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Sap Project Team Lead Resume

Harvey, IL


  • SAP SD/LE Functional Lead with more than 9 years of implementation and configuration experience including three full life cycle implementations.
  • SAP MM/LE Functional Lead with more than 7 years of implementation and configuration experience.
  • SAP PP Functional Lead with more than 5 years of implementation and configuration experience.
  • SAP ABAP Developer with more than 6 years of experience.
  • SAP BW Functional Lead with more than 6years of experience.
  • SAP FICO resource with more than 7 years of experience.
  • Industry experience in Food & Beverages, Paper, Hi - Tech, Process Manufacturing, & Distribution Industries.
  • SME in carrying out Project Evaluation, Information Gathering, Business Blue Print, Documentation, Customization and Configuration with an in depth understanding of Business Processes relating to SAP SD, MM, & Production Planning
  • Worked on Global Rollouts, Cross-company code transactions and multi currencies.
  • Effective communicator with excellent skills in making Business Presentations, Documentation, writing and developing Business Reports and Technical Specifications.
  • Conducted training sessions, provided end user training and prepared training documents using Visio and Office Suite of products.
  • More than 15 years cross functional team management experience.
  • More than 5 years management experience with off shore consultant teams.
  • More than 10 years experience in RPG programming on AS/400 iSeries computers.
  • More than 15 years experience in C/C++ programming.


Languages: Visual Studio C++, MSVC++ 1.52, Embedded C++ 3.0 and 4.0, Quick C 2.5, RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, OCL on S/36, CL/400SAP ABAP

Management Tools: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Team Manager, Defect Control System, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Track it project tracking software



Confidential, Harvey, IL

SAP Project Team Lead


  • In house expert for MM, SD, SD/LE, PP, ABAP, and BW. Have experience in FICO and how the other modules interact with FICO. Also have experience with QM and EHS.
  • Normally manage between 6 and 25 projects of varying complexity, duration, and scope for the 3 companies on the North American instance.
  • Experience with managing off shore consultants, on shore consultants, local consultants, and Fuchs staff.
  • Have performed 3 full implementations, 1 full SAP upgrade, a handful of service pack upgrades, and a handful of acquisition projects. Have performed 2 hardware upgrades.
  • Have enacted many projects to help the executives manage certain aspects of the business based on the changing needs of the executives.
  • Team lead for the full cycle implementation of Fuchs Canada (2009) and Fuchs Mexico (2014).
  • Team lead for a hardware upgrade and for a separate SAP software upgrade (ECC 4.6 to ECC 6.5 and BW 3.5 to BI 7.2).
  • Team lead on the service pack upgrade to allow Fuchs to be compliant with new GHS logistics rules for shipping.
  • Primary lead on multiple business acquisitions, conforming acquired business data into the Fuchs US SAP system. This was customer data including pricing, material data, vendors including vendor info records, and bills of materials for manufacturing.
  • Team lead on the logistics shipping modification to support “Protect from freeze” logic for the water based materials during the winter months in both the US and Canada.
  • Team lead on the logistics project for SCAQMD (Southern California Air Quality Management District) to ensure that materials being delivered are properly labeled with “California” labels.
  • Team lead on the logistics project for DOT changes in regards to transportation of hazardous materials by ground carriers.
  • Team lead on the logistics project for TSCA (export of harmful chemicals and potential chemical weapons materials) to ensure that chemical weapons materials are not sent to restricted countries, and to ensure that notification of harmful chemicals are sent to the appropriate government agency before the material is shipped from the US.
  • To support two different third party logistics companies, I wrote two separate extract / import suites of functions to support automated freight bill matching.
  • Team lead (business design, functional specifications for consultants, testing, documentation, and rollout) for enhanced ATP (available to promise) functionality in order entry, taking into account not only source lead times, but also warehouse availability.
  • Team lead on multiple projects to add new pricing conditions to order entry to better capture the costing of different processes.
  • Team lead on a project to send order confirmation to the sales person and the customer when an order was entered and accepted (released from credit hold) in the SAP system.
  • Automated the delivery creation process, to ensure that deliveries were being shipped in a timely manner.
  • Team lead on the automation of the invoice creation process. Also sole author of changes to the automatic invoice creation process to meet new business needs.
  • Modified the invoice extract process for those invoices that were sent to a print vendor.
  • Reengineered the lock box processing functionality when Fuchs US added Fuchs Canada to the SAP instance. Reengineered again when Fuchs US changed banks. Reengineered again when Fuchs Canada changed banks.
  • Have written more than 50 reports to allow departments and people perform job functions more effectively.
  • Have more than 9 years of experience in working with the multiple departments at Fuchs (customer service, customer administration, shipping, purchasing, expediting (order from vendor and warehouse replenishment), inventory management, production planning, quality management, accounting, sales people, and the executive group) to deliver not only a solution that works for the party requesting the project, but also for the business as a whole.
  • Have more than 9 years experience as a functional and technical resource for the SD and LE modules.
  • Have more than 7 years experience as a functional and technical resource for MM, PP, QM, FI/CO, EHS, and BW/BI.
  • As a team lead, I worked with our hosting company and two different outside consulting companies on the implementation of an automated warehousing system in Harvey IL.
  • Have also been the primary manager for the multiple different consulting firms that Fuchs has used on SAP projects. Including finding new consulting firms that have expertise that Fuchs needed for projects.
  • Advance shipping notice (ASN). Fuchs wanted to implement advance delivery notice documents to be sent to customers either via email or fax, to notify the customer of pending shipment. Discussion with the project requestor (customer service manager), the VP of Purchasing, and the Director of QM (they were assigned by CEO to this project) yielded some wants. Fuchs wanted to provide the customer with the quantities, products, ship date, freight carrier, and freight carrier shipment pro number. I determined that in the Fuchs SAP system, all that information is available in the delivery at PGI time. I proposed to the group that we copy the bill of lading (BOL) document to make the ASN. This would include all the information requested, as well as the quantity of each batch that is on the shipment. The group accepted the proposal. Instead of having a separate output determination sequence, the group wanted to use the existing output determination sequence for electronic order confirmations.
  • I copied the BOL form, processing program, and output sequences to make the ASN version. I change the form to include the ship date and the carrier pro number. Both of which I had made required fields for Fuchs in the past. I change the output sequence from delivery completely picked (BOL requirement) to delivery has been PGIed (Post Goods Issued). I setup an output determination at the sales org level, to trigger the SAP process to check the processing program. I used sales org level, so that Fuchs could control the 3 separate companies individually.
  • The output determination sequence for the electronic order confirmations was output type, sales org, order type. Since the new output was a different output type and based on the delivery not the order a few changes needed to be made to the processing program. First mapped the different ASN output types to the electronic order confirmation output types, 6 of each, so 1 to 1 mapping. Next use the delivery to check the document flow to get the order number. Using the order number, get the order type. Use the mapped output type and the order type to see if the customer had output determination sequence for the electronic order confirmation. Check the ship to customer first, then the bill to customer. If one exists, use the same partner and output (fax or email) to generate the form. If a record did not exist, don’t create the form.
  • Presented the output the group and the VP Controlling. The VP Controlling presented at the national sales conference for Fuchs.
  • Activated the output for the US organization and one week later activated for Canada. Mexico is not using electronic order confirmations, but the tested to make sure it will work there also.
  • 2016 Bank Change. Mostly an accounting project, but is part of the full OTC (Order to Cash) process. Fuchs decided to switch banks in the US and in Canada. Each country was using a separate bank. The conversion was to a single bank that has divisions in each country. The old Canadian bank did not support ACH/EFT payments. The new bank did, so I had to configure Bank Maintenance for Canada. Worked with both banks to get the data in the correct formats. Modified the Lockbox processing program to support inbound payments from customers from the new banks. Modified the invoice form to have the new bank payment information (SWIFT, wire, overnight, standard mail) for the customers.
  • ASRS. Automatic Storage Retrieval System. Was implemented as an SD project, with a strong side of inventory management. Fuchs implemented an independent warehouse system, I was responsible for all aspects of the implementation. A new output type was added to the delivery. At delivery generation the output formatted a pick request for the automated warehouse. The automated warehouse would choose the batches and pallets to be assigned to that delivery, for both the materials stored in the warehouse racking system, and the materials just managed by the warehouse program because they could not be loaded into the warehouse rack system. Once the data for the batches and pallets was sent back to the SAP system, a processing program would update the delivery with the quantities and batches. In addition, RF Scanner programs were written to allow the shipper to scan the pallet to find what delivery the material is destined for.
  • Consultant for Laurus Technologies. Worked with BPOs (business process owners), project managers, department vice presidents, in-house MIS staff, and SAP consultants to deliver software solutions for an Infinium to SAP conversion. Was praised by both Fuchs employees and SAP consultants on my ability to quickly grasp ideas and quickly provide solution. Used RPG, Query, Excel, Word, and Access to provide solutions.

Confidential, Lansing, IL

Manager Application Development


  • Worked all phases of product development: worked with customers to clarify business objectives, wrote detailed specifications, performed coding, performed quality control testing, and wrote implementer and end-user documentation, ensured customer satisfaction of product via follow-up contact.
  • Managed the workflow of the programming/development department: wrote or reviewed detailed specifications, assigned coding requirements to development or myself, reviewed all coding.
  • Managed the workflow of the quality control department: assigned quality control personnel (including myself) for manual testing requirements, reviewed testing for completeness, assigned work for creation of automated test scripts (Rational Robot), oversaw the running of automated test for every build of the product.
  • Managed the workflow of the client services department: trained staff on common issues and problem resolution methodologies, directly worked on problems which required higher level of expertise, reviewed problem resolutions, met with staff daily to discuss current issues. Worked on development of customer self-help website.
  • Worked with the sales department and customers to define requirements of business objectives.
  • Worked with the implementation department and customers to define requirements of data presentation and process flow.
  • Developed a company-wide intradepartmental workflow system. This system provided information for the prioritization of projects.

Confidential, Hammond, IN

Guest Lecturer


  • Taught RPG/400 to undergraduate students.
  • Redesigned the course laboratory assignments to better focus students on the learning process.

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