plans as per the SAP recommendations.
  • Responsible for working closely with Functional, Network, Storage teams on the regular issues and make sure availability of SAP system up and running.
  • Responsible for working with SAP testing teams and Functional team for test script execution.
  • Responsible for providing the Documentation on Critical business Process along with Critical issues with resolution approach and root cause.
  • Responsible for working with SAP Audit team and providing required information for Internal Audit team.
  • Responsible to prepare the weekly status report and project reports and represents the same with Management and Client

Environment: SAP HANA SP6, ECC 6.0 Ehp6, SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Ehp1, SAP NW 7.4, EP 7, BI 7.0 Ehp2, BW 7.3, Solution Manager 7.2 and GRC 11

Confidential, WI

Sr. SAP Basis Consultant


  • Performed Upgrade / Install from ERP 6.0 SR3 to SAP EhP5 latest support pack stack using SAP EHPI
  • Performed System Refresh of Staging, Prototype Environments from Qualified Production Environment and performed Client Copy on all environments.
  • Configured Maintenance Optimizer for Support pack downloads on Solution manger 7.1
  • Setup Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) in Solution Manager 7.1 as Managing System for all satellite systems as Managed Systems.
  • Configured SSO in Enterprise Portal 7.0 (EP) using the SAP logon ticket to the back end systems and administered, Configured LDAP.
  • Setup CHARM, Issue Management for the entire landscape in Solution Manger 7.1
  • Configured SMTP, Transport Management Systems (STMS), Support Packs, Spool Administration, Performance Issues, Configuring printers, workload Analysis and performing all day BASIS activities.
  • Responsible for moving transports manually from Development to Staging and then to Production using tp script in old environment.
  • Responsible for monitoring Disk Spaces and adding Data Files for Space Critical Data Dictionary Objects.
  • Responsible for User Administration and Maintenance including providing access, adding roles to existing users
  • Responsible for SAP Spool (Printing) environment including adding printers manually at UNIX, then in SAP and maintenance.
  • Configured STMS for the new environment.
  • Involved in implementing Disaster Recovery plan
  • Responsible and was been point of contact for all Audit Teams (SOX and KPMG)
  • Responsible for the providing diagnostics for all UNIX and DBA teams.
  • Responsible for taking the Active users list and updating SAP for User license Audit.

Environment: SAP R/3 3.1I, ECC 6.0, SCM 5.0, Solution Manager 7.1, PI 7.1, EP 7.0, CRM 7.0, SRM 7.0, SAP NetWeaver 7.0, Oracle 9.1i, 10g, 11g, SQL Server 2003, 2005, HP-UX B.11, RHEL 5, Sun OS 5.10

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Sr. SAP Basis Consultant


  • Performed ECC 6.0 installations with Enhancement pack 4 and performed all the post installation activities including ASCS/CI, DB, and application servers.
  • Performed EP 6.0 & PI 7.0 installation and performed all the post installation activities
  • Performed homogenous system refresh on enterprise portal system.
  • Performed SP stack upgrade on ECC 6 and PI 7.1
  • On-call for the monthly maintenance on all SAP system landscape.
  • Performed EHP4 Support pack stack 6 upgrade on ERP 6.0 sandbox and Dev system.
  • Involved in Installation and support of NetWeaver 2004’s and Enterprise Portal 7.0 with HR Business Packages like Employee Self Services (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) for reducing the administration tasks.
  • Performed Client Administration activities like Client Copy and System refresher including Client Creation, Local Client Copy, remote Client Copy, Client Export & Import and Client Deletion
  • Performed Kernel upgrade on both ABAP + JAVA stack.
  • Worked with Portal Security like setting permissions for users using UME.
  • Created WebDynpro JCO destinations needed between the ABAP and JAVA Stacks.
  • Setup Monitoring of SAP Applications through SAP Solution Manager.
  • Deployed ESS and MSS Components in EP 7.0.
  • Carried out the Post Installation activities like Configuring STMS, Kernel Upgrade, Applying Support Packs, Defining Operation Modes on Central SLD, ECC 6.0.
  • Worked on Rev - Trac for automated deployment of ABAP, Java and other non - ABAP changes for easy cross application transport unification and complete change and transport quality.
  • Administering the JAVA engine and performing the regular health checks.
  • Installed and configured the SAP ESS/MSS application in EP 6.0 and deploy the XSS on the backend HR system.
  • Performed java administration using tools like Config tool, Visual admin tool, Telnet etc
  • Performed remote /local client copies and system refreshes for ECC and BI systems.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, PI 7.1, SCM 5.0, SRM 7.0, CRM 7.1, Solution Manager 7.0, Oracle 10g and Solaris 10

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Implementation of ECC6.0, Business Objects 3.1, PI 7.1, EP 7.0 and Production Support of ECC 6.0.


  • Performed Installation and Configuration of 3-system Landscape for ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 on Solaris 10 with Oracle 10g as database.
  • Implemented EHP4 on ECC 6.0 system using SAP Enhancement Package Installer (SAPehpi) tools.
  • Performed installations of EP7.0, BI 7.0, PI 7.1, SAP SRM 7.0, SAP CRM 7.0 and carried out Post Installation activities.
  • Configured and Scheduled Early watch Alert reports through SDCCN in Solution Manager for Upgrade.
  • Installed all the systems in EP 7.0 landscape in clustered environment.
  • Worked with SAP Solution Manager and SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood for supporting complete job management cycle, for requesting, documenting, scheduling and reporting jobs.
  • Configured SCOT for both internal and external emails and faxes in the network.
  • Setup connection to backend systems via creating source Systems in BI 7.0.
  • Resolving portal performances issues by taking java thread dumps using JCMON and analyzing the dump files to resolve the performance issues.
  • Maintained background jobs using Redwood Explorer’s Cronacle.
  • Involved in configuration of Automated Transport Management System with CTS+.
  • Installed Wily Introscope 7.2 Enterprise manager, Management modules for PI and Portal Systems.
  • Involved in applying support packs in Enterprise portal and troubleshooting of various portal issues.
  • Tuned the SAP Servers by workload monitoring and database monitoring, recreated the missing indices and tables through DB02 after the migration process.
  • Performed system monitoring daily to ensure that there are no performance related issues.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, PI 7.1, SCM 5.0, SRM 7.0, CRM 7.0, Solution Manager 7.0, Oracle 9i,10g, MS SQL 2005, Solaris 10 and Windows Server 2008.

Confidential, IL

SAP Basis NetWeaver Consultant


  • Involved in System Landscape Design and Client Instance Strategy.
  • Performed Installation of Solution Manager 7.0 and involved in Upgrade of SM 7.0 EHP 1.
  • SSO, SNC configurations and Setup of JCO Connections.
  • Applied corrections and OSS NOTES according to EWA report suggestions.
  • Supported Systems 24X7 with users around 20,000 for any critical issues and managing overseas team for continue support.
  • Connecting ABAP/J2EE systems to SLD connection problems, UME configuration.
  • Configured SMTP, Transport Management Systems, Support Packs, Spool Administration, Performance Issues, Configuring printers, workload Analysis and all day BASIS activities.
  • Performed Import of Transport requests from Development to Quality and to Production Systems in several Landscapes using Transport Management System (STMS), monitored Transports and maintained Transport Logs and Transport Workflow.
  • Designed and Created documents for the client SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0 monitoring, implementation, supporting strategies.
  • Applied OSS NOTES using SNOTE to the systems downloading from OSS as per instruction or where ever applicable.
  • Worked with Portal Frame work, Content Management, Administration of Portal and User Mappings.
  • Worked with Portal Security like setting permissions for users in Portal Framework using UME (User Management Engine), assigning roles to users and troubleshooting user related problems.
  • Assisted Security team for Creating Users, Assigning Roles, Authorization Checks, and Designing Roles in Creating SAP Accounts.
  • SAP Compliance/Audit Administration, Auditing System controls.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, NetWeaver 2004s, SAP EP 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0, 7.0 EHP 1, BW 3.0, BI 7.0, SCM 5.0, SRM 5.0, CRM 5.0, Oracle10g, DB2 9.1, AIX 5.3.

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