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Tax Technology Lead & Process Owner Resume

Plano, TX


Challenging Senior Lead/ Tax IT Manager Position in Indirect Tax Technology domain


  • More than 10 years of experience in providing global indirect tax solutions using standard SAP taxes and external tax software Confidential (formerly SABRIX) and VERTEX
  • Experience in implementing Confidential Indirect tax Determination with five full life cycle implementations including customization, configuration, testing, document preparation and support
  • Handled both Confidential Small & Mid - Market and Confidential Enterprise editions
  • Handled Canadian GST/HST/PST/QST tax requirements, Argentina GIT authorities, Columbian IVA requirements and European VAT as part of the global ERP projects
  • Extensive experience on SAP integration with Confidential - both classic (JCo) Integration and the Global NEXT.
  • Worked with Sabrix versions: to and Determination Versions: to
  • Extensive experience with SAP interfaces in FI and CO areas that include “bolt-on” products such as Confidential and VERTEX tax software
  • Strong foundation in accounting concepts and in depth understanding of tax and business processes for most cost effective and efficient business solutions
  • Solid understanding of US and International tax laws and tax processes
  • Has the ability to analyze, define, develop, create innovative solutions, manage multiple projects, people management at all levels
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills and ability to make balanced and independent decisions.
  • Conducted sessions for end-users and involved in complete documentation for end user manuals
  • High learning curve with the ability to embrace new tools and technologies with ease, and seamlessly integrated skill set into project implementation lifecycle
  • Full production support role post Go-Live liaise with business user community and technical community personnel to ensure that the system is functioning as designed and financial close activities are completed in line with financial close calendar
  • Imparted complex technical knowledge with ease to the novice with good communication, interpersonal and writing skills
  • Good team player with excellent functional skills


SALT/VAT/IVA/GST and Global Indirect Tax Solutions for Corporations - Tax system end-to-end configuration and its compliance reporting in SAP, Confidential, VERTEX O Series for OTC, P2P, and R2R operations.


Standard SAP TAX: Expertise in tax calculations using standard SAP procedures, set up sales and use tax codes, maintained tax procedures, defined jurisdiction codes, account keys, account assignment, used TAXUS, TAXUSJ procedures for US sales/use tax calculations and TAXCN for Canadian GST, PST, HST and QST calculations. Configuration Russia taxes in SAP.

External Tax Engines: Handled third party bolt-on software Confidential and VERTEX for tax calculations. Used RFC connection to integrate these products with SAP

Confidential: Configured company code structure, exemption reason codes, exempt s, custom rules. Created TransEditor logic to meet the client requirements, Defined established authorities, registrations, VAT registration groups. Handled Import, export functionality using SDI, worked with Confidential Reports installation, Audit DB, Tax DB and SRDB, and handled ELT issues. Check the config settings using workbench, handled custom attributes, custom products, product mapping and Confidential Tax Calculator.

VERTEX: Create company codes, set up the hierarchy, create tax payers, Set up nexus and registration, taxability drivers, taxability categories, taxability mapping, custom tax rates, custom rules, tax assist rules, flexible fields, and vendor set up. In addition, manage users and reporting scheduling as required.


Confidential, PLANO, TX

Tax Technology Lead & Process Owner


  • Worked on Confidential versions from to
  • Owning HP next generation integration layer - Central Tax Engine (CTE) and streamlining the processes
  • Leading efforts in integrating SAP and Non-SAP assets with CTE and Confidential systems
  • Interlocked with Business and Tax teams to identify the requirements
  • Worked on the integration of SAP with Confidential via Global NEXT
  • Streamlined existing Confidential implementation to improve maintenance and support of the solution
  • Replaced non-standard Confidential configuration with standard solution, established standards and practices for new “Greenfield” implementation of Confidential
  • Streamlined processes around Confidential authorization requests and the regular internal audit requirements
  • Lead and drive all aspects of the analysis, design, construction/configuration and unit testing
  • Lead/Drive the tax related discussion with Tax team from the CTE IT
  • Provided architectural considerations, suggestions for SAP/ Confidential tax solution
  • Established proper communications processes with tax and business teams as required - with new content update impacts/ tax law changes (Ex. Reg. mask update impact)
  • Provided the SAP tax expertise in development of CTE / SAP interface design
  • Worked with developers to build TOL - Tax Optimization Layer via TIBCO
  • Implemented the Confidential Indirect Tax Integration for SAP, Global Next with HP SAP instances
  • Provides knowledge and experience on Business process design/ streamlining related to tax engine deployments
  • Integration of CertCapture with Confidential for updating exemption s into the tax solution
  • Involved in the Proof-of-Concept for deploying Brazil on Confidential Determination
  • Confidential Split
  • Lead the efforts to split all the business systems at HP as part of SMO initiative
  • Prepared overall program and project planning
  • Configured all the required changes to the LE structure
  • Supported the transition of HPQ into HPE and HPI
  • Supported Cutover and performed the Knowledge Transfer
  • Legal Changes related Projects
  • EMEA - QRM Projects for domestic reverse charge (DRC) initiatives
  • China VAT Reform - Bring Business Tax services under VAT
  • Puerto Rico VAT Reform
  • Critical Enhancements
  • Confidential Upgrades from to, and
  • Special tax regions
  • Sales and purchases between EU countries and Canary Islands
  • DOM/TOMs from and to France
  • Channel Islands transactions with UK
  • Invoice text message solution
  • Non-SAP Assets Integrating with CTE/ Confidential eQuate global release 2
  • Snap Fish
  • SLMS/Chameleon
  • HPFS Pegasus/Pyramid - Dynamics AX implementation
  • SAP Assets Integrating with CTE/ Confidential
  • VIM - AP Workflow
  • Q2C Software
  • Production Support
  • MEC/QEC/YEC tax issues resolution
  • Continuous improvement/ Enhancement projects
  • Global NEXT integration
  • Configured the tax procedures
  • Identified and configured driver and result tax codes
  • Configured condition types, condition records
  • Configured Routes and journeys per the requirement
  • Tax code qualifiers configurations
  • Extensive experience with Classic SAP/ Confidential integration
  • Master level Confidential Configuration expertise

Confidential, LEXINGTON, KY

Environment: ECC 6.0

Tax Lead


  • Worked on Confidential versions from to
  • Involved in gathering indirect tax requirements for Confidential P2P, R2R and O2C operations by closely working with Global tax teams
  • Involved in the design of SAP- Confidential integration for R2/R3 & R4 releases
  • Implemented robust re-useable, modular and maintainable SAP- Confidential integration design, which is a table driven attributes population logic
  • Designed and implemented tax code driven indirect procurement tax calculations
  • Performed SAP related configuration activities
  • Defining condition tables for defaulting right tax codes
  • Assignment of condition tables to access sequence and defining tax condition types
  • Configuring Tax/Pricing procedures, material/ customer tax classification codes,
  • Maintaining condition records for SD, MM and FI transactions
  • Writing functional specs for enhancing standard tax interface, to send additional d Confidential elements from SAP to Confidential
  • Updating/enhancing SAP BADI/ User exits/ structures/ tables with append structures/ fields to accommodate external tax engine
  • Involved in Withholding tax config on AP/ AR for Latin America region
  • Performed Confidential related Configuration activities
  • Design of company hierarchy setup and custom d Confidential provider design
  • Creation of company codes along with company, tax and logic ps
  • Maintained established authorities, Registrations and Registration groups in EMEA
  • Configured currency exchange rate sources: SAP, Czech Republic, Denmark, GB, Hungary, Netherlands, SAP and Turkey and defined process for daily uploads
  • Auto and manual creation of exemption s and customers in Confidential
  • Maintained product mappings for driving right tax treatment on sales and purchases
  • Created custom rules with rule qualifiers to meet various business requirements
  • Enabled document rounding for Australia, Singapore and EMEA region as required
  • Created series of TransEditors along with lists to meet various business requirements
  • Utilized new features, such as product qualifiers and tax code qualifiers to minimize TransEditor customizations
  • Utilized workbench extensively for checking the configuration and troubleshooting within Confidential
  • Performed DBA activities for granting access to users with right roles
  • Used configuration section to enable certain parameters as required
  • Import/ export functionality to move configuration across clients
  • Modified taxmappingsextension.xml for sending tax values back to right buckets in SAP
  • Used HP QC for test script execution and defect tracking
  • Implemented Canada (GST, PST, HST and QST), US (Sales & Use) taxes
  • Handles VAT/IVA/GST taxes and Argentina GIT/ perception taxes
  • Configured India Service tax (IST, Ed. Cess, Secondary Ed. Cess), CST and VAT
  • Implemented China golden tax, VAT and Business tax


Environment: ECC 6.0



  • Supported tax issue raised from users across the globe
  • Implemented and supported VAT and cash discounts for Germany
  • User on the new processes
  • Monitored and addressed outbound qRFC issues
  • Re-send the failed documents back to Confidential audit DB
  • Identified the root causes for ‘Update Terminated’ errors on the outbound Queue and fixed
  • Extracted integration log files for error analysis and troubleshooting
  • Built custom authorities for Octroi (India localization) and Curacao tax treatment from the scratch and configured custom rules and rates for driving desired tax results
  • Involved in upgrade of Confidential reports from to SR6
  • Developed SAP custom solution (by with Confidential PS team) to enable AR invoice cancellation to post the taxes from original invoice
  • Worked on EMEA triangulation and intrastate reporting requirements
  • Supported withholding taxes: configuration enhancements, rate changes, creation of new withholding tax types and tax codes as per the country specific legal requirements
  • Configured Russia taxes in standard SAP: Creation of tax procedure, tax codes, maintain the tax codes to reflect in sales and purchase ledgers, created coefficients for recoverable non recoverable VAT portions, Configured and executed J3RFUM26 program to post FI entries, worked with ABAPers for achieve certain reporting requirements.

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