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Sr. Sap Technical Consultant Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • 11years of SAP implementation and support experience as SAP ABAP Consultant majorly in SD, SM, FI/CO, MM, PM, PS and HR modules.
  • Participated in workshops with business stakeholders and architects during design and creation of solution roadmaps to support customer business innovation and growth.
  • Ample hands - on experience in development of complex Applications & User Interfaces using WebDynPro ABAP.
  • In depth working knowledge on Data Dictionary (Tables, data elements, domain, Search helps, Lock Objects).
  • Experienced in Development of Reports which include Module-pool, Classical and ALV.
  • Experienced in Cross Applicationswhich include BAPI, ALE and EDI through Implementation, Extension and Creation of IDOCs, Web services.
  • Experienced in Development of Conversionswhich include BDC (Call Transaction and Session Method)& LSMW.
  • Experienced in Implementation of Enhancements which include Menu exits, Screen exits, Customer exits, BADIs, Implicit Enhancements and BTE’s.
  • Experienced in Design and Developmentof Forms which include SAP Scripts and Smart forms.
  • Proficient in Performance Analysis, Performance tuning, Debugging, Authorization objects and OSS notes.
  • Multi-national Exposure with Clients, Global deployments and able to work in a fast paced 24x7 environments.
  • Experienced working on large projects in a team environment. Ability to multi-task efficiently on parallel efforts (customer issues, prototyping/architecture, implementation etc).
  • Good understanding on SD, MM and SM integrating with FI business processes.
  • BW: Understanding the whole BW architecture in a structured manner which involves Creating of info-Objects, Info-Cubes; defining Data Sources, Info Sources, Info packages for the interface with the external systems. Extracting data from Legacy systems and R/3.
  • Strong working relationship with functional and technical project teams, Strong problem solving skills, Good communication and Oral skills, Mature Judgment skills.


Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Environment: SAP ECC/CRM/EWM

Sr. SAP Technical Consultant


  • Responsible for ABAP development, Peer Code Review, Unit Tests and solution documentation.
  • Developed an update program to create and delete the confirmations on production order and update the new confirmation and counter to custom table using time capture data from portal.
  • Developed a RFC which updates time capture and backflush data to custom table from portal (Inbound) and update the portal with the confirmation details (Outbound).
  • Developed an extract program to validate the updated data after conversion at different stages of ETL process.
  • Developed an update program to create subcontract and warranty repair PO from QN.
  • Developed an update program to get gross requirements from the MRP run, assigning the vendor from source list and update the true requirements into a custom table.
  • Developed an update program to get target inventory from SPOT assigning the vendor from source list and update the true requirements into a custom table.
  • Developed a program to TECO SO and related MIO by validating revenue recognition status.
  • Develop a status report which gives open delivery details for all the requisitions from the warehouse showing quantity and age of deliveries.
  • Developed adobe forms for Pick label, Bin label and Shelf label.
  • Developed an update program to automate the return order and quality notification creation in returns with broken part process.
  • Modified warranty sales report to in corporate the new design scenarios and added additional fields to the output.
  • Created multiple fields using AET and also developed the getter - setter methods respectively.
  • Modified Quotation component to include shipping block and developed related methods.
  • Developed an interface program in EWM to push the Handling Unit data to ECC using RFC.
  • Implemented an enhancement to restrict copy control in returns process.
  • Developed an outbound interface program in CRM to push the service order(CRM) and assignment details (RFC to ECC) to field glass passing through web-methods.
  • Modified all the sales related Adobe forms to attach the new terms and conditions.
  • Worked on resolution of various defects raised during UAT.
  • Designed and developed an update batch program to automate the quotation and proforma creation in China triangular trade process.
  • Implemented an enhancement in PGI to trigger the update batch program by triggering batch event.

Confidential, Hillsboro, OR

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 (AFS), IS-Retail

SAP ABAP Lvl2 Specialist


  • Responsible for preparation of GAP documents with alternative solutions for businessscenarios.
  • Responsible for presenting the alternatives to Architecture Review Board and getapproval for Best possible alternative.
  • Responsible for ABAP development, Code Review, Unit Tests and solutiondocumentation.
  • Developed ABAP WD Application (ALV Web Report)-CTC status report (Project Status Tracking Report). This report provides a quick overview of where a project or a group of projects are in the Cost to complete process. This report is real time so when you run it you get the most current information.
  • Developed ABAP WD Application (Adobe Non-Interactive Form) -Order Reports (External and Combined Internal-External Order Reports). These 2 reports provide a status of all change orders on a given project in a format that provides internal information as well as being able to be used with external customers.
  • Developed an ALV report to display shipment details in order to plan the labor for unloading.
  • Modified NFL Quick turn report for adding additional fields to the output.
  • Developed an outbound interface using PO web service for transferring Product master changes to Amber road system (ECC -> PO -> Amber road) in real time by using flare message concept. Service is trigger in BTE.
  • Developed an outbound interface using PO web service for transferring Purchase Order changes to Amber road system (ECC -> PO -> Amber road) in real time by using flare message concept. Service is trigger in BTE.
  • Developed an outbound interface using PO web service for transferring Purchase Order Confirmation changes to Amber road system (ECC -> PO -> Amber road) in real time by using flare message concept. Service is trigger through output type.
  • Developed an outbound interface using PO web service for transferring asset data / asset changes to COUPA system (ECC -> PO -> COUPA) by using V2 update concept.
  • Developed an outbound interface using PO web service for transferring indirect invoiceacknowledgement to COUPA system (ECC -> PO -> COUPA).
  • Created Message Types, Communication channels and configured integration scenariosin SAP PO system.
  • Worked on resolution of various defects raised during Fall2015/Spring 2016 releases.

Confidential, Syracuse, NY

Environment: - SAP ECC 6.0

SAPTechnical Lead


  • Was onsite Coordinator for technical team. My primary role include attend workshops with client, Understand the business requirement, assist during the preparation of functional specification, Preparation of technical specification and Unit test scenarios, Post Implementation Support etc.
  • Have good knowledge on core business processes of SD, MM and SM modules - Sales orders, Third Party Sales, Shipping, Billing including inter-company billing process, Purchase requisitions, purchase orders, Service Notifications, Service Orders, Repair Orders, Service Contracts and inter-company repairs.
  • Developed ABAP WD Application (ALV Web Report) -This report provides overview of Maintenance Orders as a part of O&M Project.
  • Developed ABAP WD Application -which allows employees to request the available team members to swap or cover their shift during trainings or leave period as a part of Lotus Notes Project.
  • Designed and developed an interface to send service order data from ECC to Portal system.
  • Designed and developed an RFC interface to retrieve location data from 3rd party system (ESRI).
  • Developed an Inbound interface that receives customer - related data from legacy system and posts it to the custom table in SAP using custom IDOC.
  • Developed an interface program which creates outbound-IDOC during the product shipment and updated custom table.
  • Configured an inbound-IDOC and assigned to custom developed FM which triggers when customer receives the product.
  • Configured ALE/IDOC for inter-company invoices to be exchanged between systems.
  • Developed an Interface to transfer the cost components maintained in legacy system to COPA condition type by using BAPI PRICES CONDITIONS.
  • Worked on BAPIs BAPI STANDARDMATERIAL CREATE&BAPI MATERIAL EDIT to load/change the material master data.
  • Developed an ALV report ZFI INT TAX to display the input tax of each document for the selected GL account number, company code and posting date and currency.
  • Created monthly report to display sales details. Selection criteria were date range, sales organization and customer.
  • Created report on Goods issue note. This report generates the information about, how much stock is issued to the customer according to the sales order for a particular period.
  • Created report to display the customer details according to sales organization and distribution channel.
  • Enhanced MV45AFZZ to add additional header information to VBAK and to change the pricing using following USEREXIT MOVE FIELD TO VBAK, USEREXIT PRICING PREPARE TKOMP respectively.
  • Modified a User Exit to select the correct Ship-to-Partner from the list of partners. The requirement is that when a sales order is created, the Ship-to be always same as the Sold-to even though there are different Ship-to-Partners.
  • Implemented a BADI BADI MATERIAL CHECK to change the description of a material in transaction MM02.
  • Developed an enhancement point which validates the parts entitlement for the order type and profile of the service order.
  • Developed an enhancement which validates the plant and functional location in the project with equipment entered on the plan.
  • Developed an enhancement to make the basic start and end dates at the equipment level WBS in CJ20N transaction.
  • Developed an enhancement which automatically updates parts on the concerned equipment masterwhen serialized parts used on a Service Order are confirmed.
  • Developed enhancement point in DIP to get all the internal and external operations and components in planning. Created a new DIP profile to display line items for the actual cost to get the itemized quotation directly from Service Order.
  • Worked on CR developments in GDPI includes Technical Specification preparation, Preparing Unit Test Scripts. Working on the defects related to previous developments in GDFO and fixing them with in SLA.
  • Key Member in Task Force team which monitors critical issues of project by redesigning business processes to have better performance.

Confidential, New Haven, CT

Environment: - SAP ECC 6.0

SAP Technical Lead


  • Was onsite Coordinator for technical team.My primary role include attend workshops with client, Understand the business requirement, assist during the preparation of functional specification, Preparation of technical specification and Unit test scenarios, Post Implementation Support etc.
  • Have good knowledge on core business processes of SD and SM modules - Sales orders, Third Party Sales, Service Orders, Repair Orders, Third-Party repairs, Service Contracts and Service Notifications.
  • Developed ABAP WD Application (Adobe Non Interactive Form) which allows the users to request for travel authorization and also allow to upload expenses for approval or download the expenses as pdf for manual approval as part of Travel and Expenses (ESS/MSS) Project.
  • Developed ABAP WD Applicationto update leave requests in SAP through Portal.
  • Developed Custom Function modules (RFC) which were consumed in Portal developments (WebDynpro Java).
  • Developed an interface Program to compare the PC ownership in remedy system to SAP Asset including 3 scenarios creating, changing and retiring.
  • Implemented the Inbound IDOC processing for Invoices / Credit Memo (EDI-810) customizing Message type INVOICE. Invoices were created using BAPI INCOMINGINVOICE CREATE and Credit Memos posted using BAPI ACC DOCUMENT POST.
  • Developed RFC that would be called from externalsystem to update dependent information & the benefits Info-types 167 & 168 in SAP.
  • Developed Program which updatesInfotype 167(PA0167 Health) &Infotype 168 (PA0168 Life Insurance coverage) changes for Employees. Program also calculates the cost differences for any changes in Health & Life Insurance of Employees and has export functionality.
  • Developed conversion program using standard BAPI BAPI MATERIAL SAVEDATA to extend the material master data to new plant with reference to existing material based on different views.
  • Created Vendor Performance Report that lists Vendor Name, Materials Supplied, Planned & Actual Delivery Times, Payments Terms and Prices.
  • Design and Development Custom program for Reversing Applications, Credit Vendor, Return product and reverse settlement for various reasons, including wrong product shipped/received, applied to wrong vendor/customer or pricing etc.
  • Developed sales order report based on Sales Organization. User enters Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division on the selection screen to view the sales order records in ALV and also download to application server file.
  • Developed programs to trigger reminder emails for employees to verify their dependents who are not verified yet by checking data in PA0019 & PA0021 for the new indicator fields added to identify if the dependent has been verified & if Audit process has started for that employee.
  • Worked on modifying interfaces for sending employee & dependant information to Dental & Vision vendors for Coverage as Employee Benefits.
  • Developed a dependent load program to upload employee dependent data from CSV file to SAP to update infotype Pa0021.
  • Regular project tracking activities include Monthly metrics report weekly SLA metrics report which gauges the work handled at offshore and onsite.

Confidential, Benton Harbor, MI

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0/BI



  • Developed load programs to load the data from flat files for US, CAN, MEX regions.
  • Developed program to sync ODS and master data table.
  • Developed a module pool for maintaining staging table data with create, edit and clone functionality.
  • Developed update routines from staging to ODS.
  • Developed FM and a program for allocating variances from each cost center to all the materials in each plant and family.
  • Developed all update routines from foundation ODS till info cube.
  • Tracking all testing activities through HP Quality Center, managing defects fixing.
  • Involved in all the testing phases from Unit testing to UAT.

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

Environment: - SAP ECC 6.0

SAP Technical Consultant


  • Developed a RFC to upload inbound data received from web methods to custom table. Also developed an interface program which uses the custom table to load invoices for F-43 and F-47.
  • Developed an enhancement using BADI for copying the text from Sales order to purchase order which is created from APO.
  • Implemented a BADI to add custom partner carrier in delivery order during save and updated VBPA table.
  • Implemented a BADI to post the serial numbers automatically in Quality Notification.
  • Enhanced Organizational Service Management Structure validating the currency of the service in three different scenarios: Contract, Paid service, Installation and Warranty.
  • Developed a custom transaction code for CN41 which is a report for projects conversion consolidation for the performance improvement and for displaying 4000 projects at a time.
  • Analyzed and improved the performance in an update program which creates service order for projects.
  • Developed a critical finance report which calculates collections and DSO at the consolidated level, by region and company code for equipment products.

Confidential, Perrysburg, OH

Environment: - SAP ECC 6.0

SAP ABAPConsultant


  • Modified User Exit for adding fields to field catalog for pricing access sequence.
  • Developed an enhancement to update the purchase Info record price and generated an error log report by using ALV.
  • Modified an Interface program using BAPI required to create or update SAP master and classification data for all the equipments created from IKE-Configuration staging tables.
  • Configured ALE and EDI setup for processing Inbound and Outbound IDOCs. Extended the standard IDOCs with additional segments for Creating and changing Sales order, post goods issue for deliveries and posting Material documents.
  • Worked on the MIGO transaction enhancement by using BADI to populate corresponding manufacturing number of a material.
  • Used LSMW for mapping fields from the legacy system and created routines for data upload for Fixed Assets, General Ledger, converted AR customers, AP vendors.
  • Modified Smartforms for Purchase Order and Shipping document output.
  • Modified customer Invoice output Smart Form.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Environment: -SAP ECC

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Developed a report which extracts data from GL account and aggregates amounts based on cost center and profit center.
  • Developed a report that gives the balance of a company & profit center and also compares it to the balance of trading partner & trading profit center using ALV List Display.
  • Developed a module pool program using the screen painter, which gives the details of the Vendor, Customer and Material in a single transaction.
  • Developed a Bank Reconciliation Report using ALV List display.
  • Developed user-exit to copy the check number from the Goods issue document to the financial document.
  • Migrated customer master and transaction data from one client to another client using IDOC.
  • Worked extensively on sales reports which include classical and Interactive ALV.
  • Developed interface program to validate incoming Vendor Invoices and processed them using IDOCs.
  • Developed an interface using BAPI for updating the Vendor PO with the latest Exchange rate.
  • Developed a complex ALE object which contains material, plant, quantity information and also a notification is attached to the custom message type.

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