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Apo Bw Hana Developer Resume

Houston, TX


  • SAP Business Intelligence (SCM 7.0 with BW 7.4, BW 7.3,7.0 BW3.5, HANA 1.0, and BOBJ 4.1) With SCM, around 14 yrs of experience, involved in several APO/BI and BI end - end implementation, Project Management, enhancement and support in high growth companies.
  • Was involved in multiple full cycle implementations of SAP solutions for well-known international companies’ like- Confidential, LyondellBasell Chemicals, Confidential Enterprises, ExxonMobile Chemicals (with SCM implementation), Ryder logistics, primarily in the Supply chain management with Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning and also in S&OP on HANA, Financial services, Sales & Distribution, Logistics
  • Fourteen years (14+) of world wide experience in information technology. With 6+ years working in SCM/BW and 12+ years ERP experience with SAP BW, hands on experience BOBJ, Webi, Universe Designer, Dashboards and BW Reports broadcasting, Publishing to Portal.
  • Experience in working with BW HANA Migration, ECC APO/SCM, CRM, Readsoft, PCMiler, Salesforce.com, PICASO, MILP, S&OP on HANA, Open Text reporting requirements.
  • Worked with team to develop a COE documentation for SAP BW /BO Best Practices and conducted peer reviews during SDLC to ensure developed IT solution (FD and TDF) meets standards and business requirements.
  • Experience in several ECC, BW and SCM upgrades and worked with various teams for impact analysis and resolution for successful Go Live. Coordinate with off-shore resources for system maintenance.
  • Hands-on experience in S&OP on HANA Cloud integration for Demand Planning and Capacity Planning. Work on HANA modelling as per LSA and built composite providers and SPO - Semantically Partition Objects.
  • Performance Tuning/optimization: Extensively worked on Data Load and Query performance, optimization using Data Packet Sizing, number of parallel process, Compression, Aggregates, PSA deletion, BIA/BWA/Accelerator, code optimization, statistics and using Cache.


SCM SCM 7.0, SCM 5, SCM 3.1 BI/BW: BI 7.4, 7.3, 7.0, 3.5, 3.0B

S&OP on HANA(IBP): HANA Cloud 1.1

SAP R/3: ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0,ECC 4.7,4.6C, 4.5B, 4.0B


BO: BO XI 3.x, BO 4.0, Universe Design Tool

BW on HANA: HANA 1.0

Reporting Tools: Query Designer, BExAnalyzer, Web Intelligence, Dashboard design,, Business Objects Explorer

Applications/Programs: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Power Point, HP Quality Center, BMC-Remedy ticketing tools


Confidential, Houston TX

APO BW HANA Developer


  • Involved in Project Planning, Business Blueprint, Realization, go live and Post-Go live phases of the lifecycle of the project.
  • Installed Business Content for SCM APO - DP,SNP and PPDS areas.
  • Maintained Generic Data Sources for APO LiveCache data in APO for DP- Planning Area and SNP- Planning Area
  • Build VirtualCubes to report on LiveCache data of Demand Planning and verified through Planning books of APO.
  • Maintained all required Characteristics and Keyfigures in APO. While created almost 150 custom built Keyfigures of APO. Maintain the Conversion Routine for Characteristics.
  • Build DP, SNP, and PPDS Remote Cubes in BW for Real Time Reporting.
  • Worked for Live Cache Data Archiving, and build basic cube for DP and SNP in APO. Data sizing of all infocubes and provide estimation to Project Management
  • For SNP specially designed and worked with APO-SNP team for the extraction of Auxiliary Keyfigures from LiveCache to BW.

Confidential, Houston TX

SAP BW Solution Architect


  • ECC EHP 4 to EHP 7 upgrade while covering BW functionalities impact on ECC and BW with other interfaces.
  • Regency Capital Analysis report to bring Actual Cost/ Commitment and Budget data in to a common report through Multi provider and to publish in to Portal.
  • BPC data to consolidate with Costs Center Report, A solution where user can report on Actuals with budget data.
  • Performance Tuning on existing data loads and Confidential queries by changing data loads in parallel and creating some Pseudo Delta data loads.
  • Information broadcasting to publish Cost Center reports through Query Bursting to the Cost Center Owners with tight security.
  • Analysis Authorization and SSO working with Security to set up BW 7.3 authorizations concept and SSO just went live.
  • Open Text - Working with business to build BW reports on VIM Item and Header data and to publish the reports in BOBJ.
  • Real Estate Management - Confidential report with RoW and building lease payments to show end to end payment flow - Check No, Clearing Doc, Payee etc through generic extractor
  • Pipe Line Lease just went live and it uses OPM system and working on activating BW content for Real Estate Management and to provide a Confidential report while enhancing RE master data and transaction data for Location, Rental Object, Wire and ACH Payment methods.

Confidential, Atlanta

SCM BW Interface lead


  • Analyzed the CCE SCM system for upgrade and enhancements, checked the interfaces and Live Cache Consistency, ran STATS for APO and BW system for Demand Planning linked KPI’s, data are linked from ECC and from SCM - Demand Planning for NA, EU and Asia businesses. Live Cache Consistency and check Time series objects, checked Planning Object Structure, Planning Area and Planning Book for different region.
  • Checked various KPI’s and macros. Checked SNP data interface in BW with Virtual infoproviders Work with business for system availability and disaster recovery. Validate the Live Cache data flow for Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning in BW.

Confidential, Houston, TX



  • Work with on-shore and off-shore resources for successful implementation and support and mentor the resources for HCI.
  • Work with SAP America to implement Demand Planning with various BW components in SCM and implementation of supply planning, Capacity planning, Incremental Production, Rail car view and Contribution Margin and Inventory Factor % in HANA cloud through HANA Cloud Integrator.
  • Maintained various ABAP scripts for HANA cloud.
  • Extracting and Retracting data from ECC to BW to APO to HANA cloud and from PICASO to HANA Cloud.
  • Design and upload data to Planning View. Setup of Dashboards in HANA database. Create Views for Demand Planning and CustomerMaterial, Sourcing ratio (master data views). Worked with Security team for authorizations setup for demand planners in HANA CLOUD.
  • Build KPI’s on BW on HANA system while sending data from DP and Supply planning from SCM Live Cache and from PICASSO to read the Live Cache data and actuals from BW/ECC. Used BW 7.3 feature Data Flow architecture in BW on HANA system while modelling the data flow.
  • Also did the assessment to merge the salesforce.com data with APO Sales forecast and Sales Operating Plan from HANA Cloud with ECC actual sales and delivery data while building a common solution in BO Webi.
  • Build Universe to merge the data from HANA Cloud and PICASO with SCM data build the forecast accuracy report in Webi.
  • Identified the pain areas and propose solutions / workarounds.
  • Enhancement of 0FI AR 4 and 0FI AR 1 extractor AR Line Items and transaction figures with Delta Extraction to provide custom Fields as per business requirements, were added to the structure DTFIAR 3 and loading the data into different partitions and integrating data in the upstream layers and consolidating AR Sales and Balances.
  • Enhanced 0CO OM OPA 2 and 0CO OM OPA 6 for Order actual cost and Budget, extractor from AUFNR and AUTYP for custom fields as per the requirements of project. Modified the user exit to read the custom fields and enhance the infoproviders.
  • Changed PCA custom infoproviders - P&L Cube and Cost Cube; P&L Cube having logic of Cost split in to Fixed and Variable portions. Cost cube is having PCA line items budget data with actual data which are grouped for Feed Stock, Energy and Production Qty Accounts as per reporting requirements. Also turned on Profit center Hierarchy to load from R/3 to BI with an option in query to select any Profit Center Hier. For reporting. Query was published in BOBJ - Crystal Reports.
  • Design and work with Readsoft developers for real-time reporting requirements and to provide a global solution and architect the data loads from non SAP system.
  • Analyzed the RAEDSOFT solution and build the KPI’s from custom build infoproviders and master data from READSOFT application.
  • Build DSO and Multiproviders for reporting solution to see which invoices are not read through Readsoft and are having issues or stuck in validation.
  • Engaged in POC prior the implementation.
  • Performance benchmark pre and post migration, Worked with business in setting up KPI’s for FI reports and SCM planning data from Live Cache, Migration of SQL database to HANA DB issues in system landscape. Work with basis on various scenarios. Coordinate with other BW and ECC projects.
  • Worked on BW on HANA migration issues and resolution. Work extensively on BW Migration cockpit to check BW objects, Sizing, Pre migration tasks, data flow conversion, Confidential objects conversion, Analysis authorizati ons, ABAP code inspector.
  • Maintain pre and post migration performance KPI, applied OSS notes for various issues, Open Hub issues and issues with ABAP routines, post migration consistency check, IDOC type mismatch between ECC and BW after refresh.
  • InfoCube and DSO’s conversion to HANA DB, Webdynpro service issue, infocube compression issue.
  • Worked on initial assessment of HANA implementation approaches - Greenfield, Side by side and data base migration, sizing, complexity and hardware.
  • Analyze the Used SLT to replicate IBP data (Planning and forecasting data from SCM), COPA data and other master data to HANA db. Used DBACOCKPIT to check large tables, monitor the health of system (master/slave node status), High availability and planning for Disaster Recovery.
  • Manage project metrics like list of interfaces, plan for testing strategy, mail out to all stake holders, timelines for Go live and impact with other functional areas.
  • Worked and resolved various issues encountered during upgrade mainly transformation, start routine and end routine were checked and fixed.
  • Worked on Performance benchmarking to record unknown issues, infospoke no longer supported.
  • Convert all 3.5 queries to 7x, syntax error issue due to unsupported ABAP code.
  • Prepared the system for BW on HANA project, define test cases.
  • Web reports issue with information broadcasting, followed up with SAP for resolution.
  • Conducted workshops for Ad-hoc User Training and resolved questions and issues raised by users.


BW Lead


  • Had a complex logic to determine the demand - Customers with at least 2 sales in last 4 months and 1 sale in last 2 months. And get the minimum Qty of last 4 months and compare with FCST+1 numbers and send the customers the highest Qty.
  • The report was automated as per the email address maintained in ShipTo emails. The email setup was also cleaned up for PPC customers.
  • Convert several Confidential queries to Webi through BICS connections to meet the demand of sales and marketing team for more flexible reports.
  • Worked on providing the data to Salesforce through Biztalk interface and resolved various issues related to master data and transaction data - sales history, open orders, pending order.
  • Clean up master data and create customize product hierarchy to cater the salesforce requirements.
  • Create a dashboard and build universe to merge the data from salesforce and from SAP for actual orders and from SCM. Build the Webi report to meet the requirements.
  • Involved in SCM system analysis and worked with SCM team, was responsible for complete BW objects / system upgrade from 3.5 to 7.1 as SCM package upgrade.
  • Converted BW 3.5 queries and WB to 7x, Change ABAP routines in many objects to comply with 7x code. Apply numerous OSS notes.
  • Live cache consistency checks, Process chain tune up with new steps in place.
  • Converted many data sources apply DTP loads.
  • Interface testing PICASSO to SCM and SCM to ECC, SCM to BW and resolve the issues.
  • Reinit delta for Sales and Inventory data. Applied conversion routine for many IOBJ’s as per length in SCM.
  • Worked with SAP for BI performance improvement through ‘SAP Early Watch Report’ recommendations, adjusted the Dimensions of Infocubes and tuned query cache for optimize performance. Worked actively with SAP OSS for issue resolution.
  • Created multisource cube in BW to load data from multiple SAP systems (CITGO Refinery and xBasell Industries). Involved in creation of harmonization service for normalizing master data such as materials, vendors etc across source systems. Created EDW layer in BW (equivalent to MDM) using write optimized datasource. Created purchasing reports for consolidation.
  • Worked on future use of Business Objects with Webi and Universe Builder with Xcelsius for a report catalog application (like web portal) for enterprise analytical reporting requirements..
  • Worked on the performance tuning of Confidential queries by building aggregates on various infoproviders and subsequently replaced with BI Accelerator (BIA) and reduced the query run time by 1/5 th in some cases.
  • Supported customized SIR database - Service Improvement Request to maintain customer complaints, user input was through web and data were passing to BI through Biztalk.

Confidential, Houston,TX

BW Lead


  • Worked with Business Analysts to define deliverable requirements.
  • Supported and maintained highly complex reporting requirements for Plant Maintenance, through Open Hub to extract various PM, QM and HR- CATS data from BI to Open Hub tables and were sent to DTS packages in SQL Database through DBA job and passed to MS Access database mixed with external source data, users run their PM KPI reports on MS Access, subsequently converted to BI reports.
  • Installed BI contents as per business requirements for Sales, Delivery, Billing, Inventory, Supply Chain (APO), PCA, BW Statistics, HR and PM subject areas with Master Data like Hierarchies etc Installed Infoproviders, DSO, DTP packages, Workbooks, Queries, Roles, Web Queries and R/3 Extractors. Enhanced some of them as per business requirements.
  • Plant Maintenance- Involved in preparing Business Requirement Documents for Lube Route Report and Cooling Water KPI’s report and checked Business Content to identify necessary Business Objects. Activated Business Content InfoCubes, ODS, Roles, Queries and customized Business Content to meet business requirements.
  • Worked with a major chemical company to sync their SAP systems from reporting prospective after merger.
  • Defined solution architecture, data architecture and generated Data Model that met the requirements needs, wrote specifications, and coordinated BW developers to ensure delivery.
  • Led initiatives with teams consisting of technical and business representatives to re-engineer the existing SDLC process for efficient and effective delivery of BI solutions.

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