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Sr. Sap Abap Technical Consultant Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • 9+ years of Professional Experience in programming as an ABAP\4 Technical Consultant with experience leading onsite and offshore, interacting with users directly and worked in an Agile/Scrum team to analyze requirements, provide estimates, complete the development and implement the solution.
  • Good functional knowledge of SD, MM, PP, PM, TSW, IS - OIL, P2P, OTC, SAP UI5/Fiori, SAP HANA, FICO and WM and in the use of ABAP to enhance, extract and customize these modules.
  • Extensively worked on custom development objects using OOABAP (object-oriented concepts).
  • Designing and developing complex RICEFW objects for enterprise-wide applications - Reports, Print Programs, Layout sets (Adobe Interactive forms, Smart forms & SAP Scripts) BDCs, LSMW, User Exits, BAPIs, new Enhancement framework, Business Transaction Events, change request management, performance tuning, Data Dictionary, Dialog Programming.
  • Extensive experience in Module Pool / Dialog Programming, Menu Painter, Screen Painter, Table control, Tab strip, Sub-Screens and Custom Screens. Implemented OSS notes.
  • Extensively worked on IDOC's, EDI and Data Migration using BDC Conversions, Legacy System Migration workbench (LSMW) and file based for data uploads.
  • Expertise in implementing the Interfaces using BAPIs, RFCs, IDOCs, ABAP PROXY and SOAP Web Services. Developed and modified customer facing documents using SAP Scripts, Smart Forms.
  • Implemented enhancements User Exits, Custom Exits, BAdi’s and Enhancement Frameworks.
  • Developed CDS VIEWS consuming Odata service for Fiori app using SAP HANA Development environment.
  • Hands on using HP ALM quality center tool for tracking development, testing and tickets etc.
  • Experience under General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting & Special Purpose Ledger FI-SPL especially in highly Complex Business Environment.
  • Good knowledge in Adobe Forms, SAP UI5/FIORI, SPAD, SPAU for upgrade project in ECC 6.0 eh 7.4. Used Zendesk ticketing tool for tracking work status and tickets.
  • Experience in configuring Technical and Business Systems in SLD (System Landscape Directory).
  • Extensively used XI/PI Mapping tool & standards functions to create message mappings.
  • Worked on both inbound and outbound interfaces and interacted with PI team and in development of extractors, used by BI systems to extract FI data for reporting.
  • Excellent Debugging, Trouble-shooting, Event Tracing and Performance Tuning Skills.
  • Coordinate with offshore team from different geographic locations to complete the developments within Business defined timeline.
  • An organized, hardworking, highly motivated professional, with strong problem solving and analytical skills with excellent communication skills and the ability to perform individually or as a dedicated team member.

SAP UI5/OData Skills:

  • Architecture knowledge on SAPUI5 & Fiori FRAMEWORK.
  • Process Overview of Service Generation and Service Development.
  • Creating OData services implementations to consume the URL into the Browser.
  • Creation of Entity type, Entity set, Associations.
  • Customizing the Runtime Artifacts based functionality.
  • Knowledge on Master and Detail views of Fiori applications.
  • Installation of Eclipse and knowledge on Eclipse environment.
  • Understand the java script code and debugging the knowledge on ui5 logic.
  • QCRUD operations of Service Implementation.


SAP Skills: ABAP, BDC, Data Conversions and Dialog Programming, Data Dictionary Object Oriented Programming, ALV, SAP Script, Smart Forms Output Condition Processing and Message Controlling, User ExitBADI and Enhancement Spots, Net weaver 7.0, SAP PI, RFC, SAP Proxy, WSDLWeb Services, SOAP, XML and BAPI, EDI, ALE and IDOC, LSMW, Data ConversionABAP Webdynpro & ADOBE Forms.

ERP: SAP R/3 (ECC 6.0, 5.0, 4.7, 4.6C). Net Weaver 7.0, PO 7.0 & PI 7.1, 7.0

Databases/RDBMS: Oracle 9i/ 8i/7, MS SQL Server 7x 2000 and 2008, MS Access 2003.

Languages: ABAP/4, JAVA, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic.

Operating Systems: Windows, Vista NT/2000/XP, UNIX, Solaris.

MS Office: MS-Word, MS-Power point, MS-Excel, MS-Outlook.


Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Sr. SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC: 6.0 - P2P/TSW/IS-OIL/VIM, SAP UI5/Fiori, Odata Service.


  • Creation of CDS View for Intercompany billing(ICB) report using Eclipse SAP HANA Development environment. Created Data model and service for CDS view using transaction SEGW. Activated and maintained services using transaction /IWFND/MAINT SERVICE. Tested service using /IWFND/GW CLIENT.
  • Maintained Authorizations for all custom transactions/objects for TSW Secondary cost project.
  • Developed OO ABAP Workbench using ALV Tree method for all movements captured through third party BDS systems and mass GR workbench processing for all PO’s related to VRP, VMSC & BNSF rail carrier vendors.
  • Implemented an enhancement ABAP2XLS on ERS output sending an email to vendor with excel spreadsheet invoice attachment includes invoice with all purchase orders associated.
  • Developed Invoice upload workbench to post VIM DP document based on Nomination and BOL PO orders using OO ABAP. Created reports for sales transaction and FI related reports OO ABAP.
  • Custom container ALV with editable columns report has been created (OO ABAP) for Contract Account receivables.
  • Used model classes and business methods, assistance class in developing Webdynpro components. Worked on pricing routines, output routines, substitution exits.
  • Developed OO ABAP contract proposal routines to fetch the contract on movement based, Non-movement and Rack in TSW module.
  • Created cluster view maintenance for secondary cost ID with customized tables such as secondary cost, applicable cost, allocated cost, billing notification and Demurrage details.
  • Created a Dialog program / Module pool program to create, edit, display data from custom tables using table control with validations and Search Help.
  • Design and development utilizing Object Oriented methods within ABAP environment, including object-oriented systems analysis and design using UML techniques.
  • Implemented the Inbound PO Confirmation from Vendors customizing Message type ‘ORDERS05’ and using BAPI PO CHANGE and ME CONFIRMATION UPDATE.
  • Worked on Create/change/display the sales orders UI5 application as per the client requirement
  • Customized the standard sales order approval UI5 application as per the client requirement.
  • Developed ACH and WIRE payment output to suit bank formats. Worked on finance validations and substitutions. Created custom user fields in internal orders (KO01/02/03) screens as per the business requirement.
  • Developed an LSMW object to upload FI open Items, using standard program RFBIBL00 to upload the data which internally uses the transaction FB01
  • Developed LSMW programs for finance objects like AR, AP and GL balances
  • Created TSD based on FSD specification. Also developed Unit test plans and performed their execution based on all test scenarios.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr. SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC: 6.0 - MM/PM/SD/FICO.


  • Automate SAP PM/CS Fleet maintenance service orders from Invoice purchase requisition to Business Close.
  • Developed SAP PM ALV report linking equipment master data and classification system data.
  • Developed Vehicle mileage hour’s summary report to sum miles and or hours for a specified time period, for specific Sun Coast vehicles in specific locations. Such a report is desirable in order to evaluate equipment usage.
  • Enhancement on Updating Sales order, purchase order and delivery linked to both sales order and stock transfer order using BAPI’s and making BAPI extensions.
  • Enhancement on Create an invoice for the return delivery created for return order using BAPI.
  • Developed routines using transaction VOFM to output type in procedure based on the status of work order delivery, shipment and invoice statuses.
  • Implemented an enhancement to ZTPM ACCIF TRAC BAdi in posting interface, for treasury transactions, to derive profit center from finance project.
  • Developed interface program for operating hours and mileage data from QUALCOMM ECM (Engine Control Module), currently installed in Sun Coast Bobtails and tractors need to be transferred to SAP measurement documents.
  • Development of PO change workflow requested by Vendor for price change.
  • Development of workflow for vendor invoice post (F-53) and customer invoice (F-28) post for handling the mail notifications.
  • An IDOC inbound FM developed to update the FI documents with the warrant data passed as a legacy output file from treasury.
  • Implemented PL PACKINST DET BADI to determine Auto packing proposals to create Handling units in shipping documents.
  • Developed an XML SAP <> Fleet Vendor (FV) interface is to leverage vendor resources for the data entry of transportation equipment maintenance details which will be transmitted to SAP, this interface will primarily transfer work order details (parts, labor, costs) from Fleet Vendor to SAP PM, for eventual support of the integrated SAP procurement and invoice documents. It will also involve the creation of measurement documents (for mileage only) in SAP.
  • Developed an interface program using BAPI GOODSMVT CREATE will post Goods Receipts for all eligible service order PO items.
  • Developed an interface program using BAPI PO CREATE1 will create purchase order for all eligible purchase requisition.
  • Worked on day to day support issues which comprise General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Account Receivable, Asset Accounting, treasury, Cost center accounting, Product Costing and Profitability Analysis.
  • Developed an interface program using BAPI INCOMINGINVOICE CREATE will post Invoice document for all eligible work order & purchase orders.
  • Developed multiple BDC programs using transactions IW32, KO88 for Technical complete, settlement and business close of SAP PM Work orders and updating their relevant status.
  • Developed a Warranty Credit Memo program which posts the accounting documents for approved Warranty claims using BAPI ACC DOCUMENT POST.

Confidential, Sandiego, CA

Sr. SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC: 6.0 - MM/SD/PP/FICO.


  • Workflow developments and handling workflow issues with extensive knowledge on ABAP RICEFW (Reports, Interface, Conversion, Enhancement, Forms, Workflows).
  • Developed an RFC for printing Confidential labels to third party vendor via nice label application.
  • Developed an RFC for listing material data based on the request of material number to third party vendor.
  • Implemented an enhancement using FCLM CP TRM DETAILS BADI to display additional data (fields) for Treasury and Risk Management overview information within the Check Cash Flow Items application detail view.
  • Implemented a customer exit RFTBB010 for treasury posting interface due to customer specific account determination.
  • Extensively worked with PI mapping objects using context change concept like remove context, split by value, collapse context etc.
  • Developed routines using VOFM output type in procedure based on sales order, delivery and invoice and pricing conditions.
  • Developed a user exit in EXIT SAPLV56K 002 to map Deliveries contain seal and trailer fields in segment table ZE1EDL20 in shipment on the EDI 856 ASN.
  • Developed a standalone Adobe Interactive form printing material information, serial number and barcode using Zebra printer.
  • Developed EJB 3.0 module for creating a targz file with interfacing on PO/PI based on customer requirement.
  • Developed a web service for printing label data to third party vendor through nice label application.
  • Created custom implementation for standard BADI CUSTOMER ADD DATA in VD02 transaction to add the customer address details.
  • Worked on EDI 850 to create sales order using Orders05 and function module IDOC INPUT ORDERS. Created webdynpro iView's using webdynpro iView templates to call its application remotely using HTTP, configured client-side event between webdynpro applications and also between webdynpro applications and other portal content.
  • Developed webdynpro tool to have ability to select multiple IDOCS save them and reprocess them. Worked on interfaces to convert order acknowledgement, ASN, Invoices and trigger them to open text IDOCS to XML.
  • Worked on Edi 855 to notify with Purchase order Acknowledgment using in IDOC OUTPUT ORDERS once sales order is created.
  • Worked on Edi 856 to notify with ASN using in IDOC OUTPUT DELVRY depending on business when to trigger Idoc.
  • Business Object INSTMPLN is extended to add new methods and events to get the list of approvers depending on the type of strategy. Objective of this is whenever the Workflow is triggered, a pop-up of list of approvers is displayed.

Confidential, San Antonio TX

Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC: 6.0 - OTC/MM/PP/FICO/TM


  • Worked on recipe conversion program which should have the ability to load the base quantity and base unit of measure on the item level per operation and Phase (PLPO-BMSCH, PLPO-MEINH) and should have the ability to load the conversion factors (Charge quantity and Operation quantity) on each operation and phase
  • Manages the technical support for all the PI/XI environments for all distribution centers.
  • Extensive experience on Monitoring and Troubleshooting capabilities of SAP XI such as Message Monitoring, Component Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, End-to-End Monitoring in Runtime Workbench.
  • Extensively used XI/PI Mapping tool & standards functions to create message mappings.
  • Modified an internal order report using FM IDMX DI TLINE INTO STRING, T XW TEXTNOTE EDIT, and CL ABAP CHAR UTILITIES to display the text of 500 char in the column field of ALV report using pop up message.
  • Analyzing the bugs and fixing the defects rose during the testing and transport issues during the cutover tasks and making sure all the Workflow templates and task have been transported without any error and check all the Workflow are active.
  • Developed an RFC ZRFC SCAN INIT GR1 to receive data from GIS from the BC scanner and using BAPI REPMANCONF1 CREATE MTS to post GR document for all the records.
  • Worked on WM, Configuring the Warehouse structures, Storage types, Storage sections, Storage bins, Quants and master data and transactional data for the warehouse.
  • Worked on resolving issue on internal orders to handle the special characters (&) in Text field for KO02 transaction using FM CONVERT ITF TO ASCII .
  • Modified ship list by carrier report is a custom report/form used to communicate load information to carriers to include total # of pallets by sales order & sales order line.
  • Designed and developed SAP Script form using RLVSDR40 to generate a bill of lading for external warehouse when moving product from storage type Trailers to an external warehouse storage type. It will include information on products, quantities, from address, to address, batch #, to address, order references etc.
  • Implemented an enhancement MV45AFZZ, USEREXIT CHECK VBAP on sales order item check for full pallet quantity or for duplicate items.
  • Developed a custom substitution enhancement at the time of document save, this value from the header Reference Key 3 field needs to be passed on to the Reference Key 3 field on the Line Items.
  • Developed an enhancement MV45AFZB, USEREXIT CHECK VBAK on sales order header will check if the total order quantity is greater than the max quantity of a truck (46,000 lbs.) or if total order quantity is greater than the max number of pallets on a truck (30).
  • Designed and developed a PDF Smart forms using PPPIDRPV on customs invoice for Canada after successful creation of an invoice and generation of an accounting document.
  • Developed a custom substitution enhancement on profit center (OKEM) determination based on flag on customer master during creation of sales order.
  • Developed vendor profit and loss related contract enhancement applications in Webdynpro using hierarchical table control and object services.
  • Worked on POP UP screens and simple ALV for requirement specifications on webdynpro and created pop ups for entering any info required.
  • Developed smart forms on Extend PI Sheet for Tribeca to include columns for temperature recording and worked on changes on characteristics, long text, description, sub operation, barcodes, resource, work instruction and changes on printing form based on phantom and phase.
  • Developed a custom interface program on populating reference key 3 on Account payable line items at the time of document save.

Confidential,Peoria, IL

SAP ABAP Consultant/Interface Developer

Environment: SAP ECC: 6.0


  • Implemented interfaces using File handling, IDOC and BAPI interfaces for data transfer to and from SAP to 3rd party systems.
  • Developed LSMW for creating and updating the Vendor Master and Material master for the business users using Batch Direct Input Method, Recording and Idoc methods.
  • Worked on Developing the Web Service using FM BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2 between SAP and WCS for the process of creating the Sales Orders in SAP when the web order is created.
  • Developed a cost Ledger daily posting custom program which post document with material document no, material document year, quantity, plant, storage location etc.
  • Worked on customized reports of asset capitalization, account payable and posting of cost of goods sale.
  • Worked on Implementation/Configuration of RF Design and developed RF transaction for collecting the batches into an Handling Unit
  • Developed RF transaction for GR by Scanning Shipment, Inbound Delivery, and Purchase Order.
  • Worked on OVS (object value selection) on webdynpro for search button for look up of material numbers or company codes.
  • Developed different views on webdynpro and navigated between screens using PLUGS system.
  • Developed the Backorder report using FM BAPI MATERIAL STOCK REQ LIST and material can be identified as new value (MVKE-VMSTD) if the date is within 90 days of the current system.
  • Used BAPI function module BAPI PHYSINV COUNT ITEMS to get the count of error records.
  • Enhancement on auto pack of partial quantity using BADI HU AUTOPACK in order to update the remaining quantity to be packed as partial quantity to complete the packing status updated.
  • Developed the Fulfillment interface program wherein when the tracking numbers is physically generated at shipping station XPS (Shipping and logistic software) after PGI and posting all tracking no to website through GIS integration.
  • Created custom IDocs for EDI (810) Invoice by extending the INVOIC02 IDoc type and adding the logic in the User Exit (EXIT SAPLVEDF 002)
  • Developed the Promo card interface program between SAP and WCS for posting the Gift cards details on website of Confidential after completion of web orders through GIS integration.
  • Developed LSMW Program to read data from ASW and will upload the data to the vendor master record in SAP at either inventory management level or warehouse management level.
  • Developed Workflow for Maintenance orders for checking Material Availability.
  • Modified Smart form MEDRUCK and program SAPFM06P to include logo, contact person details like the email id of the buyer, various texts, various terms and conditions based on document types (user defined).
  • Maintained partner profile and created inbound/outbound IDoc's to generate sales orders/purchase orders and involved in generating EDI's.
  • Worked on dynamically selecting the view from the browser through Web dynpro application parameter.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC: 6.0


  • Modified a Finished Goods (FG) ALV report that displays Headcount, Labor Rates for each activity type, Run Speed or Base Quantity, FG Units per Minute, Formula and Formula Qty related to MM module using OOABAP.
  • Studied and gathered the existing third party warehouse system and RF process requirements.
  • Verified the client existing RF guns scanners and barcode printers enquired with respected manufacturers for compatibility with SAP ERP.
  • Worked on enhancement of Trade promotion management (TPM) application Load Planning, STO, ISORM, Remediating the Existing objects which includes removing obsolete code and replacing with new code.
  • Developed routines 902, 904 in transaction VOFM to Z201, Z202 output type in procedure so that it doesn’t trigger if the goods movement status (WBSTK) is completed and delivery changes made by CRM.
  • Developed an inbound Lean to SAP shipment interface program using FM Z START INBOUND INTERFACE receive Lean load data (aka SAP shipment) from Lean into SAP.
  • Developed a customer enhancement EXIT SAPLV01Z 002 on Batch code/manufacturing date validation and shelf life expiration date through MSC1N, MSC2N for material type HAWA.
  • Determination of Pricing Procedures with necessary Condition types, Access Sequence and Condition Tables as per business requirements
  • Developed the Interface between SAP and third party application CAMS wherein when the GR is physically complete in CAMS and interface will need to post GR into SAP.
  • Developed a user exit USEREXIT MOVE FIELD TO VBKD updating pricing date (VBKD-PRSDT) in SD on varying requested delivery date (VBAK-VDATU) and route (ROUTE).
  • Developed a customer exitEXIT SAPLV55K 002to update storage location LGORT in delivery from INBOUND IDOC through EDI 945.
  • Extensively worked on ALE and EDI 850(ORDERS), 855(ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT), 856(ORDER COMPLETION), integrating with GIS (Gentran Integration Suite), 3 rd party lean logistics, vendors and customers .
  • Developed the LSMW migration programs for migrating Cost Centers, GL Accounts and internal orders using the batch input methods.
  • Developed a BDC session for EDI 846 physical inventory count in sap extracted from GIS in the form of flat file and processed through transaction MI39.
  • Developed an enhancement implementation in delivery module pool SAPMV50A showing Pop up warning message on Delivery change within 96hr against requested delivery date based on delivery type (ZLF), shipping point (2030,2031,2032) maintaining variables in TVARVC table for further changes.
  • Developed an application to create the Transfer postings and Goods issues documents based on Movement types (301,302) using BAPI GOODSMVT CREATE.
  • Modified Billing invoice Smart forms such as Invoice / Debit / credit memo description, customer address, bill to address, adding allowances based on condition types Distressed (ZDST), promotional (ZWPA), Swell allowance (ZWSA) and Wholesale allowance (ZWWA).

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC: 6.0


  • Developed an ALV Report to display corresponding Invoice Details for given Purchase Order details (purchase order number, Purchase Order type / purchase order created on / purchase order created by, vendor account number etc. ).
  • Worked with the business and technical team on the achieving of vehicles and claims on the SAP GWM system.
  • Developed an Interactive report to list all pricing condition records expiring within the current or following month Notification. Worked on determining values of sold-to and ship-to base on vendor address in orders05 segments.
  • Modified ALV report for recasting the Scrap values based on the actual quantity of the previous year and the current year's standard cost related to FI-CO module.
  • Worked on the Purchase Order (MM) user exit EXIT SAPMM06E 012, for changing the Tolerance level based on the value of the Purchase Requisition.
  • Responsible for identifying and coding the BADI’s ME PROCESS PO (used to automatic copy the 'Estimated Price' setting in the info record to the purchasing order) and MB MIGO BADI (used for the notification of the PO with 'Estimated Price' at the timing of goods receipts.
  • Worked on data conversion/data migration using LSMW to migrate data from Legacy System to SAP R/3 System for FI CO module like Customer Credit management change.
  • Developed a report using BAPI ACC DOCUMENT POST for limited pay-ability report of each vendor.
  • Involved in Customization of Sales and Distribution module and its functionality such as sales order types, pricing, shipping and billing.
  • Used BAPI BAPI MATERIAL GETALL, BAPI MATERAL SAVEDATA to update Material Master basic data. The program reads flat file that contains materials and storage location.
  • Implemented the Inbound IDOC processing for Invoices/Credit Memo (EDI-810) customizing Message type INVOIC. Invoices were created using 'BAPI INCOMINGINVOICE CREATE and Credit Memos were posted using BAPI ACC DOCUMENT POST.
  • Designed and Implemented the Outbound PO for EDI (850) by extending IDOC type ORDERS05 to send additional data like Legacy Material No, Shipping/Billing address, Vendor address. Implementing the component ‘EXIT SAPLEINM 002’ in enhancement ‘MM06E001’ filled the custom data.
  • Developed BDC program to change vendor’s address and customer master (MK02 and FD01) using call transaction method.
  • Configured end-to-end development of EDI IDoc Interface 855 Purchase Order confirmation using the IDoc type ORDERS05 and message type ORDERSP.
  • Created SAP Adobe Interactive form for Project Systems -Request for Information-Email.
  • Modified the Shipping Activity Report and migrating to webdynpro.
  • Developed SAP Adobe Interactive form using Webdynpro which updates SAP database for t-code KB31N using BAPI ACC STAT KEY FIG POST.
  • Worked on custom workflows using workflow builder, developing and using business objects, methods, tasks and workflow templates.

Confidential, Columbia, SC


Environment: SAP R/3 ECC: 5.0.


  • Developed an ALV report in MM to list the various details of the materials that are being dispatched on a particular day.
  • Generated ALV reports giving total value of the purchase order specified durations it gives out the vendors, materials, PO Number, Material group, and Plant.
  • Developed an Interactive report for viewing Maximum and Minimum freight for each month of year in Sales and Distribution.
  • Worked with BADI HU AUTOPACK to create handling units in two different scenarios. One is to create handling unit for the sales order material and the other scenario is to create handling unit in contingent delivery.
  • Developed a BDC programs using session method to transfer and upload the data from legacy system to SAP R/3 for material master MM01, purchase order ME21, vendor master XK01 for data conversion.
  • Developed a report to get PO item details using BAPI PO GETDETAIL BAPI.
  • Designed and developed a LSMW program to transport Customer master data from legacy systems in to R/3.
  • Maintained multiple ALE scenarios used for testing and reference purposes. This included setting up and maintaining ALE distribution models (BD64), partner profiles (WE20), sender ports (WE21), RFC Destinations for synchronous method calls (BD97), and RFC destinations (SM59).

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