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Sr. Sap Abap Consultant Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • SAP Certified Development Consultant SAP Netweaver - ABAP Workbench, Release SAP Web Application Server 6.20.
  • SAP Programmer Analyst with 10+ year’s experience as designing solutions, analysis, implementation, configuration, development design, maintain documentation, testing, User training and support of various applications using SAP R/3 and Net weaver.
  • Expertise in design Data/Message Types, Service Interfaces, Context objects, Imported IDocs/RFCs, Operation/Interface mapping and Message mapping programs for each of these interfaces using Integration repository.
  • Expertise in configuring IDOC, RFC, File, SFTP, HTTP, JDBC, SOAP Adapters, Logical Routing and Collaboration Agreements using Integration directory, Expertise in developing Integration scenarios & Integration processes using BPM.
  • Experience in several R/3 implementations, Sustain Support and Upgrade projects using versions 3.0 through 4.7 and ECC in industrial environment.
  • Proven Skills of leading team with quality oriented work and worked closely with Off Shore teams.
  • Trained in Project Management Institute (PMI) course Project Management Startup, Planning, and execution and close down which is essential to complete Project Management Professional course helps in execution of project to reduce the cost and effort.
  • Experienced and skilled in new dimensional tools like Object Oriented ABAP, Web DYNPRO, and Net weaver, Unicode, ALE, EDI, IDOC, BADI, Workflow and BAPI.
  • Good experience in Sap Scripts, Smart Forms, Dialog Programming and Interface Programming.
  • Proficient with Interactive Reporting, Screen Painter, Menu Painter, Online Programming, Transaction Processing, Report Writer, Report Painter, Data Interfaces, RFC Programming.
  • Extensive experience in Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting SAP.
  • Involved in the Conversion, Mapping & Migration of Legacy data using LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench), and Developed BDC (Batch Data Communication) programs for transferring data from legacy systems to SAP R/3 system.
  • Extensive working on eCATT and LSMW.
  • Development of ABAP Webdynpro applications.
  • Involved in customization and development of various changes in Shipping & Transportation, Route Determination, Shipment Cost Calculation, Automatic Packing Determination, Output & Text Determination, Shipment Planning, Master Data, Order Processing Availability Check & ATP, Pricing, Promotion & Sales Deals, and Billing.
  • Extensively supported and provided solutions in SD, MM, PP, PM, CRM, SD, APO modules and in using ABAP/4 to enhance, extract the data from these modules.
  • Extensive experience in configuring, designing and Business knowledge in SAP modules like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, General Ledger, Controlling.
  • Working knowledge in Adobe forms development.
  • Experience on Unicode, language translations and Upgrade Project (SAP ECC 6.0) which involves development estimation, project planning, work coordination and configuration management.
  • Experience in interfaces for the integration of SAP R/3’s with the 3rd party systems like mainframe, web methods etc.


  • SAP R/3 Ver 4.7, ECC 5, ECC6 (ABAP/4, IDOC’s/EDI, LSMW, SD, MM, FI, HR, PP, PLM,BW)
  • Report writing, Data Conversion, Workbench Tools, Dialogue Processing Programming
  • BDC & Call Transaction Programming, Performance tuning
  • Workflow, BAPI, Web Dynpro, BRF, BADI & RFC, Business Transaction Events
  • Working knowledge of SAP modules MM, FI/CO, PS and PP



Sr. SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SD, FI, MM

  • Developed the SAP Scripts for Invoices, Purchase orders and sales orders.
  • Translated existing SAP Scripts to Spanish for the Mexico customers.
  • Developed report to Extract Project WBS Elements from ERP for Replication to Travel (SAP Cloud For Travel and Expense).
  • Developed a program to upload data from a tab delimited file and park the document (FBV1) in the General Leger for project reporting.
  • Changed the already existing reports as per client’s needs and fixed the bugs in the programs.
  • Developed a program to download project related data to a tab delimited file to send to external ERP systems in Canada and Austria.
  • Developed a program to copy profit center accounting document number ranges from one fiscal year to another.
  • Developed a program to update requisition approval table. Program will read the given Spread sheet and update or populate the Approver's names and level based on the Spread sheet.
  • Configured and designed workflow scenario to send Requisition approval to the correct approvers upon creation of the requisition.
  • Developed a program which reads the provided Excel input file and creates Profit center & Cost center based on the data in the excel file. And once Cost center is created program adds new entries to the table for Purchase Requisition Release.
  • Developed several reports on the Confidential and IGT (International Gaming Technology) merge.
  • Developed G/L account Master upload program.
  • Created a custom Function Module to restrict users to Post their own Parked documents using BTE (Business Transaction Event).
  • Created an exception report for direct posting of entries (no initial parked document).
  • Created a fixed asset reconciliation program comparing the sub ledger to the GL accounts.
  • Created an out of balance adjustment program.
  • Developed a fixed asset upload program for SBI and Wave 3.
  • Worked on Several Smart forms and Adobe Forms.
  • As per Client request removed SAP Personnel # from Who’s Who service in SAP Portal.


Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SD, FI, PP, PM and PI/XI

  • Part of Serialization, Metro PCs and PR Uncarrier Projects.
  • Worked on SAP OER Implementation Project:
  • Developed operational report which will display the events and events parameters with different selection criteria.
  • Developed events posting interface (Assurant events) with Parallel processing concept for large volume of data.
  • Developed RFC function modules for IMEI and Warranty details and created WSDLs for the same which will be consumed by TIBCO interface.
  • Developed Repair vendor interface which will post the Repair vendor details.
  • Developed ASN Outbound interface which will send files to PI.
  • Developed Brightpoint Adjustments and Brightpoint Returns interfaces.
  • Developed RFC’s, web services.
  • Worked on SAP SRM upgrade Project.
  • Developed the MPCS PO upload program to upload all the PO’s from Metro Pcs to SAP.
  • Developed Web Dynpro application for Device Recovery for Puerto Rico.
  • Developed a report for MPCS, Confidential Paymode Payment Extract File.
  • Developed report for serialized and non-serialized inventory shipped by Brightpoint Indi for MetroPCS.
  • SAP BI ABAP - Created Update rules, Transfer rules, Transformations, Start Routine, End Routine, user exit and function module code for generic data source.
  • Business Content: Exposure to the Business Content and implementation of the same in the appropriate Functional area and to activate business content.
  • Transformation: Expert in building custom Update rules, Transfer rules, Transformations, Start Routine and End Routine.
  • Data Staging & Loading: Experience with proper data architecture, PSA maintenance, Info Packages, Data Transfer Process (DTP), Delta functionality, Flexible Master data staging, and debugging loads using the Data load Monitor.
  • Experience in SAP BPC planning: Created Basic and Multi Planning Areas, Planning Levels, Planning Functions, Global Planning Sequences, Planning Profiles.


Sr. SAP PI ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI, PP, PM and PI/XI

  • Expertise in ALE configuration, IDOC programming for Inbound and Outbound IDOCs, configuring Partner Profiles, RFC Destinations, Logical Systems, Configured Business scenarios, Receiver System end points, Routing Rules, Receiver and, Interface Determinations, Communication Channels, parties and services using Integration Directory of XI.
  • Developed an Interface Program to load Customers into SAP system for supporting corporate and group sales business processes in integration with Sterling and CSA applications.
  • Worked on Performance Tuning of existing reports by using Run Time Analysis and SQL Trace. Runtime analysis was done to analyze the processing of the reports based on estimated time for each action, modified Queries to ease the Database Interaction.
  • Responsible for implementing PI scenarios for data exchange between legacy system and SAP System.
  • Technical Specification, Coding, Testing, Documentation of Test results and Delivery.
  • Creation of Integration repository objects which include Integration scenarios, Interface Objects and mapping objects.
  • Created data type, message type for requests and responses involved in the scenario.
  • Defined message mappings using Mapping Editor in XI using XSLT and ABAP.
  • Creation of Integration Directory Objects.
  • Shipment Process Non-SAP to SAP (FTP to IDOC, IDOC to File).
  • Configured various adapters - FILE, JDBC, IDOC, RFC and SOAP Involved in the integration testing with the functional, business users, and legacy system resources.
  • Developed Interfaces between PP-PI-SAP WM.
  • Understanding XML payload.
  • Performed mapping for In/Outbound interfaces.
  • Specialized in trouble shooting PI interfaces.
  • Documented the objects created in various phases of the scenario.
  • Performed sender/ receiver determinations and sender / receiver agreements.
  • We replaced an extensive EDI capability built in ERP system with the PI Seeburger Adaptor
  • Developed interface objects using the IDOC, File, RFC, JDBC and HTTP adapters.
  • Message monitoring in Integration Server and Runtime Workbench
  • Unit testing of the XI scenarios using the Component Monitoring and sxmb moni.

Confidential, New York

Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant

  • Since Client wanted to migrate existing SAP data to Oracle, So I was the part of Conversion Team. My main responsibilities included design and developing and managing the development work plan for RICEFW objects. Support for FD preparation for technical details and validate technical feasibility of requirement. Create/Review the technical design and development and make sure all the objects are design and developed as per ABAP Development Standards and SAP Naming Conventions documents also involved in developing the design document templates for RICEFW objects. Understanding the requirement and writing queries to client incase the requirement is not clear.
  • Provided technical support to global user community, engaged in customer specific projects for customizations and PLM integrations and lead offshore team of developers through each software release by providing detailed specifications for all new functions, defect fixes and new or revised data checks.
  • Expertise in SAP Sales and Distribution module and its integration with MM, WM and FI/CO.
  • Extensively developed and supported SD touch points with different R/3 modules like FICO and MM.
  • Modified SAP scripts in shipping process and configured output types.
  • EDI: mapping IDOCs, setting partner profiles, Output processing Fax, Mail communications.
  • Designed and developed rebate agreements for legacy interface requirements, conversion requirements, and report requirements for the offshore team.
  • Designed and configured output determination procedures.
  • Developed Reports, interfaces and scripts in areas of pricing, rebates, customer master, availability checking, listings / exclusions, output, and inter-company process.
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications, review of Routines & User Exits, Preparing Training Material, and Documentation.
  • Designed VOFM copy routines to handle the SD and QM integration delivery output documents. Heavily involved in the pricing requirement analysis, design and configuration of pricing condition types, access sequences, condition tables and new pricing procedures.
  • Currently designing/implementing the Single use account for vendors through banks by issuing single use credit card, this benefits banks, vendors and IP as well.
  • Currently analyzing, designing and implementing the Unicode and Upgrade requirements in the system from 4.7 to ECC6.0.
  • Co-designed/implemented Freight Invoice Improvement Project, an integration of ALE, Workflow, for INVOIC IDOCS, EDI 210/310/410, portal-generated IDOCS, and automatic email notification to carriers. This implementation reduces the 95% of current errors caused by carriers or system by triggering workflow or email requesting to process appropriate data.
  • Re-designed/Implemented the system for migration of Weyerhaeuser (CBPR) business processes into current existing business processes.
  • Involved in implementation of tax calculations of all the documents, which displays tax in SAP using SABRIX tool. SAP calls SABRIX system to calculate the tax and displays on SAP. Analyzed and updated all the transactions are required with tax information.
  • Redesigned and developed VAT tax report required by Mexico and Morocco companies for accounts payable and accounts receivable copying the standard SAP program making changes which displays deferred taxes and VAT information.
  • Design and support of the bank interface files (inbound/outbound) creation required by Brazil banks, which is used to clear the bank payments using transaction FF.5 in SAP.
  • Supported the customer credit management process and risk management with S&P/MOODY’s ratings and bond scores.
  • Designed and implemented user exits, validations, substitutions and BTE’s required in Financial process to populate the profit centers, cost centers, WBS on the documents based on the GL accounting requirements.
  • Designed and implemented the payment run required by HR system which displays employee details on the benefits information document issued by Accounts payable. Current FI and HR programs are hard coded only for GRNX (garnishment details), this program modification will display OTHX (other details) on the document issued by AP.
  • Helped in designing the Statistical key figure implementation in New GL system and for BW analysis.
  • Designed and developed Z version of SAP program RFUMSV00 to fulfill the requirements for displaying documents based on clearing date selections.
  • Changes to all programs to get Archived data using function modules AIND NAMETAB GET, FI DOCUMENT ARCH READ SINGLE and AIND INDICES FOR OBJECT GET.
  • Developed program which will extract key figures from the European APO planning area (ZDE OPEPA) and save the data to a comma-delimited format file on a UNIX directory. The output file will be transfer to the EU BW target via the RAFTS process. The output data will be collected and grouped by characteristics Cust FIN Id, Cust INV Id, Article Id, and Mill Id. All valid characteristic combinations for the selection screen Mill Ids will be collected. The output file structure contains all the Key Figure elements defined, however, the Key Figures that are extracted into the file are defined by the Planning Book and Data View provided on the selection screen.
  • Developed program to Compare Demand Planning Object Structure data and corresponding Master Info object data and create entries in the realignment table.
  • Developed report produces a detailed ALV report for block schedules where user can retrieve detailed information concerning MTO, MTS and SA by clicking on the hotspot fields on the initial list.
  • Developed a report is to display all orders that are impacted (directly or indirectly) when a sales order or a trim order is cancelled.
  • Performance tuning using Runtime analysis and SQL Trace.
  • Developed an actual/outlook listing ALV report, which can be drilled down up to the last child node.
  • Developed a Monthly fixed asset GL account balance file for legacy system (Interface).
  • Developed Monthly fixed asset reconciliations file for legacy system (Interface)
  • Developed an Interface program, which extracts monthly Regulatory General Ledger Account Balance data.
  • Developed an outbound interface in FI module to gather cost center data into an excel file for selected object keys which should be compatible with other system.
  • Developed event driven Scheduled jobs to run in the background.
  • Developed programs with Unicode function compatibility.
  • Configured required settings for Automatic Payment Program, layout set name, dunning, and Special G/L Transactions like down payments.
  • Gathering specifications, coding and form development for Delivery Note / Invoice Printing.
  • Developed BDC program to change Vendor Addresses and to display summary information using session method.
  • Developed BDC programs to transfer data from legacy system to SAP R/3 Material Master and Customer Master using Batch Input Session.
  • Developed new Interface report to send Additional attributes for Item master to R12.
  • As per the client requirement made changes in existing programs.
  • Created and maintained SAP to Oracle R12 Mapping Tables.


Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI/CO

  • Developed new custom Function Modules to update BOM status using BDC Programming and new custom functional module to update deletion flag at client level BAPI MATERIL SAVEDATA.
  • Implemented different authorization check and valid authorization for order, delivery and invoice IDocs triggering and different authorization rules.
  • Worked on EDI messages EDI 850, EDI 860 (ORDERS), EDI 810 (INVOICE).
  • Developed custom function module copying SAP f/m IDOC INPUT MBGMCR, to support Goods issue, Goods receipt, add a tolerance check for goods issue transactions. Based on this tolerance, the IDOC quantity should be modified to prevent IDOC failure due to a deficit of inventory in SAP R/3 while transfer posting interfaces from 3rd party systems.
  • Developed a program uploads data from the TXT file from presentation server into database table J 1BTXISS using BDC session for the transaction J1BTAX.
  • Developed a BDC program is to automate the identification of line items based on account type and internal processing type which will update the appropriate line items in transaction FB09.
  • Developed a program to calculate exchange rates from the interface file and post data in TCURR table using transaction GCW6.
  • Developed a program which will execute validations/substitution program RGUGBR00 in remote systems based on the system name or distribution model provided on the selection screen.
  • Developed program which will accept multiple inbound treasury statement files and process them all using RFEBKA00. Before submitting program will validate bank/account information to filter out unused sets in the file.
  • Modified copied Z program KQST00IT by applying support pack 1157514.
  • Created custom search help for SAP search help KOST by profit center.
  • Responsible for gathering business requirements, participating in system design, configuring and testing existing system and providing sustain support for enhancements to the current system.
  • System configuration and testing in the areas of FI-GL transactions.
  • Maintained required settings in Accounts Payable viz. Configuration for F110 payment program, Payment terms.
  • Meet regularly with Business Owners to evaluate and or suggest changes in processes that will enhance the use of SAP. Interaction with Client Business Users for Requirements Gathering and Analysis.
  • Design and developed ALV reports for interest calculations, inventory stock accuracy report, customer details download details.
  • Design and developed smart forms for invoice, order confirmation, price list.
  • Design and developed interface EDI invoice outbound, EDI sales inbound interfaces, EDI sales outbound interfaces, Advice shipping notification.
  • Design and developed the conversion objects for customer master, Vendor master.
  • Involved in code review and unit testing for the objects delivered by team members.
  • Developed and designed different authorization rules vendor management system.
  • Worked on offline Adobe form that would be send as an email to vendors.
  • Performance Tuning of the business critical report to get better results.
  • Involved in Cross Applications to transfer data from Server/Server.
  • Worked on interactive reports using ALV with OOPs.
  • Prepared Functional &Technical Specifications for developed objects.
  • Involved in Development of Smart Forms according to client requirements.
  • Developed some Screens, Sub screens and Menus using Screen Painter & Menu painter.
  • Strict adherence to the program and project standards ensuring the quality deliverables.
  • Interaction with Business Process Specialist to get to know the business Requirement.
  • Involved with the users and configuration team to Design the Conversion Programs Analyzed the Requirements, Designed and Developed existing Legacy Reports in SAP.
  • Worked on data migration to map/transfer the Legacy Data into SAP Data management System (DMS) using LSMW/BDC.
  • Involved in writing translation programs, function modules, reports, call transaction and BDC programs in modules mentioned above to load data from legacy systems to SAP.
  • Developed numerous programs in Call transaction and BDC for uploading data in Customer Master from legacy systems.
  • Development and testing of objects and Writing technical specifications for the same.
  • Trouble Shooting and Applying OSS Notes.
  • Involved in unit testing, QA testing and systems testing.
  • Keeping Track of Transport for a different transport objects and managing the work breakdown between the members.
  • Develop new reports, screens and menus for reports.
  • Assisted in all project phases: requirements analysis, fit/gap evaluation, prototype design, testing, training, conversion, and go-live support.
  • Working with the development team, responsible for coordinating activities and status updates from the offshore team.
  • Communicate with client in building further understanding of the underlying cause for a business process.
  • Experience in maintaining data dictionary objects, Classical and interactive report writing and ABAP list viewer (ALV) reporting.

Confidential,Dublin, OH

SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: R/3 4.7

  • Involved in Unit testing, Code Reviews, Performance Analysis, Trouble shooting activities, worked with customers and users for mapping activities.
  • Developed in an Enhancement for re-price the order create with respect to quotation based on government customer or others.
  • Implemented Implicit Enhancement for grayed out the input fields of ship-to party while creating or changing the sales order.
  • Developed an outbound interface from SAP ECC 6.0 to Pilgrim Application for Customer information and Interface run on daily basis.
  • Developed a User Exit to check the customer is value link customer or not while creating or changing the order. Value link orders must validate that the line item and unit of measure being ordered is valid for a value link customer using the custom CMIR table.
  • Developed a report for mass upload custom tables based on the upload file from either presentation server or application server.
  • To calculate transport charges in pricing routine for sales order pricing conditions based on the transport route and weight.
  • Developed a report for compare the GR quantity and IR quantity for same PO and design a notification Adobe form for trigger every 30 days and 60 days.
  • Design ADOBE form for Confidential customer is to be able to print an order once the order is processed in SAP CRM.
  • Developed an ALV Report by using OOPs for the goods that have been shipped but not billed and the Standard Cost of those goods and also the estimated Revenue based on the pricing information on the associated Sales Orders.
  • Developed Sales order Status Report is provide real time information regarding Sales Order Schedule Line Status, Blocked Orders, Incomplete Orders, Rejected Orders and Backorders information.
  • Developed RFC’s for custom functionalities to get data from ECC to be used in Webdynpro applications.
  • Created a custom screen using roadmap UI element in Webdynpro.
  • Developed various popups and custom user messages on screens using Webdynpro.
  • Debugging, Problem analysis and solution of Webdynpro applications.
  • Webdynpro knowledge transfer to client development team.
  • Developed an Interface to provide a product as searched for by the customer and if unavailable, then to substitute the product which is an alias for the searched product by using BAPI.
  • Created a BDC interface for Bills of Material for CS01 & CS02 transactions.
  • Developed Summary Reports of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable for GL accounting.
  • Modified User Exit SAPMV45A (USEREXIT CHECK VBAP) to Check on EK01 value through custom function modules calls for the interface to capture marked sales order price on production confirmation.
  • Developed a Batch Input Program to upload Vendor Master Data from legacy system to SAP

Confidential, Andover, MA

SAP ABAP Associate Consultant (MM, SD and FI/CO)

Environment: 4.6C.4.7C & ECC

  • Developed ALV report using ABAP Objects to park FI Invoices from flat file.
  • Developed ALV report by ABAP Objects for list of technicians and the work orders assigned to them, and also view the current status of the work orders and technicians.
  • Worked on INVOIC01 IDocs user exit to purchase order number mapped into customer line item text for centralized bill document type.
  • Implemented a User-exit for filling the field street2 in an outbound IDocs delivery.
  • Integrate SAP Workflow into lotus notes mail to enable users to use workflow from the lotus notes mail.
  • Developed extraction programs for Functional locations, Material Classifications, Long texts for Equipments.
  • Created Webdynpro component for displaying the sales order details for the given sales order number.
  • Developed an extractor program for providing Customer master details to Aceva system (Account Receivables Management Software Solutions).
  • Performed Unit testing and Integration testing and Knowledge Transfer in Workflow and RFCs.
  • Developed wrapper programs for SAP standard transactions VF04 and VFX3.
  • Designed Customer facing documents like Purchase order, Sales Order Delivery and Invoice list for different sales organization by using Adobe Jet forms designer.
  • Designed an Adobe Form Uploading a PDF file in offline scenario.
  • Developed few Interface programs between SAP R/3 and Clarify tool as a part of Clarify Call Center application implementation Project.
  • Developed “Demo Equipment Sold” report for displaying revenue generated through demo sales for each sales area.
  • Developed Document Search Text report which provides detail on text which has been manually entered in notifications, SWO, DMR’s, PO’s, or contracts.
  • Configured and designed Web service to RFC scenario to create the sales order with the end user information.
  • Scheduled batch jobs and created variants for programs RSEOUT00, RSNAST00.
  • Developed a custom program to pull additional information from production system MP1 and reformat output file to CDR format. This is a prerequisite for one-time MV service PO migration.
  • Developed a report to Monitor Invoices for the particular Customer in the report output format and down load the file to Application server.
  • Uploaded Customer master, Vendor master, and Contact master using BDC by uploading Tab delimited format.
  • Created cost centers in SAP R/3 system using BAPI from the legacy file.
  • Designed a workflow scenario which is triggered whenever a PO is changed.
  • Configured a workflow scenario to send recursive mails upon reaching deadline.
  • Coordinating with functional consultants and end users in understanding the functional.
  • Developed an Interface between Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) SAP System and Coca Cola North America (CCNA) MQ Bridge utilizing Custom IDOC’s using an ALE Outbound Scenario to send Invoices for Coca Cola North America (CCBCC) serviced vending equipments. The Interface utilized BAPI’s to extract requisite data from Notification, Service Orders, Service Order Confirmations and Debit Memo.
  • Developed a LSMW Program, which transfers Creates Equipments Using BAPI Method using ABAP Workbench.
  • Developed a LSMW Program, which transfers Creates Catalog Codes.
  • Developed a LSMW Program, which transfers Customers Using Standard Direct Input Method.
  • Developed a LSMW Program for Extend the Customers Using XD02 Transaction code.
  • Developed a LSMW Program for Creating the Partner Functions Using Standard Direct Input Method.
  • Implemented a BADI (Business Add-INS) for Updating Custom table Using Customer Master Screen without Modification Standard Program.
  • Modified Function Exit an EXIT SAPLV60B 002 includes ZXVVFU02 (USER EXIT).
  • Modified Screen Exit SAPLIQS0 includes SAPLXQQM (USER EXIT) using ABAP Workbench.
  • Developed a Function Module Z FM SM CCNA INV TO CARMS PREP for Approved CCNA Invoices for FI Posting.
  • Developed a Function Module Z FM SM FLO ATTR WRAP to Process IDOC’s for Updating FLO Ship to Customer CCBCC Attributes.
  • Developed a Report for FLO Ship To CCBCC Attributes Create. This Report will read input file from Application Server and Extract an Output file for Customer Details creating into the Application Server.
  • Worked on Performance Maintain Order List, to display list of work orders based on the selection Criteria. Users are able to view/change the order, release or complete the order and view repair order details and change the equipment status (T code: Z shop).
  • Worked on Performance in Preventive Maintenance Compliance Report with ALV Functionality (T code: ZACR).
  • Adding additional functionality in report, General Customer Master Data for displaying in output Sales Organization and Dist Channel.
  • Developed a report for mass uploading Maintenance Revisions (OIOB Transaction) using ABAP workbench.
  • Bug Fixing in Preventative Maintenance schedule for creating Settlement rules.
  • Involved in interfacing the sap system with legacy system to upload data for QM module.

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