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Sap Pm/qm Functional Consultant Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Analytical and goal oriented professional with over 9+ years of functional experience in the field of Plant Maintenance (PM) and Quality Maintenance (QM) which includes project analysis, customization and implementation of SAP. Have worked in 3 SAP Full Cycle Implementations, 1 SAP Maintenance project 1 SAP Upgrade Project and 1 Supportproject.
  • SAP experience include configuration, prototyping, testing, implementation template mapping, archiving, support and developments/enhancements.
  • Functional Location structure, Equipment management, Maintenance Notifications, Maintenance Orders, Maintenance Order Completion, Maintenance Assemblies, Number ranges, Screen layouts, Control keys, Measuring Points and Counters, Characteristics, Code groups, Catalog profiles, User Status, Non - stock items, Movement Types, Serialization, User exits, Reports.
  • Maintenance Strategies, Maintenance Task Lists, Time-based and Performance-based Maintenance Plans, Scheduling and Deadline Monitoring. Extensively worked in Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Refurbishment processing.
  • Refurbishment of repairable spares, Processing of external services, Calibration Order process, Work Clearance Management, Warranty tracking, Fleet Management, Asset Management.
  • Experience in configuration of Inspection plans, Master Inspection Characteristics, Inspection Methods, Inspection Lots, Dynamic Modification Rule, Certificate Profiles, Quality Certificates and Quality Notifications.
  • Master data - Inspection plan, Inspection characteristics, Inspection Methods, Sampling Procedures, Sampling Schemes, Dynamic Modification Rule
  • Triggering inspection lots, Inspection types and sources, Results recording, Defects recording, Usage Decisions, Inspection Lot creation, Sample Management, Test Equipment Management and Calibration.
  • Configuring Account Determination and Split Valuation.
  • Experience in integration with MES system and Process Automation System.
  • Configuring various aspects in plants such as Breakdown analysis, equipment lists, Time and performance based maintenance.
  • Knowledge in PM Master Data and profound mastery in Functional Location, BOM, creating work center, Maintenance task list, Measurement points and control keys.
  • Well known to functional location structure, Equipment management, Maintenance Location, Maintenance order completion, Maintenance assemblies, Number ranges, screen layout, control keys, measuring point and counters, Characteristics, code groups, Catalogue profile, User status, Non-Stock and Stock Items, Movement types, Sterilization, User exits and reports.
  • Refurbishment of repairable spares, Processing of external services, Calibration orders process, Work clearance management, Warranty tracking, Fleet management, Asset management, Settlement.
  • Well known to SAP concepts such as maintenance plant, planning plants and planner group.
  • Prepared training documents and trained power users.
  • Experience in Design, Unit Testing, Configuration, Integration Testing and Documentation.
  • Experience in assimilation of PM and MM modules.
  • Good communication skills and ability to balance and adapt in the fast pacing environment.


ERP Packages: ECC 6.0, 5.0 R/3 4.7, 4.6c.


Project Management & Process Designing: MS Project, ASAP Project Methodology.

Test Management Tool: Mercury Quality Center, HPQC

Document Management: SharePoint, SAP Sol Man.

Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/XP/NT/2000/98

Office Software: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP PM/QM Functional Consultant


  • Configured Technical Objects which include Serialized Equipment, Functional Locations, Material and Equipment BOM. Besides these Order processing configured, Notifications, Orders, Catalogue Profiles, Costing, Order Settlement.
  • Developing of General Maintenance task lists, Maintenance Strategies and Maintenance Plans.
  • Responsible for production support activities in PM module.
  • Create user status for work orders to provide restrictions of transactions base on status to reduce user error.
  • Performed configuration for malfunction report, maintenance request and activity reports in Maintenance notification and configured Maintenance order processes right from creation to settlement.
  • Frame working of Code groups, Catalogue profiles, Characteristics, Measuring Points and Counters.
  • Created user status for maintenance and service orders so that the maintenance planners would know about the forwarded order being viewed by the recipient. This further provides smooth order processing.
  • Set up configuration and master data for Inspection plan, Master Inspection characteristics, code and code groups, selected sets and task lists, sampling procedures.
  • Configured for creating time based and performance based maintenance plans for preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance plans for defined cycles to generate maintenance call and processing the same.
  • Performed knowledge transfer to counter parts or teams.
  • Responsible for creating the test scripts for the Work Order life cycle, an integrated process involving all the legacy systems (CIS, CAD, WMIS) and SAP.
  • Conducted workshops with the business to gather the test scenarios and create the test scripts for SAP PM and Work Management interfaces.
  • Hands on experience working on CIS, WMIS, FDM, CAD
  • Hands on experience working on SAP IC-Web
  • Solved all the requirements (Client, Vendors, Users) had been facing using Legacy systems and provided them with solutions from SAP
  • Responsible for identifying interfaces for the proper functionality of the interfaces between legacy systems and SAP.
  • Coordinated with offshore teams in developing the finance test scripts of the Work order life cycle.
  • Conducted workshops on Outage Management System Integration, Monitoring and Reporting of work orders for AS-IS and TO-BE study and documentation.
  • Participated in a cross-functional, team environment, supporting the established Client’s global design.
  • Business blue print preparation and defining/mapping the production processes and completion.
  • Worked with business users to gather requirements to identify process requirements, impact on the other areas.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

SAP PM/QM Functional Consultant


  • Involved in configuration of Process Orders, Order type dependent parameters, Process Management and Order closing activities.
  • Created TO-BE workflows from the workshops conducted at the client location using Visio 6.0
  • Configured the work order types for the different legacy system work orders in SAP and also some missing configurations.
  • Detailed Functionalities Developed for Outage Management Tool are as follows:
  • Single Dashboard for all kind of transactions.
  • User can create / change / display / copy Outage Requests (Notification) from the Dashboard.
  • User can execute custom reports from the Dashboard.
  • Ability to view Outages in calendar format (Yearly / Monthly / Daily)
  • Grouping and Ungrouping of Outage Requests based on business needs.
  • Setting up Dependencies / Sequence among Outage Requests within a group. E.g. (Start Start, Finish Finish, Start Finish, Group Time Constraint)
  • Review process with Workflow.
  • Ability to identify Key Customers impacted for the asset selected in Outage Request.
  • Ability to log customer communication with Review Process.
  • Build interface from GIS (Smallworld) to SAP to transfer Project Activities as Outage Requests in SAP.
  • Solved the problem Legacy systems were facing for tracking of outages.
  • Proposed an interface between GIS (Smallworld) and SAP for creation of outage orders in real time.
  • Prepared a Bucket order hierarchy to track all the outage orders to one header order.
  • Conducted workshop for contractor invoicing in SAP which are currently carried out with a combination of Salesforce and Peoplesoft
  • Interface between SAP and Salesforce for verifying the duplication of customer data.
  • Responsible for creating new order types and order codes to create orders using SAP IC-Web which have an effect on End User training.
  • Created User status for maintenance and service orders so that the maintenance planner would know that the order forwarded is viewed by the recipient and hence this provides smooth transition for the order processing.
  • Configured and created PM master data, Functional Locations, Equipment.
  • Implementation of ABC indicator to classify the importance of technical objects within the production areas of the plant.
  • Created General Maintenance Task list for inspection, maintenance and repair processes of equipment and used these task lists for preventive Maintenance instead of creating Equipment Task list.
  • Preventive Maintenance- Configured for creating Time based and performance based maintenance plans, scheduled maintenance plans for defined cycles to generate maintenance calls and processing of maintenance calls.
  • Created documentation in detailed order, trained End Users and provided post implementation support.
  • Development of functional specification documents and worked with technical resources to test and present the changes made.
  • Knowledge transferred to support consultants and super users.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

SAP PM/QM Consultant


  • Assisted and conducted workshops as part of the blueprinting phase.
  • Identified and developed functional report specifications.
  • Created and customized Preventive maintenance objects, maintenance strategy, maintenance item, maintenance plans.
  • Created Notifications, work orders, released notifications and work orders.
  • Defined functional location categories, functional location structure indicator, Functional location categories, field selection for functional locations.
  • Defined equipment categories, number ranges, ABC indicators.
  • Configured plants, work centers, work orders, order types, task lists.
  • Defined standard value keys for work centers, capacity for work centers.
  • Technical Object Structuring - Equipment, Functional Locations, Measurement Points and Measuring Documents.
  • Maintenance Processing - Notifications, Plant Maintenance Work Orders, Completion Confirmations.
  • Maintenance Planning - Maintenance Plans and Task Lists, for Planned Preventive Maintenance.
  • Service Contracts, service Warranties and Sales Orders with Resource Related Billing, Periodic Billing and Milestone Billing.
  • CATS -Cross Application Time Sheets for Service Orders.
  • Status Management for Equipment, Notifications and Service Orders.
  • Period End Closing, including Results Analysis and Settlement.
  • Configured QM batch management, QM characteristics and QM classes and the object assignment
  • Configured QM task list: Assigned task list types to material types, defined task list usages and maintained parameters for each task list type
  • Performed the necessary configuration of QM module with emphasis on Goods Receipt Inspections and vendor evaluations
  • Reconfigured PM work centers, PM planner groups, PM processing and notification.
  • Processing of the Breakdown order, Processing order and Refurbishment orders.
  • Configured, Tested and Implemented the SAP PM module using SAP Reference IMG.
  • Assigning priority types, Measuring type and counters, tasks, Catalogue profile.
  • Coordinating with Technical consultants by giving customization and functional specifications based on user requirements.
  • Creating hand outs and documents for the users in PM modules.
  • Configured and creation of PM master data and functional location.
  • Creation of Materials, Material BOMs, work centers and also maintain authorization for the data elements.
  • Performed multiple demonstrations of the PM module features to all representatives.
  • As a PM consultant, responsible for research and interviews with end users.
  • Led business gathering, blueprint reading, testing and modelling of the business requirement.

Confidential, Little Rock, AR

SAP PM/QM Consultant


  • Lead SAP PM support team and coordinated with offshore resources.
  • Involved in Master Data conversion from legacy system to SAP using direct extraction.
  • Configured Material Master , BOM , Resources , Master Recipes , and MRP
  • Configured detail design process for planning functions like SOP , Demand Management and MRP in implementation guide (IMG)
  • Configured Flexible Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) , created Info structure, Planning hierarchy, Plan type, transferred the plan to Demand Management
  • Defined order types , unit of measurement conversion checking rules and confirmation parameters in process order management, scheduling parameters, production scheduling profile and lot sizing procedures
  • Configuration of Goods Issues , Goods Receipts , Automatic Movements , Reservation, Movement Types and other relevant objects in Inventory Management
  • Configured Control Recipe destinations, Process messages and Process instruction categories; Created PI categories using PI assistant wizard
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing
  • Created End User Documentation and Training Materials
  • Coordinated in the timely Go Live of the project.
  • Defined order types , unit of measurement conversion checking rules and confirmation parameters in process order management, scheduling parameters, production scheduling profile and lot sizing procedures
  • Was handling PM production issues and interacting with end users to analyze issues and gather requirements.
  • Worked on various issues, analyze the same and gather requirements.
  • Used SAP Document Management System. Creating and attaching the documents to the master data.
  • Contributed to stabilize the business process, change basic configuration and ensure end to end maintenance.
  • Worked on maintenance tasks, list of equipment, functional location and general task for PM processing.
  • Created General Maintenance task list, list of inspection, Maintenance and repair process of equipment. Used the task list for preventive maintenance.
  • Created user status for both maintenance and service orders in order to help the maintenance planners to know that forwarded order has been viewed by the recipient.
  • Configured calibration order process for test equipment.
  • Uploaded BOMs of equipment and functional location.
  • Created the profile and serial number for the equipment.
  • Configured time based and performance based maintenance plans for preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance plans for defined cycles to generate maintenance calls and processing the same.
  • Information flow between PM and QM module through integration settings.

Confidential, Paris, KY

SAP PM/QM Consultant


  • Created equipment including equipment category, defined additional business views for equipment and customized user status.
  • Defined installation of functional location for Equipment Category M.
  • Worked on various aspects such as Work centers, assembly, BOMs and Master Data.
  • Created BOMs for functional location and equipment masters.
  • Developed training materials and train the end users on SAP PM usage.
  • Loaded SAP PM Master Data using LSMW.
  • Worked on plant maintenance order types. Configured maintenance task and maintenance order type dependent parameters.
  • Responsible for PM module configuration - Planning plant, Technical Objects, Functional location, Material and Equipment.
  • Use of Production Versions for use of various alternative BOMs and multiple recipes
  • Configured Master Recipes with a Quality Inspection Characteristics and configured the inspection plan
  • Involved in configuration of inspection lots, quality certificates, catalogues, quality notification and Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Involved in integration with QM in assigning inspection types to material master based on in process inspection or post process inspection.
  • Configured batch search strategy types , determination , classification , batch and serial numbers for material traceability
  • Defined planner group and technical object view profile.
  • Uploaded BOM equipment and Functional Location and created serial number profiles.
  • Information flow between PM and QM was taken care by integration setting.
  • Supplied training materials and guidelines for usage of SAP PM module.


SAP PM Consultant


  • Maintenance planning (Time based and Performance based Maintenance Plans).
  • Calibration process (Test Equipment Management) Inspection Characteristics, Inspection Characteristics.
  • Inventory management, Purchasing and Services.
  • PM module configuration to support business PM process.
  • IMG configuration of PM module, Master Data, PM planning and PM processing. DMS and ECM appropriate documentation.
  • Set up as major Master data in PM/MM like functional locations, Equipment Master, BOM, Work Centers, Material Master, Vendor Master.
  • Developed and created Test Plans, Test centers and testing scenarios and conducted Integration testing in all areas of SAP PM, QM and MM (Purchase Orders) module.
  • Crested master data templates and gathering and assisted in loading data into system.
  • Developed maintenance strategies, general maintenance task lists, maintenance plans and scheduled using deadline monitoring.
  • Responsible for integrating with MM, QM, PP and FI/CO, testing configuration of all processes, training power users and post implementation support.

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