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Sr. Sap Wm/mm & Ewm Consultant Resume

Shippensburg, PA


  • SAP R/3 Principal Consultant (SCM - WM/MM) with 11 years of experience in areas of Warehouse management (WM), Extended Warehouse management (EWM), logistics execution (LE), Material management (MM) and Inventory management (IM) .
  • Experience in working with SAP R/3 3.1, 4.0B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 6.0, EWM 7.02,9.3 and 9.4 versions.
  • Successful completion of five full life cycle implementations using ASAP methodology.
  • Gained strong FDA regulated/validated pharmaceutical industry implementation and support experience in Confidential, Amgen, Confidential, Genentech.
  • Gained strong SAP Implementation & support experience in automobile industry including Knorr - Bremse, Bendix & Volvo and in various other versatile industries including retail, steel, Pharmaceutical and Bio - tech.
  • Excellent knowledge of Industrial Engineering processes with their implementation using SAP R/3.
  • Expertise in configuring custom Picking and Putaway strategies as per the business requirement.
  • Expert knowledge in RF/Mobile data entry/Bar-coding/SAP Console and developing custom RF transactions.
  • Extensively Involved in integrating SAP WM with QM, MM, IM and PP Logistics modules.
  • Extensively involved in designing SAP FIORI APPS for WM and LE Enhancements & requirements.
  • Worked on external managed warehouse Third party warehouse 3PL systems and X- browser for implementing WM RF solutions.
  • Used LSMW CATT AND SECATT for converting the Master data and Inventory Conversions from Legacy system to SAP automatically during the GO-LIVE process.
  • Managed functional and ABAP resources in projects and coordinated with ABAP/4 Professionals for User Exits, Idocs, BADI’s, data dictionary, writing Functional & Technical Specs, Developing reports, custom report, internal service requests and EDI Communications.
  • Extensive knowledge in using EDIs, IDOCs & ASN models.
  • Good knowledge and experience in using RWD Infopak (Simulator, Web Architect), MS Visio for developing super and end user documentation.
  • Involved in SAP upgrade project from R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0.
  • Good understanding of Third party warehouse interfaces.
  • Good experience in leading the team and multiple Projects in the position of Project lead and Team lead.
  • Involved as team lead in managing and co-ordinating cross-functional team priorities, leading project efforts and ensure to complete Change requests and tickets within Release time frame and SLA targets.
  • Excellent managerial, communication and interpersonal skills.



Languages: C, C++

Operating Systems: Windows NT & Windows 95/98/2000, UNIX, DOS

RDBMS: MS Access

Web Tools: MS FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop

Other Tools: Ms Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Design Tools: Pro Model, AutoCAD

Warehouse Management (WM): Warehouse structure, Master Data, Warehouse Movements, Search Strategies (Storage Type/Section/Bin), Picking/Putaway Strategies, Wave Picking, 2-Step Picking, TO Split, Print Control, Storage Unit Management, RF/Mobile Data Entry, SAP Console, Bar-coding, cycle counts.

Material Management: Stock Transport Orders (STO), Batch management, Automatic batch picking based on SLED, Physical Inventory, Goods Receipt, Goods Invoice, Stock Transfer Orders, Transfer Posting, Movement types, procurement, Stock Determination, Vendor master, Customer master, Purchase Info records and Reservations.

Logistics Execution: Handling Unit Management (HUM), Shipment, Transportation, Routing.


Sr. SAP WM/MM & EWM Consultant

Confidential, Shippensburg, PA


  • Working as Sr. SAP WM/IM & EWM solution consultant in multiple SAP implementation, enhancements, process improvement projects, and support activities.
  • Involved as lead in driving SAP WM workshops for SAP WM implementation and Continuous improvement projects. Key member involved in discussion with business in requirements gathering, building project estimates for multi-phase SAP implementation and SAP hands on configuration.
  • Extensively involved in HANA migration and resolving multiple critical incidents after HANA go - live.
  • Highly involved as Lead consultant in leading SAP WM workshops at Konz, Germany and leading complete SAP WM/MM implementation with hands on experience in SAP WM/MM for warehouse located in Konz, Germany.
  • Extensively involved in conducting webinars for EWM functionalities, Involved in requirements gathering and designing RFPs and solution documents for EWM projects.
  • Involved in extensive communication with business process owners and responsible for the overall quality of deliverables and status reporting to the client organization
  • Key member involved in full life cycle implementation of SAP WM for US and European plants.
  • Key member in developing the blueprint, designing the plant structure and configuring the plant structure and warehouse for plants under Volvo.
  • Extensively interacted with Business users and studied in depth the current scenario and conducted As-Is and To-Be / future state analysis.
  • Developed a detailed documentation and developed a blueprint which had information about the client process relevant to WM and also the specifications about storage locations, storage types, storage sections, storage bin structures and bin types, storage unit types and automatic bin creation.
  • Configured the warehouse management structure with 10 different storage types that include cantilever, shelf, pigeon hole, bulk, pallet and vertical racks. Involved in set up of storage sections, picking areas, bin types, SUTs, new WM movement types and interfaced WM with MM/IM movement types.
  • Configured the organizational structures relevant to WM including master data, standard/custom stock placement/removal strategy, storage bin types, storage unit types, assignment of Storage unit types to bin types and Handling unit management for packing.
  • Involved in set up of Stock placement and removal sequence for placement/removal of materials into unrestricted stock, Quality, blocked stock and for putaway of Kanban materials.
  • Extensively involved in design of transaction flow for key WM Business process as per Client's Business requirements and each transaction flow designs were documented.
  • Understood the client bin structure and designed, configured all the bin structures for automatic creation of each storage type.
  • Key member involved in set up of custom two TO creation functionality for goods receipt and putaway based on special movement indicator and stock placement indicator.
  • Extensively involved in design of SAP FIORI APP to allow user to pick correct storage type and bin with available quantity and Total Quantity for usage decision and to display list of open Tos based on material number, Plant and Warehouse number.
  • Key member involved in designing SAP FIORI APP to empty External and Internal Kanbans to generate Auto TR and TO for Material movements from Warehouse to assembly line.
  • Involved in developing and using the customized YAWMC06 picking strategy.
  • Involved in set up of Auto pick TOs for outbound deliveries.
  • Set up internal warehouse replenishment process between upper and lower racks based on min/max replenishment and storage types with random space management and replenishment between consumption bin and buffer bin based on pre-defined inventory maintained under material master and custom transactions.
  • Key member Involved in integrating MES (WERUM) interface with SAP for managing various shop floor activities.
  • Key member involved in set up of internal Kanban and external JIT kanban control cycles for replenishment and involved in set up of removal of total stock from storage unit irrespective of requirement quantity.
  • Configured Auto TO creation and confirmation for posting changes for stock status change/internal stock transfers.
  • Good exposure to serialization configuration, worked on equipment creation, system status, user status of equipment and the status of equipments based on the goods movements.
  • Configured and implemented batch management with all the class, class types, characteristics and included expiration date, shelf life, batch status, usage decision, batch designation, vendor batch number, material reclassification, date of last good receipt and acting percentage.
  • Implemented Kitting process (External & Internal), WM - QM process changes including SAP re-configuration and Batch management..
  • Extensively involved in Auto Batch determination process to propose batches automatically during TO creation for outbound delivery to pick material based on specific Client characteristics and with Oldest SLED date.
  • Involved in configuring the system in stock determination to have the strategy to pick consignment stock and company own stock in WM during TO creation for outbound deliveries.
  • Implemented SAP WMS system to handle both Annual Inventory and Cycle counting.
  • Defined complete print control settings in OMLV and involved in customized label printing for all the warehouses under Volvo, Konz.
  • Configured warehouse activity monitor with all the critical parameters and created a variant specific to Volvo functionality and assigned the variant / report to all the user profiles and assigned the warehouse variant to run as a background job.
  • Interacted with the client and set up the WM field values for 18,000 materials that come under Volvo CE.
  • Prepared necessary documentation HLD, LLD, UTS in coordination with technical team to satisfy following specific business requirements.
  • Used HPQC for various stages of testing with test set creation, execution, defect creation and key member involved in resolving WM issues.
  • Involved in set up of 3rd party 3 PL interfaces - AUS interface, Brass automated warehouse and small box interfaces with SAP for material movements to and from warehouse using EDI/Idocs, Middleware and SU numbers.
  • For interface between SAP and AUS (3Pl warehouse) EDI/IDOCS were used extensively and scenarios include transmission of files to inbound, outbound file from SAP, confirmation/rejection pallet, deletion of transfer orders and cross reference list.
  • For Interface between Brass automated warehouse and SAP, interfaces were designed based on storage unit number with SU number used for incoming/outgoing file between SAP and 3 PL automated warehouse.
  • SAP and small box (3Pl) were interfaced through middleware for data transfer. Separate custom inbound and outbound programs/transaction were developed to trigger material movements and to transfer data.
  • Involved in monitoring, troubleshooting and resolving EDI/IDOC issues between Flexnet/MII, PI and SAP interface for TO creation for goods receipt from production order.
  • Involved in setting up of auto batch determination process in deliveries and TOs for picking.
  • Involved in set up of storage unit number management, SU number ranges, SU number activation for specific storage type, creation of BADI to carry same SU number from source to final destination and extensive use of SU numbers in GR labels/internal warehouse label to track inventory throughout warehouse.
  • Key member involved in set up of POP instructions for auto packing/HU creation for Inbound and Outbound deliveries.
  • Extensively Involved in set up of WM -PP interface, set up of new supply areas, defining storage location control for warehouse number for auto transfer of material to MM location for material consumption for PP/assembly line and involved in creating control cycles and staging of materials.
  • Involved in set up of WM - QM interface and QDL2 settings for material/vendor combination to direct material either to quality storage or to physical storage type.
  • Designed and implemented the complete RF/MDE functionality .
  • Primary role in designing and configuring standard/custom RF transactions for Put away, Goods Movement (WW / IM), Physical Inventory (IM and WM).
  • Assisted Technical Development team in understanding of Scanning / RF - related Functional Specs and Technical Specs.
  • Key member involved in set up and interface of SAP console with SAP GUI for specific warehouses and involved in designing and implementing various types bar-codes for labels.
  • Extensively involved in designing and implementing ITS mobile server and ITS screen format of 16*20 ITS were used for all Business/RF transactions for Volvo CE Plants in Konz, Germany.
  • Involved in configuring/modifying Screen management with ITS format as screen format for multiple Business process transactions including Putaway by Storage unit (ZWM LT06), Select by Storage Unit/Handling unit (LM02), Pick based on SU (ZWM LM07), Queue change (LM77), Material enquiry (LM12), Count inventory by user selection (LM51) and custom transaction to empty Kanbans (ZLFM2020).
  • All above screens were maintained with respective Logical screen and Actual screen numbers in screen management with ITS screen format.
  • Defined RF menus, RF queues and Assigned user to Queues in LRFMD with 16*20ITS in ITS Format.
  • New Custom transactions (ZLFM2020, ZWM LM07) were designed in HTML templates and published in ITS server and Menu and Screen management were configured to access new custom transaction in ITS format in SAP.
  • LM01 menu structure mapping were provided to Business Key users for complete mapping of all designed business transactions in ITS.
  • Highly involved as Sr. SAP WM lead in organizing and executing cutover activities for WM implementation and roll out.
  • Involved in building step by step approach to stop WM Business operations to start cutover activities, Closing all open MM documents, Involved in activating all relevant WM batch jobs for custom programs, creation of WM master data (Storage bins) and hands on approach to complete WM cutover activities.
  • Extensively involved in WM archiving of Trs, Tos, Posting change notices, System Inventory records and Inventory histories by reading all Tos for specific warehouses and writing/archiving data using SARA.
  • Developed a detailed As-is and To-be process with key settings, transaction data, design decisions and site impact for stock removal, stock placement, cycle count, replenishments and provide detailed documentation.
  • Provide support and training to all the super users and end users and involved in trouble shooting the design and prototypes.
  • Key member involved in requirements gathering for VAS (Value added services) process, configuration of work centers, VAS template, creation of custom transaction to create one TO for one HU for VAS process to move materials from VAS work centers to destination storage based on stock placement indicator and associated print control. Involved in setting up of parameters and variants for VAS monitor.
  • Key member involved in re-designing cycle count proposal logic for Volvo plants and extensively involved in designing SAP transaction/program for automated KIT cockpit process and assembly line feeding pick list.
  • Involved in setting up of stock replenishment between buffer storage type and consumptions bins with pre-defined inventory levels for each material/storage type.
  • Involved in designing custom program for FG warehouse set up for Volvo plants that involve picking material based on serial number, Custom program was designed to carry serial number from GR document based on production order and creation of custom field in LTAP and LQUA to carry serial number till final destination. FG materials were picked based on relevant serial number in outbound delivery.
  • Key member involved in fixing/clearing WM and MM differences in LX23 that were created by interfacing SAP with production interface called Flexnet. Designed custom program and With the use of custom program the business approved values of quant data in LQUA for WM was adjusted in the storage bins of Kanban control cycle with the inventory values that would equal the MM inventory.


SAP EWM Implementation


  • Established WH Organization structure, replication of product master data and transaction data to EWM.
  • Extensively involved in all phases right from Business Blueprint till go - live.
  • Customization done for Enterprise Warehouse structure in SCM including storage type, section and bins, activity areas.
  • Involved in Configuration for Inbound Receiving from Vendors and Production, Outbound Order processing and Shipments.
  • Highly involved in Configuring Value Added Services - VAS Process and Configuring Goods Receipt Process using POSC with Deconsolidation.
  • Set up the wave templates for outbound deliveries release and yard management for shipment.
  • Worked on Slotting and rearrangement of storage bins.
  • Involved in set up of Put away and Picking Strategies to satisfy Business Requirements.
  • Configured Mobile data Entry, RF screen modifications, Resource Management, and Post Processing framework (PPF).
  • Modification of EWM configuration for business needs including storage locations, storage types, storage sections, bins, staging areas, packing work center, doors, pack specification, warehouse process types, process oriented storage control process, warehouse order creation rules etc. were configured/modified to satisfy business requirement. Extensive post implementation and support knowledge.
  • Configured EWM core interface (CIF) functionality to transfer master and transactional data from ECC to EWM 9.0.
  • Configuring PPF action and enhancement for printing HU & Shipping labels, Packing slips, MSDS, Box Content, Interface with 3PL Transportation tool for Small Parcel shipments.
  • Extensively involved in Improvements and configuration for RFID/ITS Mobile Inbound, Outbound, Internal Movements and Customization settings and Master Data set-up for RFID in Inbound and Outbound processes.
  • Responsible for Design and Configuration for KPIs, Measurement Services, Custom End of Day Monitor Reports and Real-time Warehouse Monitoring Data within the EGF Cockpit.
  • Involved in user training to perform warehouse activities and used warehouse monitor to view inbound and outbound transaction results.
  • Involved in resolution of Critical Go-live issues and Production Support activities.
  • Resolving day-to-day issues faced by end user in EWM inbound process, outbound process and Internal warehouse processes
  • Very well acquainted with the configuration and maintenance of SAP goods receipt and goods issue process. Ability to develop requirements definition, overall analysis and design of SAP SCM EWM systems.
  • Experience in defining storage areas, storage bins and sorting bins based on activity area and uploading storage bins. Configuration of storage type search strategies for Putaway and picking based on the business design for receiving and delivery process and execute stock placements and removals using different put-away, picking strategies and rules.
  • Able to monitor and fix delivery issues in QRFC queues and Configured storage type search indicators (PACI, SRCI) and bin type indicators and configured posting change and stock transfer process. Expertise in handling various types of replenishment including planned, automatic and direct replenishment, transfer postings and physical inventory.
  • Involved in resolving issues on warehouse wave creation and warehouse order creation rules.
  • Integrated with PP for product staging,
  • Setting up PPF action profile, action determination, Start and schedule condition,
  • Functional speciation for various custom defined functionality, automated goods issue process, printing functionality in RF, Pick Denial, Freight cost update from EWM to ECC, Fast Ship process, Packing slip, Pallet Label, Pallet manifest, Bill of lading.
  • Testing of various custom development and standard business processes.

Sr. SAP MM/WM & EWM Analyst/Principal Consultant

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Worked as Sr. SAP WM/IM Principal consultant/Lead Analyst in warehouse consolidation project and SAP WM/MM warehouse re-organization project and involved in supporting both Rail and Truck separate SAP R/3 systems/instances.
  • Extensively involved in implementing continuous improvement projects on SAP WM/IM as enhancements and involved in resolving multiple critical production support tickets.
  • Key member in developing the blueprint, designing the plant structure and configuring the plant structure and warehouse for Huntington plant.
  • Developed detailed documentation and developed blueprint which had information about the client process relevant to WM and also the specifications about storage locations, storage types, storage sections, storage bin structures and bin types, storage unit types and automatic bin creation, Bin sorting and upload and activity areas.
  • Key member involved as SAP WM team lead in warehouse re-organization project and involved in business blueprinting, requirements gathering, re-configuration, testing and go - live of Schneider's Plants.
  • Warehouse structure were configured with new storage types, storage sections, picking area, storage bins, RF pick queues, IM storage locations, PSA storage types, storage location control and Print control. Both OE and After market parts were stored as mixed in one single bin and raw materials and Finished goods warehouses were separated with different storage types.
  • Created all the storage bin using LS10 structure and also using ECATT and assigned the pick areas to all storage bin and used stock placement and removal fields in the bin for sorting purpose.
  • Stock placement indicators configured for putaway to finished goods warehouses and SUT/BT logic were generally used to drive the putaway and picking for all the raw materials.
  • Key member involved in setting up WM - PP interface and set up Kanban replenishment and pick parts replenishment process for replenishment between WM storage location and IM managed PSA storage locations.
  • Involved in setting up various kanban replenishment strategies for replenishment between WM and PSA IM storage locations for unrestricted & consignment stock with 311 and 411 movement types.
  • Extensively involved in setting up stock determination process to pick unrestricted inventory first and then consignment inventory and involved in setting up stock status change automatically from consignment to unrestricted status during Kanban TO confirmation and when the inventory is moved from WM to IM PSA location.
  • Key member involved in setting up custom SAP Bypass process to create pick TOs for production replenishment even when there is no inventory available and then fullfill the bypass quantity directly from dock to the floor when the missing inventory is received into the 902 warehouse receiving dock.
  • Involved in requirement gathering and created functional and technical specifications and discussed with ABAP team for creating custom RF transactions for moving inventory from IM to WM location using transfer posting logic and created RF transaction for packaging material replenishment and custom goods accompanying label to include details of destination PSA storage types.
  • Key member involved in setting up RF mobile data entry transactions for Inbound, outbound and internal warehouse movements.
  • Prepared function spec and interacted with technical team to develop custom RF transaction and warehouse Pick list.
  • Key member involved in setting up interface between SAP and third party Kardex lifter machines for automated stock removal and putaway purpose. Extensively involved in setting up WMS-WCU interface with external Idoc ports and JMIF (Java controller) interface to control the lifters and for executing automated putaway and stock removal. For all putaways and removal with kardex machine an Idoc is created out of the TO confirmation from SAP and is sent to the external kardex machine through the interface that drives the kardex lifter for automated stock removal and putaway.
  • 3PL Shipments to customers and Internal plants
  • 3PL has to be notified in advance about the warehouse shipping order (EDI 940) to perform the resource planning. Warehouse shipping order can be generated either from sales order or STO for advance notification.
  • Any changes in the warehouse shipping order have to be communicated to 3PL’s. Changes may be quantity, date, address or product.
  • If warehouse shipping order has changed the plant values then communication has to be sent to both parties.
  • Final confirmation for the warehouse shipping order will be communicated to 3PL from the delivery document. If the delivery document is deleted after the confirmation to 3PL then the shipping order has to be sent from sales order/STO with change status.
  • Warehouse shipping advice (EDI 945) sent by 3PL has to be update the delivery document with Pick quantity, Packing/Unpacking the Handling unit and Post Goods Issue.
  • EDI 945 may contain partial pallet, where the original handling unit has to undergo unpacking and packing with the quantity sent by the 3PL.
  • Automated reprocess for the failed IDocs to execute the only from the position where it has failed.
  • Key member involved in setting up paperless picking and created RF pick queues, picking areas and assigned RF pick queues to the picking area and assigned the RF pick queues to SAP user id in LRFMD. Whenever there is a pick done for production replenishment no pick list will be created and the pick TOs will be directly sent to the RF gun of the user assigned to the RF pick queue and no TO pick list will be printed and an custom SAP Goods accompanying label will be generated during pick process that will include details about the material, quantity and destination PSA storage type details.
  • Key member involved in leading the test efforts for extended warehouse management processes and materials management, involved in preparing the test scripts and test scenarios for all the business process.
  • Key member involved in consolidating three different warehouses into one single warehouse structure and re-modifying the SAP WM warehouse structure for consolidation and physical re-location of all three warehouses into one single warehouse.
  • Involved in requirement gathering, business blueprinting, configuration, testing and go - live support for the warehouse consolidation project.
  • Extensively involved in go - live activities that include stock removal & addition using movement type 562/561 and moved the inventory for the material from old 2 warehouses to one single warehouse as part of consolidation. LSMW stock removal and addition program were used and Logic of stock removal and addition based on quant were used as the logic in the LSMW program.
  • New WM movement type 997 was created to move the inventory from one storage type to other storage type with auto TO confirmation and specific print codes were assigned in the movement types to print stock transfer labels.
  • Involved in interfacing SAP WM with 3rd party Kardex lifter machines for auto stock removal and putaway.
  • Extensively involved in setting up custom production consolidation process that allows to track inventory after picking and before being dropped to line feeder area in the production line. After picking is completed it is dropped in the consolidation area, an custom SAP X-box label is generated with HU number. This Handling unit number enables tracking of inventory using HUMO and real time status of the inventory can be tracked after picking is completed, being dropped to tugger cart and when the material is dropped to line feeder area in production.
  • Key member involved in designing and implementing various bar-codes for RF processing and involved in designing and implementing various types of bar-codes for labels such as material labels, bin labels, container labels and Handling unit management labels.
  • Involved in fixing and developing custom RF putaway transactions that strips all the P’s in the barcode of the material number instead of stripping only the first P as the application identifier and thus removing all the P’s in the material number if the material number starts with P. this led to inconsistencies during putaway and the putaway RF transaction was fixed so it strips only the first P in the barcode as application identifier and the material starting with P were able to be received correctly.
  • Involved in setting up of WM Min max replenishment process between WM and PSA storage types. When the material stock is removed for production from PSA storage types, LP21 is run in the background and replenishment auto TO creation is initiated in the background by running RLAUTA10 using an background batch job and inventory is moved from WM storage types to PSA storage types.
  • Involved in setting up cycle count process for all the A, B and C valuated materials.
  • Involved in creating custom material document layout for MB51 to display the material document creation date and time as per the local time zone set in user profile.
  • Key member involved in setting up TO split for total TO qty. that could be split into TO lines of equal qty. based on weights for material and set up picking based on Quantity to remove small and large inventory based on control qty. set up in material master in WM view.
  • Extensively involved in developing material weight maintenance process with custom SAP tables that records material number, user id, date of put away for all the materials that doesn’t have material weights in the basic view of material master during putaway. This enables the material maintenenace supervisor to view the materials with missing weights and once the material net/gross weight is updated, the user exit for material master updates this custom table automatically and drops the material that has the weight updated. This enhancement ensures that weights are maintained accurately to reduce any unnecessary freight and transportation charges.
  • Responsible for Process and Design discussion and prototype for EWM processes.
  • Design, create, and document SAP EWM Warehouse applications and functionality in support of Logistics Execution functions in businesses and subsidiaries for Canada and USA DCs and Led Business Requirement Gathering and Mapping with SAP functionality for 2 Main DCs. Identify Gaps and areas of process Improvements. Document BP processes and Process flows
  • Master Data validation specific to EWM process, EWM-MM Master data mapping via CIF.
  • System Configuration and prototyping in the Areas of Inbound, Outbound, Internal Movements and Stock Change postings, Route determination and Shipping activities, Wave template determination, Designed Custom enhancements for RF Material Handling processes on ITS mobile(Inbound, Outbound, Yard and Adhoc movements, Internal and Physical Inventory), Master data and integration with ECC ERP, PPF actions Print outputs.
  • Carried out configuration for Integration with ECC and EWM, set up RFC connections, IM related configurations for Purchasing, Inventory Management and Physical Inventory, Batch management and Master data and CIF Integration models.
  • Involved in Configuration of Cross dock functionality, Kit-to-Order, Returns to Vendor, STO and Customer Returns, Yard Management and Transportation planning, Core Returns sorting/Storage.RF Menu configuration and enhancements, Label (HU, QR Codes) and forms printing.
  • Prepare Functional Specification documents for prototype development and Data conversion.
  • Travel to Client DCs at Nashville to review Layout, Bin set up/arrangements and warehouse floor Legacy processes.

Sr. SAP WM/MM/Logistics Lead Analyst

Confidential, Rochester, NY


  • Worked as Sr. SAP WM/MM/Logistics lead in SAP Version upgrade project and completed Full life cycle implementation of warehouse management using ASAP methodology from Blueprint till Go- live and support.
  • Key member Involved in designing and implementing multiple SC & L enhancements.
  • Involved as a team lead in testing various logistics test scripts related to warehouse management, Inventory management, Shipping and transportation in ECC 6.0
  • Used HP ALM (application lifecycle management)/Load runner mercury for testing various ECC 6 test scripts
  • Key member Involved in testing standard SAP and custom Z transactions such as ZSMT used as shipment consolidation report, delay TO creation (ZDTO), shipment transloading process, custom requirement types in ECC 6.0.
  • Extensively involved in testing more than 26 Shipment output types in multiple languages for custom shipment types and tested output types for deliveries.
  • Key member involved in testing various SAP interfaces by sending appropriate data through EDI/IDOC and verifying the data populated in shipments and deliveries.
  • Raised critical defects in ALM that need fixes and interacted with ABAP offshore team to for fixing ABAP codes used in custom Z transactions
  • Key member involved in testing multiple 3rd party packing and shipping process (XPS) used for generating carrier and shipping labels (DHL, Fedex labels) in Ecc 6.
  • Involved in generating user training documents for SAP transactions that had different functionality in ECC 6 and included details about the changes in different SAP screens between r/3 4.7 and ECC 6.
  • Worked as a senior SAP WM/IM Lead in full-life cycle implementation of Warehouse Management and logistics execution.
  • Involved in blueprint, finding gaps, proposing solutions, configuration, prototyping, testing, training and support.
  • Key member in designing and implementing the prototypes.
  • Key member responsible for implementing SAP WM systems for 80 warehouses nationwide.
  • Involved in configuring warehouse management structures with different storage types for upper and lower racks and bulk storage.
  • Key member involved in interfacing SAP with small carrier packing and shipping systems (XPS) and used for generating Handling unit labels and carrier shipping labels such as DHL and Fedex labels that enables real time tracking of the shipments.
  • Extensively involved in set up of serialization, serial number profile and equipment master record.
  • Involved in set up of Handling unit management and auto packing based on POP3 instructions at inbound and outbound delivery level.
  • Key member and used Load Runner Mercury in various cycles of variant, Integration and User acceptance testing. Involved in writing the test scripts and in fixing the faults and errors in the testing cycles.
  • Experienced in WM related modules in SD, MM-IM, PP and helped the team in WM integration with other modules.
  • Understood the client needs and involved in discussion with the global business Team and configured the WM structure with RF.
  • Set up SAP console for RF handheld devices and implemented WM RF transactions for Goods receipt, put away, cycle count, storage unit, transfer orders, min-max and process order replenishment.
  • Maintained user profiles and involved in complete configuration, design and implementation of the RF (LM00) functionality .
  • Set up configuration of RF Queue management for stock placement, stock removal, replenishment and stock transfer.
  • Extensively involved in designing and developing multiple custom supply chain and Logistics enhancements.
  • Interacted with ABAPers and developed functional and technical specifications for developing custom Z transactions such as consolidated shipment report
  • Developed custom Z transaction delay TO creation (ZDTO) and used specific function modules to allow collective picking and individual picking for shipments and custom transaction created individual or collective TOs for all the deliveries in the shipment.
  • Developed consolidated shipment report (ZSMT) that allows the users to determine the pallet number, pallet type, material number, material description, transfer order number, transfer order status, pack status of delivery and sum of unique pallet count.
  • Developed custom report ZBHSTK - blocked held inventory report that shows both QI stock and Blocked across a range of plants and storage locations.

Sr. SAP WM/MM consultant and Project lead

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Worked as a Project lead and senior SAP WM/MM consultant in full-life cycle implementation of Warehouse Management, Inventory management and Material management and extensively involved in implementing EWM enhancements and support activities.
  • Involved in blueprint, configuration, prototyping, testing, training and support.
  • Key member involved in leading the project and in discussion with SMEs from Phoenix plant regarding the Phoenix business process for developing an complete project scope and for designing the global template and designed the custom transactions to maintain uniform business transactions for all plants.
  • Key member in developing the blueprint, designing the plant structure and configuring the plant structure and warehouses for all the Phoenix plant under Confidential .
  • Developed a detailed documentation and developed a blueprint which had information about the client process relevant to WM and also the specifications about storage locations, storage types, storage sections, storage bin structures and bin types, storage unit types and automatic bin creation.
  • Mapped all the business requirements from the plant map and configured all the business requirements in the SAP system.
  • Configured the warehouse management structure with 10 different storage types that include Chemicals, production stores, pack and label, Hazardous material. Set up storage sections, storage bin types and storage unit types and a key member in activating the storage type and storage bin type search strategies.
  • Set up the material staging process to execute the manufacturing of compounding, fill and finished materials by setting up WM - PP interface with more than three supply areas.
  • Key member involved in configuration of auto TO creation with message type WMTA and auto printing of packing list during outbound delivery processing.
  • Interacted with the client and set up the WM field values for more than 100 materials for Confidential at Phoenix.
  • Configured the organizational structures relevant to WM including master data, stock placement strategies such as manual stock placement strategy, next empty storage bin, and stock removal strategies such as first expiration first out (SLED), storage bin types, storage unit types.
  • Configured and implemented handling unit management for various warehouse processes including goods receipt, replenishment, internal warehouse process and goods issue.
  • Understood the client bin structure and designed, configured all the bin structures for automatic creation of each storage type for all the warehouses that are under Confidential and defined storage type indicators.
  • Extensive knowledge in configuring and using EDIs - 844,956, IDOCs and ASN models.
  • Key member in configuring two different storage locations for material transfer of blocked and unblocked stock that also includes virtual storage locations.
  • Key member involved in setting up RF mobile data entry transactions for Inbound, outbound and internal warehouse movements.
  • Prepared function spec and interacted with technical team to develop Barcode Labels and warehouse Pick list.
  • Key member involved in designing and implementing various bar-codes for RF processing and involved in designing and implementing various types of bar-codes for labels such as material labels, bin labels, container labels and Handling unit management labels.
  • Key member involved in leading the test efforts for warehouse and materials management, involved in preparing the test scripts and test scenarios for all the business process.

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