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Sap Hana And Bo Developer Resume


  • Around 7 years of SAP BI/BW experience in both back - end modeling and front-end report development, including last 2 years exclusively on native HANA
  • Involved in multiple projects which include Full cycle implementations, enhancements, and post production support in areas of SAP Financials (FI/CO, AR, AP, GL), Logistics (MM, SD, Inventory) modules
  • Experience working on data models using SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP BO, Teradata, and Oracle
  • Hands on experience with modeling and enhancing HANA Live views
  • Experience modeling Dimension Calculation Views and Cube Calculation Views depending on the type of data
  • Experience creating simple and complex SQL Script Calculation views
  • Hands on experience with multiple transport methods such as Import/Export and ALM
  • Experience creating custom tables, and loading them through offline files or stored procedures
  • Hands on experience in working with HANA views and creating SQL procedures and HDB procedures in HANA
  • Experience in developing Attribute, Analytic, and Calculation views using HANA Studio
  • Experience in designing security strategy using analytic privileges
  • Experience in building Composite Providers using HANA Studio on multiple Info Providers
  • Conducted workshops with end business users, gathering their requirements, performing gap analysis and converting them to technical specifications before development
  • Analyzed the business requirements and translating them into dimensional data models by using extended star schema techniques
  • Experience with designing data models and extracting data from ECC (FI, SD, MM) system along with flat file data loads from legacy systems.
  • Experience with BW modeling components including datasources, DSOs, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Transformations, DTPs among others
  • Experience implementing standard business content, as well as enhancing standard and custom extractors
  • Well versed with using transport connection, SAP best practices and data lifecycle documentation techniques
  • Extensive experience in creating BI data models (update rules, transformations, generic datasources, routines etc.)
  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data (ETL) - Preparing SAP R/3 for defining the loading strategies, initial and delta loads using IDOCs and PSA (TRFCs) loading, scheduling and monitoring data loads
  • Experience in ABAP programming skills including customizing extractors, Function modules, writing Start routines, End Routine, Expert Routine, User Exits
  • Experience in Developing, Reviewing, Executing and Maintaining Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Procedures
  • Strong production support experience involving data load monitoring, data load fixes, improving loading performance
  • Experience building universes using IDT based on HANA views
  • Experience refreshing data foundation layers, and editing business layers of Universes as needed
  • Experience with Admin tasks such as promotion management
  • Experience in building both traditional and OLAP Universes in BO 3.x
  • Involved in distribution and maintenance of universes
  • Experience in building .UNV universes using BICS connectivity and .UNX universes using IDT in BO 4.x
  • Extensive experience creating BEx queries (CKFs, RKFs, Exceptions, and Conditions), workbooks and integrating them with BO tools
  • Experience developing BEx workbooks and Analysis for Office workbooks
  • Extensive knowledge of developing reports and dashboards in BO using SAP BI/ECC as backend datasource
  • Worked extensively on BO WebI 4.0 and 4.1
  • Created several WebI reports using the BICS connectivity
  • Worked with multiple functionalities like Break, Section, Variables, User response Variable, Formulas, Drilldown, etc. for building the WebI reports
  • Experience creating reports using Crystal Reports, Xcelcius, and non-SAP BO tools such as IBM Cognos Report Studio
  • Experience in building reports in BEx Web Application Designer (WAD)


ERP Applications: SAP ECC 6.0, R/3 4.7, R/3 4.6C, SAP BW 7.3,BI 7.0, BW 3.5, SAP BO 4.1/4.0/3.1 XI

Reporting Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer (WAD), Web Intelligence (WEBI), SAP Portal, Crystal Reports, Design Studio, Analysis for Office, Lumira

Programming Languages: C, C++, SQL, ABAP

RDBMS: ORACLE, MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Teradata

Packages: MS Office Suite, SQL *Plus, Toad for Oracle 10.5, Teradata SQL Assistant



SAP HANA and BO Developer


  • Assisted in the Direct Market and Supply Chain Projects dealing with ECC data replicated through SLT and third party data through data services
  • Participated in 3 day technical meetings with SAP technical development team
  • Provided performance improvement feedback to other team members based on their models
  • Designed models based on end reporting tools such as Tableau or Analysis for Office
  • Created best practices development guidelines based on SAP standard practices and client principles
  • Leveraged SAP HANA Live views where possible so as to make use of SAP delivered logic where applicable
  • Developed Cube Calculation Views for transaction data with measures, and Dimension Calculation Views for master data objects
  • Improved performance of certain models by over 100% by following proper development practices, and correct usage of Union with Constant functionality
  • Provide technical help to team members requiring model design help

Environment: SAP ECC, SAP BI 7.3, HANA Studio, Upgrade Management Tool, Business Explorer (BEx 7.3), Analysis for Office, Tableau.


SAP Hana and BO Developer


  • Extensively worked on developing native HANA information models like attribute views, analytic views, calculation views (graphical and SQL) and developed SQL procedures as needed
  • Developed architecture and naming standards for native HANA modeling
  • Worked with SAP through OSS messages to resolve installation issues with Analysis for Office and to SSO capabilities of AO with HANA
  • Developed UNX universes on HANA views in IDT and developed corresponding WEBI reports using these universes as source
  • Developed use cases for setting architecture standards around use of BW modeling Vs HANA modeling
  • Develop complex SQL script based HANA views to meet enhanced reporting needs like customer ranking, if else scenarios etc.
  • Developed reports using Analysis for Office
  • Developed data flows, and work flows as required using BO Data Services
  • Developed native HANA views on external data loaded into HANA through BODS
  • Developed Attribute, Analytic, and Calculation views to be consumed using Tableau reporting application
  • Developed complex SQL script based calculation views to support end user requirements
  • Developed reports and dashboards using Analysis for Office and Design Studio
  • Worked with business users in gathering additional requirements based on results from testing
  • Investigated and resolved several defects found during testing
  • Created test scenarios and respective test scripts, for users to be able to sign off on development during UAT

Environment: SAP ECC, SAP BI 7.3, HANA Studio, Upgrade Management Tool, Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1, Business Explorer (BEx 7.3), Analysis for Office, Design Studio, Tableau.


SAP BI, BW and BO Developer


  • Worked across multiple clients and projects as an offshore resource in the Onshore Offshore model
  • Enhanced LO cockpit extractors like 2LIS 11 VAITM, 2LIS 13 VDITM for obtaining additional information for Sales and Billing reports
  • Customized and maintained DSO, Cubes, and OpenHubs for Billing, and Licensing
  • Helped design/develop queries and pre-calculated reports for Sales and purchasing areas
  • Worked extensively with designing, editing, and execution of BEx queries
  • Created numerous BEx queries for complete data reconciliation between SAP BW and SAP BO systems
  • Performed reconciliation of fields, mappings and ABAP code between the various development, staging and production systems
  • Interacted with Business Users to know their requirements, and modified Universes and Reports accordingly
  • Developed variable exits and transformation routines (start/end) to transform the data as required by business requirements
  • Extensively worked on reconciliation of data passing through different applications and identifying the cause, and providing the solution
  • Developed the technical specifications for the Purchasing data extraction
  • Designed and implemented the Purchasing Cube
  • Implemented Start routines and update rules
  • Implemented Business Partner Master Data extraction to extract additional related data from ECC
  • Designed separate history Cubes to load Historical data and Multi Providers on top to show current and history data Worked on the inbound and outbound data; Data moving from ECC, BPC and other 3rd party systems to BW system
  • Activated standard business content, used 0IC C03 cube (standard cube). Created custom Cubes, DSO’s, Info objects, DS
  • Implemented Inventory management by making use of the standard inventory extractors (2LIS 03 BX, 2LIS 03 BF and 2LIS 03 UM)
  • Handled ECC enhancements, and configuration like process key settings, filling of setup tables, setting up job control for V3 updates
  • Enhanced 2LIS 03 BF from the pool of fields available
  • Used Analysis Process Designer to convert non-cumulative key figures to cumulative key figures
  • Created custom info objects to be used as cumulative versions of the non - cumulative key figures such as 0TOTALSTCK, and loaded them through APD
  • Troubleshooter APD to meet requirements, while ensuring data quality, and resolving memory issues
  • Created and used direct update DSO's as targets for the APD
  • Used ABAP to do lookups into other DSO's and master data attributes to integrate product costing data with inventory
  • While populating material movement data using BF extractor, routines were created to perform lookup onto FI DSO to populate/convert local currency values to USD
  • Generated COPA data source based on the operating concern defined by the functional team
  • Created generic data source on MBEWH table to populate standard price
  • Created process chains and meta-chain to cover all data load dependencies
  • Created process chains with step by step notifications for success and failure
  • Created characteristic value variables using replacement path and customer exits
  • Used CKFs and RKFs to fulfill user requirements in the query
  • Created custom extractor to planning data from ECC to BW
  • Created training material for the business users, to explain how various business processes will be impacted because of the SAP implementation

Environment: SAP R/3, SAP BI 7.0, Business Explorer (BEx), SD, MM, Business Objects XI 3.1, WebI.

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